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on December 25, 2012
I got this item as a Christmas present for my kids, since they really enjoyed other train sets they have seen. Luckily I tried to put it together Christmas eve, so it would be functional on Christmas day for them to start playing with. There were so many problems I found I had to return it. Thankfully Amazon's return service is excellent to work with (I'd give them 5 stars but I am rating this based on the product, not Amazon's sale of it). Here's what was wrong with this.

1. 3 track pieces were missing.
2. 1 Track piece was broken, missing the connector on the end.
3. One of the cars had random metal pieces inside of it. This looks like a production screw-up where something fell off of the machinery and got stuck inside, not something broken inside of the car.
4. Several pieces on the boxcars were broken off.

After all of this, I still decided to put it together, and try to just replace the missing/broken pieces with the company after Christmas. I managed to get a functional track design setup despite the missing pieces. The Engine itself was easy enough to get on the tracks and in place, as well as hooking up the controls. This part ran well, and no complaints there. Unfortunately due to the way the box cars are setup it is impossible to keep them on the tracks running for any length of time, and getting all of the box cars hooked up, and running was not going to happen. In addition the piece of track that was a passover for cars, was not wide enough to accommodate all of the box cars through it, so they would fall off when the train got to it. Overall, don't waste your money on this one. Get a better quality set that can actually be used and reliable.
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on December 28, 2012
I hope that if you're a train lover, you would consider this particular electric train set. This was purchased for my 4 year old son. It's a little advance for him in terms of set up, etc. So, my husband put the track together. It wasn't well packaged - both ends were open and the box was warped (so why am I leaving a 4 star review?). There were a few small track pieces missing - but a little reconfiguration and my husband altered the track to where it would work. I think we'll be sending in the form that came with it to request missing pieces.

Nevertheless, this was put together and the train was placed on the track. My husband does this with no problem - but when I was playing with my son, I had alot of trouble aligning it perfectly where it would run on the track. The cars are, to me, difficult to put together....but my 7 year old daughter had to show me (that's pitiful) that you just lightly press them together and they automatically hook together. Well, that was pretty nifty. It is very lifelike - and we like that. The controller is easy to use - off in the middle, forward to the right, backwards to the left - the further you go to either side, the faster. This was quickly mastered by my 4 year old. If the train is not properly placed on the track - it won't go.

It comes with a million other little pieces. Teeny tiny little pieces. This is a HUGE track, so if you had a big plywood board where you would keep this set up at all times, you're in good shape. This is the kind of track and set that once you set it up, you leave it. There are little crossing signals, stop signs, power lines, a little building/ train station, little animals (pigs and cows), fence pieces, teeny little people, cars and trucks. It really is a cool set. I just don't have the room to leave it set up all the time.

Things I love the most about this set:
Easy enough for a 4 year old to control it *once it's set up*
Would be an amazing set if you had the room to set ALL of it up. And leave it up.
Realistic looking. LOVE the little headlight that comes on. So fun.

Things my 4 year old loves most about this set:
it's a train.
placing the little cars on the track at the crossing and letting the train crash into it and push it off the track. Yeah, that is sick, twisted and morbid and I'm sorry.
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on January 11, 2014
I just turned 70 a few months ago, and I've always wanted to have a model train set. Now that my grandson has one, I decided it's time to pleasure myself as well. So I sent away for this set, although it was labeled as used but in "like new" condition. Well, imagine my disappointment when I opened the box and discovered several 'key' pieces missing ! The power pack, without which the train won't fly, and several pieces of track without which the layout couldn't be set up. Well, Amazon and the seller refunded my money including the shipping, and told me not to return the set, but to donate it to someone who could use it as-is. And that would be my grandson, whose dad will use it to expand their set. In the meanwhile, I ordered another set available (uh, you guessed it) from the same seller (again-used). I'm anxiously awaiting its arrival and hoping against hope, that this one will be complete. Please, Amazon, be my Christmas hero and send me a complete set.
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on December 14, 2012
This was a birthday present for my son. This was the one thing he wanted. After setting the train set up, the engine only ran for about 4 times arouind the track, then quit. After checking several things we found the the transformer was only putting out 5 volts instead of 16. Called the manufacturer and they sent us another one (after calling them a couple times and after waiting 3 weeks), then the engine would not work, we decided to send it back and get another brand.

