Meet some of your favorite Pets!

Hi! I'm Snuggles, your Dream Puppy! I move and feel just like a real puppy. Hold me in your arms and give me a hug. You wont be able to resist my big blue expressive eyes. Feed me with my bottle and I'll fall asleep in your arms and dream about you! I'm looking for someone just like you to be my best friend. I even come with an adoption certificate for you to fill in make me your own! Snuggles is the no mess pup who loves to be loved! Snuggles moves, feels and responds just like a real pupppy does. With a pat of the head or a rub of the tummy, Snuggles behaves in different ways. Realistic and fully interactive, all Snuggles needs is a best friend like you!

Ruby Belle is a true lovebird that loves to be heard! This gem of a bird loves to sing her heart out! She can make 30 real bird noises and loves to sing you an exotic song, as well as being able to record and repeat what you say! Carry her anywhere in her beautiful cage. It's like her own portable stage!

Sunshine the Rainbow Turtle loves to brighten up everyones day. Her smile and colorful shell makes even the darkest clouds go away! She uses her flippers to walk on land but as soon as she hits the water she paddles about like a real ocean loving sea turtle! She is one Little Live Pet who loves to get wet!

A real romantic, this Lil’ Mouse moves like she’s floating across the dance floor!  Always light on her feet to her heavenly beats, Her songs of love fill the air for everyone to share!  Take her anywhere in her Lil' Mouse House. Watch her spin in the wheel then run out the door to their playzone and more!