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on November 1, 2014
What a fantastic book. Laurie really did a great job with this one. So many twists and turns, it'll make your head swim, but it also grabs your attention so much you can't put it down. When I first started reading I didn't expect the story to go the way it did. I don't know why really, but I really, really enjoyed it. I laughed, I cried, I felt so much sorrow and heart break along the way, too. I have to admit, I really got really ticked off a few times, too. So much so that I wanted to reach into the page and slap someone. LOL! Tells you just how much I was into this story, right? ;)

The story isn't really about just one couple, it really involves two major couples, first with Jake & Margie, and then their teenage children, Alex & Emma. The way the author wrote this story showed so much character depth. I was really intrigue with most of the secondary characters, and being allowed to follow along with all of their trials and tribulation too. And I was glad that the author took the time to follow up with them as well during the epilogue. I don't think I've seen an author do that that quite as nicely as Laurie did.

The storyline shuffles between past and the present a few times, but the author makes the transition quite well. And it also helps the reader see what was going on back then, that made these people act the way they do in the here and now. I also love the fact that the story deals with so many different major issues. Such as; Abortion, teenage pregnancy and the complications that sometimes occurs with it, learning disabilities, trust, assumptions, and most of all how some parents can become so disconnected with their teenagers without even realizing it.

I would highly recommend this book to everyone.
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on December 30, 2014
I chose the 4 stars because I'm not sure if my frustration has more to do with my state of mind, or the actual storyline. Since I suspect it might be partially me, I moved from 3 to 4 stars.

Jake and Maggie have a past. They both go on to marry other people. Jake's son Alex, and Maggie's daughter, Emma get together and get pregnant. That puts Jake and Maggie back on each other's radar. There was deception and blackmail involved in what happened between Jake and Maggie that aided in separating them.

I have to say that almost everyone in this story has secrets. Maggie and Jake spent 20 years living under a misconception. Alex had secrets he was afraid to share with his father and Emma. Roxanne, Jake's ex-wife had a secret, as did Jake's best friend Chris.

I stated all that to say all of these people had secrets and misconceptions that eventually came to light. Everyone forgave everyone for EVERYTHING, eventually.

The thing that really irritated me was that Maggie held on to her anger, hurt feelings, and misconceptions longer than anyone. She wasn't willing to let anyone explain situations, or ask about the past, and she had a tendency to jump to conclusions.

To be honest, I would have rather seen a little less of Maggie's angst, and a little more of Maggie and Jake working out there issues. I tried to write this review without giving up any spoilers.

I would recommend the book because I imagine many people won't be as put off with Maggie's attitude as I was, and it has a pretty decent storyline.
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on October 26, 2015
But it really bothers me that the main character can't take no for an answer and he is the Human Development (sex ed) teacher. No means no in books as well as real life, for adults as well as teens. I believe that is one life rule that authors should not portray that it is alright to break. Whether you like it or not you need to be a responsible member of society.

There was a lot that was good story wise but there was no romance in than romance. There was a lot of graphic sex but there was no romance.
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on February 28, 2013
There's a phrase about history repeating itself. Who would have thought that would be the case in the town of Redemption. Margie & Jake met when he was a college football player and she was just months away from graduating high school and weeks away from turning 18. Their one night of passion was the result of a misunderstanding and Margie became pregnant.

Years later Margie's daughter Emma and Jake's son Alex are attending the same high school and dating. The parents finally meet when the kids get them together to tell them Emma is pregnant. Both parents are obviously shocked but manage to put aside their mutual resentment for the good of their children. This is where the history stops repeating.

In this story it was really refreshing to see Margie and Jake care not only for their own children but how they help other children as well being teachers. Of course there's got to be a bad apple in every story and that comes in the form of the board of education president and his son. You don't really see a lot of them but enough for them to make things embarrassing and possibly devastating for the Bradfords & Manions. When they begin to show their true colors you want to jump into the pages and twist both their heads off.

Margie gets my respect because even though her own mother refused to let her marry Jake and forced her to abort their unborn child, she didn't repeat that same bit of history when Alex wanted to marry Emma. Margie carried a lot of animosity toward her mother and left home shortly thereafter with a mission to never let her mother have anything to do with any children she might have. She eventually forgives her mother but it takes a lot to get her to that place.

Jake also gets my respect because he wanted to do the right thing by Margie but wound up marrying the girl he was engaged to when he first met Margie. Through the years his marriage to Alex's mother wasn't what it could have been. She became a drug addict and eventually left Jake to raise Alex on his own. Jake managed to forgive her for her drug addiction and regularly tried to get Alex to contact her. He finally got through once Alex was about to become a father himself.

