Customer Reviews: Live Love in London
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on December 26, 2010
I've been a huge King's X fan since about 1990, attending many of their live gigs, and like many other fans have been waiting a long time for the release of this, their first live DVD.

Unfortunately, an otherwise decent performance is absolutely ruined by the cuts that are made every few seconds for the length of the entire show. In some cases, the editor makes a cut for almost every measure of the music - literally 1-2 seconds between jumps. It's insane, and almost totally unwatchable.

At one point I turned on the commentary track, and welcomed the audio of Dug, Jerry and Ty as a distraction from the hyperactive visuals. If not for the commentary I probably wouldn't have been able to finish.

It pains me to be so critical of a product put out by my favorite band, but there are live bootlegs out there that I would rather watch than this. King's X is fantastically talented, and it's a shame this DVD makes it so difficult to enjoy the London show.
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on November 30, 2010
I have been a die hard King's X fan for decades and have seen them more than half a dozen times over the years. You may surmise correctly that I'm middle aged, which may explain my big problem with this video: the editing and camera work are totally annoying. It started to give me a headache and I nearly turned it off before the end - it is like a spastic MTV video, with rarely more than half a second between camera changes. I know I sound like a cranky old man, but I know I'm not the only fan in my 40s who probably would be put off by this. Hopefully they will re-edit and release a more watchable version.

The performance and sound are stellar, though. I have been listening to the MP3s in my car over and over for days. This is the way this music is meant to be heard (live I mean, not necessarily in your car via MP3). I would say some of their earlier albums, like faith, hope, love, were produced a little too tightly, and the guitar sounded a bit sterile and thin. Here everything sounds big and energized, with rich beautiful tones and some snarl to the guitar sound. I just wish the video production was up to par with this great performance. The best thing I can say about the video is how great Dug looks - can he really have been 59 at the time of filming? Or are those CGI abs?

I had the order sent to my US address and it seems to play fine in normal players around here, so I assume it's NTSC and either region free or region 1 or whatever. Also, I don't understand why this item is not listed under DVDs on Amazon. Unless I am reviewing the wrong product, there were 2 audio CDs and a DVD in the package.

So, minus 1 star for the video production. If the concert had been crappy it wouldn't seem like such a shame, but someone really dropped the ball on this.
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on November 6, 2010
Here is the new double live album of the hugely successful sold out concert at London, England last year. It is just about a perfect live hits album, with many of the great cool classics we know like What is this?, It's Love, Dogman, Over my head, and also has a good number of newer tunes from the last 2008 fantastic studio album XV and more.
The sound quality is impressively good, showcasing the great unique vocals of Dug, his funky heavy basslines, Ty's always amazing blistering guitar solos and fretwork, Jerry's underrated drumming and thier unique Beatles-like vocal harmonies along with the very cool funky heavy passionate groovy rock/metal vibe.
A very cool, very stunning uplifting, amazing huge funky heavy double live rock album from a classic influential relevant rock band everyone should know and hear.
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on December 29, 2010
First a couple of notes: while Amazon for some reason lists this as an audio CD with a bonus DVD, it was intended as primarily a DVD (and is packaged as a DVD). Second, Amazon (at the time I write this) states that the DVD is PAL format; this is incorrect. The DVD is NTSC format, and therefore is playable on North American DVD players.

Now onto the actual content of the DVD. Fans of King's X have been waiting a long time for them to do a quality DVD release, and the wait has been worth it. The set list is pretty much everything you could ask for - it has their "hits", their live favourites, some of their classics, and some of their new material. About the only albums not well represented are the ones they recorded while on Metal Blade records. The performance is very tight, as would be expected from such an experienced live band, with a few bits of improv and deviation from the recorded versions of songs, as well as some interaction with the audience (and the audience singing along to some classics - particularly Goldilox which is sung entirely by the audience). The guys look like they are having a good time throughout the show. There are no fancy pyrotechnics or video shows - it's just 3 guys and their music, as it should be.

The sound is quite good. The video is generally good, though one of the cameras used was a bit grainy, and in a few areas the picture flashes back and forth between different cameras a bit quickly. Unlike some other concert DVDs I've seen, the camera generally focuses on the right person (e.g. on the guitarist during a guitar solo). Overall, I'd strongly recommend this DVD to any fan of King's X.

