Customer Reviews: Little House on the Prairie - The Complete Season 3
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on October 1, 2005
Little House on the Prairie is THE BEST SHOW, so I was so happy to find that it's being released on DVD! I am very pleased with Season 3. The quality is pretty good, and there's finally a scene selection in this one. There are 19 episodes in all, on 6 discs. If you are a fan of Little House, you should definately buy this DVD set. I also recommend introducing it to your children, as this show would make a good influence on them, unlike many shows on TV now. Here are some short descriptions of the episodes:

1. The Collection- When Reverend Alden gets sick while collecting donations, and ex-convict named Caleb Hodgekiss offers to get the donations from Walnut Grove for him. Caleb plans to keep the money himself, but he decides to do the right thing when he sees how nice the people of Walnut Grove are.

2. I'll Ride the Wind- Mary and Mr. Edwards son, John Jr., have fallen in love and want to get married. Though they both get the approval from their parents, John must decide whether to accept his scholarship to college or to stay with Mary.

3. Bunny- After mistreating Laura's former horse, Bunny, Nellie falls off the horse and is paralyzed. Laura feels very guilty and thinks that it's her fault, so she does all of Nelle's schoolwork for her...until one day Laura discovers that Nellie has been faking her injuries.

4. The Race- Now that Mr. Oleson has given Bunny back to Laura, she is training Bunny for the horse race. Mrs. Oleson purchases a thoroughbred for Nellie to ride. Although on the day of the race, Bunny gets tired out because Laura had to fetch Doc Baker, Laura decides to race against Nellie anyway.

5. The Monster of Walnut Grove- On Halloween night, Laura sees Nels chop of a mannequin's head. Since she could only see the back of the doll's head, and she heard Nels and Harriet arguing, Laura believes that Nels chopped off his wife's head.

6. Journey in the Spring- After the death of his wife, Charles's father, Lansford, loses his will to live. Charles brings him to Walnut Grove in hope that it would make his father well again. When Bunny runs into a wire fence, Charles has to shoot her. Laura becomes angry at her grandpa because he promised Bunny would be ok. When Lansford leaves, Laura feels guilty and searches for her grandpa to convince him to come back.

7. Fred- Laura is tricked into taking a billy goat home with her, who she names Fred. After Fred eats the crops, however, Charles tells Laura that she has to find Fred a new home.

8. The Bully Boys- The three Galinder brothers move to Walnut Grove. The two men cause trouble and don't pay their bills, and Bubba, the boy, is a bully at the school.

9. The Hunters- Laura goes along on a hunting trip with Charles. Laura accidentally knocks over his gun, which goes off, wounding Charles. The only man that can help Laura find Mr. Edwards is a Sam, a blind man.

10. Blizzard- When it looks as if a snowstorm is coming, Ms. Beadle sends the children home from school early, not knowing that it was going to hit so soon. The children get caught in a huge blizzard.

11. Little Girl Lost- When Carrie goes along with Mary and Laura to collect bugs, she falls into a mine shaft. The whole town pitches in to save Carrie, but the only one who really knows exactly what he's doing is Mr. Laudy. But Mr. Hanson will not listen to him because he stole a woman away from him many years ago.

12. Quarantine- An epidemic of mountain fever hits Walnut Grove, which is placed under quarantine. Mr. Edwards's daughter, Alicia, comes down with the disease. When Laura tries to help Alicia, she wakes up that night with the spots. Believing that she now has the disease, Laura quarantines herself with Alicia and Mr. Edwards.

13. Little Woman- The schoolchildren put on plays in groups for a special event that the parents will be coming to. Ginny Clark is in Mary and Laura's group. Her widowed mother refuses to go to the play with the wood man (who wants to date her) because she feels that she doesn't look good enough. Ginny comes up with a surprising solution to buy her mother a dress.

14. Injun Kid- A native American boy named Joseph Stokes comes with his widowed mother to Walnut Grove and they stay with his grandpa, Jeremy. However, Jeremy resens his grandson because his daughter had married an Indian against his wishes.

15. To Live With Fear- After an accident in the barn, Mary needs an immediate operation. Charles and Mr. Edwards must do a dangerous job dealing with explosives in order to pay for Mary's operation.

16. The Wisdom of Solomon- Solomon Henry, an 11-year-old African American boy, runs away from home because he is tired of being treated differently than everyone else. Solomon ends up in Walnut Grove and stays with the Ingalls for a little while.

17. The Music Box- Laura has made a new friend, Anna, who stutters. When Laura is at Nellie's one day, she takes a music box from Nellie's room. When Nellie catches Laura, she tells her that she must do as she says or else she'll tell on Laura. Nellie makes Laura join her club and abandon Anna.

