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on June 14, 2013
This isn't a BAD game, but the replay factor just isn't there for me on this one like it is with many other karting games. I never find myself wanting to replay the same track over and over again in order to "perfect" it. You just do one track & move on to the next (being bombarded with stupid annoying cut scenes each and every time which you cannot turn off). I also find it beyond annoying how after playing a community level, the game takes you alllllll the way back to the main menu rather than back to the community level list where you left off. This makes you have to scroll ALLLLLLL the way through the list of levels again in order to get to where you were before! Obnoxious. LBP2 doesn't do that, thank God. Oh and did I mention this game requires an online pass to even access the community levels? NOT COOL.

Lastly, there is something 'off' about the controls in this game. It's almost like the game slightly nudges you or 'auto-pilots' you where you need to go. I never feel like much skill is needed in order to win a race, and this is evidenced by the fact that I can play with my 6yo nephew who sucks at video games yet can manage to land 1st place in this game.

Sadly, it could have been better. Fun to play through once--and that's about it.
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on December 20, 2012
Simple review:

LBP Karting is a great "Karting" game themed for the LBP series.
And NOT a great LBP game with a Karting theme.

If you love Karting games, you will love this too. But if you just love LBP and don't really enjoy Karting games, this game won't help. But that is probably obvious.

More comments:

While this is a great Karting game, there are a few small things that I miss. And I know I am picky on really really TINY things. But coming from loving the LBP 1&2 games, I felt a little unfulfilled.

Can't walk around your "pod/home". You can't exit your vehicle and walk around. Which means you can't slap each other either. You can't slap each other anywhere in the game that I have tried. My kids and I wear actually very saddened by this. Silly I know.

For the Karting, many levels are very open and it's easy to not see where you need to go or what direction you need to drive. Of course some of the open levels are not direction based. But the ones that are, don't tell you when you are going the wrong way, etc. For my 6 and 8 year old, it can be very confusing at times. And for me, coming from the Burnout series and other racing games, it is just as confusing for me as well.

Not enough power ups if you ask me. I was hoping for a little more over the top.

Again, a great Karting game. But even with all the LBP flare thrown in, it's just hard to get as attached to this game as the normal LBP series. Though I do love it at the price I got it for.
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on January 1, 2013
My kid and I love to play the Little Big Planet games. We own 1, 2 and now Karting.

We were disappointed that as of 01/01/2013 we can't use our Little Big Planet costumes we earned in previous games in this one! I had to dock it a star because if you're a fan of the little big planet franchise, you know that your other costumes from the other games generally roll forward into the latest Little Big Planet game you're playing.

You do got a nice reward on your Karting sack person for owning the previous games. That's pretty nice... but they need to finish up their support for the old costumes in the newer game. Their website says this is a work-in-progress.

As far as the game itself

This game is basically a ripoff of Mario Kart, but that's okay because it is a ton of fun. I have a good time building new race tracks for my kid and I to play on... and we can also race on other unique tracks made by the community when we go online.

If you're a fan of Little Big Planet, you should get it because it has all of the customization of the previous games, plus you now have the added customization of creating your Kart any way you choose. All Karts are created equal when it comes to speed, acceleration and handling... but cosmetically speaking, the sky is the limit. You unlock new Karts and Kart Parts by racing on the tracks through Story Mode and Challenges. Once you have an entire new "Kart" you have access to all of that Kart's parts, and you can use them to build a totally unique custom Kart.

If you're not a fan of little big planet, but you still like whimsical, non-realistic racing games... go ahead and pick this one up. There is also a "deathmatch" mode where you zip around an arena and use the pickups to score points by shooting eachother's Karts. They don't call it "deathmatch" because it is a kids game... but that's the gist of what you're doing in that mode.
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on October 1, 2016
My kids still love this game and my oldest son had to have it for his 11th birthday that was passed this week. It's a really fun race game that reminds me of Mario Kart or Modnation which are also games that my kids like to play. The Little Big Planet games are just fun for the whole family. My kids been playing the game every chance they could since I bought it. It's pretty fun and I would recommend it to anyone that doesn't have it yet and I plan on getting Little Big Planet 3 this Christmas since it looks really interactive and creative with the gameplay.
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on January 7, 2013
My preference: I enjoy action & adventure games mostly. Uncharted, Metal Gear, Infamous, Portal 2, All of the Mario games as well

My Background: I've played Little Big Planet 2 at my leisure. I wasn't committed to it but enjoyed the levels from time to time. I've always enjoyed Karting from way back in the SNES days all the way to the last one on the Wii. Since I recently sold my Wii I figured I'd give Little Big Planet Karting (LBPK) a try.

My 2 cents on LBPK: This is an incredibly addictive and absolutely FUN game to play. Every aspect of this game looks and feels like LBP. So if you love LBP or even just enjoy the occasional sackboy challenge (like in my case) then you will absolutely love the Karting version. The levels are as creative and fun to look as they are in LBP and the craziness related to the classic Karting is present in it's fullest form. One famous reviewer online has rated this game poorly and it's obvious the fat nerd is comparing apples to oranges.