You have to give some props to the kids because they really loved each other and Alex was willing to give up his scholarship to Penn State to make sure Emma and their child are taken care of.

This book is definitely worth your time. There was a time or two when I cried along with the characters and laughed when a chuckle was obviously needed. I'm ready to move on to the next book in this series and see who else can find...Redemption.
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on June 12, 2014
A Little Bit of Déjà vu is book 1 in the Redemption series by Laurie Kellogg.

Margie Bradford, a widow and single mother, learns Jake Manion is living in the same town and teaching at the high school. She and Jake have a history. She got pregnant with his baby when she was just eighteen. She had a miscarriage but through the machinations of her mother and his father, he thought she aborted the baby because she didn’t love him. His quick marriage to Roxanne convinced Margie that he just used her and didn’t love her. She went on with her life and married, had a daughter, and became a widow. She now teaches reading at the middle school.
Jake Manion, known as Rocket Manion from his NFL days, is teaching and coaching in Redemption. His is divorced and is raising his son Alex. He is a popular teacher. He is working on his dissertation for his PHD. His son Alex seems to be following in his father’s footsteps. He is an excellent student and has a full ride scholarship to Penn State after he graduates. His father asked him to take a new student to lunch and thus he meets Emma, Margie’s daughter. They begin going together and seem to be following their parents’ footsteps as Emma becomes pregnant. Instead of denying he is the father, Alex stands up and faces it. He and Emma are determined to get married and have this baby.

Is history really repeating itself?
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on April 12, 2016
The first book in the redemption series and a wonderful start to a great series about love and forgiveness. Jake and Maggie spend a weekend together that resulted in an unplanned pregnancy. After complications they drift apart and form separate lives. 18 years later they reconnect when their children are going through exactly the same thing they went through when they were young.
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on April 9, 2013
I grabbed this book during the first of its two day free promo and read it non-stop...then turned around and recommended it to everyone I knew! Yes, that's how much I liked it. :)

This particular story gave me my own sense of Deja Vu since I was 17 when I conceived my oldest child AND got married because of it.

I loved the characters and the two generations coming together the way that they did. They dealt with a myriad of emotions and situations that kept me engaged the entire time. I also liked that old wounds had the chance to be healed and that everyone was able to move forward in their lives, despite the series of events that took place.

Wonderfully written...I found myself laughing out loud at some parts, tearing at others and overall going to bed with happy feelings once I had finished. I read it straight through in one (long) sitting. :)

If you are hesitant about teenage sex, abortions and the like, this may not be a perfect fit for you. However, I found that it was a very real storyline and liked the way it all came together.

Highly recommended!
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on June 24, 2017
Ms. Kellogg captured the wealth of emotions in the aftermath of abortion and miscarriage from both the male and female perspectives so well... and the trepidation of becoming a parent when you're old enough to be the grandparent. (Yes, I am frequently asked if I'm the mom or grandma--I gave birth to my two 16 years apart.)

And all of that was wrapped up in a comedic storyline....
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on June 15, 2013
This one inspires many cliches but I like History repeating itself and The apple not falling far from the tree as they both describe this story to a tee. While it inspires the cliches, it is none the less a great story of young love that can and does endure the years. It also a great example of no matter how hard to you try to instill the right message in your children, they will ultimately be the prisoner of their own bodies.

I love the kids. Jake's son Alex and Maggies daughter Emma. They are a beautiful passionate young couple who even though they seem too young are about to be parents. While youthful they are still mature and willing to accept their fated love and the child it has created. Now, Mom Maggie and Dad Jake the original teen lovers are not quite as thrilled and yet they are well aware of what happens in youth.

I love how the author brought both stories to life side by side and intertwined them to create something both poignant and powerful while remaining beautiful and committed.

I can't imagine anyone would not love this wonderful, sexy, heartwarming and eternally youthful story. READ, LOVE, LAUGH, CRY, CHEER, AND ENJOY THE LOVER'S REUNION AND THE NEW LOVE THAT COMES.
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on November 15, 2016
This was a well written love story of two people getting a second chance. Some of the "misunderstandings" were a little drawn out but the story was very sweet with drama involving teen pregnancies and abortions. These are issues facing many people today and the author did a good job of demonstrating the anguish involved with both issues. She did an especially good job of describing the issues surrounding the male's point of view. It was a cute story and a fun read. It was more a 3 1/2 star maybe pushing a 4.
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