Sorry, I would not recomend this to anyone.
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on December 9, 2012
This product Was sent in the mail as show in picture. No outer box or even wrapped in brown paper. Train cars were laying all over the inside of the box. They were lucky the cellophane windows on the box did not break and the cars fall out. We put the train together and nothing was broken and all works. Also, it was a Christmas gift for my husband and he was the one who picked it up at the post office. So these are the reasons I am giving the Freight Runner only 3 stars. Someone needs to check on the packaging/mailing department. I would say if you want this train go to a store and buy it.
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on August 23, 2013
this model train is hard to put together & even harder to take apart, but more than that it doesnt work.the engine will only go about half way around the track & then it comes to a stop & will not go forward or backward.i took the track apart & put it back together several times with no improvement.nothing i did got the engine to make a complete circuit around the track.i just got to say it this train sux.
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on February 13, 2014
I was very disappointed in the quality of the train for the price we paid it was very cheaply made..We just got the table made and set up the train,if not for disappointing our grandson we would have sent it back.I ordered gifts this year because I am very sick,this was the one from amazon was the bad choice. June Wilson
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on February 1, 2014
I like the way the tracks click together. Unfortunately, in reverse the cars come off the track way too easily, even at slow speeds. Also, it's very difficult to put the cars back on the track. This toy is just collecting dust in a box, and my son loves trains.
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on January 7, 2011
I bought this electric train set for my children for Xmas because I read the ratings and they were pretty good. They are both 7 and 8 years old and they wanted so much a train set so I went with this one.

* Train is electric so you do not have to be buying batteries. I can't tell you how many packets of batteries we have to buy for all the toys they have so this is great not having to buy batteries.
* Tracks are easy to put together, I did it myself and did not have any problems.
* It looks like a well built train set, strong but delicate. I do not recommend it for children less that 8 years old.
* It is big, very long so be prepared to have enough space in your home for this. I would not throw away the original box, just in case your children get bored an you want to put it away for a while.

* The fact that you can only make an 8 shape is boring after a while. I guess you have to purchase more tracks to make different shapes. I really haven't tried making another shape, I just went with the instructions. But there are no bridges or anything that would make it fun to play with, the tracks are all flat.

The train set comes with a small farm, pigs, people, light posts and signals but all these extra items are so tiny, you can hardly hold them with your hands. The signals are all white and in the instructions it says you have to paint them. If you really have the time to paint about 20 signals the size of a toothpick, good luck, I rather buy them painted already. The farm wasn't hard to put together even with the tiny pieces but I am having a hard time putting together the fence for the pigs. It falls appart and it feels flimsy. The people included in this set are half the size of a small paper clip, I mean really small. I could probably vaccum them and not even realize I vaccummed them. I think I am just putting away the tiny pieces, it is not really worth it trying to waste your time putting all these tiny pieces together, unless you glue them but you probably won't be able to separate them again in case you want to put them away in the orignal box.

One of my sons tried the train and it works well. The only thing is that if you go too fast, the wagons might fall off the tracks and you have to be able to place them perfectly well on the tracks, otherwise, it won't work.

In general, I will say this is a good train set for at least an 8 year child. It is well built and strong. I think the price is good for what you get. The extras: people, signals, farm, fence are really cheap looking so I suggest putting them away and make your own village if you can.

I noticed my children like it but as I mentioned before seeing a train go in an 8 shape is boring after a while. Adding additional tracks down the line and making your own village might be more fun for the children so I would say this is more like a starting set and then you have to add things to it to make it really nice, attractive and fun for the children. I hope this helps.
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on October 9, 2013
It's a good train set and is quite sturdy . But we're turned it coz we needed a train that makes real sounds and this one makes no sound at all . Also note that the miniature people and animals in the photo are colored the set come with miniatures that's are jus pale pink..
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