If you're reading this for the CD only version - I recommend getting the DVD version.
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on April 15, 2011
Let me start by saying that i have been a Kings X fan from the very , very beginning ...... in a way that might amuse you , but to that later . A review of this release ? Mmmmm . I have pretty much every album the band and the individuals have ever put out . Yep , love 'em . Have done since they first appeared on the front of Kerrang! as unknowns . Looked so forward to this so much . Finally a real , purpose filmed DVD of one of the best bands , in my opinion , of the past 25 plus years . The problem isn't the songs or the guys performance ..... its ,
as has been said in most of the other critical reviews , the editing . Its abysmal ! To many fast chops , changes and faffing about . Its the visual equivalent of Malmsteem on guitar ...all flash and no real substance to the point it is annoying . I REALLY only managed the first 4 tracks on the DVD before i'd had enough . I even flicked onto Summerland and Goldilox in a hope that the editor , a Brian Powers ( get another career dude cos you are NOT good at this ) , would at least slow down here on these classic "slower" songs . No .
Quite simply the DVD sucks as a visual record , which is a crying shame . The CD version that comes as the whole package is fantastic and gets many a repeat play from me . So thats not the problem .
Sadly i think the final blame must lie with Dug , Ty and Jerry for letting the DVD go out , cut as it is . Sorry guys . Because you might remember me ...... i was the lighting guy for the Gretchen tour in the UK which features on the Live in London video , and the "Everybody ..... " extra on the DVD ! Does Ty still complain about the shower curtains in hotels ?
Worth getting ? Of course it is ..... just play without your TV on and enjoy the 5:1 sound of " the greatest band you've never heard of .... ! ...... but should recommend to any fan of really great music " .
And I am looking forward to the next album as always .
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on February 6, 2012
Finally, KING'S X gets the live DVD/2CD Box-set they deserve! I have been a King's X fan since 1990 and I have seen them in concert 11 times now. So I can honestly say that this LIVE CONCERT DVD and 2 CD SET truly captures the band in great form performing all of their "hits" and fan favorites to an adoring London crowd. KING'S X in my opinion are the Most Under-Rated melodic/progressive/funky/bluesy/hard rock/metal band in the world!!!They have GREAT vocals and 3-part harmonies (each member can sing lead too), plus they are a power trio."Summerland" is my personal favorite song of theirs but all of their songs are GREAT! "Over My Head", "Goldilox", "Pleades", "Dogman", "Moanjam", "Groove Machine", "Looking For Love","Pray", "Lost In Germany", "Alright", "What Is This" are just a few of the songs on this video and 2-Cd set that will make you an instant fan of this band. Dug Pinnick-bass/vocals, Jerry Gaskill-drums/vocals and Ty Tabor-guitar/vocals are an unbelievably Great band live and you get the whole experience with this package. A MUST-HAVE for real rock fans!
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on March 29, 2013
I bought this regardless of the reviews that say it jumps from shot to shot too quickly. Those people must be used to watching YouTube videos shot from the crowd. I noticed that the shots didn't linger very long at one angle or on one person or stage angle for long, but it was more lively this way. I did not feel that the transitions were too short. Another subject: I liked the selections chosen for this video. So, in all, I am very pleased with it and I hope they will continue performing and writing music until they are at least older than the Stones. Keep it coming!
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on January 12, 2011
This is an excellent CD/DVD set. Everything about it is top-notch. The packaging, photo booklet, the DVD video, graphics, audio... it's all of a high quality that this band has deserved for decades.

The DVD is of the entire show, almost 2 hours long, with a sold-out, enthusiastic crowd and better-than-average lighting. The band & crowd both look like they're having a great time: the energy is palpable! The video is clear and crisp, cutting between several different cameras. It really does a great job of capturing what it's like to experience a King's X show (I've been to about 5 or 6). Yes, the editing gets a bit frenetic in a couple places, but overall it does not detract from my enjoyment of the DVD. The accompanying audio is also well-mixed and all instruments are clearly captured.

I can only hope I look as good as dUg when I'm 60!

Bonus features include a short behind-the-scenes video of the show preparation, along with two live songs filmed during what looks like the Gretchen era: "Fall On Me" and "Everybody Knows A Little Bit." The quality of the two live songs is actually quite good, given their age.

The 2 audio CD's are of the same London show, but with the between-song delays and crowd chants ("Jer-ry! Jer-ry!") edited out. Audio quality and mix are again, very good. If only their other live CD set, "Live All Over The Place" sounded this good!

In terms of song selection, performance, audio and video quality, this is the superior live recording I've been wanting -- and that King's X has deserved -- for a long, long time.
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on January 17, 2011
Well, after years, and years of telling people they NEED TO SEE KING'S X LIVE, finally, there is something that allows that to happen on their terms. This CD/DVD set is everything you've come to expect from King's X. Nice packaging, thoughtful liner notes, and then of course there is the music they make which is so highly under rated, and under appreciated in this country, it's sad really. It's an great balance of tunes from nearly every release they have ever made available, and the sound recording is so thick, and powerful, you can't help but rock. If you're a King's X fan this is a MUST have for the collection, and if you're someone who knows of King's X, but have only heard a few of their tunes, this will serve as a good opportunity to get a good mix of all their styles, and will also teach you something about their musical prowess. I have met this band a few times in my life, and these three men are the nicest, most down to earth guys you'll ever meet. So do them a favor, as well as yourselves, and GET THIS DELUXE EDITION. It will NOT disappoint you, I promise.
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on August 14, 2013
...that this band has been virtually unrecognized & under-appreciated for their entire career (and yes, I have to slag the far less musically talented, but stupid/lucky-enough-to-have-a-'hit(s)'-despite-themselves-bands). This show is long after their 'glory days' of youthful ass-kicking & precision harmony singing, but...they still DO kick ass harder than 99% of what passes as music today.
It's simple: If you'd like to see & hear a real band make real music...get this DVD.
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