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Style Name: Treadmill|Change
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VINE VOICEon June 14, 2012
This is a great treadmill. To get anything noticably better, you will need to spend two or three times as much. This is perfect for 99% of people using a treadmill at home.

Delivery through CEVA was great. Be aware of that if you are ordering through Prime. The delivery date you see is the date it gets to the shipper. You then get a call to schedule delivery. You will not get it on the date shown by Amazon. The CEVA delivery is "doorstep" delivery. They leave it outside your house. The guy said he is "not allowed" to go inside. However, a $20 tip and he helped me get this inside, down a flight of stairs, and into my basement home gym.

The box is large and VERY heavy. Do not underestimate that. Check the dimensions against doorways, etc. It is big. Removing it from the box only buys you a couple of inches. It is also VERY heavy. You will need two strong people to lift this. It can be dragged by one. Menuvering the box is very difficult.

Assembly is very easy. Many of the screws and bolts are already in place, so they need to be unscrewed first. The instructions are clear and all necessary tools are included. Just follow the instructions and a fourth grader could put this together. It took me about 15 minutes.

The motor is very quiet when running. Your footsteps make more noise.

The duplicate buttons on the side rails are great.

The heart rate is a gimmic, but works with a Polar heart rate strap. It should also switch the display to HR automatically when you grab the grips. It doesn't.

Two things should have been included but weren't.

1) The USB drive is NOT included. The photos make it look like it is included, but it isn't. They cost less than five bucks and 1gb is more than enough 1GB Red USB2.0 Flash Drive Swivel Design. It is stupid it isn't included. I searched through the packaging for 20 minutes until after calling customer service to confirm it wasn't in there. The USB is needed to tell it your height and weight - which otherwise will always be incorrectly displayed on the screen.

2) There is no lube included. Belt lube is like fifteen bucks. The manual says to apply before first use. Come on. At least a sample should be included. LifeSpan Fitness 100% Silicone Treadmill Belt Lubricant

So, I really like the treadmill for the most part. The display is nice enough, but I wish it cycled or showed more data on each screen. Keeping your height and weight at the bottom is useless since it isn't weighing me or checking my height. Presumably it is using this for the calorie display, which is not that useful.

The fitness tracking software is nice, I guess, but requires an annual fee once the free trial runs out. Garmin doesn't do that. I'll have to figure out a way to hack the data file to import into my Garmin tracking software.

Not including lube or the USB stick leave a sour taste in my mouth after spending a fair amount on this machine. Those are small items that should have been included.
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on January 26, 2015
This product has so much positive review. However, I hesitated to buy this product at first due to the bad review on the customer service. Now I'm glad I did, since Lifespan offer one of the best customer service ever.

This treadmill is very sturdy and solid -- just like what the other reviews said. Unfortunately, the communication cable came with the broken shell out of the box. Since it doesn't seem like a big deal, we decided to keep it and assembled the machine. At this point, Amazon refunded us partial credit for the the broken piece. (The product was sold by Amazon. Amazon is great !!!) We have been using the machine for 30 min everyday for two weeks already. So far the machine works great. However, we notice the heart rate monitor didn't work right. It always shows the number around 88-90 bpm far lower than what shown in my forerunner 620.

Then I went online (, register the product, and contact the customer service. I filled out the form, left a massage, and was informed to expect the response within one day. I'm ok with one day wait, but Lifespan representative called me back within one hour. Then the local technician called me in the next hour to explain the procedure and how to schedule the service. And the replacement cable was mailed to me in the same hour. Everything is done in the couple hours in the afternoon. The customer service team is very easy to reach, so reliable and super fast. I'm very impressed on my investment on the machine so far. I would like to review more after I meet the technician and have the cable fixed.

To Be Continued ..


It has been awhile, and I would like to update.

The mail was delivered in the next three days, then we scheduled the technician to come in. The cable was fixed within a week. I'm very happy with the customer service of Lifespan. We have been using the machine for almost three months now, and it runs great.
review image review image
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on March 30, 2016
I purchased this unit in the end of 2013 from Amazon. Just over 2 years later while running on it I broke through the running deck (this is the "solid" board on the inside of the belt). I run pretty regularly on it in the winter months around 10-15 miles a week and I weigh 160 pounds for reference. At the time of the failure, I was running at 7MPH. Up until this point, I have had no issues with it and regularly lubricate the belt with recommended Lifespan brand lube.

