Customer Reviews: Live Raw: Raw Food Recipes for Good Health and Timeless Beauty
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Customer Reviews

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on June 22, 2011
Just received the book and loving it. The recipes are delicious and easy. The downside about many raw recipes is that they have too many ingredients or are super laborious, but that is not the case with these recipes. After a trip to the market for produce, then ingredients like aminos, tahini, tamari and a few herbs, you're set to make a myriad of raw meals. Mimi also reviews tools essential for a raw kitchen (dehydrator, blender, spiralizer, etc.) so the book is great for people new to the raw path. Highly recommend!
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on June 22, 2011
Really. I want to be like Mimi Kirk when I grow up! She's 72 and looks like she might be pushing 40. She has the bubbly personality of a teenager and a boyfriend 20 years her junior. This amazing woman shares her diet secrets and life experience with warmth and humor in this fabulous new book. The recipes are surprisingly simple and absolutely delicious. Truly a must read for all the 30 and 40 somethings out there who refuse to grow old gracefully. Mimi provides her method for looking and feeling terrific at any age. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
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on August 23, 2011
I ate a very processed classic meat, bread and potatoes diet growing up and got the majority of my vegetables from cans. Therefore, I found it hard to change to a healthier and what seemed to be less convenient diet lifestyle. Then I got a wake up call from a cancer diagnosis. It is my understanding that 80% of what causes a lot of forms of cancer is your environment. That would include what you eat and drink as well as many other factors. That empowers me and I feel very blessed that there are people like Mimi willing to share recipes to help people wanting to make the changes that will empower us to live a healthier life. As a result of my health situation I have a lot of books on eating better, but only two others that that I enjoy as much as Live Raw. The hardest things to give up, for me at least, are cheese, snacks and sweet treats. Mimi does a great job of presenting recipes for replacements for the things that are hardest for me to give up. I never intended to go completely raw, or vegan for that matter, but with Mimi's help I feel like I may be very close to making the change to a mostly raw diet. Please note that she does go on a rant about why she doesn't eat meat, but even though I may never give up eating meat completely I took the information as a learning experience and not a preaching experience. I don't think she means it to make you conform to her way, but wants to be sure to give the most complete information on why she believes eating raw is healthier. After all the research I have done on eating healthy I feel like her information is good and in keeping with other information out there. I have tried several of the recipes and love them. The only thing I find challenging about the book is that the index isn't really cross referenced, so if you want to look up cookies you have to know what she calls the cookies to find them in the index, though it is sectioned quite nicely so simply going to the Sweets section will get you to cookies fairly quickly. I highly recommend this book if you are interested in eating and living healthier.
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on April 19, 2012
The author is inspiring, but the book itself is just "meh".
It's very pretty with lots of pictures and high quality paper, but that's about it for the "pros". As for the "cons":

1) A lot of typos and errors. Lately, I've been encountering this a lot with books, and it's unbelievably irritating! I could understand a couple of typos (although, in a published book, there shouldn't be any), but this book had more than a couple. How hard is it to get a couple of people to carefully read your book before you start selling it? One example, that is fresh in my head - one of the recipes says "1 corn kernel". I'm assuming it's 1 cup, but who knows?
It seems like some recipes that she meant to include have been omitted. There's a section with suggestions for filling ingredients for sushi that mentions some recipes that are nowhere in the book. Either they've been erroneously omitted, or why would you mention a recipe and then not include it in the book? Very frustrating!

2) The book calls for a lot of uncommon ingredients. There are similar recipes in other cookbooks (or online) without these, so apparently they're not even necessary in most cases.
Firstly, I think that discourages beginners from trying these recipes.
Secondly, it may not be a problem for those who are lucky to live close to a specialty store, but most people have to order them online. These ingredients are expensive (especially when you add in the shipping), and seeing how even the basic raw diet is pretty expensive, I haven't tried as many recipes from this book as I would've liked to, because of the cost of the ingredients.

3) Some recipes I've tried from this book are just not good. (And I've never been a picky eater.)

So to sum up, if you're just starting on a raw diet, get something else (see below for my recommendation). If you're not a beginner, you won't find anything new in this book.

