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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
Lion (2CD Limited Edition)
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:$12.04+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on September 22, 2014
I was a fan of Bauhaus back in the day--and still am (Go Away White is the BEST reunion record I have ever heard). And I've naturally extended that excitement to Murphy's solo career as well. Every one of his solo records, (with the exception of the unfortunate "Unshattered", which I thought was embarrassingly tepid), I have enjoyed every release. This one is no exception, and finds Murphy rocking hard and showing no signs of aging. He has a lot to say, a terrific delivery and style, and obviously his voice is truly unique. As a bonus, you get a second disc with a live set from Bauhaus. This second disc is mostly material you'll already have if you're a fan, but these live versions are fun to listen to. Bottom line: in a world where it sometimes feels like everyone wants to sound like Steve Perry, a voice like Murphy's is a true breath of fresh air. There are plenty of technically gifted singers in the world, but few are truly unique. Peter Murphy is in that exclusive club.
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on July 2, 2014
There are a few throw away songs on here, specifically "I'm on your side," which Peter could have likely pulled off brilliantly 20 years ago, but is almost painful to hear now and really accentuates how much his voice has changed. Despite the noticeable change, Peter sounds better on this record than he did on the previous two. I would credit much of that to better song writing and significantly improved engineering by Youth. In fact, I really cannot overstate how much you can feel the improved recording and arrangement quality over Ninth and Shattered. As a life long Peter Murphy fan the album is an achievement and a great step forward, but it feels more like a step back to where he should have been 6 years ago, not real progress and that's a shame, because there cannot be too many good records left in him. In classic Peter Murphy style, most songs are relatively inaccessible by the general public that would be confused by Murphy's songwriting lyrics and style, but that is what draws me to him. It's not the place to start your PM collection, that is for Deep and Cascade, but a quality addition overall.
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on December 10, 2014
Wow.... this is tough. This isn't what I was expecting from Peter Murphy. It's raw, "modern" and powerful in ways that are completely different (at least to me) than any of his other work.

And it's loud. Dynamic. Perhaps too compressed, but it could simply be LOUD. And it should be played loud. That much I've already learned.

I love Peter's solo career. Maybe not every release as much as others. I still think his first, Should The World Fail to Fall Apart, is simply sublime. Creative. Forceful, but not necessarily in your face. This release is forceful and powerful too. However, I think, in this case, it's the music which is really in your face. And that's not a bad thing. I just think it's different from all his other solo work, where his voice always felt front and center.

Perhaps this is what happens to our music gods as they age... the voice just cannot do what it did 10, 20... 30 years earlier. But this isn't to take anything away from the CD. In the tray, press play, and boom. Just a wall of sound.