First of all, this is NOT mod racers. Very little resemblance. So if you are coming into this expecting that game or anything related then re-adjust your expectations. As the title bluntly says it shoots more for the Mario Karting experience then the Mod Racers. This is simply the art of LBP with a little Mario karting mixed in. That's exactly what I was expecting (and hoping) and was surprised to see just that. The one thing about Mario Kart series that would bore me was the lack of levels. Mario levels were excellent craftsmanship, mind you, but got old quickly. In addition the presentation and overall feel was very kid-like and immature. I was a teenager when I got into Mario Karting so I didn't care too much but with the Wii days that factor made the game old. The ONLY thing that would make me play Mario Karting is to play with a friend. No friends available then no reason to play with the limited amount of levels since it got old quick. LBPK is an entire different category with endless amounts of levels and different types of levels (not just the regular 3rd person karting look)

In addition, LBPK does have a mixture of kid-like aspects but doesn't over do it like the Mario series. A major aspect in that is the MUSIC. Wow what great music! Very few if at all kiddie songs here but great rhythmical beats that really get you into racing and trash talking with friends. While you still have that cute cuddly look that's well known with LBP it's balanced with Great Music to keep you engaged. The scenery in the tracks also play a major role. You won't be over saturated with the typical Cartoon scenery & goofy 2 dimensional items you always see in Mario Karting. Instead they differ from level to level and are vivid, illustrative & creative.

The levels are also created with imagination. Most of the major levels have 2 versions. One for the campaign and another for the multiplayer. So if you played a level that you really enjoyed then right beside it you can play the multiplayer version with others online or in a split-screen. Sometimes they mix up the multiplayer version (I've only tried playing with 2 players on 1 screen, however, I understand that's the max which could be a negative if you have a household with 4 players and 1 screen.)

In addition, they mix things up by giving you different type of racing levels. Not just the regular racing. This was a big factor for me because as I mentioned I found the Mario Kart series to be boring after awhile. If there were no friends in sight then playing Mario Karting by yourself got old very quickly. LBPK, however, has a great campaign with various levels just like LBP. Like others have mentioned the story makes no sense and I always skip it. But let's face LBP has always seem to have a pot head hippie behind the stories and with Karting this was just a bonus not really a necessity (or a selling factor in my case since all I want to do is race).

While the controls aren't as crisp as I would prefer I think they tried to be innovative with that as well which deserve credit. By incorporating sliding/boost when you take a turn as well as defensive weapons to protect yourself and using the right analog stick to punch your neighbors as a bonus weapon while you are driving all draw in some challenges when maneuvering. It makes it very different from any other Karting game out there.

This game is no Mod Racer nor Mario kart but started with the creators of the former and borrowed small aspects from the later. You can compare and contrast but at the end of the day this game is in a very special Planet on it's own (no pun intended:). The simple fact that this game has the Little Big Planet feel to it makes it a hit in my book and playing it truly feels just as fun if not more fun then Little Big Planet!!
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on August 30, 2013
My boys (4 & 6 yo)have been playing this game for a little over a week now, and just like LBP1, they love it. Some of the moves are a little tricky for my 4yo but i don't think he cares and it doesn't deter him from trying. It's the same concept as Mario Kart. You race around some fun tracks picking up prizes and weapons trying to shoot your opponents or avoid getting shot. There are customizable outfits for your sack puppet as well as for your vehicle that you win while racing. There also appears to be other outfits and kits that you can purchase separately, I suppose. I see them, try to select them but it doesn't allow it. I haven't purchased anything extra nor have I even tried so I can't tell you how much they cost. At the moment my boys don't care. But if things change I'll update later. I bought my game from (just4games) and it arrived earlier than I had anticipated. I will be looking out for them in future purchase's. Speaking of future purchase's, LBP2 will most certainly be my next. Enjoy.
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on March 18, 2015
I don't understand other people's negative feelings towards this kart game.

It runs smoothly, has a ton of costumes, imaginative tracks, great music, online functionality, the ability to create your own (and play others') tracks.

The only complaints I have (compared to Modnation Racers) is that you can't fully build your own kart from scratch--but you still have plenty of options to create your own.

I personally loved this game (and I've played nearly ever blue-shell-infested mario kart, as well as Modnation Racers and Sega & All Stars RAcing Transformed.
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on November 26, 2016
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!! My husband and I really like this game. It is a nice racing game with different planets/tracks to race on. The fact that while you race, you are searching for bubbles with treasures, is an added goal to achieve 100% completion on a level. We purchased a used copy, but it looked brand new and works wonderfully. We have now completed it and will probably start over. Very happy with this game.
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on February 6, 2013
Obviously, this is a Mario Cart ripoff, but I don't care. I can decorate my kart as a sushi box...Can Mario do that? The answer is no. Hecks no.

My wife and I love LBP. If they make a game, we buy it. However, I warn you ladies and gentlemen, this sucker cheats. As though fast forwards and stupid rockets weren't enough, the game will occasionally glitch and simply drop someone that you recently threw off a cliff right next to you (half star subtraction). I'm being bitter right now, because I've seen it with my own eyes.

Enjoy playing with others? Do it! But don't have a big party because it doesn't let you use multiple players unless you're not in the same room...grr. (Other half star subtraction). Still I enjoy the regular play with my friends. My little lady often gets frustrated to tears. Instead of crying, she bashes her fists into my shoulder. So, if anyone out there would love to play a game where you can torture your significant other because they didn't wash the dishes...buy this and use a rocket right when they jump over a gap [insert evil laugh].
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on May 22, 2013
I love Little Big Planet so much that to me, it's the single greatest reason to buy a Sony Playstation 3 Game Console.
That said, my daughter and I are really enjoying LBP Karting as somewhat of an "add-on" to our LBP 1 and LBP 2 games.
I don't have experience with other karting games, but my pre-teen daughter's played Mario Kart on WII consoles, before, and she says LBP Karting is similar (albeit different, as LBP Karting offers "sackboy"/"sackgirl" dress-up, decoration and general game antics.
I definitely have yet to master LBP Karting -- which my daughter and I play with the PlayStation Move Racing Wheel, and I'm a tad frustrated that the levels we've tried, thus far, don't differ much from one to another, but LBP Karting is a great deal of fun,, all the same.
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