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on December 14, 2013
This was very expensive when I bought mine, but i had just paid full, unsubsidized price for my iphone 5 to avoid losing my unlimited data plan. After paying that much money for the phone, I wanted to protect it. This case has thus far lived up to my expectations. Obviously you give up being able to enjoy that beautiful screen unhampered, but viewing through the case isn't that bad and its worth the peace of mind to me.

****REVIEW EDITED 4-29-2014**** I have now had this phone case for about 7 months. Recently I went to silence the ringer, and the rubber tab that is the "control" for the ringer ripped nearly off. I am happy to say that after contacting Lifeproof and providing them with the serial #'s of both parts of the case, and a photo showing the damage, they are shipping me a replacement.

My phone has endured countless drops (many onto concrete or hard tile) and took a brief accidental swim in the bath tub, and this case has kept it pristine.
Again, I admit that viewing through the plastic screen does detract from the beauty of the phone, but if you want good, shock and waterproof protection, compromise is inevitable.
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on February 6, 2014
I am rating and review this Lifeproof Iphone 5 case strictly on the authenticity of the case. I was skeptical buying this case on Amazon, as almost half of the reviews on this case are one star due to them being conferfeit. However I know Amazon has an amazing and easy return policy so I figured if I get the case and it ends up being a fake I will just return in. No harm done other than putting me out and extra 2 days (Prime shipping!). That being said, in the one day it took to ship to me I researched for hours on fake vs. real lifeproof cases. I watched lots of YouTube videos and decided once my phone arrived I would compare my package and actual phone to these videos. When I got my phone, the packaging was EXACTLY as described for a legit lifeproof case (i.e. the Registered Trademark after the word Lifeproof anywhere it was printed on box & manual). As for the phone itself it still seemed real (passed water test) but I still wanted to completely make sure before I decided to keep it that this was NOT a FAKE. I decided to call Lifeproof and give them the two serial numbers on the top and bottom of the case. I waited for less than a minute on the phone and customer service told me IT IS AN ACTUAL LIFEPROOF CASE!
One thing I do want to mention if buying from Amazon is that that on the Lifeproof website, they have a page talking about the fake cases out there and which retailers are authorized sellers (Amazon being one). It specifically says if you buy from Amazon to make sure that you "Only buy from stores that state: "Ships from and sold by” or “Ships from and sold by LifeProof”.[...]
I made my purchase directly from Amazon LLC (only way to get Prime Shipping) and like I said it was a REAL case confirmed by a Lifeproof Customer Service Rep. It wasn't the cheapest Lifeproof case listed on Amazon ($53.70) but it was cheaper than directly getting it from Lifeproof or Best Buy.
BOTTOM LINE: Buy only from Amazon LLC if you are buying a case on Amazon, and if you are worried about it being a fake just call customer service at Lifeproof and give them your serial numbers. They can tell you right away. Mine was REAL and I love it so far!
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on February 13, 2014
I purchased this case because the children I nanny for are constantly putting my phone in perilous situations.

I've researched LifeProof cases as well as Otterbox and decided to try LifeProof because the design is slimmer and it's fully waterproof.

So far, I like the product for it's protective purpose. As advertised, it seems to shock proof my phone, as well as waterproof it (I did the recommended test prior to installing it on my phone). Yay.

Here are my Cons:

1. Biggest concern, for me, was getting the case itself open after water testing it. I'm fairly young but have joint stiffness in my hands -- opening this case was ridiculously difficult. The case is on my phone now and frankly, I don't think it will ever come off unless I ask someone to do it for me. I would not recommend this case to anyone with arthritic issues unless they have help.

2. A) As other users have mentioned, the sound is muffled. Even on the loudest setting, the sound is about 75% or so of what you're probably used to without this case.
B) Don't lose the headphone jack that's included. You really cannot use headphones without it. Or an auxiliary cable.

3. Screen response is diminished. I've noticed I really have to press into my screen for it to respond to my command with this case. Kind of annoying, but not a deal breaker.

Overall, this case is protective, and if that's what you want, that's what you'll get.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon April 30, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )|Verified Purchase
Our family's experience with Lifeproof has been confusing to say the least, annoying, frustrating and crazy-making.

