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on April 12, 2013
I really enjoy watching Little House on the Prairie. I thought it was finally time to buy it because I am sick of watching the depressing commercials they show during the TV episodes! I purchased Seasons 1-4. The show itself is wonderful but I do want to encourage people to double check their order. Of the 4 seasons some were from authorized Amazon sellers. I tend to be cautious but do occasionally buy from them. This time however, one season was used. I checked my order and it does say in the fine print used. I just never noticed. Since you have to click on a link to get to the used sellers, I am going to say I am 99 percent sure I did NOT do that, yet somehow purchased a used set. My guess is I clicked on the "add all three" choice along the bottom, never realizing some could be used. I will not do that again! Enjoy your Little House, just be careful how you buy them!
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on July 17, 2008
Little House on the Prairie was great from the very beginning, and I absolutely loved season one. Since I was born in 1995 I had only been able to see re-runs on television but to find out the entire season one was on DVD was a thrill for me. I watched this with my whole family and we had a blast, but despite my immense fondness for this show, I can't give it a five star rating, why is that? Just read below.

This collector's edition set includes all twenty-three episodes of season one but mentioned by numerous reviewers, certain scenes have been edited which may cause a major frustration to hardcore fans. But to newcomers, or the many that watched the re-runs, this probably won't be too big a problem. Another problem mentioned by reviewers is the restoration of the film; there are still some scenes with a mass amount of grainy and dirty film that takes away from the program. Now in the pamphlet these problems are explained, "This special collector's edition was compiled using the best masters available and restored using state-of-the art color correction, picture enhancement and noise reduction technologies. Every effort has been made to include all available scenes of each episode while producing the highest quality DVD's possible. Due to the vintage nature of the material used, you may on occasion, notice slight audio or video glitches." (Just saying, edited scenes and grainy footage will still be a problem on almost all of these releases from NBC Home Entertainment, so don't expect much better in the next releases.) But I'm not entirely convinced that they tried there hardest, take the Andy Griffith Show for example, that show was filmed outdoors and the image looks fantastic on DVD and that show began a decade before Little House, but put these issues aside and this set can be a pleasant purchase.

It may not seem like it, but I am impressed with certain aspects of this release. The packaging is excellent mind you; there are some nice photographs of Michael, Karen and Melissa on the inside and the discs have nice photos as well. Another nice item is the included pamphlet which includes episode synopsis (there are major spoilers in them if it's your first time watching) and additional information. I was still a little disappointed about the lack of bonus material, no interviews, no outtakes, zip, wilch, nothing. Oh...uh there are character profiles and a quiz...these honestly are extremely uninteresting, I just think this section of the release could have been so much better. But am I forgetting something??? Ah yes! The shows itself, there are so many fantastic episodes, and you feel so many emotions from one episode to the next, a good feeling of "there's still hope for humanity" comes in the first episode "A Harvest of Friends" and you may get a good cry in the extremely emotional tearjerker "the Plague" or get a laugh in "Mr. Edwards' Homecoming" and feel moments of anger in "Country Girls." There's something for everybody and season one has a great variety of episodes, and they are all unique thanks to the brilliant directing, writing and of course, acting.

These releases do have their faults, but they're still highly recommended to anyone who wants to relax, lay back and remember these times when everything was just a little bit...simpler.
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on August 29, 2015
Strong story telling with strong moral values seems to be a dying art. Fortunately, DVDs like this Little House series mean you and your family can enjoy and benefit whenever it's convenient from the great messages and lessons this stellar series provides. Especially if you have children this is a fantastic moral values teaching tool, while being highly entertaining.
It's great to be able to pause, and discuss parts. My daughter especially was having me pause more than I was. Michael Landon (God rest his soul) was a genius of a kind. No matter how often these are watched, either old lessons and values are reinforced or new ones are noticed and learned.
This great country was founded and grew up on the strong Christian values depicted so eloquently in this Little House series.
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on October 31, 2015
A true classic!!! Just read 'Nellie Olsons' autobiography. - ( which is a winner!)
got me thinking. - grand da is 10- im so out of touch w her tv programming.
my kids were raisied watching this series. This is the first series of any shows grand da has gotten into. Funny story- I was cleaning my house and found this same box series in my tv cabinet- I had bought FOR ME- several years ago- before Roku. I ALWAYS LOVED THIS SHOW
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on October 13, 2010
Great DVD series. Yes, as some reviews say (people will complain about anything...) the episodes are not spliced together leaving room for commercial breaks (a short pause of blackness). But so what. And yes.. because the episodes are so old, some of the episodes have poor sound and video. But this should not keep you from purchasing this series.

I bought this series because I grew up watching it. Every episode left a good feeling in my heart - something lacking in today's TV. And I knew that my 8-year old daughter would love the series just as much as I did. She does. She asks to see more than one episode and I feel good watching it with her - knowing that she is actually learning something each time about manners and just true human goodness.

If you want an alternative to the absolute filth on TV today, buy the Little House series. Have a family night and discuss the films in depth. Definitely won't disappoint.
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on January 13, 2004
I was reading these reviews before purchasing and was especially interested in the ones voicing complaints about the colors - such as extra bright whites. Since the overal reviews from people were full of praise, and since my girlfriend has the set with no complaints, I went ahead and purchased it, holding my breath.
Well, on my TV the color is perfectly beautiful! So, why not start out with adjusting your contrast setting! Different TVs display things differently. Another DVD of mine that looks just fine on my TV (which is about five years old) looks absolutely bizarre on my girlfriend's TV (the picture is slightly distorted and the colors are flat.)
There were also some comments about the voices on these DVDs. I do admit, that in one episode, Micheal Landon's voice does seem *weird* in a couple of scenes, but other than that, everything is just beautiful.
This is an excellent collection for LHOP fans, and in intend on buying each season as finances allow. Great for the kids - and great fun for us adults.
I do not like to watch the post modern cynicism of today; give me some good old fashioned idealism anytime! I grew up wishing Charles Ingalls was MY "Pa" and I mourned and cried and was very upset with the passing of Michael Landon. It is so nice to have him back in my living room again (We don't have Cable TV or local service, so I don't get to see the syndicated episodes at all)
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on February 25, 2015
I never watched this as a kid and only heard of it recently. I'm so grateful for this wholesome, entertaining, educational resource for my kids to enjoy. They can't get enough of it. In a world of garbage like Sponge Bob and Disney, this is a breath of fresh air. I love the values displayed by the characters and their love for each other.

The only negative is that the music is VERY loud on the main menu. Have your remote ready to turn it down!
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on September 15, 2016
Wonderful, classic TV series! It's nice to have on hand to watch one of my favorite childhood shows AND to be able to have something wholesome and clean on the TV for the family; there is never any concern about my son being accidentally exposed to inappropriate content.
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on February 22, 2016
All of the discs were scratched and I was only able to watch 2 episodes of the entire season. I'm unsure how to file a complaint but I wish I could. I have returned the item 11 days ago. I would appreciate a refund.
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on November 21, 2017
great show, love owning it. binge watch it with the family when ever we can.
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