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on January 30, 2017
We love this book and we think the publisher should totally bring it back into print. It is one of several books we got to read to our son to help start a dialogue about adoption with him. Miss Spider in particular has a powerful narrative that can be applied to many different families...she is a spider, adopted by a beetle, who goes on to have some of her own children and then adopts three bugs of different species in later books. As a family where one of the children came to us by the miracle of birth, and one came by the miracle of adoption, we love the story ark of the entire series that way.

This book, though, just tells the story of Miss Spider's adoption. We love this story in particular, because our sweet little son comes from a different ethnicity, and we love that this story emphasizes that it is not appearance, it is not species (and therefore one can certainly conclude not race) that determines family. It is love, and we have a powerful and equal love for both of our children, regardless of how they came to us, and this is what we want both of them to feel.

Though we have other adoption stories, this is the only one my son loves. It is one of the few books he will specifically bring to us and sit for to be read to him, and he will request it over and over again. And that is a powerful thing, because of the nature of his Autism, he really struggles to accept new things. This is a super cool book with some central messages I love, and I highly recommend it to any adoptive family.
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on January 3, 2017
My son is adopted and this book has one of the best adoption quotes out there. He is 9 now and it brings tears to my eyes still.

The whole story of Little Miss Spider realizing that her mom has been with her from the start is extremely touching.
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on March 16, 2014
I adore this book, as does my little one. It is all about a mother's love and would be a great companion book to families with adoptive children. It's moral is that your mother is the one "who loves you best." My little one likes to hear about Miss Spider as a baby since she loves all of the other Miss Spider books. I also like that this book is smaller and easier for little hands to hold than the other hard covers. I also like that it has plastic-like pages so my little one in excitement cannot tear this book.

All in all I highly recommend this book. I am so glad that we purchased it.
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on March 27, 2004
I picked up this book because of the beautiful pictures...I was delighted when my two month old loved it too! She sits on my lap and giggles and grabs for the pages as I read the wonderful and rythmic story. She does not do this for ANY other book (including the "classic" baby books) even makes her smile during those fussy periods. Its just the right length too! The other LITTLE MISS SPIDER (not to be confused with Miss Spider) are equally as charming and fun.
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on April 11, 2008
I originally got this book for my son, not knowing it was considered an "adoption" book, but that did become clear during the first read through. I thought the message was so sweet! There are a few families in our neighborhood who have adopted children, and I decided to get copies for them as well. It was when I ordered books for them and read the other reviews here that I realized that some people had been offended by this book.
There was one reviewer who apparently didn't read all the way through, but let me assure you that no one gets eaten by a bird in this book! Miss Spider is rescued from an untimely death by Beetle Betty. Just wanted to set that record straight.
This book is great for adoptive families, step families, and biological families as well. The message to take away is that LOVE makes a family, not necessarily blood. If the child has any questions after reading the book, you just take that great opportunity to talk about your particular situation. Small children aren't going to think that much into it, and older children, if they have questions; well, answer them!
We love this book at our house!
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on April 21, 2014
I'm a psychotherapist for very little children (2-5 years). Finding books to help them with difficult issues is hard. Nearly everything is written for at least elementary age. This is a terrific book for working with little ones in foster care, going through adoption, being raised by relatives, etc. The pictures are colorful, the rhyming is engaging. Terrific book!
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on March 7, 2009
I have been looking for a book to give my 2 year old foster daughter on her adoption day- and also a book to gently keep the idea of adoption in her mind. This book is amazing. I read it aloud with my husband and we both cried. It's simple and loving and the pictures are amazing of course. There are not that many books about adoption that can be for ANY adoption (most that I think are cute looking have a international adoption theme). This could be for any type of an adoption INCLUDING foster adoptions which is also hard to find a book that relates to.
THANK YOU DAVID KIRK!!!!!!! This book is already treasured and will be for many many years to come.
OH! and we also LOVE that it's hard cover and the pages are thick and 'plasticy' so she cannot tear them!
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on March 28, 2010
This book is absolutely beautiful! The illustrations are bright and detailed. The story rhymes and flows wonderfully. We love the story of how Miss Spider met her mom, Beetle Betty. If I were an adoptive mother, I don't know that I'd choose this book for my child though. I think the intent was probably good, but I do think it makes it sound like adoptive children's mothers just run away with no regard for what happens to their children. Of course, we all know that many species of spider die shortly after laying eggs, but this is not addressed in the book, so the reader, as a child, is left thinking Miss Spiders mom just hit the road. I don't really like that message, but I do like this book.
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on December 29, 2014
This is my ALL TIME favorite book. This one happens to be about a bug that is adopted. PERFECT for kids that have step parents, foster parents or adopted parents.
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on August 18, 2000
I am shocked at the first "review" of this book from Sept 1999! This book is not disturbing in any way (except for maybe the big spider eating another bug for dinner). The message of the book is that our mothers "are the creatures who love us the best" whether those mothers look like us or not. I have two children, they both joined our family through adoption. Our youngest was adopted internationally. This book sends the wonderful message that my daughter does not have to look like me to be loved by and welcomed into our family. Children whom joined their families through birth can gain great insight from this book, it is not disturbing at all. Your are reading too much into this book if you believe our children will think they can be cared for by a beatle if they "tire" of us. This book is not about Little Miss Spider choosing other parents, it is about a mother who had love to give and a daughter who needed a mother. For the record, Little Miss Spider DOES find her mother. Just because her mother turned out NOT to be a spider does not mean she did not find her mother. There needs to be more education about adoption with all children (adopted and biological) and this book is a great tool to do so. It is especially helpful and educational if you are looking for a good book addressing international adoption! Enjoy this special book!
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