Lifespan customer support was responsive and has offered to send out a new running deck under the 3 year parts warranty but will not cover the labor for installation because that warranty is only for 1 year. Interestingly they offered to send out an additional support beam with the board. Which tells me there is some sort of known design flaw with the existing particle board running deck.

For potential buyers out there who expect to put some miles on it I would recommend going with another product or buy the additional warranty knowing that there is a pretty decent chance you'll put your foot through deck. In retrospect, I would not purchase this product again.
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on June 7, 2013
I have held off on an immediate review of this treadmill, hoping to write a glowing review once the problem I am having with it was addressed. The treadmill, which I purchased in part because reviews mostly praise the quietness of it, is disappointing as it has had a very loud squeak upon each footfall since day one. That's no reason to trash the machine, as long as the company stands by its product and fixes it as promised.

Unfortunately, dealing with Lifespan Fitness has been a frustrating experience at best and the problem has yet to be resolved, despite two visits from technicians. The problem? The techs are contracted by the company and they order parts that Lifespan refuses to ship!! The last tech that was here over a month ago ordered the shock absorber discs (I don't remember what they are called) while he was here. I heard nothing from the company and finally called them last week to check the status. The lady on the phone said that the parts were never shipped by Lifespan but that she would make sure it's done. Again, I hear nothing from the company.

This is a short version of a much longer, frustrating story. Basically, be wary of this company.

UPDATE: My treadmill is now working well and we are mostly liking it but I still can't recommend it. While waiting for yet another tech to come to my home for the original problem, another developed. Incline began making pounding noises while lifting and lowering. They did send me a new lift motor and the tech fixed it. However, it took 4 (FOUR!!!) visits from techs to correct the original, small problem. Lifespan service is terrible and some of the techs they send don't know what they are doing. I was fortunate that tech number 4 was good.
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on July 24, 2014
Very well made treadmill. Loved it for the first 2 months, then it started making a clicking noise as if there was something loose and it was banging against the metal. It got so loud that headphones didn't dampen the noise and I was too annoyed to run. I pretty much tightened every bolt and opened up the motor casing and made sure nothing was loose. The sound didn't go away. I finally gave in and called customer support. The rep told me to fold the treadmill up to standing position, loosen the bolts and spray the silicone lube (the same one you would use on the belt) and the noise should go away. I thought to myself, what the hell is this guy smoking? How in the world is that suppose get ride of the banging noise? I was at the point that I wanted to throw the thing out my basement window if I could have lifted it, lol. What the heck, lets give it a try. I took out my ratchet set and went to work. Only problem was that the nut and screw went round and round. You need a big Allen wrench to hold the other side in place to actually loosen the thing. Being unable to loosen the nuts and bolts I decided to just spray the lube where the nuts and bolts met. Gave it a couple of minutes to let the lube settle in, started the treadmill and the noise went away!!! Now I love my treadmill again.
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on July 27, 2016
After a 6 month hiatus from running altogether (due in part to hip pain when running on concrete) and really missing a good cardio endorphin boost, I bit the bullet and bought this treadmill. I admit that it feels very luxurious to me to own a treadmill and I thought about this purchase quite a lot and was super-excited for it's arrival. The delivery from amazon was seamless and the guys who brought it were happy to set it down where I asked (no stairs - in the back corner of my garage). As others have noted, it really is quite straightforward to put together. My husband and I kept remarking how refreshing it was to have all the necessary bolts loosely pre-installed in their correct spots (rather than arriving in a big jumble in a plastic bag). We had it up and running in 45 minutes. I've had the treadmill for one week, and have used it 5 days. Each time, I have looked forward to my workout. It feels like a more expensive machine. So far, the only concern that I have is that the platform is not light and I personally really do have to make sure that I have proper form when lifting it or I can strain my back. (I'm just over 5 feet and 110 pounds though and my husband has no issue with it.) I'm so happy that I made this purchase.
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on September 5, 2015
Just got this treadmill yesterday after asking questions and reading reviews. So far it is AWESOME! It is just what I needed for my walking routine. I could only give it 4 stars because to me 5 stars means perfect and it's not "perfect" in a couple things but definitely is worth 4 1/2 stars. The only complaint I have after having it just 1 day is that the on/off switch is ridiculously located at the bottom of the front of the treadmill, which for me butts right up against the wall. Now for some youthful, in shape, spring chickens this may not really be that big of a deal but for any of us older and overweight folks that are doing our best to get in shape so we CAN bend over and touch our toes, it is not that easy to get to. You need to squat under the dashboard thing and reach way over the large covered motor and feel your way between it and the wall to find it. For me, even though this is a slight pain in the butt it is NOT reason enough to not get treadmill, or to love it!

