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on August 15, 2013
The story is intriguing and keeps the reader wanting more. I found myself staying up late reading, devouring pages like a hungry termite at a lumber yard unable to control itself around all of the delicacies at the ready. This series is a must read for all fantasy book fans. Truly an original and brilliant concept on dragons. Well written and well thought. The editing however could have been a bit better, but not bad enough to take away from the epic story the author laid on paper. On to the next series about Requim, May the characters in this series be as intriguing as Benedictus, Lacrimosa, Gloriae, Agnes Dae, and Kyrie were. "May our wings forever find your skies"
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on March 31, 2014
So, I read the first novel in this series, Blood of Requiem, and was thoroughly impressed. So obviously, I read books two and three. And it was just...impossible. I say impossible because I could not feasibly understand how the main characters didn't die of exhaustion. Moving here, moving there, pining for was exhausting, and not in the good, edge-of-your-seat, Lord of the Rings kind of way. And then there was the villain, who, other than being very one dimensional and creepy, was just too powerful. The beings that he had under his command kept getting more and more formidable, and yet...the good guys still win with a handful of dragons and griffins? Sorry, it was just too unbelievable for me. Yes, you can be arrayed against a huge enemy and still prevail...but...really? I read the description of his army in the last chapters and just rolled my eyes after a certain point. He made the enemy too powerful, and yet also easier to defeat than a stale bagel.

I would say, yes, read Blood of Requiem, but if you don't want to spend the next few days reading the sequels that will honestly destroy the first book for you, just read the synopses.
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on March 25, 2013
I am so glad that the dragons finally get their day and took care of that evil tyrant of the desert. She had done the dragons soo wrong because she held onto a dream or possession of her childhood love which she turned it to be something else.

This book was well done in my opinion and the evil queen should have been roasted a long time back but I am glad some still lived to carry on their ways & traditions.

I am hoping in the next series the author puts the same amount of exitement in these new ones as he did the first 6 books. Very well done!!!! These books had a way of taking you out of your ordinary turmole of a day and watching someone else defend his country or his love.
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on May 16, 2013
The character progression for some of Daniel's characters were fantastic. The transformation (literally) of Gloriae through book 1-3 is amazing to read as she goes from a raging ice princess to her ending at the finale. However, some characters stay relatively the same. It's clear that Daniel paints a picture of a grotesque world and his descriptions are at least.. vivid. Yet at some point, I felt that all those descriptions became repetitive for the mimics and left me with questions such as how did he build his mimics so quickly? It felt at times that the author made up things on the fly for convenience and some characters were un-necessarily created. Kryie's brother and sister are conveniently alive yet do nothing incredibly special and I found their chapters plain. Although there is some progression at some points, others seem simply moot. The villain is evil incarnated and although it was interesting to see his progression into madness, Daniel never changed his writing about him. In every chapter, you would hear about Dies Irae raping a woman or doing some other evil act and I think it would have been fantastic to see some justification for doing so.
The ending is what you would expect, but the build-up and results are left a little fuzzy. It is easy to see that Daniel did this on purpose in order to create a new trilogy. However, if you've got $4 to spare, it is an interesting read. There are vivid descriptions and the book is powerful in regards to love and the feeling of despair that a finale should bring.
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on August 5, 2015
Sorry but instead of getting better this serious keeps getting worse. Instead of developing the story we get the same lines and subject repeated over and over again. The fights in the book get even worse with the characters facing up to 25 to 1 odds and getting swarmed with monsters only to shake them off and somehow (which is never explained) kill them all.
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on April 24, 2015
I enjoyed this first trilogy for the most part. There were some inconsistencies between this book and the first and I felt it was incomplete because some things were left without a conclusive end or follow up...of sorts. Transitions and word choice were not the best, but I'm curious to discover if it was a Kindle thing or does the paperback really contain these errors. I was over-done with the villain and his desire to rape every woman he came across and some things were just wrong, I mean really. But it made for a good read. I commented on the first book, but didn't comment on the second book, there was no point. I hope the writing improved with the next set of trilogies. Happy reading.
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on December 16, 2014
This review covers the Song of Requiem trilogy that includes Blood of Requiem, Tears of Requiem and Light of Requiem. I found Blood of Requiem among the free Kindle downloads on Amazon and was sufficiently entertained to purchase books two and three. I listen to books in the car using the Kindle's text to speech player during about 90 minutes of daily commutes. I think most Fantasy readers will enjoy Requiem, but it may be a bit dark for younger readers or those who don't want the pain that goes goes with the adventure. The characters are well developed. I especially appreciate Arenson's ability to conjure an ever increasing array of evil and deadly foes. There are several other Arenson Requiem sagas and I plan to read them all.
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on January 19, 2014
So I find myself in an odd situation after finishing this series.

I thought the story line was good. But the author really made the world seem small, unlike other epic novels where the world is huge. The book drones on at points and I found myself skim reading a lot. There was way to much prolonged doom and gloom. Also not very realistic (yes I know it's fantasy). You can only read so many times how 5 dragons can destroy 100,000 bad guys.

Also, there is a very disturbing side to this author. He seems rather obsessed with rape. It's very sickening how many times rape is talked about, happens, portrayed and almost fantasized about in this Novel.

Overall, I got my money's worth for a few bucks. However after redwing the descriptions of the next series I think I am done. It sounds like the same story told over again. It's like watching die hard, then die hard 2 &3. Same story, different names.
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on November 28, 2015
Good: they finally kill the bad guy.
Bad: It took 3 books of the most trite writing to get there.
This series has a great concept and a great world to explore, but it was sadly written by what I have to assume was a horny 12 year old boy. Really, did the kids need to shift into dragons and have sex? What that something that you really had to subject us to? Was the fantasy violence and loving descriptions of wraith filled eyes and gory mutants not enough to kill the mood? Hilarious yiffing aside, the story was just... not good. I would not recommend this to anyone.
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on April 20, 2017
The series comes to a close finally. But I will eventually read the next one too.
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