Customer Reviews: Cisco Linksys RE1000 Wireless-N WiFi Range Extender (Certified Refurbished)
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on June 7, 2012
I telecommute and require exceptionally strong signal when working from home. I use several Wi-fi enabled devices for my day to day operations. Unfortunately, in my dedicated office space, I receive poor Wi-fi reception from a D-Link DIR825 router setup two stores above. I can generally pull in no more than 2 bars and my speed is about 25% of what a wireless or even hard wired device would receive on a higher floor. In an effort to rectify this problem, I invested in the Linksys (Cisco) RE-1000.

I am extremely satisfied with my purchase! Setup was simple; just pop in the CD into a wi-fi enabled computer, plug the RE-1000 into an electrical outlet close to the router and you should be ready to go in no time. The automated setup prompts you to enter the login credentials for your wireless network and it then configures the RE-1000 to work well with your settings. When that has completed, you are free to move the RE-1000 to a location that will serve your needs. (I chose a location where I had about halfway decent signal and speeds.) Then, I went to the home office which was previously essentially a dead zone for Wi-fi and was pleasantly surprised to see that I had a full strength connection and was receiving about 90% of the speed my ISP advertised!

Connection seems to be stable. I haven't had the connection drop. I tried unplugging the Range Extender and then plugged it back in. The settings that were programmed in stayed and the connection resumed in less than a minute. Once I logged into the web portal for the Range Extender, I realized that the firmware that was installed was outdated. Updates can be found on the manufacturer's site. Also, if you aren't using any gaming devices or require any fancy QoS settings, disable the feature on the Range Extender and perhaps your router. You should notice a minimal, yet welcome speed boost.

For a larger home, or even a smaller home with a lot of wi-fi obstacles or a small office, the Cisco RE-1000 is an ideal solution for boosting your wireless range and even speeds.
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Or at least that was my experience.

Our Linksys E3200 High-Performance Simultaneous Dual-Band Wireless-N Router sits in a basement corner and covers most of the house but its signal is simply not strong enough at the exact opposite end of the house on the second floor (master bedroom) where I get 1-2 bars on my laptop on a good day and, from time to time, nothing at all. With the Range Extender (it's a wireless repeater) plugged into a wall outlet on the first floor I am now getting 4-5 bars consistently and about 65Mbps. Problem solved.

I am happy with my purchase because the RE1000 finally solves a problem and it's one thing I will not have to worry about and because it's one of the easiest to set up 'networking' gadgets I know of. So, these are the facts and my experience.


* The RE1000 Range Extender itself
* CD that has the setup utility and the manual
* AC cord, just in case you don't want to plug it directly into the wall outlet
* AC power connector cover
* A short Ethernet cable that may be needed for setup


* A wireless b/g/n router, obviously
* PC or Mac with Wi-Fi and a CD drive to run the setup
* Some Web browser to run the more sophisticated setup and administration activities


It's as easy as running the Setup program. After a minute or so you are asked to plug the device into a power outlet somewhere near the router for it to be 'discovered'. That's done quickly and the RE1000 is ready to use by plugging it directly into a wall outlet or you can use the supplied cord.

More sophisticated admin tasks can be performed through a browser. You will need to know RE1000's IP address for that to work. Through your favorite Web browser, you can associate your device with a specific access point or router and determine signal strength at various locations to determine your extender's optimal placement.

There are more options but none was needed with our CISCO router and it should be the case with most b/g/n routers.


I wish that all 'electronics' were this easy and efficient. Once the 5-minute setup is done you can plug this anywhere in the house (within your router's range) and it will just work. We happened to have a stormy day yesterday and we lost power several times - not an uncommon occurrence - and every time the RE1000 reconnected itself to the router once the power came back and did its magic without requiring any human intervention. This is near-zero maintenance device that addresses the source of major frustrations.

This is a five-stars without hesitation.


Update July 3, 2013

One star goes off for the horrible customer service. After spending over an hour, being moved back and forth from 'customer support' to 'tech support' and back, Cisco decided they would NOT sell me a replacement power adapter (original had been destroyed in an electrical storm) because my unit was out of warranty. This is NOT the way to keep your customers happy or keep your customers at all. Apparently, Cisco believes that, at least when it comes to 'home' products, their customers are on their own once the warranty expires.

Way to go Cisco but, wherever you're going, I'm no longer with you.

>> Brush your teeth, it's the law! <<
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on January 16, 2013
I work from home and have our Linksys EA3500 router set up near my desk in our study. Our kids Xbox and Apple TV is set up on the second floor on the opposite side of the house. We don't have a large abode by any means, so I was annoyed initially that my router wasn't powerful enough to get a strong signal up to the media room. This resulted in intermittent streaming of audio and video over the Apple TV.

My options were to:

A) live with it and the crying from our 3 year old as "My Little Pony" stopped in the middle of the show for the 100th time
B) run Cat5 cables from my router through the walls and up to the media room or
C) find an extender and deal with the invariable headaches that come from configuring and maintaining a router.

After reading a few reviews about the ease of setup, I bought the RE1000 refurbished with every intention of bailing if it was too complicated or unreliable. Setup was a breeze (sub 5 minutes) and performance has been incredible. I actually fist-pumped when I plugged in the extender in the media room and saw the speed test results from my iPhone. The Apple TV now performs fantastic and as a bonus, our Blu Ray player is not connected to our network thanks to the RE1000s built in ethernet connection.