First, my husband learned of the product a couple of months ago while at the Verizon store, and he went home and researched it online, including reading about it on He told a friend who purchased one from a different website (not the manufacturer). The friend wanted it because he is on a boat everyday and his phone is at risk of being splashed or rained upon. Next, my husband purchased one from that same other website, mostly since he liked the idea that the phone would not get ruined in the heavy rain we get here or God forbid it falls into a toilet by accident (it's happened before).

Next, I was offered a Lifeproof case from the Vine program, and I accepted delivery of that. Then, in telling this tale chronologically, the friend's case leaked and when he phoned Lifeproof to ask for a replacement, they said his case was counterfeit and that the only authorized dealers to sell it are and Verizon, that all others are counterfeit. We then called Lifeproof and discovered that indeed the one WE bought from the other website was ALSO counterfeit, the rep insisted that the only two legitimate dealers selling authentic cases was Verizon and Lifeproof (what about Amazon - since I received one from's Vine program?). I then contacted Vine program staff and was told ours is genuine. I do not understand why Lifeproof customer service staff do not know that is an authorized Lifeproof case dealer!

After the use in our family, my husband and son still liked the case, so decided that the authentic (not fake) Lifeproof case is worthwhile and we purchased one from about a week ago. Beforehand, we had researched their Total Water Protection Program which is an insurance policy that appeared to be sold via We assumed that we could purchase said program after buying one from (because nothing on the site explains otherwise). When we attempted to register the case so we could get the protection, the rep (on 6/26/13) again said that there are no dealers other than Verizon and that sell authentic Lifeproof cases. I told her that I had an email from Vine staff saying it was legitimate. She asked me to forward her the email from Vine staff that says that sells authentic cases (but I had already deleted it thinking I'd never need that proof). She said that she suspected this case from is a fake case, she asked the price, and said she thought that I bought it from a third party seller. I pulled up the receipt from Amazon while speaking to her. She did not believe that the case was bought "from Amazon and shipped by Amazon" - a term she used that is the truth of what our order stated. I also discussed the Vine program that Lifeproof provided the product to who gave one to me to product test but she did not believe me, saying only Verizon and sell the official cases!

After me freaking out a bit and after being on hold, she then said that the cases sold by *may be* authentic but that any case bought there cannot ever have the TWP Program added onto the case. This is not clear as of 6/26/13 on either the Lifeproof website who sells it, nor on the page. She also asked that I contact customer service to get them to get proof that they really sell non-counterfeit Lifeproof cases and to forward her that reply in writing! Are you serious? I, the customer, have to get proof that YOUR COMPANY is selling through

I further learned, just to be clear, that the TWP Program covers replacement of the case if the case leaks, but any damage to your iPhone is your problem. Although the Lifeproof website says today that the buyer can have "complete confidence, complete freedom" and encourages us to submerge it underwater while we "swim, surf, or soak" as well as get it dirty with dirt, be in the snow, ice or sleet, that we can ice skate, ski, or walk in snow or slush. It also says it is shockproof and can be dropped without fear of damage.

There is a murky line between what the case protects against without the TWP Program and if you wanted to buy the TWP Program just to be on the safe side, know that as of 6/26/13 the only companies you can purchase from to qualify for that purchase are Verizon and - and it must be purchased on the day you buy the case. And that they will only replace the case not the damaged or broken iPhone.

Also be forewarned that counterfeits are out there and be careful who you buy from. We chose to buy from because it was discounted, it was covered on Amazon Prime for fast shipping and delivery and because shipping with Prime is free. I had not dreamed that Lifeproof would later deny that is not an authorized dealer or that we would not be eligible for their full protection guarantee program if we chose to buy from According to the Lifeproof customer service rep, this decision was made "by the Big Man Upstairs". I asked that my complaint be forwarded to management and she said something to the effect that there were no plans to change the program for customers who choose to purchase from anyone but or Verizon.


Regarding the use of the case:

The screen protector thing takes away some sensitivity and it can take two or three tries to get the action you swipe or touch to occur. I do not like that. My husband and son live with it and accept it as a tradeoff for the benefits of the case.