18. The Election- The school is having an election. Mary, Nellie, and a boy named Elmer are running for president.

19. Gold Country- When their crops are destroyed, the Ingalls and Edwards family leave Walnut Grove and look for gold, hoping to get rich.
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on November 5, 2003
I am a HUGE fan of "Little House on the Prairie"....I am very displeased with the complete season 3....First of all the episodes are not in the order they originally aired...alot of them are out of order. The video quality of some of the episodes is very poor. For example on the episode "The Monster of Walnut Grove" especially the scenes at night are very grainy and almost like a reddish black color. The part about the dvd I am most upset about is there are 2 missing scenes on the episode "The Race." They were edited out, but you can't fool a fan that has watched the episodes numerous times. There is a scene edited out where Laura and Mary are walking to school after Pa found out that Mary did some of Laura's homework. Laura says to Mary "sorry I got you in dutch" and Mary responds "That's okay just beat Nelly Olson Saturday".....There is also a scene edited out of the Ingalls' having dinner where Laura is only eating her vegetables to keep her weight down for the race. Ma can't wait till the race is over and things get back to normal, but Pa is happy because he can have Laura's share of chicken and dumplings.
To the studios credit they do seem to be trying to improve some things. There are now chapters in episodes so you can pick a scene without forwarding to it. And the pictures on the box and inside are pictures that go with that season. Earlier in season 1 and 2 they have pics that didn't even belong in that season. I still feel these sets are being put together by someone who knows nothing about the show and the fans live with the mistakes! I am planning to write the studio with my concerns and I encourage other fans to do the same. I will also ask them if they want me to give them the correct order of episodes in Season 4 so they get it right. In season 2 and 3 they got them out of order.
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on October 3, 2005
My grandparents gave this to me for my 9th birthday. I have seasons 1 and 2. The Little House stories tell of life in the early days of our country. They teach you to do good to everyone and always tell the truth.

