Customer Reviews: Life Unexpected: The Complete First & Second Seasons
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on July 5, 2012
I found this series on Netflix actually, and the reviews on here just made me wanna see it more so I went ahead and played the first episode. After that I was hooked and could not tear myself away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cannot believe that the CW network had this phenomenal show in their line up, only to make the big mistake of cancelling it after just a mere two seasons and 26 episodes!!!! In my opinion, this is a good way to lose their fan base. They did this to another amazing show in the past, and I thought that they had learned their lesson; this just goes to show you that they have not.
It was obvious to me that on the last episode, they knew it to be their last so the writers did a last minute rewrite to give it the best send off that they possibly could for the characters. I guarantee that had this show been given the opportunity like all the crap that is on tv today to last for a few more seasons, it would've had a more fulfilling ending than this did. Not that it wasn't fulfilling, it was. It just wasn't supposed to end so soon and I think that the audience knew it came far sooner than it was deserved. That's the only slightly bad thing I have to say about this show and it isn't even enough for me to knock it down a star. This wasn't the shows fault. It was a true diamond in the rough. But instead the CW Network decided to give this show the boot and keep all this other crap on the air instead. A poor mistake on their end. It's hard to find a really decent show with heart, not to mention wit these days. Then if you're lucky a show like this will come along only be cancelled long before it actually should have been.
In simple english, if you've not seen this show you really should. I was hooked simply by the first episode and was sad when I had to turn if off for one day and wait till the next night to watch it again. It is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Britt Robertson is a very talented woman and I expect we'll definitely be seeing her in much more soon to come. As if she doesn't have a track record already....she's one of the few great actresses we have in Hollywoood.
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VINE VOICEon December 8, 2010
It seems that unless a show has some sort of talent competition or stupid people doing stupid things it cannot stay on the air anymore. This country is turning into a vast wasteland. This was a great thought provoking show, it's too bad the TV execs at the CW don't see it. Well that's another hour that I will not be watching TV, you lose CW, Well at least NBC didn't cancel Parenthood (yet), so I will turn the set on @ 10 PM.

Anyway, at least now I have the DVD to remind me that good TV exists for a little while anyway, and I can watch Life Unexpected anytime I want to, while the rest of you watch Snookie do stupid things. I'm happy about that.

As always, Warner Brothers did a nice job with this release, it has a slipcase and an "Amaray" style case that holds the six discs. There is a booklet that provides a synopsis, original airdate and the writer and director of each episode. The audio and video are top notch, as with all Warner Brothers TV on DVD seems to be. As far as I can determine, music has not been replaced, and there is no mention of it anywhere on the packaging, so I assume everything is the same as it was broadcasted.

I think had the show been able to continue, it would have gotten more interesting, but considering the last season was not a full season by CW standards, it was wrapped up nicely. Good TV is hard to come by, maybe in syndication this show will find the audience it deserved. If not, pick up the DVD, you can't go wrong with this one.

Now, I'm waiting for WB to release the final season of Everwood, which IS coming out on August 2nd - and includes and alternate ending! That is going to be good.
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on February 25, 2013
Anyone who really knows me is going to be really surprised if they read this review. First of all this is not a show that I would normally watch, I'm more into horror, sci fi, and action shows. In fact the reason I bought it was because Shiri Appleby is is in it. I first saw her in the Roswell series and fell in love with her and her character. I have already watched Life Unexpected through to the end and I am currently watching it again. This show has a great cast and the episodes are well written. I'm not normally into family dramas but I find this show to be captivating, I love the characters and look forward to re-watching it again many times in the future. If you are a Roswell fan then check it out and if your not check it out anyway. This is a good show that deserved better than it got, early cancellation!
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on January 24, 2011
(Warning, I rant):
I pray that with good dvd sales and better ratings from reruns that the CW does not cancel this show. I am so sick of getting wrapped into great shows that get canceled before their time. I believe this show deserves another season. (small spoiler I am about to say) If the show did not introduce the sort of student-teacher relationship drama, the show would have done much better because parents did not approve of that. Now that it is over, then maybe ratings could be better. It will be a whole new set up too, college life! As a college student, I would like to watch that. The two other shows with college are so different from what this could be. Greek is about the Greek system and is extremely bubbly, there is not a person like Lux; Gossip Girl is not even about college, it is just NY rich kid drama.