In order to use the aux jack to listen to music with a headset or over your car stereo system you have to use an adapter thing that screws in. This can get lost. The first one we had broke. We phoned Lifeproof and they sent a replacement quickly at no charge. Your other alternative if you do not have the jack with you is to remove the case from the phone and use the port directly.

This review was updated by being re-written and downscaling the rating to 1 star = I Hate It on 6/26/13.
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on April 5, 2014
I was really unsure of whether to get this lifeproof case or an otterbox. I definitely wanted some good protection considering I had not gotten insurance for my iphone. That being said, I was willing to spend more for the lifeproof since it meant better protection. I wanted to address some of the cons mentioned in reviews I had read to maybe help some of you make a decision.
-While talking on the phone, I have had no issues hearing and multiple people have said they hear me just fine. Sometimes I do hear a throbbing noise in the ear piece, i assume it's from the speaker mechanism, but it goes away when i move the phone slightly away from my ear or readjust it. Not a problem that annoys me or is bad enough to outweigh the benefits of the phone.
-The screen looks crystal clear when using and the touch works well, other than in the top left corner where the screen comes up slightly due to the speaker. But i only have to put a little more pressure than normal. And yes there are little rainbow bubbles but they are only visible when the screen is turned off-which doesn't matter. so that part does not bother me.
-the volume and lock buttons are not difficult to push and work well. the silence toggle works opposite though, pushing down turns sound on and pulling forward silences.
-I have not used it underwater yet but the underwater test worked fine when i placed a napkin inside
-Some reviews have said they can only fit the apple charger into the case, but I am able to use one i had bought from target. it's a tighter fit but it works!
-putting it on speaker doesn't sound as good without the case on, but it also doesn't sound bad. it sounds clear and is loud enough, so I am satisfied.

I hope this helps! Some of the flaws mentioned about this case seem very minimal to the benefits I get. It's very lightweight and sleek, and the protection seems to be one of the best out there! very excited to have it!
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on November 9, 2014
Worked better than I expected! I love using my phone in the shower. And I also like the fact that I can wash my phone with soap, which I do every night.

Used it in the pool for about an hour too, but I took care to ensure it didn't spend too much time submerged. Didn't leak, dry as a bone.

It finally leaked when my doofus of a boyfriend took it into the hot tub in the pockets of his shorts for half an hour. Sigh. There were splotches of water trapped between the case and the screen. When I realised this, I immediately checked for water damage. The indicator was not activated. But my speakers didn't work. So I turned the phone off and put it in a Ziploc bag with a cup of rice overnight. Tried again the next day, and it was ok again.

The one complaint I have is that the plastic screen is very prone to scratches. It's ridiculous how many scratches I accumulated after only a few months of use.

Overall, it's my favourite all-rounder case, and I'm already on my second one (retired the first one after the hot tub incident).

Edited: After both cases sprung a leak after about half a year, I've decided that the lifespan of the case is too short for the price.
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on June 20, 2014
I think I bought a real Lifeproof and have had nothing to believe otherwise.

You will hate the sound of the speakers when the case is on. Sound muffled and unacceptable. I removed the waterproof part on the bottom that covered the speakers because it was so bad.

The rest of the case is fine for me. I switched from a long time Otterbox Defender user. This case is smaller, thinner, lighter and more easily fits in your pocket. I have dropped my Iphone5 while in this case more times than I would like to admit and it was fine.

I did not need full waterproof protection, but it is a case that works well for me. The only thing I removed was the two bottom speaker covers. The ear reception/sound is fine even behind the plastic cover. Camera is clear and photos appear the same with or without the case on.

This is an expensive case. It is NOT stronger than the otterbox, but the smaller profile and weight makes it worth it. Even IF it was sealed, I still would not take my $700 Iphone for a swim. No matter how "waterproof" the case claims to be. If it got splashed, you don't have to panic.

I am a harsh critic and even harder on my phone. This case stands up to everything I put it thru. One star off due to the terrible sound from the speaker when this unit is sealed. Not the cases fault but a necessity to keep the water out.
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on February 18, 2014
First of all, this case does what it says it'll do--it keeps your iPhone dry when exposed to water. I first done the bowl/water test without the iPhone inside, and once I saw that no water had leaked into the interior, I felt safe enough to test it out with the phone inside the case. I actually done this by taking it into the shower. It worked, just fine. The phone was completely dry afterwards.