Now that "My Little Pony" races along, our eardrums are saved and I owe Cisco a debt of gratitude for not thinking about wireless strength once since installing it 2 months ago.
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on May 25, 2012
My router is down in the basement and my wife complained about the wireless reception upstairs - particularly across the other side of the house. I bought the range extender and after a firmware update and a bit of experimentation on location (which is easy as you just find an open standard power outlet) got a good wireless signal throughout the house. If I run a speedtest however I do notice it does transfer and receive data at a much slower rate than we get downstairs. Doesn't seem to be a problem though as we are not needing that fast a speed - more of an observation. Seems to do it's job OK.
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on June 21, 2012
After purchasing a Cisco-Linksys E4200 Dual-Band Wireless-N Router for my home, I found it did not have a strong signal throughout my condo due to the metal stud construction. I could never get a strong and steady signal to my Roku or blu-ray player... thus, HD quality to my tv was impossible. I purchased a Linksys Factory Refurbished RE1000 Wireless-N Range Extender hoping to strengthen and stabilize that poor signal. It took a few minutes to install the unit (extremely easy)... the wireless signal strength throughout the 2,000 sf condo is EXCELLENT! I now get HD quality on my tv, as well as strong and steady wireless to my laptop, smartphone, printer, Roku and blu-ray player!
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on July 30, 2013
I bought 2 RE1000's. They have a big problem, someone else mentioned also. They slow your internet speed. Linksys admits they will slow by 50%, i.e. half speed. If you use a second one they say it will slow another 50%. However, my experience was worse. I normally got 15-20 Mbps on my computer from the router. With the RE1000 connected I got .5-1.5. A 10 to 20 times slowdown. Intolerable. It was easy to check this. Unplug the RE1000 and I get 15-20Mbps. Plug it in and I get .5-1.5Mbps. I spent quite a while with Linksys tech support trying to fix this with no success.

I would like for people to know how Linksys tech support works. It is quite a scam. There is a legit part too, but you need to know how it works. I had a problem with my Linksys router so I'll explain how it worked with that. The experience was the same with the RE1000.

I was having problems setting up my new HP printer for wi-fi. HP thought the router might be blocking the required ports. I called Linksys to find out how to check. This is the way Linksys works:
If the product is under warranty, they are supposed to help you. However, they offer to "help you better" by using remote access. For this they charge $10 (not bad). If it is out of warranty, i.e. more than 90 days like mine, they offer to charge you $40. They don't offer access to any manuals and suggest that only their skilled technician can help. Then they offer to sell you a new router, which they explain is much better than the one you have now and will solve all your problems. They offered me routers from $220 to about $100 and they point out that these come with the warranty tech support. This is tempting because it isn't much more than the cost of the technical assistance to make your current router work, which you now know is "inferior", and it includes more "free" support. I bought a couple of new devices from Linksys due to this come on. Incidentally, when you hesitate they generally offer a "special discount". If you hesitate more they say this is a "limited time" offer. However, I've discovered that this "limited time" offer has been standard for quite a long time now.
On this occasion I decided to try to solve the problem myself, hence my question on the forum. But in the meantime HP got back to me (extremely good support) and with some experimentation we got the printer working. I didn't need a new router or even help setting up this one. Something I couldn't have guessed from what Linksys support told me. I saved $100-$220.
Some used car salesman has figured out how to turn Linksys "free support" into a profit center. It might not be so bad if they were a bit more upfront about the whole angle they are using but as it is it's a tricky sales scheme.
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on July 1, 2013
I did a firmware upgrade on it (as I've seen recommended). I also setup a static DHCP lease on my router to this unit and set it up for static IP instead of DHCP (as I've also seen recommended).

Works great for extending the signal - I get maybe ~50% signal all the way in the garage (where I didn't get anything before - maybe ~200ft from the unit). The problem is, even if I'm sitting within 5 feet of this unit the wireless speeds are just terrible.

I bought this unit so I could get wifi signal on the patio outside (it's generally OK in the rest of the house with just the router). I usually get 8-12Mbps on my normal wifi (without the extender).

With this unit I've gotten up to 8Mbps but it's very inconsistent (bounces around) usually sticks to 500kbps!-5mbps. The problem is the unit is in a pretty strong signal area of the actual router so I don't get it.

I'm buying a different router anyway, I'll update my review when it's all setup to see if this unit behaves better with it.
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on December 28, 2012
It arrived quickly and in a manufacturer's refurb box. Install and setup took about 5 minutes. The CD worked flawlessly and guided me through each step. You basically pop the CD in, plug in the extender to a wall outlet, and then follow the on-screen instructions. I now have complete coverage throughout my house (three stories, 2500 square feet)
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on September 11, 2012
I have a long single-level ranch home and my router is positioned at the west end of the house. At the far east end of the house I was still getting a signal, but it was very degraded. For anyone who needs to boost their WiFi signal this refurbished product is the way to go. As many reviews have stated, it was extremely easy to set up (it even checked my Extender placement and had me move it to a better location) and it works very well to boost my WiFi signal.

I even moved the Extender a second time once I found a more suitable place to plug it in and the system had absolutely no problem finding and connecting to it again. I highly recommend this product. It's easy and it works.
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on October 19, 2012
I have a linksys wireless router in my home office and a TV with a wireless DVD in another room. Before installing the RE1000 I could not connect wirelessly to Netflix or any other internet service good enough to watch anything. After connecting the RE1000 my wireless connection improved greatly but still not good enough. So I connected the RE1000 with a wired connection directly to the DVD player and changed the setting from wireless to wired and now the connection is excellent with no buffering.
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