Customer Reviews: PS3 Little Big Planet 2 Special Edition
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4.7 out of 5 stars
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on December 3, 2011
I have never written a review on Amazon before. So here it goes:

I bought LBP2 (LittleBigPlanet 2) when it first came out, on January 18, 2011. It was a huge improvement from LittleBigPlanet! It was simply spectacular, and there is no game that I have ever loved this much before (Except maybe LBP1).

Here are the different elements I want to talk about:

Gameplay: Gameplay is absolutely fantastic, it is fun, and original. If you enjoyed lbp1, you will LOVE lbp2. It is mainly platforming, there are a few added bonuses such as a sidescroller level in the Avalonia section.In addition to the main story levels, there are a lot of Mini-Games that are definitly worth checking out. There are some wonderful bosses that are quite fun to beat.

Challenge: Some levels are challenging, but there are a few that are super difficult to Ace(Complete without dying).

Story: The story is not super original, but it is fun none the less. You are out to destroy a giant vaccume that is destroying all things good and replacing them with evil, and dark creatures/objects. The characters in the story are fun, but in my opinion, are not as original as LBP1's character curators.

Create:In LBP1, there were many restrictions to building an amazing level. BUT in LBP2 almost all of those restrictions have disolved. The same create mode as lbp1, but with revamped tools. You still have all the tools you did in lbp1 but you gain some new amazing ones. In the special edition you get all of the move pack tools including the Paint Tool (MOVE REQUIRED), The Movinator, the motion recorder (MOVE REQUIRED)
Now here are the tools that came with the base game: The Controllinator (Also called DCS), Sackbots,Anti Gravity switch, advanced mover, Microchips (to store all of your logic) and much, much more.

Overall, this game is a lot of fun, and I recently got the special edition, and that comes with:

*PlayStation Move support: Now you can choose to play LittleBigPlanet 2 with all new Move controls and enjoy the over 6,000 Move games created by fans like you FOR FREE! Endless Fun!

*LittleBigPlanet 2 Move Pack: Rise of the Cakeling
- A brand new story featuring 14 levels
- Create your own PlayStation Move games
- Hundreds of new assets to create with
- A new Powerup for Sackboy - The Brain Crane
- 11 brand new PlayStation Trophies

*Disney/Pixar's Toy Story Level Pack
- 5 new levels + 2 mini-levels, Alien costume and more goodies

*Disney/Pixar's Toy Story Costume Pack
- Buzz Lightyear, SlinkyDog, Hamm, and Rex costumes

*Even More Animals Costume Pack
- Crocodile, Mandril, Vulture, Cobra costumes

*Cats Costume Pack
- Siamese, Persian, Marmalade, Sphynx costumes

*Dogs Costume Pack
- Bulldog, Dalmatian, Poodle, St. Bernard costumes

So, if you want over $35 of bonus content ON THE DISC then the Little Big Planet 2:Special Edition is here for you!

I appreciate feedback, and/or questions. :D

EDIT: JANUARY 22, 2012:
Okay so first things first is that I should clear a few things up.
-Create is EXACTLY the same as in LBP1, but you have new tools, and less restrictions.
-ALL controls are the same. You control Sackboy the same way, except when he is in a vehicle (Controlinator.
-I recently went back to LBP1, and you CAN see a difference in the looks. LBP2 looks a lot better than LBP1.
-Create mode tutorials are a lot better. In lbp2 you will actually learn how to use a certain tool, unlike LBP1 where you get a bad tutorial. LBP2 tutorials explain themselves very well, which imo makes create easier to use.
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on December 20, 2011
You know how you buy games for your kids and after maybe a few weeks they either beat the game or get bored with it? Well, that will not happen with this game. This is a fun never-ending game. Players get to build levels on their own and play online with their friends as well. New levels are built daily. It's muliplayer, so sometimes I join in to play with my children. Up to four people can play. It is fun for all ages. I heard the theme to "Beverly Hills Cop" in one of the community made levels, which let me know that I am not the only "oldie"
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on April 21, 2013
I played the first LBP when it first came out, played it into the ground. It is not lacking in any area, which is kind of scary if you think about. So of course, as a loyal fan, I bought the second one.

Do you know how it truly feels to have disappointment?? I don't. In fact, I had to spellcheck it, since it's not even in my vocabulary when this game comes to mind.

