Customer Reviews: Little Mommy Real Loving Baby Walk & Giggle Doll
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on March 24, 2010
This doll is darling. My 3 year old received it last month for her birthday. It is amazing how it can stand, sit, and lay down all on it's own. It talks and walks. We have fun watching this doll do her thing. It was a hit at the birthday party when my daughter opened it. Everyone was laughing and having fun watching this doll. It does best on a solid surface floor such as wood and not too well on tile, since the cracks and bumps make it difficult for the doll to walk. Just one hint: Don't forget that it needs batteries in it's back, and BOTH of its feet. It took us a bit to figure out the feet thing.

After the first couple of days, this darling doll has not been played with. My 8 year old daughter will play with it occasionally, but it is not the doll of choice. The doll has a very hard, stiff body. She does not work well with everyday pretend play. When she is turned off, she is stuck in the position that she was in when you turned her off. Her legs and arms cannot be moved or bent for strollers, etc. She is not a doll that your child will cudle with in bed.

My 3 year old has two of the Little Mommy Sweet As Me dolls that she loves. They are adorable and great for everyday play. I would recommend them, especially for younger girls. I can pick them up for around $10, verses this expensive doll (however, I found this doll on clearence for $25, which was plenty).

Overall, this doll is cute and fun to watch. She is not great for pretend play and cuddling.
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on November 23, 2009
The other woman on this site complaining probably didn't use Akeline batteries. It says right on the box and in the instructions to use Akeline batteries, not regular ones. My daughter has this doll and we absolutely love it! It has lasted over 1 month and we still have the same batteries!

Use Akeline and you'll be fine. This doll is amazing and worth every penny!

If you miss this one, you've missed one of the best dolls for the Christmas season!
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on November 18, 2009
Cute doll, kids love it but environment conscious parents better stay away. This doll chews battery for breakfast, lunch & dinner and it eats 'em 6 at a time.

Day 1: kids receive the doll, are delighted and play with it morning through evening (cute for sure).
Day 2: doll only speaks but can't move. Replace 4 batteries (2 in each leg) and it works all rights
Day 3: doll goes mum, replace 2 batteries at the back

Day 6: cycle 6 batteries again
Day 8: order a set of rechargeable batteries on ebay!

Personally, I dont see any educational value from the toy, its cute though but I definitely dislike the fact that it is such a power hog. Not to mention that it usually makes a snap sound occasionally when you lift the doll by her arms... as if you broke the thing!
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on September 27, 2011
I got this doll for my daughter for her birthday and this doll is so cute! It makes all sorts of noises, and it can sit down, play peek-a-boo, go to sleep, ect. My daughter is 4 and gets a kick out of being able to play "mommy" with this doll becuase it is so interactive. If you have a little girl, you need to get this doll for her! I have read some of the reviews that say the batteries go out quickly. I have had the same batteries in for 3 weeks now, and have not had to replace any of them, and she plays with the baby everyday.
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on December 22, 2009
This doll is amazing, my girls love her. They got her from their Nana yesterday when we celebrated Christmas at her house. So far I'm only seeing one thing that is worrying me about this doll. When she goes from standing to sitting her arms are getting stuck and they pop loudly and constantly until the girls pop her arms back up where they are suppose to be. Then she will finish sitting down. They were stuck a couple of times when she was standing from a laying position. Other than this she is a very fun doll. I think for the technology she is probably worth the price. Hopefully the price will go down some with time though. I wouldn't mind getting another doll so they could each have one without having to share.
The only other drawback that I can think of is the fact that she takes 6 AA batteries. Two in her back and two in each of her feet. We are going to have to buy some rechargable batteries for her because she has already drained the batteries in her back after less than 24 hours. Maybe 3 9V batteries would have been better, I'm not sure.
It seems like I've only talked about the negative things. She really is an amazing doll. She says so many things and her interactions are so much fun. I would have LOVED to had a doll like her when I was a little girl.
Please don't let anything in my review discourage your purchase of this doll. She's worth the money.
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on January 21, 2011
My 4yr old recieved this doll for Christmas. She played with it some for the first week, but after that, she was pretty much done. Meanwhile my 2yr old son still gets a big kick out of it occasionally, especially when the doll falls over and crashes to the floor which initiates it to start a brief crying jag. Or when he flips her over face down on the floor, causing her to say "NO-no-no-no-no!" But even he gets bored fairly soon. The doll movements are stiff & robotic. I guess I should impressed the doll can walk, sit down and stand back up unassisted at all, but while it is performing the various tricks you can hear the loud whirring of her internal motors, so it's not so much a baby doll for your child to mother as it is a "droid" for you to experiment on, to see how you can disrupt the animatronics for the funniest result.

