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on May 7, 2010
I had one of the earliest versions of this years ago. It worked okay, but the motor was weak and jammed easily. It was a nuisance to clean. When it broke within a year I didn't replace it, as my indoor cats had since found a way outside and quit using it.

When I recently moved and was able to bring them back indoors (yay!) I saw LitterMaid had made improvements, surely significant ones, and decided to give it another go.


* They have changed the way the rake tracks so that loose litter doesn't jam it any more.
* They've increased the number of tries the rake makes before giving up. Good in theory.
* They've made the rake easy to remove and clean.
* They've added a function where you can tell it not to run for 10 hours, so you don't have to listen to it while you sleep.
* The motor seems to be more powerful.
* It's still a larger space so fits my 16 pound cat better than a standard box.

Now the bads.
* The depth of litter is still shallow, so the cat digs around more than in. This means they frequently make a nice little mountain when they're done. The rake can't get through, even with the extra tries, and it jams.
* The shallow means that the urine clump has a lot of surface area to stick to the bottom of the box. The motor is not powerful enough to unstick it, and it jams.
* It's still noisy. I can hear it two floors up (I have an open loft). But using the sleep timer means it's often jammed in the mornings from multiple uses during the night.
* The idea of the little ramp to catch litter sounds good, but the fact is without a cover (which my cats don't like) there is a mess around the outside.
* Taking it apart so you can wash the bottom is still bulky and messy.
* You need to use fingernails to get the litter catcher out from under the flanges that seal the gap between the box and the catcher. Yuck. Otherwise, the rake can push clean, loose litter all the way up to the litter catcher, it falls through the gap and you get a pile on the floor underneath. I put a mat under there and just dump the clean litter back in. But I shouldn't have to do this.

In other words, I have to manually clean the thing once or twice a day anyway. So much for convenient.

I finally bought one of those deep boxes with the built-in sieve and trays that you alternate between, which make it very easy to clean. Tight space for my big boy, by my smaller cat finds is satisfactory and uses it, which means a little less frustration with the LitterMaid. And for about $15 at Target, a good value.

I'm sorry I paid $100 to try an "improved" version. I wish it would break so I could give up on it without feeling guilty about having spent so much money. I wish I would have returned it while I could, but I hate to return bad products to Amazon when it's not their fault, and it was large and would have been bulky and expensive to mail back.

I see that other negative reviews have popped up since I bought mine, and if I'd had those to read I would not have gotten it. When it breaks I'm going to get another sieve one and my big boy is just going to have to deal with it.

Do not spend money on this. And if someone offers you there old one for free, think multiple times before investing time in trying it. You're welcome.
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on March 10, 2010
This is my first review of the many products that I have purchased from Amazon over the years but my dis-satisfaction with this product is so extreme that I have decided to make the time.

I have used the older models and been very satisfied but this newer version is a decided set-back. I will be ordering an older version and gleefully tossing this one in the trash. It is so dysfunctional that it is not worthy to even donate to an animal shelter or pass on to some unfortunate soul that has yet to discover the benefits of a self-cleaning litter box.

I buy premium clumping kitty litter and have been careful to not exceed the fill line. Experimented with different levels of kitty litter but my efforts have not prevented the constant jamming of this model. It is too much plastic and does not handle the self-cleaning aspect as well as the older models.

The instructions leave much to be desired. As much as the model jams, you would think that the instructions would include reset instructions. I had to call the 1800# to get the reset instructions. The model should come with a reset button!

The construction is not as good as the old models. The motor sits on top of the tray versus attaching and it does not work as well. The trays do not fit as well. The rack does not get up far enough above the tray as do the older model. The waste gets behind the tray and ends up on the rug. You have to have a throw rug or some protection under this model.

Basically, the older models work better and are far more reliable. The newer model is not that much better than having a regular litter box because you end up being the "self-cleaning" aspect of this model. The hand rack is absolutely necessary with this model. I rarely had to use the hand rack on the older model.

I should have paid more attention to the feedback provided by other customers but felt so confidant in the product based on my past experience with the older models that I ignored their good advice. I now bitterly regret the purchase as it has provided nothing but annoyance to which my husband can attest.

Buy the older model!
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on August 2, 2011
Years ago, I had a Littermaid - probably just the basic model, but it worked ok. It would sometimes dump litter on the ground through a poorly engineered gap in the unit right by the waste recepticle but it was good. It eventually got messy and probably stopped working but I got a good couple of years out of it.

Fast forward to now. I have three older cats and one is very picky about the cleanliness of the litterbox(es). If they don't meet his expectations, I can guarantee that I'll find puddles in the garage on whatever surface he deems to be clean enough. So, I decide, I'm going to get a Littermaid again and I see that the LME9000 is on some kind of a sale on Amazon (certainly cheaper than Petsmart at $129). I come back a week later to see that it's now $99 (argh!).

