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on November 15, 2017
The xl cuff is extremely wide. I had hoped that this meter would suit me but the cuff is odd shaped and extremely wide. It was difficult to get it on correctly because of the width (from elbow to armpit). When I tried to return it, I found I had waited too long and Amazon sent me a phone number to call the company directly. When I explained the problem, he seemed obsessed with the circumference of my bicep. I kept telling him the problem was the width and not the length. Then he told me that a large cuff would not work with this model UA789 which came with an xl cuff. I did try the large cuff which was also very wide and I returned that cuff. It was news to me that a different size cuff would not work. I also told him that the width was not included in all the product detail. He said Amazon puts a lot of detail. Yes but the detail has to be provided and it's not even on the box. So for those of you who are considering a purchase, the width is 7 1/2 inches. The cuff is fan shaped which also makes it difficult to put on properly. I'm giving this product a low rating because the width information was not part of the description. It never occurred to me that width would be an issue. The customer service was poor too. I don't appreciate comments like, "what do you want me to do".
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on April 2, 2016
This is a literal lifesaver for a patient with health issues that require a very large blood pressure cuff. (The usual ones that are noted as large are not adequate for this patient, who needs to be able to monitor blood pressure at home daily. We searched a long time before finding this extra large cuff size. Be sure to measure arms in advance and then pay attention to the size capacities in the detailed descriptions before purchasing.)

The machine is small and very easy to use. Numbers are large and easy to read. You touch one button and the machine does the rest. The memory feature is great and the cuff itself is soft and easy to use. Directions are clear and helpful. It includes a nice zippered case as well.

A really great find for someone with a large arm that requires an especially generous cuff size!
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on August 25, 2016
I have a big arm and spent days researching blood pressure monitors that I could use by myself. When I considered this product, I was searching for three properties. I wanted to ensure the readings were accurate. I wanted to ensure proper fit (for my large arms), and lastly, I wanted ease of use.
LifeSource monitors are considered extremely accurate. They are tested clinically for accuracy and European Hypertension Society used this data to approves it. This approval, remove all the doubts regarding accuracy. The blood pressure readings taken from LifeSource monitor are equivalent to the readings measured from cuff/stethoscope auscultation method, which made me feel secure about the accuracy of this product.
As far as fitting goes, Blood pressure monitors accuracy is dependent on the cuff fitting. LifeSource comes with different cuff size both as part of the model and as a separate accessory. For every cuff size, be assured that there is a model for you. However, it is very confusing; UA-767 is the umbrella product, and there are many models depending on the cuff size and AC Adaptor. Would have loved the product, if it would have provided a cuff that could fit most people. Other Manufacturers do provide such cuff.
In terms of 'ease of use,' simply secure a proper fit of the cuff and hit the start button. This model does also record readings for long term monitoring but I have never needed this option, just the periodic testing to ensure my blood pressure medication is working.
Overall, I gave this product all five stars.
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on December 9, 2016
very accurate. same as at doctors office when taken manually and by monitor. love mine. have used it for 5 years and still works great. batteries long lasting.
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on August 23, 2017
Like many others, I was too big for the small cuffs and BP could be up to 50 pts higher than a nurse would get. I've been through so many Omron's I lost count. I'm 6ft 4 in, and 230, so I'm a big old guy.
Right out of the box this read 125/74, which is normally close to what the doctor finds. Given they've doubled my BP medicines, and I've lost 30 lbs, I wanted to make sure the meds that I take now are working. I have a chronic illness that can cause wide fluctuations in BP, sometimes too low, sometimes too high, and I got tired of driving the 21 miles to the Doc. If you are like me, in a high stroke risk category, can't find one that works and need to monitor your BP but gave up, try this one.
Since Amazon has such a great return policy, it can't hurt to try it for a week.
I'll post more if it goes south on me in a year, it is pricey but I had to get a good one.
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This has been the easiest home blood pressure monitor I've ever used. No programming or initial set-up needed. You don't even have to set the date and time if you don't want to to use it. However, it does have a memory to save your readings, so setting the date and time is a smart thing to do. I was able to set the date and time without even having to go to the instructions. This is a great, quality, simple to use monitor.
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on September 29, 2014
I have been all over the place with my evaluation of this monitor. I have found that if you position the cuff exactly right on your arm the monitor will render an accurate result. It is not the least bit forgiving if the cuff is not positioned properly. I was getting readings all over the place until I became aware how picky the machine is about cuff placement. I even took the monitor to my doctor's office and had it checked for accuracy. The monitor proved to be accurate, but only if the cuff was exactly in right place on the arm. I have used other monitors that are not nearly as picky about cuff placement that still render accurate results. I am still undecided whether I would recommend this machine.
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on January 3, 2017
Excellent! I have large upper arms and this does the trick! I havepulmonary hypertension and need to make sure it is accurate every time...three times daily. We tried at least 4 before finding this one.
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on July 30, 2008
The LifeSource UA-789 Blood Pressure Monitor was purchased to replace an aging household monitor. However, I did use both just to compare the readings. Both had very similar readings and since my previous monitor was always well trusted I would consider the UA-789 to be accurate. A couple of household members also compared the readings before or after doctor checkups. Again, the UA-789 performed very well and had comparable readings to the doctor offices.

This particular model is one of the few that come with an extra large cuff. The extra large cuff comes in handy, but since this particular monitor was going to be used by several people I also purchased the LifeSource UA-281 Blood Pressure Monitor Cuff, Large (14.2" - 17.7"). Interchanging the large and extra large cuff is quick and simple. No hassles at all.

The unit is fairly quiet, although not the quietest on the market. It tends to be very quick, but there are times where it takes a little extra time to get a reading (this could be user error in the fitting of the cuff to the arm). The numbers on the screen are large and it also shows a graph (with a red, yellow, and green area) that indicates where the blood pressure is high or low.

You have the option of using the included power cord or batteries with this unit. I tend to just use the power cord and it works like a charm. Overall, this was a great purchase and recommended to anyone.

UPDATE 1/2/2010: Over a year later and the LifeSource UA-789 is still performing above and beyond. Readings have been very accurate compared to visits to the doctor office (a little time difference of course from the office to heading home and using the UA-789, but the readings are very close). The monitor still performs like it is new with fairly quiet operation. This was a very wise purchase and will remain in the household for much longer. Still a recommended purchase!
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on March 13, 2016
I was looking for a blood pressure monitor that was not a wrist device. I actually prefer the comfort of the wrist models, but have finally accepted the fact that they normally do not provide as accurate readings as the arm ones. This one has a very large, wide arm cuff. I can't imagine there is anyone it wouldn't fit. It is easy to strap on by yourself. The readings have been very accurate and were verified against my doctor's office professional, automated one. It makes a definite audible noise when inflating, but it was not bothersome to me. The display numbers are large and clear. It does have the time displayed on the monitor face, which isn't shown in the picture. It comes with a handy, blue, zippered case which easily stores the monitor in my desk drawer. I have been very happy with this purchase and would suggest you will be too upon buying it.
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