The actual review:
ANYWAYS, watch Life Unexpected. It is about a girl, Lux, who was given up at birth and at 16 finds her parents. Due to medical issues, she was never adopted and grew up in the system. Her father, Nathaniel "Baze", owns a bar, and her mother, Kate Cassidy, is a radio talk show host. Lux coming back into their lives forces them all to grow up, a little. A little bit of Gilmore Girls banter vibe, but it is still so different from other shows.
At the very least Netflix it.
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on June 7, 2011
Life Unexpected is one of the most smartest TV series I ever seen. Britt Robertson is a promising teen actress, Shiri and Kristoffer too.
I'm just too angry that The CW keeps cancelling amazing good shows and keeping all the other shows that i'm already tired of, i just wish this show could be longer, it had everything; a smart creator who almost lived the same as the main character, Lux, promising teen actors, and great plots.
Thank god that this show had enough episodes to release them on DVD, because is a MUST show to own on DVD. All the family can enjoy this show.
review image review image review image
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on January 11, 2012
im happy to be getting this on dvd. i loved this show. the music was great, the actors were believable and the story grew and grew every week. Unfortionately people do not like to change up their tv schedule unless its to watch reality game shows or see whats going on with the cardashians.
for anyone who didnt catch this gem when it was on its short time; Life Unexpected is about how a couple of 16 years old wound up with a baby after a night during the winter formal in the back of a mini van and the mother puts the baby up for adoption. 15 (almost 16 as lux would say) the would be dad wakes up to find their now "almost 16" year old bundle of joy knocking on his door wanting emancipation papers signed (though as you can probably guess she finds her way into their hearts before she can get the door slammed lol). It turns out that she was born with a heart condition and it was 3 years before she was able to leave the hospital so she wound up in the foster care system and got to spend her life bouncing from one bad home after the next. now baze (the dad) and kate (the mom) now in their early thirties who are very much broken up and their long lost daughter have to figure out what to do about it. new parents 16 years later and about as clueless as they can get and this kid is far from untouched by the foster care system. netflix refers to this show as emotional but dont let that make you turn away from it, its a drama but its not a tear fest. it is edgy on the other hand so you may not want young children watching it. its got kids drinking and having sex which happens but some may not want their kids seeing it on tv.
i miss the show though, i really wish they would bring it back. 2 seasons was not enough.
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on December 11, 2010
I cannot believe CW cancelled this show. I watch it every week and it least it has a good story line. I guess it is true--if the storyline isn't ridiculous, the show gets cancelled. The characters were all so interesting. My whole family (kids & grandkids)loved this show. This was one of the very few shows on TV that the whole family could enjoy together. I guess they'll put another cop show on to replace this and the kids can watch everyone killing each other.
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on February 29, 2016
The cast are all very good and the writing overall is pretty good as well. That said, the characters are maybe a little cliche, but this is MTV not Shakespeare, right? And, while the plot is sometimes overly contrived (the bar fire for example) it is mostly driven by character flaws as it should be. The biggest let-down was the ending, which abruptly jumped ahead two years and wrapped everything up in a pretty bow. I'm guessing a third year was planned but the show got canceled and they had to cobble together an ending.
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on May 14, 2016
Same as Season 1, this show proves to me ( my wife reminds me of that as well) that I am too "serious-minded" & place way too much value on authenticity. It's been a while since I was a "30-Something", but I'm sure I wasn't anywhere as close to immature as these folks are. They all seem to exercise serious lack of good judgement & place little value on honesty. I know, that is what the show is about, right?
The producers need to work a bit more on authenticity & realism, as they include way too many "Who does that?" scenarios. for example, 1."Why would a "Talk Radio" station promote a "Music Concert"? Music is not their format! Are they promoting their competition? 2. Where does a woman normally keep their birth control pills? The night stand, the medicine Cabinet or just in carry them in their purse so their husband can easily discover that she is taking them when they are supposed to trying to have a baby? Really?
I know, Too Serious minded!
The show is also painfully predictable. But, my wife likes it, that is why I watch it with her and it does provide something fluffy for me to complain about in in a "Tongue & cheek" manner and something to criticize . Plus, I can also write these reviews @ 2:30 a.m. when my insomnia has sitting at my computer instead of sleeping .
But, it is commercial-free,contains no violence nor profanity, and one can take a bathroom break with-out worrying about missing some critical scene. Maybe it is just just what one needs at the end of a stressful day and needs to shift their brain into neutral!
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on January 27, 2013
I honestly can't put into words how amazing this show is!! As a foster parent, it provided a lot of insight into the world of foster care and adoption beyond what I already knew. The actors and actresses in this show are simply incredible! Not well known, but I am now a huge fan! The background music in the show is phenomenal! I must have bought most of the tracks on iTunes because now when my iPod is on shuffle, I'm always hearing music from this show, and it always make me smile! I'm not one the gush about tv shows (don't really even watch a lot of tv) but this show was really something special! I think that it is an absolute travesty that the show was cancelled after only two seasons! So glad I bought the series on DVD! Although I've watched the entire series, I'll be watching all over again soon! You should too! You won't be disappointed!
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