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on January 4, 2015
Extremely bright! Which IS what I was going for. Re-reading description, it is inaccurate in it's claim of "Soft white light illuminates your keyboard just enough to see - won't disturb others". The light emitted from a laptop screen is what I would call "just enough to see" if in darkness without back-lit keys. This lamp however, will light up the entire room unless I have it positioned so close to keyboard that it effects my typing. Docking 1 star for inaccurate description.
Flexible metal arm appears solid quality, could be a few inches longer though. Arm is same length as lamp, stock image is misleading due to perspective. Item was "folded" in half in packaging, so a 30 day journey, from China, with a 0* or 180* (depending on how technical you are) bend in metal arm, in soft padded envelope appears to have not effected it. I'd call that pretty darn good.

Was free shipping, but took 30 days to arrive. I honestly forgot I ordered it by the time it came.
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on September 15, 2012
I fastened this under my desk and above my keyboard tray. It provides enough light so I can see the keyboard but it's not glaring if I'm looking at the screen. This way, I don't have to have a desk lamp on solely for the purpose of seeing the keyboard. Can't speak to its longevity, but there's not a lot that can go wrong for a static LED lamp. For a static spot lamp, it is cheap and does a great job.
review image
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on July 26, 2014
First time I plugged it into a USB port, it was marvellously bright, which was just what I was looking for. However, I wasn't quite satisfied with its position, so I moved it to another USB port. That's when I noticed it wasn't as bright as the first time, and not all of the LEDs were working. Moving it to a third USB port resulted in it being almost nonfunctional, giving almost no light whatsoever. This was all in the space of ONE MINUTE.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to return this lemon, since it's classified as an "Add-On Item"... which brings me to an even bigger complaint. Ostensibly, "Add-On Items" are designated as such because it would be cost-prohibitive to Amazon to ship them separately.

If that's the case, why did this item ARRIVE IN A SEPARATE PACKAGE ALL BY ITSELF?
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on December 12, 2013
This didn't even last one day. I may have to take part of the blame....this is referred to as a Notebook/Laptop light and I did have it plugged into the keyboard of my Mac tower , BUT the packaging clearly said "plug into any usb port". So I did. My keyboard has 2 ports on it. When I plugged it into the left, I got a screen error saying in so many words "not enough power" and it would not turn on at all. When I plugged it into the right everything lit up perfectly. Over the next 6 hours each of the bulbs got dimmer one or 2 at a time til it was dead. So as said before, maybe it was my fault for using it this way, but if that's the case I would have liked to have seen some sort of disclaimer or warning stating not to use it on this type of usb port. I normally go by the "you get what you pay for" mentality, so I guess this was just a $6 lesson to remember that next time.
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on June 17, 2012
I bought 2 of these for a DIY project to attach under my desks, above the keyboard drawers so that I could light up the keyboard areas at night. I didn't intend to use them with their gooseneck usb connecter. My previous experience with these types of lights on gooseneck connectors was not good as the gooseneck would never stayed in position. To my surprise, these goosenecks are very good. However, I removed them for my project and cut USB cables from old mice and rewired them into these units. With some double sided foam tape, I placed them under the desk, added an inline switch, and they work great. All for about $3.50 per desk!

I did test them before deconstructing them for their intended purpose as a laptop light. For me, they work great.
1 - because the gooseneck stays in the position I put it, and
2 - there is plenty of light from the 10 leds, and I didn't find them overbearing. However, another couple of inches on the gooseneck would be nice to increase coverage area. And
3 - the build quality to price ratio is incredible. I am picky about quality and I have nothing negative to say about these. Cmon, they're less than $3 shipped!

Mine shipped directly from China, so expect at least 10 days if you choose the free shipping option.

I will be buying more.
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on January 17, 2008
Finally a USB light that is bright enough to work with. This 10 LED light provides plenty unlike most UBS lights with only 1 LED that really only help you hunt and peck. For the money, this is a best bet.

How could it be better? The stiff wire support could be a little stiffer. The best way to position it seems to be over the top if a laptop if your screen isn't too large, leaning against something, or I have figured out how to tie a loopy-knot type thing that allows it to support itself. But, USB light and/or fan people are already used to this weakness. A switch would also have been a good thing. This is really only evident if you have a self powered USB hub or only need it at night; but I have to say it is a pain having to unplug the light whenever I don't need it.

Overall this is an improvement of most previous attempts at USB lighting. It addresses a problem without hurting the wallet and does a great job.
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on May 6, 2017
This light is super bright. I use it to give me some light on my mixer as My laptop covers most of it. I have purchase other USB lights before but this one is the best one on the brightness.
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on August 23, 2011
Described as: "Soft white light illuminates your keyboard just enough to see - won't disturb others". Ya, well, maybe. If by 'other's the mean the Pin Ball Wizard.

If on a train, plane or in an automobile and the person in the next seat was using this, I doubt anybody nearby would not immediately know, due to its brightness.

Now I live in the South and we do get nasty storms blowing through from time to time. Power outages are a thing we get used to toughing out. Next time one happens. this'll be the light used to illuminate up the entire area. Harry Potter uses 'LUMOS' and all he gets is the tip of his wand glowing. Harry needs a one of these and an open USB port.

So can not describe it's use as being 'discrete'. If planning to use this in an un-observed manner, you won't go un-observed. For this light to be truly discrete, it would need the glass covering the LED's to be frosted.

The construction appears to be solid (time will tell) and it is impressive with the chrome flex tubing and blue sheathed light cover. Best feature is the entire tip rotates. Allowing it to be generally positioned then precisely directed. It'd far better than the last pair I purchased and hopefully it'll last longer then they did.

In looking at the picture of the device the flex tube part appears to be longer than in the one received. The flex tube on it is 9 inches long. Overall length, from USB connector to opposite end is about 20 inches.
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on August 29, 2015
the piece of junk arrived today. it flashed, popped and went off and on for several minutes. then it settled down with one led dead, one barely lit and 3 that randomly have convulsions of dim, off or super bright. This THING never worked properly or was even tested before you shipped it. I hope Amazon will drop your sorry ass as a pitiful vendor. WHAT DO YOU INTEND TO DO????????? as for those potential suckers who are considering ordering this thing I suggest you RUN AWAY AND NOT JUST WALK AWAY!!!!!!
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on October 28, 2010
I've lost count of all the keyboard lights I've bought, and this is the first one that solves the problem of the "strobing" shadows while I type. My laptops both have 17" screens, and built in 10 keys, so being able to cover this keyboard with just one USB pwered light in the past has proven very difficult. With this product, that problem is easily solved, and now I can plug in the other things I need access to without sacrificing that much needed light. This light is about 7 or 8 inches long, and the arm for it is about another 9 or 10 inches of typical chromed conduit, so putting the light where you need it is pretty easy and stable. I do recommend getting a pencil or something to set under this near the USB port of your laptop though as the weight and wiggling of this item may damage your computer's internal plug.
As a nice bonus, if you have any of those spare "on-the-go" batteries for your cell phone or other USB powered goodies, this makes a great flashlight!
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