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on November 5, 2015
I just love stories that are cute, rhyme well and offer a good message. This one is so perfect for my little boy. (I think I might love it more though!) it is about a blue truck that sees farm animals along the way, then a dump truck comes around and is rude to him, but gets stuck in the mud. So he and the farm animals help him out of the mud and the dump truck apologizes for being rude. It's a fun book and I highly recommend it for all!!!!
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on April 8, 2016
I was looking for books to include in a baby shower gift when I happened upon this one. I've never heard of it before, but I enjoy that it's a board book as it's more durable against little hands and mouths! While reading through it, I found the rhymes catchy and it left the reader with a good message. I could imagine reading it to a child over and over again. I'm positive it will be a perfect book for the mom-to-be's little country boy!
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on August 30, 2016
My son loves this book! I think he likes it better when I read it to him rather than my husband because I get into it with acting out the animal noises and the beeps and the honks. But that's just in my opinion.
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on September 17, 2015
My 5yr old recieved this from grandma for Christmas 2013. Since then we have had the following results: my teen enjoys this, my tween finds it cute and likes to read it to her brothers, my kinder loves it, and I am about to purchase it for the 4th time (in less than 2 years) for my autistic toddler who cannot get enough of it. (he prefers dad to read it to him because of dad's wonderful way of sounding like a cow.) Dad has fun reading it to our boys, and as for myself, I have it memorized. This book may not have bright colors or have fun, attention grabbing images that draw immediate attention (I was a skeptic at first because of it), but trust me, after the first few readings, you will find it entertaining. The words engage my autistic toddler with the animals and sounds. Its repetitive enough to keep his attention. Because he doesnt speak this book helps him learn sounds of animals. He may not say 'cow' yet, but we know he means cow when he comes to dad and "ooooo". I cannot reccomend this book enough, especially for autistic children who are struggling to speak.
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How am I just now discovering this book!!!! I love it!! I Purchased for my 8 month old and he likes to look at the pictures, which are beautiful! I love that the story flows and the words are sing-songy as you read. I will be buying the other Little Blue Truck books asap!
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on November 27, 2017
We read this book at least twice a week with our three year old. We enjoy it so much we have bought the rest of the little blue truck books. Book came within a day of ordering, super fast! Great condition. We bought this book for our almost 2 year old niece! Highly reccomend.
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on June 8, 2017
My kids have loved this book for years. We bought this one as a gift to our 1YO nephew. I find that the best children's books are the ones where you can use the words as song lyrics...that tells me the author paid attention to syllables and verse in addition to the context. This one has that.
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on April 19, 2017
Cute little book. My daughter loves the blue truck and all the animals. A great little story that also teaches about helping others even if they aren't kind to you which is a valuable lesson. Love the illustrations. I will say this one doesn't read quite as easy as Little Blue Truck Leads the Way, but it's still a worthwhile addition to your child's library.
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If you have a toddler, that is literally how many times you will read this book. Make the sound effects too. Kids will love you.
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on March 29, 2016
Excellent book. The rhythm is fun and easy to read aloud, the illustrations are attractive to look at and have lots of detail to go into with preschoolers (can you point out the sheep? how many toads are there? etc.), it has a plot line (a must for books you read over and over and over and over again) and the material is sturdy. Our son isn't quite old enough to gnaw on the pages yet, but we're spilled things on it and it's been shoved in and out of diaper bags and is holding up very well so far. I enjoy the larger size as it's easier to hold aloft to read to infants that are laying down while still being able to see the words. This is already a family favorite and I anticipate many years of readings ahead. The truck must swear like a sailor though; they had to beep out the entirety of his dialogue!
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