The other thing is the speakers. Even for this grandma they are far from useful in my opinion but I do have a portable speaker that hooks up to anything and is plenty loud enough to hear over my walking. The treadmill is not loud at all but still loud enough to not be able to hear the speakers very well. BUT, my old treadmill that went out as this came in didn't have any speakers either so it's not like I'm going to miss them. However, if you're going to have them and advertise them as "great" (or whatever they said about them) I think they could've made them a bit more higher quality, or just don't include them. But overall I am thrilled! At this point I am very satisfied and can't wait to get more of the hang of it as I go. I love, love the speed increase and incline buttons on the handrails! Wonderful idea!
If I can remember to check in with an update later I will do it but so far I highly recommend it.
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on November 1, 2016
I've had this for about three months now. So far it's an amazing value, I'd say you get a bit more than your pay for with this one.

Good quality treadmill, assembly was easy, plenty of length on the belt area and while the width isn't what you'd get in the gym, it's plenty wide for me. The controls and heart rate monitor on the arms are a great function. Good incline for a smaller treadmill. The two cup holders are great for holding a bottle of water and the tv remote in the other. The speakers don't really seem necessary but I haven't tested them yet. Entering your weight and height to get more of an accurate calorie burned count requires going online and syncing with a usb drive which is really annoying. It folds up easy enough and rolls out of the way.

I have it in my living room right next to my couch so I can watch tv with my girlfriend while she sits on the couch. I was impressed with how quiet this is for a treadmill, we don't even turn the volume up on the tv. Obviously it does have some noise but she says the noise doesn't bother her at all.
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on April 20, 2016
I have had this product for about 6 months now and have put about 40 miles on it. Here are my findings:
Terrific construction
Easy assembly
Good quality materials
Very easy to use

Makes a lot of noise when you land at 0 incline. The noise completely disappears at 1% incline. Bonus for me, extra workout, but sometimes I need a break.
The user interface is essentially useless for any operation other than START, STOP, INCREASE, DECREASE. There is some additional functionality but it is so awkward that it just doesn't make sense.
Heart rate monitor is specific to this manufacturer meaning if you have a nice, high quality POLAR you will not be able to use it. You will need to buy an additional heart rate monitor from LifeSpan. This could have been better thought out. I would like for the treadmill company to be in the business of making treadmills instead of selling heart rate monitors.

Overall, for the price, I would purchase this machine again in a heart beat.
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on February 17, 2013
After having purchased a really terrible manual treadmill, followed by a few used treadmills, finally dropping the money on this product and having it turn out to be wonderful was, well... wonderful! There are a great many features to be found with this machine, though you could easily just ignore them all and still have a good piece of equipment. It's quiet and I had no issues with delivery.

In hindsight, assembly was very simplistic. This thing is almost completely put together when it arrives. I decided to take the setup of this treadmill on by myself and that did increase the difficulty; getting it out of the box was the hardest part for me. Since the manual it comes with covers several different models, there were some directional errors with regard to setup (such as discussing self-tapping screws which were actually screws that needed to be removed and re-placed in order to assemble, misnaming screw types, etc). Also, the upright locking feature caused me some real frustration at first when I realized I couldn't unlock it based on the manual. Luckily there was a sticker on the machine itself which helped clarify; you'll have to give the machine a light pull toward you after kicking in the tension bar in order to get the belt back on the floor. As mentioned though, looking back at the setup frustrations, there were really only 5 or six small cover pieces to screw to the machine, and the panel to attach. I've never encountered a piece of exercise equipment this easy to assemble.

My advice to those thinking of looking for something cheaper would be to avoid that at all costs. Not only is this machine worth the money, it also looks and runs better than most any treadmill I've ever encountered in my time spent at a number of gyms, hotel exercise rooms, and so on. This thing comes damn near ready to use, runs amazingly well, will support the norms of workout desires (places to store bottles, MP3 player compatability, even a bar for placing a Kindle above the display), and looks fantastic. I would gladly recommend this product to anyone in the market for a treadmill.
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