I'm liking it very much. The more I play it... the more I like it. But if you're a long-time Murphy fan just know it's different.
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on June 29, 2014
I have followed Murphy,s career since the Bauhaus days. I have been fortunate to witness his performances over a dozen times. I have his albums. Some very good (Dust), some very, very pedestrian (Ninth). After Ninth, I gave up any hope that one of my favorite musical artists had anything left. Ninth was, in my opinion, was a disaster. Hopefully, just a money grab.
Now this. A wonderfully unholy alliance with Mr. Martin Glover (Youth), to produce Lion. From start to end, this is Mr. Murphy,s most solid release.
One can easily suggest that the production of Youth has everything to do with this perception.
However, I have never heard Mr. Murphy,s voice sound like this on any recording. Live? Yes. But not on record.
This is a wonderful return of an artist that I have loved, discarded, and now, welcomed back, with open and grateful ears.
Youth and Mr. Murphy make a formidable noise. I will be attending his show in Phoenix, late July. If one, like me, had written off Mr. Murphy after the abyssmal Ninth, here is a true, real, very special release.
Dismiss this at your regret.
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VINE VOICEon December 20, 2014
Wife loves this record, I find it ok. That being said, she is the boss when it comes to Peter and said to give it 5 stars. So, it gets five stars. I will say it is better then 99 percent of the stuff out there today and it is cool that you get the online version when you buy the album. She likes most of the songs and I will say there are a far amount of them that are good. We have seen him in concert twice in the past year and he did play some stuff off this and it is really good live. What I am trying to say is if you are a Peter Murphy fan you will probably like this. It has a lot of good songs and just is pretty solid all around. If you arent you might not like it so much.
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on June 7, 2014
Dark, melodic, rhythmic, romantic, heavy, deep....Peter Murphy has taken all his years as an artist and brought them together to create the biggest roar in music in quite sometime. This is some deep stuff with textures and layers I've never heard before. Thank you Peter for this beautiful work of's a masterpiece.
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VINE VOICEon June 3, 2014
"Lion" is an apt title: Murphy howls and growls and rages through the lyrics with an Iggy-like fire. This is not an album of a fading, greying elder; this is a shriek of power. Murphy's voice is actually becoming stronger with each new album ("Ninth" had its astonishing vocal moments as well), and he is capable of a snarl like a predator protecting his territory from an enemy. While recording this album, producer Youth forced Peter to compose quickly, on the fly, to capture Murphy's in-the-moment ingenuity. This was to keep the work from sounding too over-thought and brittle (and there are times when Murphy's past writings can suffer from forced sophistry--"Dragnet Drag", I'm looking at you). That doesn't mean that haste shoved intellect to the side; you still get Peter's smart, cryptic lyrics, which are often composed more for the "art" of the wording than for the clarity of expression.

There are flaws, but not many. "Lion" is assembled like a hammock, with strongest load-bearing tracks at the front and back, and with a dip in energy toward the middle. "The Rose" is, to be honest, a low-point ballad that seems bland against the stronger backdrop of other tracks. A couple of lyrics seem forced and unworthy of Murphy (the forced rhyme "In you I will confide" is cringeworthy). It bothers me that in "Eliza"--a song supporting a woman healing from a painful past--Murphy interrupts his poem for her to indulge in sheer ego ("The gift of my unlimited intelligence / I am unique / I'm a painter of the hearts I sing for..." Yes, those are the words he sings in a song meant to be his tribute to someone ELSE). A few songs have meanings still unknowable to others except for Murphy himself (what is a "Loctaine"? Why is there a "Ghost of Shokan Lake"? Google yields no clues).

Like any of Murphy's albums, you interpret it as much as you can, and just go with the rest. You let the cryptic lyrics just fly past, and enjoy the shockwave. Peter is Peter, a point he makes in his second song ("I Am My Own Name," which is his declaration, "Don't project your misguided imagery onto me.")

As a fan, I find myself listening to "Lion" and thinking, "Thank GOD Peter Murphy hasn't gone soft and slow, or dubstep, or techno, or retro!" No, this is Murphy being strong. "Lion" continues "Ninth"s trajectory, and indicates that Peter is still full of inspiration and has continued exciting work still to come.
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on August 5, 2014
Buy it for the music, not for the production.
Peter's music is rockin' but the production hurts my ears. WAY to much high end and OVER compressed. Mastering is so off the mark. Wish I could listen to the raw mixes to hear where things went wrong. BTW - I do this for a living and am listening on my studios monitors as I type.

The song writing is strong and reminisce of "Deep". He is on it and glad to hear a Goth icon not fade into the grave but fight all the way down! Keep 'em coming Peter!
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on November 15, 2017
Great 2nd live CD to go with the 1st.
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on June 6, 2014
Have been listening to him for quite some time now and can say that not "every" album is as complete as this one. Meaning, ecah track on it can be played over and over again.

I dont think I have said that about anything else of his since Cascade. Wasnt a super fan of Ninth but enjoyed many of the tracks on it.

if you find the bonus CD one is worh the extra couple of bucks. I wish I saw that first!
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