Customer Reviews: Lindsey Stirling
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on September 25, 2012
Each Saturday I take a few hours out of my day and spend it in the desperate search of new music; not just any music - Something different, something fresh, an artist who is truly unique and stands out from the crowd. I've become so bored of today's mainstream music options, where artists must rely on autotune to make themselves sound good.

With Lindsey Stirling, not only do you get a talented young artist, but someone who truly knows who they are,and continues to stick to their values. Each song that she puts out there is one of a kind. From dubstep violin, to haunting melodies such as "Song of the Caged Bird" to power packed songs like "Shadows" .... and don't forget to YouTube her take on Phantom of the Opera, Lord of the Rings, and Game of Thrones. She puts her own twist on each song she does whether it be something new or a song that's been around for awhile. The energy she puts forth into each song makes it well worth the listen.

Please take time to view some of her videos on YouTube as well because with Lindsey, her music is only part of the package deal. The dance she incorporates into her videos along with the cinematography of Devin Graham, make each video a feast for the eyes and ears.

This is her first album, but it definitely won't be the last. You are seeing the beginnings of an artist who is sure to be legendary!
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on September 26, 2012
I don't usually write reviews for anything, however I just had to write one for this. I want to start by saying that I am a big Metal and Country fan so Lindsey's kind of music is not what I typically listen to. However I am a musician and her skill is just amazing. Besides that her performances are so energetic and riveting. I bought all of her singles off of ITunes, I bought the album of ITunes when it came out and when I went to see her play in DC I bought the physical copy as well. Even if you don't think this kind of music is for you, trust me, give it a try. You won't be disappointed.
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on May 15, 2013
I like Lindsey Stirling's stuff. It's bouncy, fun, quirky, sometimes inspired. I like her music videos and general presentation. I mean, how do you not love someone who writes a piece, shops for set materials, designs the sets, dances as she plays, edits her own video, and produces a music video like Elements - in five days? She's inventive, talented in multiple ways, and easy on the eyes. She does feel good music at its finest.

So why not a 5? The album mix. I went for the CD instead of the mp3s because I wanted to hear musical detail. That was a mistake. I know she's an independent musician with her own label, and yay for that, but apparently that means she had to settle for second class engineering.

In some songs the violin is mixed "to the back", behind the wall of electronica that's supposed to be the support and background of the song. It feels like she's playing from crouched behind the drumset instead of out in front; her violin should sound rich and it comes across as thin and vague, sometimes muddy. It's annoying. The electronic instruments are simply harsh at points. (Yes, I know it's deliberate, but it's overdone.) Imaging is messed up; they didn't even try. (And with a performer like Ms Stirling, they could have had her dancing all over the soundstage!) Luckily it's not a problem on every song - Elements, possibly my favorite, was decently done.

Is this going to bother you on an mp3 player? Not much. Mix problems aren't a big deal on car stereo speakers or earbuds. Most people will never be in a position to notice the uneven recording quality. But if you're spending the extra 50% for the CD, it's because you're trying to avoid the losses of mp3 compression and have a decent stereo. On a high end stereo you'll find the overall effect tiring, and that's the LAST thing you want from this music.

I don't regret buying. I like the music. It just deserves better treatment.
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on September 25, 2012
Who is Lindsey Stirling and why should I buy this album? you might ask. She's a young solo artists who combines her love of dance & music into a fantastic display of what it means to love life and live it to the fullest.
Check her out on Youtube: "Spontaneous Me", "Elements", "Skyrim" (with Peter Hollens - check out his video "The Prayer" he did with his wife), and you'll be hooked. Her videos are Filmed by Devin Graham ("Devinsupertramp" in Youtube) whose masterful cinematography captures every move in stunning HD. These three young artists use modern recording tools and Youtube and sites like Amazon & iTunes which allows artists like these three to remain fully independent and yet produce top quality, professional grade work.

Lindsey is full of life, and is very dynamic. Her work is not recycled. She sticks to her scruples and does not compromise and it's refreshing to see that in a world where young artists are pressured early on to do and be just what their producers & record companies want them to be.

When listening to her music, you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wanna dance!
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on September 27, 2012
I am not a fan of techno music in general, but I am a fan of talented musicians making something unique. This album is a perfect blend of classical violin and pop-techno (with just a hint of dubstep occasionally) that ends up being something completely different than the genres it was created with. Easily in my top 5 favorite albums of all time.
I could continue to ramble on about how great this album is, but instead I will suggest you check out Lindsey's videos on youtube. If you like any of those, you will love this whole album.
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on September 29, 2012
I had the honor of attending Lindsey's first show on her first tour last weekend, but I was already a fan before that. Her YouTube Zelda Medley was my first introduction to this incredible artist, and everything I have heard or seen from her since then has only increased my appreciation of her talents. She combines violin with high-powered synth and drum beats to create a very unique style. I bought this CD at her show, and have listened to it every day since. Track 5 (Moon Trance) is amazing. Most often, I find 3 or even 4 songs on a given CD that I like. In my opinion, every track on this CD is a hit.
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on January 27, 2014
I think Ms. Stirling is very talented, and exceptionally so in the videos of her various works which I have enjoyed greatly. However, I believe that a incorporating a bit more diversity into her album choices would be beneficial. Dubstep is an interesting genre, but, at least for the uninitiated, becomes repetitious very quickly, and seems to melt together into one amorphous song.

It will be interesting to watch Lindseys development in the future. She is certainly extremely talented and a great entertainer. I just don't feel that this particular selection of works presents her in the most favorable light.
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on October 10, 2012
My wife and I bought this CD at Lindsey Stirling's wonderful live concert in Washington DC in September, and it was definitely a worthwhile investment. Lindsey is a brilliant violinist who can evoke the full spectrum of emotions with her playing. Unlike more traditional classical violin music in an orchestra setting or country fiddling, though, she has written and arranged the violin parts to be played atop a wide range of modern electronic tracks, with results that make you want to listen to them over and over.

Some of her more recent works, including "Elements" and "Crystallize," have explored the dubstep genre. If you don't like dubstep, you'll probably still like Lindsey's dubstep violin; she has skillfully kept her instrument's voice dominant, and used the mix of electronic voices as a scaffold upon which to play. For all the dubstep I've listened to, Lindsey's songs are in a class by themselves. She's not only a very capable musician; her arrangements and mixes are very artistic and fun to hear.

Lindsey is a gifted young artist who is both inspired and inspiring. If you get the chance to see her perform live, go and enjoy; it's well worth the time and expense. Also check out her videos at LindseyStomp on YouTube. They're fun to watch, her dancing is joyous and spirited, and she does most if not all of her own video editing. You can't be watching videos while driving or at work, though, so get the CD - the music stands on its own without the visuals. It's well worth it.
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on June 6, 2013
I'm a young guy with a taste for electronic music. My mom is not. I was listening to LS one day and thought this could actually bridge the gap between music I would listen to and music my mom would listen to. I got it for her as a gift and she loves it. I don't think she would appreciate me driving her around while listening to Feed Me or Skrillex or Rusko or Knife Party or Porter Robinson or Nero in the car now, but you get the point.

Likewise, to parents: this is good music that is well-composed, cool and has no swear words. Consider it for any children who like electronic music or play the violin.
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on October 2, 2013
If I had never heard this young lady's music before on both Pandora and YouTube, I would have guessed just by the cover that she was a somewhat uptight concert violinist, and I would be buying a dull series of violin favorites to cure my insomnia.


I can't just listen to one song at a time. I keep playing the whole album in my headphones while I'm walking down the street with a stupid grin on my face. When will there be another album?
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