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Live Wire (Myron Bolitar)
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on March 24, 2011
I stumbled across CAUGHT last Summer and spent the rest of the season reading all of Coben's books in order. Readers of the series can understand what a joy it is to curl up on the couch with old friends: Win, Esperanza, Big Cyndi, the Ache Brothers, and Myron's parents El-Al.

Some of Bolitar's early clients reappear, as well: teen tennis stars Suzze T and Kitty (also Myron's sister-in-law). Suzze needs Myron to locate her missing husband Lex, second fiddle of the rock duo Horsepower. Myron's almost pitiable need to make things right leads him on an odyssey to find his estranged brother. Along the way, buried truths are exposed putting all the characters into mortal danger.

Myron fans will find LIVE WIRE irresistible at any price. Could this be the last in the series?
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon March 31, 2015
His best friend Win says Myron has a hero complex. It's true, Myron readily neglects his real job, as a talent agent, whenever his investigative skills are needed. In this case a friend asks him for a double favor: find out who posted something nasty on her Facebook page, and find out where her husband has gone.

These tasks are not especially daunting for someone with Myron's skills and resources. But one thing leads to another, people get killed, and all sorts of amazing secrets are revealed.

There's a lot of family drama. Myron's father is having problems with his heart again. Myron's younger brother has disappeared, and Myron is desperate to find him and patch up past differences. And Myron gets to meet his nephew Mickey for the first time in a rather dramatic fashion. In the Myron Bolitar books, the emotional impact is as intense as the action is fierce.

The plot is intricate, clever and full of surprises I never saw coming.

Myron's friend Win is great character, as always, with his annoying upper crust looks and mannerisms, his lethal fighting skills, and his astonishing ability to arrive just in time whenever Myron is on the verge of getting slaughtered.

There's always plenty of humor going, too, between Myron's dorky quips and Win's snobby witticisms. Win's conversations with gagsters are especially entertaining in this book.

Following the adventures of Myron, Win, family and friends through this series has been immensely entertaining. I highly recommend the experience.
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on March 23, 2011
Myron is trying to help a client, former tennis star Suzze T whose husband, a rocker, has taken off on her after someone posted two words on her Facebook page that touched off an entire series of altercations typical for Myron and Win. At this point we find out that Myron has a long lost brother after he sees his sister-in-law in the club where he tracked down Lex, the rocker, and things unravel from there. As Myron searches for his brother issues from the past resurface and the Ache brothers come back into play.

On the down side, I am not a fan of long lost siblings who suddenly appear out of the blue, especially after ten Myron Bolitar books. Also, this book got off to a bit of a slow start and there was an air of finality to the ending so we may not be seeing much more of Myron and Win. My problems with the book were not that major but compared to the rest of Harlan Coben's books like Caught this novel fell short. To me, it just felt forced and a way to wrap up a series that, up until now had popped and sizzled and this one steams. But, for Coben fans this is still a must read and it still kept me up late into the night.
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I just finished reading Live Wire and I am stunned by the ending. I was not expecting this.

As in other Harlan Coben books, this book has an excellent story based around Myron Bolitar, Win Lockwood and MB Reps but the tone of the book did not have the same humor that was displayed in his other books. The book seemed a bit dark and seemed to be building up to a climatic ending and boy did it! Myron's world has changed drastically and his relationships are under the microscope. This book gives you a greater understanding of his relationship with Win, Esperanza and his family.

If you have read other Harlan Coben books in this series be sure not to miss this one. It is an outstanding read but be prepared for some depressing news (at least it was to me) and the continuation of the series, only in a different direction.

As a note to Mr. Coben, I know you want to keep your story lines fresh and more in tune to today's world, but I just LOVE Myron and Win and I hope someday you will write a book about how they became such close friends. And I will continue to read the series.
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In Live Wire Myron is ultimately working a set of missing person cases. As he investigates the separation of one of his clients from her rock star husband he must somehow connect with that rock star's reclusive partner. Meanwhile Myron's sister-in-law is missing and so is her husband, Brad, Myron's brother. While we are introduced to Myron's nephew Myron (named Mickey, but short for Myron, not Michael) we may or may not lose Myron's father Al, whose heart is beginning to fail him. Part mystery, part family saga, Live Wire is an engaging, fast-paced tale that holds its ground with the best of the Bolitar books.

Their appeal has always been interesting because the characters are so far over the top, from Win the preppie stone killer/investment whiz to Esperanza/Little Pocahantas, Bolitar partner and former professional wrestler. The cast may be strange but it is also endearing. In Live Wire Win does a star turn before (like so many other characters in this book) disappearing. This is an important book for those seeking more information about Myron's family history and it introduces Mickey/Myron who will have, it appears, a series of his own, written for young adults.

Solid fare from Harlan Coben; don't miss it.
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on June 28, 2017
I have read every Harlan Coben book now. Unlike other people, I still find every ending a surprise. Call me whatever you want, but I have six years in university study's.
My favorite Harlan Coben mysteries are the ones in which Myron & Mickey are not involved, but I also enjoy all of his books.
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on July 24, 2012
I typically love Coben's books, but this one just bored me silly. The author tries too hard to be witty, and then stretches it until it snaps. And he spends more time and energy trying to entertain us with a bizarre and annoying mix of comedy and philosophy than he does on any sort of real plot. I don't want to tell Coben he failed, because he is a favorite ... but he lost me with this one. I just couldn't stay focused and felt disappointed at the end. Definately not his best -- possibly his worst.
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on June 8, 2017
Reading this book was like checking in on old friends. Myron, Win, Big Cindy, etc., catching on what everone was up to. Of course the usual antics. Helping people. It explained the new Mickey Bolitar books. I've read 4 of those. If you like the Myron series you'll like this book, action, comedy, and family. However the end of, well don't want to be a spoiler. Good book very enjoyable.
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on November 29, 2014
Another great novel that features Myron Bolitar! This novel serves two purposes, first it is possibly (as of 11/29/2014) the last Myron Bolitar novel. As fans "boo" there is some good news, it appears that Mickey Bolitar, who was introduced in this novel will now have some adventures through the writing of Harlan Coben.

Myron continues to find himself in trouble and this novel is no exception. However, you find out that Myron has a brother... whom he hasn't spoken to in 15 years and a nephew that he has never met. The story begins with a missing person and a Facebook message. Myron is involved in solving the mystery that involves Suzze, a former tennis star who is out to find out who put a message on her Facebook page that announces that her new baby is not from her husband, Lex Ryder. Lex Ryder is rock & roll star who has also vanished and it is up to Mryon to find out what is going on. The story takes a sharp curve when Myron spots his brother's wife at a club and that is when mystery starts to unravel. Kitty, is not only the wife of Myron's brother but is also the reason why the brothers haven't spoken in over 15 years. Another interesting part of the story is their son Mickey, who is Myron's nephew that he has never met.

This story is really well written and the characters are first-rate. As the story goes along you start to realize that a passing of the torch is starting to take place. Myron, and of course Win are up to their usual tricks but Mickey is introduced with the certainty that more stories are on the way.

Grade: A
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on September 25, 2017
Coben is one of the authors who has caught my attention. I plan on reading more of his books which is a lot of reading. I like the way this story developed. He saves the outcome to the very end and is not predictable. Myron and Wil are interesting characters. I have read at least six of this series. I am now keeping track so I don't duplicate the limited time I have to read.
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