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LBP2 is a better executed version of LBP1. Everything is better, including it's graphics, levels, and just the overall playing experience. The graphics are sharper and the colors are more vivid. The first game was pretty much just a side scrolling game. And now the second iteration has become a better gaming experence. Some of the improvements include some great cinematics, it really makes you feel like your a part of the game, I get so involved in what I'm playing that sometimes I feel like I'm a little sackboy bouncing around in my own little world, it truely is that enjoyable. Some of the levels are actually a story line that progresses as you play, which helps in getting me so involved in what I'm playing.

There are a ton of minigames that are worth checking out. Some of the minigames in certain levels are designed to be played by two or more players, so you have to work together to get the special prizes at the end. Sometimes this requires both players to cooperate their game play to progress and accomplish a successful level. There are just so many different levels that you can explore, it is truely massive beyond explanation.

If all you do is play the game developer's story line then you will find that it is very simple and generic, but it is still an involved and fun game to play. It also has a few levels excusively for the move controller, but most of them don't require the move controller. However when it is required it brings a new additional element to the game play which draws you into the game further. So again, the move controller is not needed to play this great game it is only needed on some levels. But you are able to choose whether you want to play those levels or not. So if you don't have a move controller, no problem!

LBP2 is not compatable with the PS2, you can buy a PS3 version or a PS4 version. I have only played the PS3 version but I can imagine that the PS4 version has even more intense graphics.

I love being able to create my own levels, that's what got me interested in LBP in the first place. In LBP2, creating levels is the same as in LBP1 but there are a few new tools that make it easier to create these levels. The tutorials for each tool is also more educational than LBP1 and is easier to follow, which also helps make your levels more enjoyable for other players. I believe this easier tutorial has helped in establishing such a huge plethora of player supplied levels.

Through the many hours of game play I have accumulated with this game, I have never ran into any glitches. However, there was one community created level where I got stuck in the game and could not progress or go backwards and had to end the game and restart it.

My favorite part about LBP is exploring all the levels everyone has made. One thing about this game, you will never run out of things to do. There will always be new levels to play, there are literally millions of them. I could play for hours every day for the next 10 years and still only scratch the surface of the levels available. Technically, this is probably the largest game available on any gaming console ever made, and this is because of the player added levels. I just wish the creativity that you find in this game were available in more games. Expecially given the ability to keep on expanding the size of this game through the Playstation community's input.

The special edition version comes with a huge selection of extras like:
* LittleBigPlanet 2 Move Pack: Rise of the Cakeling which is a new story with 14 levels, and allows you to create your own ps move games.
* A huge bonus to this game is that it allows PS Move support so that you can play LBP2 with the move controller
* Disney's Toy Story Level pack that has several levels, including extra costumes, objects/materials for building more expansive levels
* Animal Costume Packs which have several different dog, cat, and other animal costumes to wear.
* Many, Many more costume packs to choose from that range from seasonal characters to all of your favorite movie/cartoon characters

Over all this is a great game to play with the whole family that I recommend to anyone and all age groups.
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on June 21, 2017
This is an amazing game. My son just turned 6 and he's having so much fun making his own levels. I also have the original LBP and I feel like this one is more user friendly in some ways with level creation, but then again, maybe we're just getting better? Off the top of my head, I don't have anything bad to say about this game. It takes some getting used to the controls and there are some things we want to do in create mode, but can't figure out how to do it. But overall, it's lots of fun and we came across maybe one glitch. Of course I had to help him with some of the tougher parts but we had lots of fun beating the game together and over a short time he's gotten better than me. Totally got our money's worth with this one.
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on August 4, 2014
Thoughly enjoyable. A bit treadmill in design, but the creative content and multiplayer gameplay gives players a lot to do and doesn't make them hate each other like Monopoly will.

The worst aspect of the game is that I cannot port my saved data in any way that I know of, perhaps via USB, but research is needed. I bought this knowing I would be using a housemates ps3, but I forgot how much new game systems with internal hard drives have evolved greatly from memory card predecessors.