That being said, I have some issues with this case and almost wish I hadn't purchased it. My main qualm is that the built-in screen protector doesn't fit snuggly against the iPhone screen. In fact, near the bottom and top of the screen, there are air pillows which affect the feel of the screen, and sadly, sometimes its responsiveness. Also, I noticed when I had the phone propped up in the shower during my testing that alerts sometimes sounded very muffled or had a loud pitch to them as opposed to how they normally sound. At first, I was afraid water was getting into the phone, but that wasn't the case. I suppose the sound issue is due to the case itself. This isn't such a big deal for me as long as I can hear clearly through the phone and others can clearly hear me, but the screen protector IS a big issue for me; I hate it.

Also, this case is very thin and feels cheaply made. Again, it does the job just fine, but for the price, I'd say to go with something different in the waterproof department that actually has less of a cheap feel. I'll keep using this case for just a while to see if the screen protector issue remedies itself in the slightest, but if not, I don't expect to be using this for very long unless I'm in a situation where I feel as though dust/water protection is of great need.
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on December 31, 2013
I like that this is waterproof, easy to take on and off. Waterproofing and drop protection have worked well when hiking, kayaking, and with a few fumbles. But why didn't they put a tether on it? We all use our smartphones as digital cameras. All digital cameras come standard with wrist straps. Cell phone cases should too. My favorite think about the lifeproof case is actually an accessory I bought (paid extra for) to go with it - the lifejacket. The lifejacket makes sure the phone floats if I drop it in a river - so not only is it waterproof, its retrievable (learned this value the hard way) The lifejacket also provides extra cushioning for drops -BUT best of all, the lifejacket has attachment points and comes WITH both wrist strap and neckstrap. I often put the lifejacket on just because it gives me a handsfree way to carry my phone where its still convenient to use, but safe from being dropped over the edge, down the crevice, etc.The lifeproof case only gets 4 stars because the case should have had attachment points and come with at least a wrist strap as the lifejacket does. Its an expensive case - I shouldn't have had to shell out more for something that should be standard on every camera case. Many people probably don't need the lifejacket floatation, but I think everyone could use the optional wristrap if they use their camera as a phone as often as I do. My digital wrist strap is very strong, and thread like thin - very unobtrusive. It would be cheap and simple for an attachment point to added to one corner of the case so at least you would have the option of putting a strap on it. If my last two phone cases had had wrist straps, I wouldn't have had to replace my last two phones. PUT A STRAP ON IT, LIFEPROOF!
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on December 23, 2013
I was really worried about getting this product.. I had heard all good things except one, one if you search lifeproof case for iphone 5 u will see a video of a girl saying that its suppose to be weather, drop, water prood ect.. and its not even installation proof, She cracked her phone all up (suppossidly) just trying to put case one. I was so scared and worried that I ddint attempt to put case on since it was a week old iphone 5 (My first iphone, ever!) but I put it in and u def hafta apply a little pressure to make sure its on all the way, & it was perfect! I even took it off twice just to re-wipe screen a few times, but that was only other thing that bugged me, no big deal & I berally notice it now, but when I first put my iphone 5 in it There was like this smudge (looked like a wet smudge or something) inside on the screen on my phone & was bugging me bad! I opened and re-cleaned/wiped like a hundred times & still it has a mark or 2 like that on inside but atleast my phone is protected!

In the installation directions for lifeproof iphone 5 case it says to put case together (without phone in it) & put it in a filled boiwl of water (submerge it) (put something heavy on top to hold it down in water) & check back in an hour and see if any water got in (before u mess up ur phone becuz u didn't check how waterproof it is) & it was perfect, not a drop inside!

& everyone talks about how u hafta unscrew headphones hole thing in case & its a pain blah blah, its actually not too bad. Its better than a soaked/broken iphone & that's the only way to def. waterproof it, & it isn't too bad, just unscrew with fingernails, no big deal. Good luck. DEF recommend this case & im a picky picky person.
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