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on July 6, 2013
I like this bra so much I just ordered four more! I have never worn bras with underwire, so I was a little apprehensive, but there just didn't seem to be much of anything else available with the other features I wanted. Most sports bras now are made with slick, shiny, all synthetic materials that feel uncomfortable to me - this is 55% cotton, and feels like it's all cotton. I need a back closure and a substantial bottom band that won't roll or creep up - so far this performs beautifully. Many sports bras look like they are supposed to be worn with nothing on top and have seams in weird places that look like they would show through clothes. I will be wearing this as my everyday bra, WITH clothes on top, so those styles are out. This is a great sports bra that looks sporty enough for me, but still definitely an undergarment. There is no padding to prevent nipple show-through, but I have several pairs of silicone "headlight killers" that I found for a very good price on Amazon. Silicone Nipple Covers/Bra pad Inserts. Self-Adhesive. 1 Pair. And it's comfortable, at least as comfortable as I would expect any bra to be. I do wish there were a few more colors available, like a darker grey and a somewhat darker shade of beige, but black is just fine.
Let me address some concerns raised by some of the other reviewers. One said that the size received was smaller than expected. I find the size I ordered (38C) to be exactly as expected. Perhaps the problem was only with the larger sizes. Some reviewers say there is a "pointy" effect at first that goes away as the bra is worn and washed a few times. Others said the underwire sticks out somehow. I did not have these problems at all with mine, but again, maybe these issues come up in the larger sizes only. I'd say that if your usual sports bra size is 38C, you'll probably be happy with this bra.
(Several weeks later) Just one addition - I have since then ordered it in beige (good color if you have light skin) and heather grey. The grey ones have white tabs at the back where the hooks are, even on the outside. I don't see why they make them like this, and it should say something about it in the product description. I'll keep them, though, as I plan to wear them anyway with things that won't show through. Still five stars. Finally, a sporty looking, comfortable cotton bra with a band that won't roll up!
(One more later note) If the underwire bothers you a bit under the arms, you can sort of force the wire toward the middle of the bra just one inch and then put in a few stitches to hold it there. The way the wire is set into the outside of the bra makes this very easy to do. This won't affect the fit and it won't poke you anymore. Your bra might not bother you this way, but I'm very sensitive and I've adjusted all my bras this way now. Lily of France, please don't ever stop making this bra! (And more colors, please!)
(Yet another later note) I know, I've had a lot to say about this bra. But I've bought a whole bunch of them and will probably buy more, just in case they ever stop making them. It's that good. Because the outside seam that holds the wire looks so supportive, and because I much prefer a bra without underwire, I kept wondering what would happen if I simply removed the wire. So I tried it. Works for me - now it's perfect! I just made a small slit in the underside of the seam at the underarm and forced the wire out, then sewing up the hole. I would say that if you're bigger than I am, you'd probably need the wire. But if you're not and find the wire annoying, give it a try.
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on January 27, 2013
I have been looking for a sporty bra that I can wear both with exercise and daily without the bulky pads or uni-boob or "spillage" of the girls. I normally wear at size 36 full B or small C so I went up a size and got 38C which fits me perfectly. I too wish that the shoulders could adjust a little bit better but it still doesn't feel like too big that it will fall off my shoulders (which I cannot stand with most bras). The underwire on the outside is just genius. I wish though that they came in an option for racerback as sometimes I wear tanks that I dont want the straps to show up. Beggars can't be choosers I suppose. These are perfect. It does not give me a un-boob at all. It also keeps the sides firm thanks to the underwire. I also love it that it keeps my shape natural as it has zero padding.

I bought 2 but I noticed I stopped wearing all of my other bras (sports and regular) so I bought 2 more. I think my bra searching days are finally OVER! Thanks goodness because these are perfect for what I need.
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on April 23, 2014
This is a great everyday, around the house bra. I own 3 of them in a 34D. Extremely comfortable! So comfortable I even wear it to bed most nights. I am a mom to two young boys, this bra offers enough support for moderate running, gardening, chasing the kids around, etc. This bra runs true to size, but will gradually stretch out in the band over time. I start out on the loosest hook setting and then after months of wearing it I end up on the tightest hook setting. I think this is true of most bra's though, the elastic only last so long!

