Customer Reviews: LifeProof FRE iPhone 5/5s Waterproof Case - Retail Packaging - YELLOW/BLACK (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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on November 25, 2013
I am so disappointed in Amazon on this. This rating is due to the fact that Lifeproof will NOT warranty your phone if you purchase this case from Amazon. Only Lifeproof themselves or Verizon can sell the case with the (for the extra $10) Total Water Protection Plan warranty . Although Lifeproof lets you think you can just pay the $10 for this plan on their website, when you try to buy it, it automatically adds the case to your cart. Amazon dropped the ball on this and Lifeproof should not allow Amazon to sell, if we the consumer cannot buy the protection plan. Who cares that only the case has a warranty! Its the $ 800 phone I am trying to protect! I hope Amazon puts a disclaimer on their site, so people understand just exactly what they are buying, or NOT buying when they order this case.
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on January 23, 2014
I bought this case as soon as it came it. I am one of those people who like to drop their phone and try to catch it with their foot, but wind up punting it across the room instead. Hence, I needed a case that provides a lot of protection. Most of friends raved about Lifeproof and I felt like I'd give it a try. Right out of the box I felt a bit ripped off because the front cover felt very flimsy without a phone inside of it. I decided that I spent the money so I would persevere. The "test" of the case to verify it is waterproof was actually really cool and my case passed on the first try. I dried it off and slapped my phone inside. This was 3 months ago. Having used this case I must say that it does a fabulous job with protection and the "flimsy" front that I originally worried about is all part of the design to make sure you do not lose any functionality with the touch screen. My phone has been dropped on the ground/table/deck, in puddles, the ocean, and God knows how many other places without any damage to my phone. Flawless protection. Audio quality is great with no notable distortion of sound quality while the case is on and using either the internal microphone speaker with the phone or the speakerphone setting. Same goes for music distortion. Buttons work well through the case but be aware the "silent" mode switch is inverted. The fit for the power/transfer cable is tight with aftermarket units but I didn't have a problem with the OEM Apple cable. There is much to love and little to hate about this case but, no review is complete without a few caveats on the frustrations created with this items use. I have only three things that bother me with this case:

1) The waterproof feature also makes it air proof and when sealing/closing the case, an air bubble can form in the home button recess causing the fingerprint scanner to not function. This is fixed by pressing your thumb into the recess while closing the case.
2) Finger Print Scanner frustrations. This ties in with the first one a bit, but you really have to make sure your fingerprints entered into your iPhone 5S are of your entire finger. I have entered my finger prints 3x and have got a good read now. I wound up intentionally placing my finger/thumb on the scanner from left to right to front to back over and over until it accepted the scan and using this method (versus the standard hold phone and place finger/thumb on scanner in basically the same manner repeatedly).
3) Headphone jack - If you do not have the standard iPhone earbuds or use the included audio jack adapter provided with the case you will struggle when trying to use the headphone jack. I use my phone to listen to music and podcasts during my work commute every morning and had to place the audio jack adapter in my car to allow me to hook it up to my car stereo. This is only an annoyance because of how often I have to screw in the adapter. If you don't use your phone like I do (or use the Apple earbuds) you won't ever notice.

Overall I'd recommend this case to anyone looking for a great means to protect your iPhone 5S. If you can address/live with the items that bug me you won't have any other complaints.
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on July 5, 2014
I was going to rate this with 4-stars because there are definitely some cons to the case, but most of them become trivial little complaints when the pros of the case are taken into consideration. Let me start of first by saying this is, hands down, the most impressive iPhone case I've ever purchased. I'm a general contractor, so my line of work entails exposure to many elements that are hazardous to the well-being of a cellphone: dust, water, moisture, drops, bangs, etc. I'm relieved to say that this case has held up to all of it. From being dropped off of a 12-foot ladder, dropped into a bucket full of partially-mixed floor grout, left out in the rain for an hour, and exposed to hours of sawdust and construction dust. Nothing has fazed this case in the least and the only signs of damage are a few nicks on the back corners and some slight scratches on the screen protector. And best of all: I've gotten all of this protection from a case that doesn't make my phone much bulkier than a naked iPhone 5s. You absolutely can not beat having total protection AND a sleek, ergonomic design.

Now, there ARE a few things that I found a little less than pleasant about the case, but like I said previously, they're rather trivial when you factor in the protection and reliability of this case. One of the most useful features of the 5s is the fingerprint sensor that allows you to quickly bypass your lock code/app store password. The Lifeproof case employs a small membrane cover that retains the functionality of the sensor, but because the membrane doesn't always sit firmly and uniformly over the sensor, it sometimes takes two or three attempts for your fingerprint to properly register. A bit of a hassle, yes, but nothing nearly detrimental enough to be deterrent.