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on September 14, 2003
This is prehaps one of the best seasons of little house on the prairie.A lot of my favorites are in this season.This will be a six disc collection and it will include the following episodes:
1)The Collection
2)I'll Ride The Wind
3)The Race
5)The Monster Of Walnut Grove-Laura thinks she see's Mr.Olson cut off Mrs.Olsons head.Also the headless horseman is seen at the end of the episode.This is a great show to put on during Halloween and the music in it is scary too.This is another one of my favorite episodes I was wanting to see on dvd.
6)Journey Into Spring Part 1
7)Journey Into Spring Part 2
8)Fred-This is one of the funniest episodes of all the little house shows.Laura trys to get rid of a goat called Fred and can't find anyone to take it.This goat is funny because it butts everybody it sees.
9)The Bully Boys
1O)The Hunters
11)Blizzard-This is actually a Christmas show.A lot of residents of Walnut Grove get trapped in a school during a snowstorm.This was one of my favorite episodes.
12)Little Girl Lost
14)Little Women
15)Injun Kid
16)To Live With Fear Part 1
17)To Live With Fear Part 2
18)The Wisdom Of Solomon
19)The Music Box
20)The Election
21)Gold Country
If your a fan of Little House On The Prairie you should pick up
season 3.It's worth it just for the Fred episode which is very funny but it's also got a lot of other great episodes that's frequently shown on wtbs.Shows like this are great to watch because they focus on a time when most people put God first
and they are clean don't have any foul language or adult situations in them.You can let your children watch these without having to worry about them warping there mind.I like these shows because I don't continully have to press the mute button on my remote to mute out the cursing.I also recommend little house on the prairie season 1 and 2 as I have them too and think there pretty good.Imavision says they will release all the seasons of little house on dvd's even the reunion shows. More than likely these will look better than they ever have on cable.Seasons 1 and 2 did except for a small amount of shows that had a lot of grain.Hopefully the small amount of problems with the grain won't be in season 3.Also as with season 1 and 2 season 3's seasons will be uncut.
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on January 7, 2004
I grew up watching "Little House" first-run on NBC. I also watched re-runs with parts chopped out of them for years, and always hoped that someday I could purchase them uncut. The first two seasons on DVD were excellent; it was like watching a different show than what you see now in the syndicated versions (and on the videos produced by Goodtimes, I might add!) I was so excited!
When Season 3 came out I expected the same uncut shows. Except for only a few, these episodes are exactly like the ones shown in syndication, with scenes and lines of dialogue missing, so I am quite disappointed. I would much rather have had the missing scenes than the opening music and scene indexes for every show. I will wait until I see some reviews for Season 4 before I buy it.
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on May 1, 2004
When I pay hard earned money for a Boxed Set of a classic TV series like "Little House" I expect to get what I pay for. This is not the case here. Season One and Two were acceptable but Season III has the flaws described by so many others in previous reviews. Contrary to popular belief this DVD set is NOT REMASTERED OR UNCUT. In almost every episode there are scenes that have been deleted or are edited in some way or another. The video and audio quality is excellent. There are some classic episodes in this season....the best being "Bunny"...the one where Nellie falls off Laura's horse and pretends to be crippled...the payoff here is classic and wonderful! "To Live With Fear"....the two parter where Mary is seriously injured and must have surgery and the Ingalls have no money to pay for the operation. "Fred" the comical episode about an honary Billy Mrs. Oleson get it in this one!! "The Bully Boys" where Caroline is attacked by a trio of rough men. "Blizzard" where most of the town's children are lost out in a blizzard on Christmas Eve. "The Election" a very touching episode. And my personal favorite of the season "Little Girl Lost" where Carrie falls down a mine shaft. The series is wonderful and evokes wonderful memories. They just don't make them like this anymore. But the DVDs have got to get better. I'd rather not have scene index if they're going to edit out parts of scenes. These DVDs are supposed to be remastered and uncut. This is not the case with this edition. 5 stars for the series but 3 for the DVD. "Little House" deserves better.
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on July 30, 2004
What was this studio thinking? The digital transfer quality on Seasons 1 & 2 is good overall. However, Season 3 is another story. It stinks! Many of the episodes are bleached (color-wise) and blurred. Looks like they confiscated some used video-tapes and did a transfer using a consumer-end VCR with no digital enhancement other than adding chapters (one thing that was nicer than Seasons 1 & 2). And even the transition on some chapters is noticeablely chopped (almost like some one stopped the playback while still recording). My guess is that the studio's greed set in and they decided to accelerate the production timeline for Season 3 and get these out on the market at the sacrifice of quality so they bring in those $$$ faster. For such a wonderful series as this is, it is a crying shame to see such a low quality transfer to DVD as Season 3 is. I purchased Seasons 4 & 5 which I have not yet viewed. Hopefully they are not as pitiful in quality as Season 3.
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on December 25, 2003
I had watched some Little House years ago and liked it OK. Then 4 months ago we got the first 3 seasons for our 7 year old twins. What a great investment. They love it and my wife and I love it.
This is a show about love, hard work, care and concern for others, family values and innocence. That is why this show wouldn't last 2 days on Television today. Who wants to be reminded of how far we have fallen from qualities such as these.
Compare shows like this from the 70's to shows that we have now. Television has always been a reflection of society. Most of the shows today are about having it all, sex, greed and win at all costs no matter who gats in the way. What a difference from just a few decades ago.
Now I am sure of why my family is enjoying Little House on the Prairie so's a breath of fresh air in a smog filled world. I would highly recommend any family to own these DVDs. Looking forward to season-4.
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on September 22, 2014
This is the best season of one of my favorite shows of all time, and this gorgeous restored version is a dream come true. Having grown up with only the syndicated versions, this set is a revelation. One huge thing I noticed was in the episode "Bunny" which I have probably watched 50 times over the years. Ma's reaction to Nellie being hurt and Laura's sudden devotion to Nellie is played out beautifully. Laura sold Bunny to Nellie to buy her a stove and you can tell she feels guilty. The truncated episodes never showed that. My favorite guilty pleasure episode is "The Monster of Walnut Grove" and the pace seems perfect and languid and creepy with interactions I have never seen before. I applaud Lionsgate for this set. It's honestly like watching one of my favorite shows for the first time.
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on November 21, 2003
This series will always be one of my favorites and I'm really pleased that they are being released on DVD. The picture quality is amazing and the menu is greatly improved from the previous two releasesas as it is easier to navigate. However, there are some major flaws with this season.
1. The editing between scenes is poor. This is not the fault of the original production, but rests with the creators of the DVD. It is choppy and does not flow together.
2. The episodes of "The Race" and "Bunny" are out of order and I would have thought after all these years, they could have got it right. They also show these episodes out of order on TV.
3. The DVD cover: I would have preferred it if they'd used an original picture instead of one that was digitally created.
4. The "Behind the Scenes" was disappointing and I expected more. It simply had text to read with tid-bits from "behind the scenes" and then played the clip to which the information related.
5. As with the previous releases, you have to play each episode individually. It would be better if there was an option at the beginning to 'play all' episodes, one after another.
Despite my grumblings, it is well worth it to buy and I'm sure you'll love watching it.
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