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on December 9, 2009
Awesome disc....concert is around 2 hours 20 minutes. Description on Amazon was over 3 hours, but that includes the extra interview...and during the concert footage, it breaks away for 3-5 minute bites of the interview....and the interview bonus repeats some of the parts seen from the concert footage. The concert itself is fantastic. Clapton is at the top of his game lately, as good as the early Cream days if you ask me. Winwood is very good instrumentally, and it is so great to hear all those Traffic songs, but his voice is off a's certainly the exception to retain your voice as you age. One thing: most mention the clarity of blu ray...and this disc is sooooo sharp ... (you can see every fingerprint and scratch on Clapton's guitar); but sound wise, blu ray is way better than a regular dvd. I switched back and forth in my blu ray player between this blu ray and The Cream reunion at Royal Albert Hall in 2005 (not blu ray). No's like comparing a metal cassette with a cheap non metal cassette (for those of you who remember those days).
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on November 2, 2015
A terrific concert from two professionals. Nicely produce with good video and audio quality. Not much more can be said of these two legends, their musicianship continues to shine through as they age. If your a "baby boomer", no introduction needed, if your somewhat younger, do yourselves a favor and listen to the "real stuff".
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on October 12, 2017
A terrific concert from two legends. Nicely produced with good audio and video quality. No need to say anything else about these two legends.
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on July 7, 2009
I heard Hendrix's first album described as 'an embarassment of riches' and I think that fits too. The use of a term directed at Hendrix is fully appropriate here as there are as many songs written by him as by Clapton and there are songs off three of his albums. The Buddy Miles song (off 'Band of gypsies') was worked up days before he died and acts as a tribute, Eric has done 'Little Wing' for years, but the real jewel is when they tackle 'Voodoo Chile' - the long one, not the 'slight return'. Eric describes it as stepping off a cliff, and so it is. Steve Winwood, of course, played on the original 'Electric Ladyland' version. I doubt if there are many who could have pulled this off, but they did.

Other highlights include tke solo pieces (Eric on just acoustic guitar for 'Rambling On My Mind' and Steve just on organ for Georgia), the three J J Cale songs and the finishing Duo of 'Dear Mr Fantasy' and 'Cocaine'. There are four Traffic songs ('Glad', of 'John Barleycorn' is another goody), all of the first side of the Blind faith album (stand out, if there is one since they are all good, being 'Presence of the Lord') plus 'Sleeping in the Ground' which Blind Faith used to play live and is on the 'Crossroads' compilation. There are also a few from other parts of Eric's career (including 'Crossroads' on the bonus disk) but strangely few of his compilations.

Altogether, first class rock music, definitely five stars.
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on August 24, 2015
The album is excellent. Winwood and Clapton are a bread and butter combination. Winwood's singing and organ playing are top notch. Clapton's guitar solos on Double Trouble are awesome. It reminds me of why Clapton is considered one of the best blues guitarist in the field.
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on July 4, 2015
It's very rare for me to buy a concert DVD, but this concert is a rarity. Two giants, Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood, set aside the issues that came between them and provide a truly magical concert. Both of them shine brightly in most of the pieces, though it's a little edgey at first. I absolutely loved hearing them do Hendrix's Voodoo Child and Little Wing, and their reawakening of Dear Mr. Fantasy is magnificent. I'm in the same age bracket they are and really enjoyed the razor sharp close ups of those old but astonishing fingers working magic on guitar strings and keyboard.
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on July 22, 2017
It's a must see if you are a Blind Faith fan! Clapton and Winwood put on a great show!
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on June 2, 2009
It's nice to see the legendary Eric Clapton share some of the limelight with the equally legendary Steve Winwood by doing a tour of this show. The performance is every bit as good as I expected from these two icons!

The two do a great job of trading off the spotlight and highlighting each other's strengths. What's surprising is how similar Winwood's and Clapton's voices are! On the higher notes, it's more obvious who's who, but in the lower register, sometimes I can't tell who's singing when I listen to the CD of this show (which I also bought)! That's quite a nod to Clapton, as Winwood is one of rock's greatest vocalists ever. It's no secret that Clapton transformed himself from a reticent singer in the 60's with an average voice to a powerful, blues shouter within the next 10 years or so, and since then his voice has just got better and better! Winwood still has it, too, though some of the REALLY high notes he struggles just a bit here, but overall, it's the same Stevie Winwood.

A real treat is Winwood performing "Georgia On My Mind" a la Ray Charles style. I remember watching an interview with Clapton some years back where he reminisced about seeing Winwood for the first time in a club when Winwood was 15, singing that song "just like Ray Charles!" I've always wished I could hear him belt it out too, and now we get our chance! I would have preferred the whole band providing the accompaniment rather than just Winwood's organ, though. I guess Clapton wanted Stevie to "re-enact" what Clapton saw that night in that club all those years ago, as I believe he said that Stevie was just accompanying himself when he sang that song back then. Still, the whole band getting into it, and especially a guitar solo by Clapton, would have been even more of a treat, for me.

Having two keyboardists in one concert was cool, kind of a novelty, but at times the blaring B-3's were a little too overpowering, somewhat drowning out the guitar and vocals. That's my only complaint about the technical side of this DVD. Overall the sound is great!
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on February 14, 2010
When Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood coraborated on this project they really did it right. As a long standing fan of both artists, I knew without listening that it was going to be an excelent disk! I was correct there wasn't a single song that disappionts. Eric Clapton a tasteful "lord of the strings" has been undergoing a major trans-formation of sorts. I will explain my thoughts by saying that I have followed him from pre bluesbreakers all the way to the present. I have always loved the blues and blues guitar because it allows the artist with the chops and taste to reveal the feeling of the music as related to "lifesong". The cry of ecxtasy, the the triumph of love, the soulful keen of love lost, the remorse of love betrayed and finally sweet revenge and retribution. When a peformer of Clapton's ability learns the importance of portraying the "lifessong" of the music you get something very rare indeed! I always been a fan of Steve Winwood his contribution to this project is no less important. Perfection no not quite but close cudos to both performers! Additionally it seemed that the perform-ers were enjoying playing together almost as much as I was enjoying hearing them play together was refreashing.
In our world of anything and everything for a buck it was refreshing to see that money wasn't the only issue in doing this project. Oh and by the way my email is: dblues@opton I chose that email name because i am and will probibly always be a blues afectionado!
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on October 29, 2017
Great music and video
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