It arrives and as I unpack it, I notice that it's waaay flimsier than the first box I had. This one is extruded plastic with all kinds of interesting curves to it. I can already see that litter is going to make its way out of this box and onto the floor. So I hook it up and fill it with some litter and it rakes ok. I notice the tines on the rake are also less substantial than the old box.

The cats take to it well, but I notice that the rake is leaving behind little bits of the clumps and after a day, the tines of the rake are caked with the (recommended) Arm & Hammer litter I'm using. It seems to have a lot less power than the old one and can barely get the clumps into the end receptable without me occasionally helping it along. I start making trips to the basement a couple of times a day to make sure it's not stuck. Well, four days after set up, the rake is now at the end, stuck by the receptacle. It won't budge - at all. The red and green lights are flashing in unison. I turn it on and off and unplug it and plug it back in. Nothing. So I call LM. Very nice and professional but I was on hold for almost 20 minutes. Now I can see why. They say there's a secret button at one end of the track and I should unplug the unit and pump this button a couple of times before plugging it back in. I do it. Nothing. But then I notice that this little yellow wire at the end of the track (which probably connected to that button) is just dangling. I call LM again and explain the situation. They ask me to deal with Amazon in getting a return or refund.

Refund, please! I'll likely be buying the Litter Robot, which gets such better reviews anyway. Ugh. So many products lately just aren't what they used to be.
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on January 28, 2009
I read the reviews about the LitterMaid Elite Mega, and bought one anyway. I too had an older, simpler LitterMaid. It annoyed me on occasion, but it functioned for four years before pooping out. This one seems on the verge of breaking any time one of my cats pees too much.

At first glance, the new LitterMaid seemed to have been designed much better than the old one. The rake is removable. There are definite flaps to stick the liner under. It has a timer if you don't want to listen to it in the middle of the night.

Unfortunately, my cats go at either extreme end of the box. That means a lot of pee gets stuck behind the rake, clumping, and it eventually will cause problems. On the other end, the rake doesn't seem to dump as well or as securely as the old model. At the very least, even this Mega is simply not long enough for my largest cat.

The rake gets stuck a lot more often, and the unit often makes alarming ratcheting noises. One of the wheels on the rake assembly has vanished, and I have only had the unit for less than two months.

The two major parts of the box, the top and the bottom, feel very flimsy to me. Especially the top. I haven't had a problem yet with them coming apart when I move it, but I can see it coming.

I don't use the timer, but maybe I should. I'm tired of listening to the machine get stuck where it shouldn't get stuck. I'm tired of listening to the metal rake scrape across plastic at the end of the ramp.

I've spent more time cleaning this one out than I did the last one, and I was not impressed by the last one. I spent more money on this model and hate it. I spend less time scooping stuff manually than I would in a regular litter box, but not by much.

Don't buy this. Maybe you're better off spending your money on one of the cheaper, unimproved models.

Oh, and maybe you shouldn't buy one at all. I have three cats, and one of them refuses to use it. I have maintained a separate, hands-on litter box for him for four years because he got scared by the old box early on. My cats are curious and undoubtedly, this one was too close with his fascination. I have talked to several other people who have had similar problems; I actually diagnosed one cat's problem with peeing outside the box as having a Litter Maid.
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on October 16, 2011
I am disabled and had owned a LitterMaid once before. It made taking care of my cats much easier. I ordered this one thinking I would get the same quality as in the past but found that the standards were much lower. The fingers for the scoop used to be solid plastic but now they are a flimsy metal that is so flexible it lets most of what you are trying to scoop pass below this. I tried a little more litter to raise it up but the motor is incapable of pushing it even though it is far from being over filled. The box itself is not secure. The old boxes had latches to hold it together this one just sits on itself. This comes to be a problem with the lid when it tries to close. If the box has shifted even an eighth of an inch the lid hangs open releasing all the pleasant smelling oder into the air. The trays are harder to insert where they work. Many time they are lifted up and the poop and junk go behind it to the floor. LitterMaid needs to hire new R& D people. They have taken a good product and made it more difficult to use and less effective for more money. Once again the disabled get taken in with the shisters!!!
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on July 21, 2009
Too many previous reviews seem to have been written by people who expected automated "perfection" out of these litter boxes. I have owned four different models over about a six year period (we have six cats and run three boxes at a time), all from LitterMaid. Out of those, the Elite Mega is the superior model, hands down.

It is the only model which has not EVER broken down, and it has only gotten "stuck" once in the last year. Then again, WE ACTUALLY FOLLOW THE WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS, RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING. You need to keep the box at the proper fill level; you need to spray the slides with lubricant occasionally (we use silicone spray); and you need to dump the box AND ACTUALLY SCRUB IT DOWN every once in awhile (each year in our case). If you do those things, as per instructed in the manual, you should have relatively few problems with these boxes. It is also the largest box we've been able to find, and it handles our extra-large 24-pounder, who's "output" is more like a bull than a cat, no problem at all.