When you get this game, especially if it is a gift, one should install it first so it is ready to play, or you will be waiting an hour or so.

If you want to see some gameplay, head over to YouTube and type the game in the search bar. NerdCubed does some great multiplayer challenges building custom levels.
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on March 17, 2017
Although the game that I ordered never arrived from the seller (come on buddy, why you gotta screw me like that), I can testify that this game is awesome.

This game is what got my wife into video games. She is still not crazy about them, but she will play Little Big Planet 1, 2 or 3 any time she can...not a big fan of LBP Karting though (it is ok.. but not great). Our old disk broke so here I am buying it again, and honestly, if the new disk broke, I would buy it again, and again.
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on March 30, 2013
It took me awhile to finally buy this game (partly due to work and other games) and it did not dissapoint! HUGE impovement from the first one and when I said improvement I meant the tools and gadgets in create mode. There are a number of new additions to your tools and gadget as well as tutorials to teach you how to use them. I have to admit some tools I had to replay the tutorial a second time because they can get complex. As for the story mode, its short. Shorter than LBP1 but I still had fun playing through it. They're more creative and the bosses are fun to beat, although they can sometimes be frustrating (talking about the last boss *cough*) The special edition also includes the Move Pack so you can use your PS Move to play. Also included is the Toy Story Pack which I love since Toy Story was my favorite movie when I was litte. You also get costumes like the Buzz Lightyear and Slinkydog so thats cool. I'd say it was worth the $16 I spent on it (a new copy too!) Get it if you loved LBP1 or looking for a family game because this game is REALLY fun!
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on July 5, 2017
I used to love this game. Great to have it again! It's a good game for children as it teaches building skills, puzzle-solving, and it just has a friedly overtone on the entire game. the online maps also keep you entertained over and over!
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on June 3, 2015
What an adorable game! It expands on the first one quite a bit, with different ways of playing.

- Really fun
- I love some of the additions, such as the grapple hook and the gloves that let you pick up stuff
- It's great to be able to play online with other people

- Some of the additions, like the animal ride levels (the bee, the dogs, the hamster, the bunny, etc.) were cute, but it felt like they took over the game. The levels where you just get to run through the level are far superior and I felt like I spent more time on an animal than I did exploring levels.
- The game is significantly easier than the 1st LBP
- The game is super short.

It's really fun to play with friends and I still enjoyed the game, but in comparison to the first one, it falls short.
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on December 7, 2014
Great game (just like everybody else said)! However, I wanted to warn you there's a HUGE update patch that could potentially take an hour or more to complete (depending on your internet speed). Be prepared to kill some time while LBP2 updates!
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on April 6, 2017
We love this game, have played it before and traded it in but decided to revisit. Little Big planet is a great game!
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on May 6, 2012
Now I am a really big fan of lbp. When I played lbp1 I fell in love with the game. As a 14 year old I still have good imagination. That's all you need to love this game. When I heard about lbp2, I freaked. I pre ordered it as soon as possible. And I have to say. I love it. You can do everything. And more now in number 2.
Now if your child wants this game and your thinking "Well it's a game with a stupid little voodoo doll that just goes left and right. And come on he/she is gonna get bored of it within a month." no that's the opposite. I'll give you 5 reasons you should buy this. Now just remember I'm not taking sides like "I only want the kids to win" no I can also say some bad things about this. You know. Pros and cons.

1. You will not get bored of this as long as your imagination is running free. The possibilities are endless!
2. The story is great. You can have some serious fun with this
3. You can seriously make anything.
4. There's more then just making levels now. NOW, you can create GAMES. Whole entire games. It's no longer a platform game. It's a platform FOR games
5. You can play other people levels/games and when your finished making you level. Post it on the lbp world so others can play!

1. It can get boring if you are boring.
2.when you run out of ideas you stop playing. (until you find what you can make next =^)
3.now there's not to many cons that's how great this game is.

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