Another thing is that the speaker sound suffers a slight volume reduction and the sound quality appears a bit compressed. It's still loud enough to hear clearly, but it's not as boisterous as the phone speaker sans case (with that being said, I feel that I should note that the earpiece does not suffer a noticeable difference in volume, nor does the other party notice a difference in voice quality/volume).

My last complaint is probably the most trivial, given my personal pattern of usage. The lifeproof case is equipped with a small, screw-in bit that protects and waterproofs the bottom headphone jack. It takes a little bit of finger strength to both screw-in and unscrew the bit, which is definitely a hassle. As an added frustration, the only way to connect headphones is through a screw-in adapter that comes with the case, which means if you're out and about and the adapter is at home, no headphones for you. Like I said, that's trivial given my pattern of use because I very, very rarely use headphones on my phone. I have an iPod for when I'm not at work. Though, I can see this being the source of a great deal of aggravation to a more casual user that often uses headphones.

It all comes down to user preference in the end, though. With total protection and a sleek design comes drawbacks and annoyances. I feel as though the cons of this case are a small price to pay for what this case has to offer, for I've never had a phone case that I felt as confident with as this one. If any of my listed cons were a deal-breaker for you, perhaps you should re-evaluate whether or not you ACTUALLY need this case. There's plenty of cases out there that offer ease-of-access through a lesser protective design. As for me, though, this case has gone above and beyond the protection I had hoped for and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone that is in a similar line of work as me, or needs the same phone protection that I do.
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on September 13, 2014
This case is a KNOCK OFF. I have had for about 10 months and all the seals are coming off. I took it into Apple and they said this case was a knock off and showed me the difference between the real life proof and the mine. I would not buy this product, especially if you plan to take it in the water.
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on June 13, 2014
Did not work. Moisture got in the charging port & I had to replace my phone, which was less then a month old.
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on January 5, 2016
A must have when your teens are tossing their phones around without a thought. This one I bought for my 13 year old son and his iphone 5s fits perfectly in the case. The screen is clear and plugs all fit great! Has had for over a month and has taken plenty of falls and this mom gives it two thumbs up!
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on May 31, 2014
This gets less than a one. My life proof case didnt work right off the bat, as it didn't pass the waterproof test and when I tried to claim warranty, life proof didn't respond to my email (and still haven't). This has been the worst order I've made on Amazon yet.
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on September 22, 2014
This is my second Lifeproof iPhone case. I broke my first one when I got angry and threw my phone against the wall. I know, that's my fault, right? Although the case broke, the phone was unharmed. That's the point, right?

This case is great for everyday use. It is lightweight and doesn't add much bulk to your phone. It's a must-have if you work in a job around water, dust, and the elements; or if you're a clumsy phone-dropper like me. I can take my phone anywhere and not have to worry about it getting dirty, crushed, dropped or wet.

Also a good choice if you frequently visit the beach or the pool. If you accidentally drop your phone in the water or the sand, no big deal. I have taken several photos underwater, and the phone always stays dry.

You can plug in your charger just fine while the phone is in this case. To plug in a pair of headphones or an auxiliary jack, you must use the included screw-in adapter. It's a minor pain, but it's better than taking the phone out of the case every time.

I have yet to find a third-party iPhone dock that will work with the case. If I want to dock the phone with my iHome alarm clock, I have to remove it from the case. Not deal-breaker for me.

There are several accessories available for mounting the phone to an armband, belt, dashboard, windshield, bicycle, etc. that will work with the case. This is a big plus.

If you have a rough or active lifestyle, this is the case to get. It's worth the extra money for your peace of mind.
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on February 5, 2015
I love my life proof case, I am a snowboarder and rock climber and just a plain outdoors kind of guy. This case has dropped in the snow, fell out of my bag hiking and just keeps going. My only minus one star may not be because of the case but more of the ability to remember where all the pieces are. I have a hard time keep track of the screw that plugs the hole for the headphones and also the headphone screw adapter. I wish that there was somewhere on the phone that allows to keep the screw while you are using the adapter so it doesn't fall out of your pocket, the good thing is that it comes with two which helps but just wish for a slight change in the design. But as for the case protection, it does what it needs to, and I know people who have had this case fail while swimming with the phone and case on but come on, the case if for protection not for you to push the limits. Hope this helps, any questions just ask.
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on December 28, 2013
Broke within my first week dropped it from 2 feet and cracked, called them and was given the run around! Had to try and return it on here they wanted $20 for shipping back was not worth it I threw it away day 6! Awful customer service
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