-There are three hooks and three hook settings.
-The straps are NOT adjustable
-NOT padded or lined so it will not conceal things on those um...chilly occasions.
-This bra will NOT offer full coverage no-bounce support
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on April 23, 2015
Soft and comfortable. Fit of the cup size is good, but the 36C I ordered is too tight around the band for me. I have to use a bra extender to give me an extra inch around my rib cage. I guess I am wider across the back than other ladies. No exposed elastic against my skin, which is great, as I am sensitive to latex. This bra does not give me a latex rash as all the elastic is covered. The gray is a nice colour. I machine wash in warm water in a mesh bag and hang to dry to extend the life of the bra. The shoulder straps are not adjustable, but they are nice and wide and very comfortable. Made of 56% cotton, 37% polyester, 7% spandex. I wear it all the time (not just at the gym) as it gives a nice shape, not flattening your chest like other sports bras.
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on December 6, 2015
This was my favorite sports bra until I found my actual bra size (30G-32FF) which is not available in this bra. I liked this bra because it has underwires unlike many basic stretchy sports bras. I disliked the bra because the straps are not adjustable, and the cups are not molded or padded at all so your "headlights" might be visible in certain settings. Didn't do much for bouncing, but then again, I was wearing the wrong size when I purchased this in 34DD. Now that I know my correct size, my favorite sports bra is Panache Women's Underwired Sports Bra because it actually supports big boobs, and it comes it fun colors.
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on November 10, 2013
This is the one thing I hate. You buy bra after bra... wanting TWO things, support and your boobs NOT squeezed together. This product gives you both these desires. There is two things to consider. One, they are smaller than expected in the cup size, the width is on target. The other issue is that they are not adjustable on the straps. I think if I had purchased the right size, this wouldn't matter, because it doesn't matter that much now, however, if there were strap adjustments, I would loosen them... but again, I think that is because I got a size too small. I would go with one full cup size larger than you think you are.

But, I still use the one all the time. I haven't opened the other, as I purchased two. I will be selling the other, so I can purchase one that is a cup size larger.

I will definitely purchase this Sport Action Bra again. It is VERY comfortable, even at the smaller size. I would give it a five star, just because it does the two things I want, plus you can wear it ALL day long and never have to adjust it. I only gave it a four because I do think they are sizing them too small.
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on February 27, 2012
Lily of France really has something here that is excellent for the older, active woman. It's listed as a sports bra, but I wear them for every occasion. I accidentally discovered them when buying regular bras. They have spoiled me and now, the woman who hated wearing bras, has no problems with them. Perfecto!!
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on July 18, 2014
It was time to find a new sports bra and I bought 4 different types from Amazon. This one is my favorite. It's super comfortable and fits just right. It's very supportive, but I can also wear a regular tank top without it showing too much, unlike some other bras that come up too far in the front. the little bit that does show just looks like another tank. I like that it doesn't have an industrial-strength look to it. The fact that the wire is on the outside may look a little weird, but it isn't that noticeable, and this feature really enhances the comfort. I primarily use this for yoga. I was having trouble with inversions and my breasts falling out of the top of sports bras. I don't have this problem with this bra. I now also wear this bra often as an everyday bra because I like the shaping it gives. Overall, if you're a busty lady like me, I'd highly recommend this bra.
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on November 18, 2013
What I wanted in a sports bra was simple: my boobs supported, separated (sweat river in-between is ew), and comfortable. This bra did perform that. I just didn't want anyone to necessarily see me in it... The fabric of the cups sort of molded my C cup breasts into an odd and unattractive 1950s cone style. I have to say I didn't like that and will never wear it again. I am 32 years old and have children so I'm not an unblemished teen, but neither am I a severely sagging granny. Maybe this bra would work for a person who possesses breasts of silicone or simply perfect natural breasts (or maybe someone likes that sort of shape for a retro style?). Or maybe it would attempt to mash even those icons. But I would not recommend this product to the female population in general.
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on May 11, 2014
I'm a nurse that works 12 hour shifts. My back was killing me after 8 hours of work. I was worried about buying bras online but gave it a shot since this was the best price I could find anywhere I looked. The bra came in the mail so I wore it to work that night and took an extra bra just in case I couldn't stand it after awhile. Those 12 hours flew by and I had zero back pain and never even thought about the bra once, that's how comfortable it is and I'm a DD. It's a little snug going around but it doesn't feel like you're being cut in half. It fits kind of like a push up bra, but that's where the girls are supposed to be... up! I'm reading a lot of reviews about the straps not being adjustable.. it's a sports bra. If you want straps to be adjustable don't get a sports bra.

The only thing I have to complain about is the fact that now I'm going to have to buy more!
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