1) Graphics are phenomenal. Border-line witchcraft. The realistic objects in the game make your home's furniture look like they have crappy graphics.
2) Music is adorable. First handful of levels, there's TECHNO BEETHOVEN. I mean, it's like the little angels of PS3 made sweet love to the angels of creativity and their babies blew chocolate kisses into your ears.
3) Gameplay is a blasty blast. *sigh* I guess the levels are short and there are only so many. In a perfect world, the storyline has 500 sections and 50 levels per section. But do the LBP crew deserve to have their fingers worn down to bloody stumps because you love this game so much? Or maybe it's their fault. Who knows. Back to the point, the levels are short and sweet, you can beat the game in hours if you rush. But the arteries of this game supply blood to the main component... online gameplay. Just like the first one, user-made levels are infinite, ranging from nauseating garbage "How did I even get here and did they make this level with their own intestines and a paperclip" to "holy s*** I swear the original creators are under psuedonyms and made this" levels. Oh, and you can make your own crappy level.
4) For the used price, it is a steal. Like literally criminal activity. I paid $8. EIGHT DOLLARS FOR A SLICE OF GAMING HEAVEN. Did I do anything to deserve it? No, and I should be ashamed. But I just love it so damn much.
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on January 1, 2012
I bought this for my 11 year old daughter for Christmas. Great game and very age appropriate. Little Big Planet 2 is a great continuation of the first edition. Like part 1, it's a multi player game and appeals to all ages (including myself who has played with my daughter). The 2nd edition can be used with the Play Station Move, however the Move is not necessary as you can play using regular controllers as well.
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on December 7, 2014
Great game (just like everybody else said)! However, I wanted to warn you there's a HUGE update patch that could potentially take an hour or more to complete (depending on your internet speed). Be prepared to kill some time while LBP2 updates!
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on August 4, 2014
Thoughly enjoyable. A bit treadmill in design, but the creative content and multiplayer gameplay gives players a lot to do and doesn't make them hate each other like Monopoly will.

The worst aspect of the game is that I cannot port my saved data in any way that I know of, perhaps via USB, but research is needed. I bought this knowing I would be using a housemates ps3, but I forgot how much new game systems with internal hard drives have evolved greatly from memory card predecessors.

When you get this game, especially if it is a gift, one should install it first so it is ready to play, or you will be waiting an hour or so.

If you want to see some gameplay, head over to YouTube and type the game in the search bar. NerdCubed does some great multiplayer challenges building custom levels.
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on March 30, 2013
It took me awhile to finally buy this game (partly due to work and other games) and it did not dissapoint! HUGE impovement from the first one and when I said improvement I meant the tools and gadgets in create mode. There are a number of new additions to your tools and gadget as well as tutorials to teach you how to use them. I have to admit some tools I had to replay the tutorial a second time because they can get complex. As for the story mode, its short. Shorter than LBP1 but I still had fun playing through it. They're more creative and the bosses are fun to beat, although they can sometimes be frustrating (talking about the last boss *cough*) The special edition also includes the Move Pack so you can use your PS Move to play. Also included is the Toy Story Pack which I love since Toy Story was my favorite movie when I was litte. You also get costumes like the Buzz Lightyear and Slinkydog so thats cool. I'd say it was worth the $16 I spent on it (a new copy too!) Get it if you loved LBP1 or looking for a family game because this game is REALLY fun!
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on June 3, 2015
What an adorable game! It expands on the first one quite a bit, with different ways of playing.

- Really fun
- I love some of the additions, such as the grapple hook and the gloves that let you pick up stuff
- It's great to be able to play online with other people

- Some of the additions, like the animal ride levels (the bee, the dogs, the hamster, the bunny, etc.) were cute, but it felt like they took over the game. The levels where you just get to run through the level are far superior and I felt like I spent more time on an animal than I did exploring levels.
- The game is significantly easier than the 1st LBP
- The game is super short.

It's really fun to play with friends and I still enjoyed the game, but in comparison to the first one, it falls short.
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on January 18, 2015
The game advertises $35 worth of additional content, yet it lacks two major DLC packs that have trophies associated with them: Muppets and DC Comics. These expansions are excellent and *should have been* included in a Special Edition set.
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on January 24, 2014
because it is a game my grand kids can master and I cant. The fun my grand kids have with the little big planet franchise brings me a lot of joy seeing a fun game the kids get a real kick out of and aren't shooting at each other and just get the fun that sack boy and girl get into.
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