I call her baby Frankenstein bc her arms stick straight out most of the time, and her knees don't bend when she walks, so she sways and staggers along, like Frankenstein. Plus she's clunky, heavy and handles like a toaster. Her phrases are limited, and could be more original, IMO, for the price. You can't change her clothes, and you wouldn't want to sleep with her - again the toaster analogy. So in summary, it's too expensive given that it's repertoire of tricks, while fun to watch at 1st, get stale fast, and after that you may as well give it to your 2yr old son to work on, maybe find it's weaknesses.
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on January 26, 2012
I usually steer away from noisy or robotic toys - especially baby dolls (creepy!), but this was given to us as a gift, so we tried to get our daughter interested in it. She is nearly 3 years old and received this doll for Christmas. Sadly, she was not impressed. We didn't have any batteries for maybe about the first week and she liked it okay then, but as soon as we put the batteries in, "robo-baby" became too scary to play with. Well, initially, our daughter was kind of intrigued by the talking/moving doll, but in less than an hour, she refused to play with it anymore, saying it was "too scary" -- (A very accurate description, if you ask me!). Also, this doll makes my 10-month-old son cry. He is absolutely terrified of it - so sad! :(

We got this doll out again today because I thought maybe after a month we could try it again. I mean, honestly, I feel bad that we got it as a gift and the kids don't like it at all! But when we got it out, even the sight of it made my daughter anxious - before even turning it on! She backed nervously away from it and told me to put it away because it would make baby brother cry. Awww . . . at least she's thoughtful, right? :) Anyway, I think we're just going to have to put it in storage and see if she'll like it (maybe sans batteries) when she's older.

Other negatives - 1) The noises this thing makes are quite annoying. It babbles ridiculously fast and sounds completely unrealistic -- baby had a little too much caffeine. 2) It doesn't really walk -- It falls flat on it's face EVERY time, and then lays there fake-crying, twitching horribly, and making awful mechanical clicking noises. 3) The mechanical noises it makes while attempting to move are REALLY loud, which I think added to it's scariness for our kids. 4) It usually can't even sit down like it's supposed to -- just falls over backwards with a thud.

Anyway, all this to say - don't waste your money. This doll is scary, and doesn't even work as advertised. I'd stick to a nice, non-robotic baby doll with no weird sounds or moving parts.
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on November 25, 2010
I was so excited to get this for my daughter who is 3. I would have definitly loved it as a child. Its a great little toy except a few things:

First even though it says 36 months and up I don't suggest it for this age. This is my main reason for the low review. A 3 year old wants to be a little more involved. She doesn't want to just watch the doll walk, sit, stand and so forth. And the doll is all hard plastic and you can't really move the body parts yourself so she doesn't play with her. However she plays with the little dog on a daily basis. It is her most favorite toy.

Secondly because she has tried to move the parts herself the doll is broken. The first day we got the doll she tried to move her parts while she was turned off and now ever since she can't sit or stand properly she mostly just falls over.

And third this doll takes an insane amount of batteries. She needs them in her back and both feet. And they run out very quickly. Add the cost of battery supply to the cost of this doll and it just isnt worth it in my book.

So ultimatly I would recommend this for older children that dont feel the need to minipulate the doll themselves and will be much more gentle and ONLY if you are willing to spend a fortune on batteries.
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on February 18, 2013
We purchased this for our Granddaughter for Christmas and were so anxious for her to open it. To tell you the truth, she likes her dumb dolls better than this smart one. It's kind of jerky and the voice is a little strange.
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on December 28, 2009
This doll is a very noisy battery eater. We've only had it a few days, and she plays with it constantly, so as far as kid-value, it's pretty high. It's not the most durable doll, though. If she holds it while the doll is in motion, it makes an awful clicking sound. It doesn't walk well on carpet, even short berber. It walks best (although not all that well) on hard wood. The peek-a-boo feature only works about half the time because the child needs to act quickly to get the blanket on the hands before the doll moves on to some other activity, such as tickling or jabbering in baby-talk.

But my daughter loves it, so it gets 4 stars for fun.
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