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on November 5, 2015
I just love stories that are cute, rhyme well and offer a good message. This one is so perfect for my little boy. (I think I might love it more though!) it is about a blue truck that sees farm animals along the way, then a dump truck comes around and is rude to him, but gets stuck in the mud. So he and the farm animals help him out of the mud and the dump truck apologizes for being rude. It's a fun book and I highly recommend it for all!!!!
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on April 26, 2016
This book is one of my son's favorites and one I love to read to him. Here is why:
-The pictures are captivating
-The story is fun, rhymes and has a lesson on kindness
-Helps children to identify animals and their noises
-Helps children to count to 3
I didn't know any of this going into the story. I just thought it looked cute and heard from friends about how good the book was. My son has learned so much from this book, that I once considered "just a book".
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on May 8, 2015
This book was my son's favorite for his first three years. I read it so much to him that I had it memorized and we had to buy a second book because the first one fell apart. The pictures are great and give a lot of personality to the Little Blue Truck, the animals, and the Dump Truck. The rhyming text is wonderful and I've read that reading stories that rhyme or nursery rhymes to children in their first couple years of life helps increase language comprehension and association more effectively than non-rhyming stories because they are able to respond to rhythm and tone before they understand language. This is a lovely book for that purpose. It not only rhymes but also has animal sounds which my son loved.

The premise is that the little blue truck winds his way through the countryside beeping his horn to say hi to all the animals and the animals say hi back with their own sounds (baa, maa, cluck, peep, naaayy, etc.). Then the big Dump Truck comes barreling through in a rush and gets stuck in the mud. The blue truck tries to help but gets stuck too. Then all the animals hear the beep of the Little Blue Truck and come to rescue him and the Dump. The sweet moral of the story is if you help others they will in turn help you when you need it. I think the other underlying moral for adults is to slow down and be aware of your relationships and don't just be so focused on yourself. We are a community and we all need each other. Anyway, that is a very underlying current and is certainly not the intent of the story. Don't hesitate to buy this book for all the babies you know!
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on November 16, 2016
I bought this book as a gift because my children loved it so much. Books like this are the types of books that get your kids talking and finishing the sentences in the book. It's an adorable story of friendship. A little blue truck whose friendly "beep, beep, beep" has the whole town of animals saying hello back. When the big important, with no time for pleasantries, truck gets stuck...Little Blue's friends come to the rescue.
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I can not say enough good things about this book and artist. The narrative is told in a rhythm of rhymes bringing the reader through a rural area learning about kindness. The Little Blue Truck teaches children about the importance of being kind and how one act of kindness can cause a rippling effect among those around you. We love to talk about the animals and their sounds as we look at the beautiful illustrations which light up every page of this book. There are pages that I just am amazed by the paintings and how lively they are. My child enjoys hearing me read this story often and I do too. Great message. The book is made with a thick cardboard making it difficult to bend or be ruined by young children learning about books for the first time. It's a great size too. We like to throw it in the back pack or in our over night bag when going out of town.
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on January 9, 2018
This is the best book (and I have a lot of them)! I have purchased this book for my daughter when she was 1.5. Now that she is three it is still a favorite book. It is one of the few books I don't mind reading over and over and over again. It appeals to both girls and boys, has a catchy rhyming words, a great moral about helping others (even when they are not all that pleasant to you), and it is a little silly. It is my go-to book for baby showers and children't birthday parties. Such a wonderful book, I would give it 6 stars if I was able.
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on July 18, 2016
I can't even explain how awesome this book is. Not only does it teach a good lesson to your child, it is tremendously fun to read. The challenge is to read it without singing it. With no music (obviously) and no song to model after, I can guarantee that you will be singing to the exact rhythm that is supposed to be used!

In not the only one in love with this book though. My 14 month old son is a huge fan! I have been reading this book to him regularly since he was about 4 or 5 months old. I expect to continue reading it for at least another 2-3 years! The only things that might get in the way of that are the many sequels for this book.

This is am absolute must have for a child's book collection! You will get at least 4 or 5 years out of this one book!
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on March 29, 2016
Excellent book. The rhythm is fun and easy to read aloud, the illustrations are attractive to look at and have lots of detail to go into with preschoolers (can you point out the sheep? how many toads are there? etc.), it has a plot line (a must for books you read over and over and over and over again) and the material is sturdy. Our son isn't quite old enough to gnaw on the pages yet, but we're spilled things on it and it's been shoved in and out of diaper bags and is holding up very well so far. I enjoy the larger size as it's easier to hold aloft to read to infants that are laying down while still being able to see the words. This is already a family favorite and I anticipate many years of readings ahead. The truck must swear like a sailor though; they had to beep out the entirety of his dialogue!
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on September 17, 2015
My 5yr old recieved this from grandma for Christmas 2013. Since then we have had the following results: my teen enjoys this, my tween finds it cute and likes to read it to her brothers, my kinder loves it, and I am about to purchase it for the 4th time (in less than 2 years) for my autistic toddler who cannot get enough of it. (he prefers dad to read it to him because of dad's wonderful way of sounding like a cow.) Dad has fun reading it to our boys, and as for myself, I have it memorized. This book may not have bright colors or have fun, attention grabbing images that draw immediate attention (I was a skeptic at first because of it), but trust me, after the first few readings, you will find it entertaining. The words engage my autistic toddler with the animals and sounds. Its repetitive enough to keep his attention. Because he doesnt speak this book helps him learn sounds of animals. He may not say 'cow' yet, but we know he means cow when he comes to dad and "ooooo". I cannot reccomend this book enough, especially for autistic children who are struggling to speak.
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on March 30, 2015
Our boys (ages 4 & 2) LOVE this book, and so do we. We've probably read it 40+ times now. It has a great rhyming cadence that is catchy and fun. Although we usually strive for animal noise realism, this book reads better if you just say the words instead of imitating the sounds. Having been through it so much, we've discovered a lot of little life lessons to be learned through it. It makes it enjoyable and worthwhile for parents to read to their children again and again. Don't point them all out at once though!

* The animals are kind to those who are kind to them.
* The animals are unkind to the dump truck who is unkind to them. (These are the natural inclinations of little children.)
* The little blue truck is ALWAYS kind, even to the dump truck who is mean to him. (This is hard to do, but what we desire for our children to do. And, he's more than just "nice" but actually helps him.)
* The dump truck's attitude was changed by the little blue truck's undeserved kindness more than by the animals giving him what he deserved.
* The dump truck thought what he was doing was more important than being kind to those around him, and his pushy attitude gets him stuck in trouble. We teach our children that people are more important than things.
* After the animals come to help, everyone does their part. Each contribution matters, and it couldn't have been done without any one of them, even the big green toad!
* Even while helping, the dump truck is covering them all with mud. Sometimes helping is hard, dirty work. But they are diligent to push through it until the work is done.

This is not a silly children's book that you would grow tired of reading. I would recommend this for any age, and it's definitely become one of our family's favorites. I hope you enjoy it as much as we have. :-)
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