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on January 2, 2013
With the purchase of this adapter we were excited to be able to charge 2 devices in our car at a time, and not have to trade off. With 1 iPhone 5 and one iPhone 4S each having different cables this was our solution. Given each can charge at 1amp and thus not overload the unit we hoped it would work.

For the first day of our road trip it worked and we were happy with how things were going. Unfortunately on the second day my phone starting flashing and telling me there was a problem. It was going on and off between charging and not charging and flashing indicating the power was going on and off. I took out this adapter to look at it and it was really hot, very close to burning my hands and then I noticed it was also smelling and had actually burnt up. After that point it would no longer charge anything for us.

It started strong, was great for a day, but sadly failed right after that. If it had continued to work we would be happy but due to burning up when attempting to charge a single iPhone 4S. I have to give it 1 star, we are unhappy with the purchase and will be returning it for a refund. To be clear this burnt up with only a single device charging at that time. I know mine didn't get hot enough to cause a fire. It didn't even deform the case. The piece that did melt was contained completely inside the unit. Fortunately the new one is working like a charm. If you want a heavy duty one, look at this link, it's one I've been using that doesn't even get warm with full load, I really like it better. It's a bit larger but rated as heavy duty and performing well, likely larger more heat resistant components inside is my guess. iFlash Dual USB Car Lighter Charger Adapter with 3A Output (fast) Heavy Duty Ouput Support iPad 1 / 2 / 3, iPhone 5 / 4S / 4, Google Android Phones, HTC EVO, LG, Samsung Galaxy S II III Note, BlackBerry Mobile Phones (Includes One Bonus MicroUSB Data/Sy...

*** Update, contacting directly as per comment to look into a replacement.
*** Update: iFlash will be sending a replacement which I will review and update here.
*** Update: iFlash has been very good to work with and has sent an exact replacement. The good news is that the replacement is working well. Because the replacement is working as expected I'm going to upgrade this from 1 star to 3 stars. If it had worked initially this would be 4-5 stars. Because of the need to work without a functional unit and get a replacement, I lowered it to a 3. It appears that for some reason I got a defective unit. Fortunately they were very good about it and quickly sent a new one. If anything happens to change this I'll update the review, for now it's resolved and working well.

3 star, initial unit failed, replacement working well
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on May 6, 2013
This charger is great. It puts out enough power to supply my Lumia 920 with operating and charging power from its 2A port. I can use my phone as a GPS navigation device and recharge it at the same time.

I will caveat that I've not attempted to use this adapter with multiple devices at once, so I cannot speak to its amperage performance under full load. It does list itself as a 3A adapter, so it should work better than simple 2-port devices.

Its low profile in the outlet means that it doesn't obstruct my cupholders. The outlet flap nearly closes (your mileage may vary) when no cable is connected. I would feel comfortable using this adapter in the outlet in the passenger leg-well and not worry about it being snagged or bumped.

It fits well in the outlet, and is easy to install and remove. The white plastic posts inside assist with correctly inserting USB cables, even in the darker area under the dash.
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on October 26, 2016
I bought the iFlash black 3amps car charger adapter July 2013, so 3 years & 3 months ago. This morning it made a scary "POP!" noise and I started smelling burnt peanut butter. Thankfully, it was just the adapter and not my car lighter that blew. I tried it out in a different car lighter port and it didn't work there either. It just made a buzzing noise. For the price I paid ($12), I supposed it lasted a fair length of time. I have it plugged in for about a year before I started using the gogroove bluetooth fm transmitter with a charging port. After getting a new car in April, I started using the iFlash again since I didn't need the transmitter anymore. Only use it occasionally to charge my phone when I forget to charge the night before or long trips with the GPS on. Never tried the tablet charging port so can't say how that works.
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on December 26, 2012
This compact USB car charger works well with multiple devices. As the standard wall charger for my Samsung Note II provides two amps of current, a standard 500ma car charger is inadequate. With the iFlash, we typically have an iPhone 4S and a Samsung Note II powered, often having one or both providing navigation. Clearly, the iFlash has no problem keeping up witt such demands.

