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on November 10, 2012
A great book written by a gentleman who gives it to you straight. I really enjoyed this book because he cuts through the BS and tells you what works and what doesn't work. He has practical applications throughout the book backed by a positive track record with his own selling, speaking, writing and persuading of others. The book itself is absolutely stunning-- color pages, little funny cartoons, bright/bold key points and well laid out. The content is even better. I am not a big fan of reading and usually opt for audio books, but this book I got through in 3 days and it helped a lot. I learned a lot about how to assess my strengths/weaknesses, how to practice, how to modify my approach and ultimately use the tell tale signs from the other party to strategically win my point/case/argument/idea (without being sneaky/sly or misleading). I'm very confident in my public speaking and sales skills but I still learned a lot from this book. If you're a rookie in sales or a bit meek and want to learn how to be more assertive and win your points, this book is like gold for you. Even if you're already fairly versed in sales and speaking like I am, you will still learn a ton of points. I recommend purchasing it and reading it for yourself!
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Jeffrey Gitomer sells the idea of believing in yourself. He gives more than 100 presentations a year, motivating people - probably sales forces - to get out there, believe in themselves and get the job done.

And he does the job well. I've never seen one of his presentations, but this is the second of his books that I've purchased and, frankly, I like them.

Gitomer doesn't pretend to be an intellectual or to be original. What he does do is repackage the basic ideas that have been around for years - and he does it with gusto and style.

If you've never been in sales, then you don't know just how brutal modern commercial life can be. Imagine being in a job where most people are simply going to say no to you, to reject you and sometimes not politely at all. Sales is not a calling that most people could survive in.

And that's why Gitomer is such a welcome voice. That's why his outrageously upbeat style is refreshing. Gitomer is like those kids who come out before a college game and try to rouse the audience. He's far more than a cheerleader: he wants to incite passion in his audience and, just maybe, help them learn a thing or two.

In this little book, he tackles the art of persuasion, which is of course, the essence of sales and marketing. His points are sometimes blindingly apparent, but are overlooked by many, if not most, people. For example, Gitomer tells us "It's not just a presentation. It's a performance." You bet. But so many people just drone on and on boring their audience, not persuading them.

Gitomer is, as I said, a self-promoter. He is proud of himself, perhaps even arrogant. He lards his books with preening self-referential pull-quotes. But the value is not in observing that Gitomer has an outsized ego, but in what he has to say. Even if not original to Gitomer, the concept of "The more you give value, the more you will get your way" is not only easy to understand, but inherently accurate.

Overall, Gitomer is fun to read and, frankly, inspiring. Kind of like that high-school coach you always wanted, but never had: someone who will shout in your ear "You can do it! Here's how!"

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on July 21, 2016
These "little books" by Jeffrey Gitomer are great! They are short reads packed with great information.
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on September 26, 2017
Very informative. Quick read
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on February 8, 2018
I am very pleased with my purchase.
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on July 1, 2014
Very insightful book. I love the small size of the book, making it very easy to travel with or read in bed. I love all of this author's books. Lots of common sense and good advice.
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Sales book. Uses experience commanding a ship as analogies to business/manager situations.
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on March 19, 2010
I bought this when I worked for a sales company where I sold over the phone. They were huge Gitomer fans. Dale Carnegie is better in my opinion, but Gitomer has some good ideas.
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on January 5, 2013
I like this book; As with his other titles of the series, it's worth owning if only for a third-party perspective of what you're already doing. It helped me with sales presentations in school.
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on June 6, 2014
Some very good points and concepts wrapped in a lot of sales hype-speak. I'm sure this is fabulous if you are in sales or very young (read: inexperienced) and highly ambitious.
Note: the hype of the product description got me to buy it, so that's something...
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