We are totally satisfied with the Elite Mega, and the reason I'm here writing this is because we just ordered another from Amazon (growing family...). This time, it cost $89+, which for this box is an absolute steal; last time we paid about $125.

A general note about all of these types of boxes: the wheels that guide the blade up and down via the "cams" molded into the sides of the box, can easily break off. If there is a weakness in this design, those wheels are it. But note that they usually break off in one piece, taking a chunk of the blade frame with them. You can "superglue" that piece back onto the blade and it will continue working just fine, since those wheels usually don't face significant pressure. I have found that the main reason those wheels break off is that the interior pan is not seated correctly within the frame, causing the wheels to be misaligned with the cams they are designed to strike. In these instances, if they didn't break off, it would probably burn out the motor or otherwise destroy the box, so it's actually better that they break, than not. So far I've had three wheels total break off on all the boxes combined. One of those blades has since been retired, but the other two are still functioning without issue after years of additional service. Just an FYI for you.

Hope this helps some of you make an informed and rational decision.
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on September 21, 2009
I have owned Littermaid litter boxes for quite sometime. The first one was the cheapest and lasted for a really long time and I really liked it. But, each litter box that I got after that seemed to last less and less. (I still stuck with the original cheap one though)
Then, I began to think. If it had a steel grate instead of a plastic one..maybe nothing would get stuck in the grate!! What a genius idea!
So, I get this litter box despite all the warnings. For some reason out of all of these reviewers, I think that I will get the "magical litter box" that works beautifully and does everything that it says it does.
Augh! How wrong could I be?

Pros: My Huge 20 pound cat can "almost" fit in it and my 15 pound cat can actually turn around in it so, it is larger. I like the fact that an air freshner comes on. (although, I'm not 100% positive that it helps, I am going to allow myself the fantasy that it does)

Cons: The rake gets stuck multiple times every single day. Morning, noon, and night and you have to go unclog it. I will not be gross and tell you what gets stuck in the grate. Several times a day, you have to take a pooper scooper (I had to buy a metal one) and scrape the bottom of it because the rake once again does not do it's job! It just barely skims the surface of the bottom of the box when it does happen to make it through to the other side.
I will say this..another reviewer said to keep the litter filled to the "fill mark". This becomes imperative! Otherwise, you might as well pull up a chair, a Tv, and a mini refrigerator so you can sit next to the box while it repetitively gets stuck.
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on January 17, 2013
I have five cats at home, so needless to say, our catboxes are always full and in demand. After conducting a lot of research about electronic catboxes, I settled on the LitterMaid LME9000 (I needed a big one, because my cats are huge). It was a fantastic choice. After trying out the box, my cats will not go in their other boxes. For some reason, they just love the electronic box, probably because it keeps the litter clean at all times. I swear, this litterbox is constantly self-scooping because my cats are constantly going to the bathroom in it. I'm thinking about buying a second one, because the first one can hardly keep up with all the activity!
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on April 30, 2010
I bought this new model of the littermaid when my previous one finally died. Although the older model was not perfect, it was well worth the money to decrease the amount of time spent on litter duty. This "updated" version is completely useless! When I unpacked it, I was happy to see that the rake was now metal. I figured this would give it a bit more power. HA HA HA! What it actually did is just break up all the clumps and roll around the poo. In three days, it only actually scooped one clump successfully - the rest was done by me. It is also A LOT larger than the older model, and my utility room is quite small, so that became a problem as well. After three days, I packed the thing back up and returned it. As always, Amazon was fabulous and issued a refund with no hassles. I now have the smart scoop litter box. Only had it 2 days, but so far... working beautifully! I also appreciate the lined waste receptacle, so dumping is not as disgusting. And to beat all... it was about 20 bucks cheaper. Skip this one, and go for the smart scoop!
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on October 27, 2011
We hoped that this automated litter box would help us keep the box clear to keep our new dog from eating from the box (I know, YUCK!!). Well, it does its electronic thing every ten minutes or so, but it takes more time to maintain than a regular litter box. If the point of this is to help people who can't bear to look at or touch cat pee or poop, forget about it. The receptacles are flimsy and easily collapse, and the tines of the rake get clogged up every single day (or more). It would have been much easier to save the more than $150 we paid for this and just take the time to clean our regular litter boxes. I am deeply disappointed. By the way, we use the highest quality litter - Arm and Hammer clumping multi-cat litter, which clumps just fine in the regular box, but gets all clogged up in the Littermaid. The concept of this contraption is brilliant, but it doesn't deliver what it promises. Too bad.
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