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Color Name: Black with Gray Buttons|Change
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on December 8, 2015
We recently moved into our home, so I was clueless about the security protocol of our garage door opener. To make matters worse, there is no learn button on our opener, but rather 2 different receivers installed onto it: one wth dip-switch/multicode security (not compatible with this remote); and the other a Chamberlain 315 MHz receiver with the security protocol symbol that looks like this: ((())). We purchased this key fob for the latter and it works well. This compatibility page helped to determine compatibility:®-remote-compatibility.
We just needed to open our Chamberlain receiver and press a tiny button inside to sync with this fob. The instructions for the fob were straight forward (just do not skip step 3). Range is good. I can open the door from at least 40 feet away. It's also conveniently small and probably more secure than a remote left in your car...hey I may be paranoid, but if someone steals your car, they will have a registration with your address and a remote with access through your a key fob is safer.
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on November 6, 2012
The remote is 2.5" (L) x 1.5" (W) x 3/8" (T) [edited thanks to comments for correction]. The range is about 40' line of sight.

Our predicament was finding one, pocket-size, remote that could operate 2 different garage door openers. Carrying 2 of the standard sized, inbox, remotes was too bulky for our needs.

We have two different Liftmaster garage door openers. One was a new Craftsman+ and the other an older (6 years old) Craftsman Formula 1 garage door opener. These openers both have rolling codes, though work on different frequencies (one with a purple learning button and the other with a blue one), so each of their standard remotes, and seemingly a number of after-market, ones won't learn both simultaneously.

After unsuccessfully trying a few remotes from local hardware stores, we risked this one. It was pricier than others, though had the appeal that this one actually works, Indeed, it works great.

Hope this helps, Mike

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on July 17, 2017
We own two of these purchased at different times -- we love the portability of the opener on our key chain. Great for when we're out on a walk. Biggest complaint is several times per month I find the garage door opens while the keychain fob is in my pocket inside the house or while my bundle of keys are resting on it. The buttons are slightly recessed, but press (evidently too) easily. We ended up programming the smaller buttons for opening the garage door which has helped slightly, but we still get a few accidental openings. I also found that after ~6-9 months of being attached to my keys and in and out of my pocket that on of the thin loops where they keys attach just suddenly cracked and fell off almost causing a loss of the opener. I since have moved the key ring to one of the other loop segments until that one too fails. Overall, great product concept and love the convenience, but the quality of this product falls a bit short.
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on April 25, 2012
I was looking for the a second garage door opener to use in another car or bicycle.
890MAX is really the smallest one I could find for my LiftMaster. It is 63x38x13mm or if you don't know
what mm is it's 2.5 by 1.5 inches and half an inch thick.
It weights 19 grams (5/8OZ)which light for the size or big for the weight and OK for a key-chain but adds some bulk to it. Remote is slightly larger and a bit heavier then my car remote. You might want to consider quick release system to your keychain
The remote is easy to program one hint is if you want to hit the purple programming button and the car is right below it instead of moving your car out and putting a leader or a chair you might be able to open a car door closest to the garage unit and reach the programming button standing in the car doorway.
The remote is easy to operate and I like the red LED light.
The plastic of the remote feels a bit cheap and buttons are easy to press.
Another hint if you are not using remote for three garages or units and carry remote in a pocket you might want to consider programming the two smaller buttons as they are less likely to be pressed by accident and keep big one on top unprogrammed. Accidental garage opening is very inconvenient because my garage opens very quietly so I will not always will be able to tell that it is open. If it is a problem it can be solved by making a sheath or a cover plate for the buttons

Remote uses lithium battery CR2032 which is quite common, easy to find and replace. As a matter of facts I have another remote and a flashlight on my keychain with batteries that I can use temporarily if the battery goes dead. The lithium battery works well in cold temperature and lasts for years. While the battery is new it seems to work from at least 100 feet away - I did not check how far can I be yet and it's not a concern for me.

Unlike other remotes it does not come with visor clip but if you want to use it in a car you can use fasteners (same as for windshield highway-pass) or other attachments and your imagination on where exactly you want the garage opener to be. Some people may want it in traditional places like visor or map lights area but some may want to hide it from plain -just keep in mind that engine block and other metal parts of the car may decrease the distance the remote works.

Overall this remote is a good alternative or addition to existing openers.
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on May 6, 2017
This garage door remote is quite small and lightweight, as is mentioned in the description. It seems to be adequately sturdy and well built, however I don't know how the key rings would hold up with heavy use. Mine will be kept in a purse. The buttons press easily and I found nothing lacking or defective.

Programming it was very easy. All you will need to set it up is one pin to hit a reset button (a straightened paperclip or small hex key is about the right size), access to your garage door opener to press a button (stool or a tall person), and someone who isn't color blind to tell you what color that button is.

It wouldn't work when I first went through the programming sequence, but after waiting two minutes the programmed button worked perfectly. I am guessing my garage door just needed a minute for the programming feature to switch off. If the programming sequence in the paperwork doesn't work for you, try this method suggested by another reviewer:

"If you press the 'Learn' button on the garage door opener, and then push the paper clip, and then press the button 1-4 times, the garage door set once I got to the right number of clicks on the clicker."
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on April 27, 2017
The remote works very well, but I had to contact the help line to determine the correct way to program the remote. The written directions for programming the device were completely wrong, resulting in a couple of hours of frustration and wasted time. The directions that come with the device need to be changed - steps 2 and four should be switched, and step 5 eliminated. When customer service gave me the correct sequence, I was successful the first time I tried it - it took less than a minute. Had the instructions been correct, my rating would be 5 stars.
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on October 16, 2016
The concept is why I bought it. It's handy and convenient to carry without having to worry about leaving it in the car. However programming it was not that easy as the directions were not clear and my garage unit had its own directions for programming a remote. After almost concluding that it would never pair it finally did. It was frustrating though. Took a good 30 minutes.
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on July 15, 2017
My problem: I recently moved into a house with a detached garage, and by the time I got into the house, put away groceries, etc., I'd FORGET to close the garage door. Happened over and over again. Once I left it open all night! My choices were to get a device that would close it after 5 minutes or get a key fob. I chose the fob--this way I could close the garage door as soon as I left the garage.

It was SO EASY to set up, took less than 60 seconds. You just press the sync button on the fob, press the sync button on the unit itself (you need a ladder), press the button you want to use and DONE. This little device gave me peace of mind! Definitely recommend.
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on May 13, 2017
This is a small key chain garage door remote that will fit on a key chain or fit in a pocket/purse easily. I have a second older car that I use for going out in nature so I carry this remote on my key chain. I programed the remote by watching a YouTube video (Programming the MAX Garage Door Remote Control) giving me a detailed explanation of the steps required for programming. Do not follow the instructions included in the box with the remote. They leave out steps so the YouTube video is the best way to see what is actually required. It's simple but it requires at least four stages of programming. A great device and I recommend it.
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We recently replaced our Genie garage door openers with new LiftMaster openers. Unfortunately, my Linear GT remote that worked so well with the Genie opener didn't work with LiftMaster. But this little LiftMaster 890max works perfectly. It is every bit as small as my old Linear pocket remote and took less time to program than it took for me to read the directions- literally just a few seconds. Works great. I use mine to open the garage door when motorcycle riding, but this would be the perfect remote for anyone with a LiftMaster opener wanting a remote to keep in a pocket or purse. It's inexpensive and worth every penny.
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