My one principle concern is the total lack of status lights. Such lights are important for two reasons. The first is the need to see if it is actually plugged all the way into the socket. Secondly, for sockets that are always on, even when the car is off, a 3 amp drain could leave you with a dead battery. Of course, this would be an usually scenario because one would need high drain devices attached and remaining fully powered. This possibility still exists, making a status light or multiple status lights useful.
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on July 22, 2013
With little gadgets like this one only expects a few things: that it does what it's supposed to and doesn't fall apart in the process. This meets those criteria handily. I bough this because we had recently upgraded to two power hungry smartphones and were heading out on an 18 day road trip / vacation. We would be needing to charge our phones while we were traveling. Additionally, our phones required a true 2 amp charger in order to charge in a reasonable amount of time. The bottom plug says it's 2 amps, I didn't test it with a meter or anything, but it performed as well as the wall charger in terms of time required to recharge. The only thing I notesed was that when we drove with the lights on, the phones took longer to charge., but that's a product of out van's charging system not this great little gadget.

Worth the money!
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on June 21, 2013
I wanted to charge my iPhone 5 while in the car and this seems to be one of the few car USB port that can do the job. It works well, and has a low profile which I wanted.

Pros: works with iPhone 5's increased power needed to charge the phone. Has an additional USB port for less demanding devices. Small footprint.

Cons: It doesn't sit flush with the cigarette outlet. On my car at least it (visually) looks like its not all the way in. Not sure if this is a bad thing, but initially had me trying to push it in further then it would go. Also I don't like the white at all. Honestly doesn't make sense (who has a white interior). At the time the black version didn't offer the extra power I needed so I got the white.

Overall: Does what it says, works great and the price is very good.
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on April 16, 2015
Simple, functional two output (2 amp and 3 amp) iFlash Dual adapter. I have used it in my car for my phone and on my ATV to power my Garmin Oregon GPS unit. Have used it often and have had no problems. Very handy and as long as the device you use doesn't draw more than 3 amps, you're golden. Realize you can't hurt a 1 or 2 amp device by plugging it into the 3 amp socket, as the device will only draw the 1 or 2 amps it is capable of, however, if you plug a device that requires 3 amps and you plug it into the 2 amp socket, you may have problems. It is not a good idea, electrically, to plug into any receptacle a device rated for higher amperage draw than the receptacle can supply. Conversely, you can safely plug a 1 amp device into anything over a 1 amp supply as it can only draw what it is rated for.
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on November 28, 2013
1. Small, doesn't protrude out very far
2. Works great, no shorting out, no funny smell, no overheating
3. Powerful enough to charge your iPad

1. A little hard to remove from the cigarette plug, mainly because it's hard to get a good grasp on it

The unit I got works great. It appears well constructed. It's pretty much always plugged in my car and gets constant use and I haven't had a problem yet. This hasn't shorted anything out (car or whatever USB device is plugged into it) in the 9 months that I've used it. Would recommend.
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on January 20, 2013
Chose this one over others, the price is a little higher but here's why.
This is compact and sticks barely above the surface of the outlet.
2 choices - fuses protect over-current - one for 3 amp and one for 1 amp.
No LED to stay lit and slowly drain your battery!!!
Worth the extra expense!
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on May 13, 2013
There seem to be a number of companies selling these under different brand names. They work OK for charging a phone, but they are NOT 2.1 amp capable for charging an iPad or other tablet. It barely kept a charge for my iPad and certainly didn't increase the charge level. Someone else posted an in depth review of one of these chargers and found that when he dissembled them, they not only used poor filtering capacitors, but the voltage regulator was not specd for 2.1 amps. After reading that review I went ahead and bought an Anker 18 watt adapter (which I can't seem to find anymore on Amazon). The Anker is a lot bigger, which isn't as nice as these small ones, but it does charge an iPad properly.
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