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on March 20, 2014
New review uodated 1/30/15
I've shot a couple dozen video jobs using these lights, and they're still working perfectly. They pack very well into a case along with their bulbs, and I've had zero issues with bulbs not turning on.

Original review below here

First off, to have four lights in a stand-compatible package WITH a degree of control (half on/all on) for less than $20 is amazing. If these break after the first job I use them on, they'll have paid for themselves and brand-name quality new ones.

Out of the box, both of mine only had 3 of the 4 lights working. A little jiggle and extra tightening turned on the 4th, but that makes me a little concerned as to how well constructed it is inside.

I'm not expecting to film award winning movies with these, but I can get 400 watts equivalent of CFL bulbs in a pretty tight spot if necessary, and if they last more than 6 months, I won't cry when I disassemble them to see if i can fix it.
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This photo lighting base works out of the box as advertised. A few things of note. The base screw is so long that I needed to unscrew a substantial amount out before I can mount the base on a normal light stand stud. It was very surprising to find out that the incline control was ratcheted (a good thing) to prevent from movements. There is also a screw that tightens the incline control to ensure there are no accidental movements from the base. After un-boxing, I had to muscle the incline control, and was surprised by the "clicking" gears. The dual switches located in the back was a bit confusing. The left switch serves as on/off control for the top two sockets while the right switch controls the bottom two sockets. The labels indicate control either left or right. These switches are great in controlling light ratios. There is also a fuse guard as well as an extra fuse shipped with the base. This is definitely a nice thing just in-case there is some power surge. BTW: One socket did not work initially. I moved the bulbs around thinking it could be a bad bulb but after one swap, the socket started working. Not sure what that was about but I can only assume the base of the bulb needed to be tightened into the socket or perhaps, because it was new, the socket was not making proper contact. I wish the attached cord was longer. The plug is two prong and not grounded. The base material and construction seems solid. The plastic is matte black with guide holes for a softbank which I don't have. The hole for the umbrella is center aligned and uses a tension metal to hold the umbrella shaft in place. I'm not sure how durable is that because my rule is, "if it's not screwed down, it might blow away." Despite the few things mentioned here, it is what I wanted and nothing compares without spending a lot of money. If it breaks, I'll buy another one. Actually, I might buy another one anyway because of it's affordability and actual functionality.
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on February 7, 2017
I wasn't sure about this prior to purchasing so I managed my expectations. However, after using it for a couple of weeks I'm pleased to report that it's a super fixture. It's sturdy, the porcelain is high quality, there's NO rattle with this thing, the cord is nice and long with a sturdy/heavy duty AC connector, and the dual switch is a super useful feature (high quality switches too). I didn't think much of the two-pairs/dual switches when I bought it but I used this feature constantly - it opens up tons of lighting options that I wouldn't otherwise have.
The mounting hardware isn't the best - it's strong enough but time will tell how well it withstands a lot of removal/re-mounting/tightening/etc. so you may want to consider using light stand (using the center hole/clamp part. I'm not sure what it's called). There's nothing particularly wrong with the mounting clamps, but they are plastic and not meant to support a lot of weight. If you plan to use all four sockets, and have heavy bulbs (for example, large CFLs with the transformer at the base) you'll want to figure out some soft of safety net in case the clamps fail - you could simply tie a piece of wire or paracord to the center clamp and secure it to something in case the plastic clamp fails, it won't send 4 big bulbs crashing to the floor.
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on January 25, 2017
For the price it is excellent even though I had repair a broken wire (manufacturing defect) in one of two I purchased - because I repaired it of course.
The reason is there are a lot of parts in this: the housing, 4 bulb sockets prewired with small wires, fuse, adjustable holder, and a perfectly place umbrella hole in the center: and the design. I had 7 sockets out of 8 initially working. I removed all of the back screws that hold the two halves together, and the two screws in the socket that holds that socket on: what I saw is it looks like one of the wires got caught in the umbrella holder and sheered off. There was enough wire still left in it to strip-make a new end to screw into the socket after removing the old piece, reassemble, all quicker than sending it back and ordering another one.
I also noticed it took a cheap but good shaft umbrella fitted with a cheap solid shaft to loosen the spring in the hole for even cheaper hollow-shaft core umbrellas to work as well: At least since I had one, I was afraid to risk damage to the cheap hollow core, since the shafts are so cheap in comparison to real metal. By cheap but solid core, it was a 22.50 Godox Octagon Softbox umbrella: cheap materials but good shaft.
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on March 17, 2017
This item waws not working, I requested a return and I only got part of my money back, They only gave me credit,of $15.76 Very disappointed!
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on February 28, 2017
The cable was not connected to the fuse and did not turn on. I had to open the backup which has more than 8 screws and the wire did not have any slack in the unit so I had to add wire to make it work. Definitely disappointed with Limo Studio.
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on November 6, 2014
This is a great value. Fast shipping. Sure it's plastic, but it's only $20. and the CFLs don't generate enough heat to melt it. I was able to get two 45watt and two 85 watt bulbs in it.(Four 85s blows the fuse) That configuration fit into the Neewer 70cm x 70 cm umbrella softbox. Pretty cool for the price.

I've been shooting professionally for 40+ years and I have a ton of high end gear. I wanted some stuff I could leave in the car, loan to students, and not worry about breaking. This fits the bill. I recommend it. I may buy more.
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on May 14, 2016
While this unit has worked fine since I got it, I always had the nagging feeling it could be just a little brighter. I have since purchased another socket from ePhoto that holds 5 bulbs, instead of just 4 and that has made a big difference. The ePhoto unit also has a handle on the back which makes it much easier to adjust the fixture in the middle of a shoot. This 4 bulb unit, you have to kind of try to grip from the sides to maneuver the light while you loosen the nut with the other hand. With the softbox attached it can be a bit unwieldy and awkward. It does have a nice convenient hole in the center for an umbrella if you so choose. I use mine with a softbox, though and it works well enough.
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Top Contributor: Photographyon December 22, 2016
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on March 19, 2017
Did not work as well as another brand I have. Not all bulb light. But each time turned on different bulbs light. I recomend finding another brand
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