At the risk of it sounding like a plug, I'd recommend "Going Raw" by Judita Wignall for people starting on a raw diet. I promise, I'm in no way affiliated with this book, I just really REALLY love it! Every recipe I've tried from that book was absolutely delicious!
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on January 16, 2012
i bought this after seeing a review on my favorite blog, Raw on $10 a Day or Less. most raw cookbooks are too "complicated" for me. i am a beginner and i find the raw lifestyle a very worthwhile endeavor, but most authors forget to talk to newbies and people who are just starting out. Mimi's approach is simple and described in plain English. her recipes range from "easy-ready right away" to "complicated-requires lots of equipment and time". i like that i feel i can grow with this book as i become more raw familiar. i have had a dehydrator for years that i never opened. her book gave me the courage to try one of the more simple recipes. i strongly encourage readers that have a dehydrator to try the blueberry pancakes...yum! anyway, the book is not preachy, though she has opinions about meat. as a meat eater, i was not offended by her brief sermon about eating meat. the book is also not too technical, which i find alot of raw books to be. i think it is a good place for beginners and the recipes are great no matter what stage you are at in your journey. the only MINOR negatives i note are the following: i wish the index were more comprehensive - listed by ingredients and recipe type and recipe name. also, i would love it if she gave options for the recipes that require a large, expensive dehydrator, for those of us who have not made that investment yet. one last thing, a nice addition to future volumes would be a weekly or daily guide for beginners - a day in the life where meals for each day are listed and a shopping list for some suggested grocery trips. i find it hard to plan meals at this stage of my game. on my 100% raw days, i am always starving! i would like to learn to get past that by planning better. (FYI- my background, i am not 100% raw or vegan. i eat fish and meats. i feed a family (including a toddler) that is vegan "supportive", but that eats meat and cooked foods daily. my point, i have picky eaters that enjoy the recipes in this book as well.)
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on June 17, 2011
My husband and I have only been raw foodist about 40%. But after trying some of recipes in this book, we can't wait to do more! They taste as good as they look and she has something for everyone.
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on July 13, 2011
I am so happy that I purchased this book. I received it about a month ago in the mail and read it from cover to cover. Not only is it filled with awesome recipes, but Mimi Kirk also offers wonderful advice throughout her book. She truly cares about the health of others and her attitude is evidence of that. From the book, I have tried almost every single smoothie, several of the soups and salads, as well as the pasta alla checca. Everything has been delicious and I am excited to try more! This book is for everyone, vegan or not. But if anyone is stuggling in their raw food walk Mimi Kirk is so very encouraging and I would highly recommend her book "Live Raw."
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on July 27, 2011
Mimi Kirk is probably the hottest woman in her 70's that I've ever seen! She's a great face for promoting her book on living well, and 'raw.' The book contains dozens of recipes, all of which sounds absolutely delicious! I am not one for trying new things, or new diets. However, yesterday I followed her recipe for cold broccoli soup...ASTONISHING! Kirk demands the idea that if you eat well, you feel well. She teaches us to love ourselves through feeling&eating right. Kirk is an inspiration for all. Great find. Great book. Great woman.
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on January 28, 2012
I was on my first step of changing my lifestyle into raw food, when I came across Mimi Kirk's "cook"book. It has been my guide into this whole new world, starting with help on how to transform my kitchen into a raw food friendly kitchen, and what I need in my cupboards. Half of the items I've never heard of before, but this book makes it easy to change. I never felt intimidated or overwhelmed - everything is explained, and gave me a whole new appreciation of greens, fruits, nuts, and grains. The recipes are fantastic and yummy. I started out with making one new recipe every day. We feel totally energized, the food is not only delicious, but also very satisfying. I did not have cravings once. From juices and smoothies, to making your healthy breads without any flour, non-dairy cheeses, salads, and sweets, it is all covered. This book is a great gift as well for anybody you know that wants to eat healthy, and nutritious that tastes wonderful.
The photos look so inviting that you want to start making the recipe right away. Yes, I do hug this book sometimes too...:)
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on June 30, 2011
Mimi Kirk's "Live Raw: Raw Food Recipes for Good Health and Timeless Beauty", covers all aspects of your health.
This book will appeal to your eyes, taste buds, stomach, brain, and pocket book.
Great recipes are on colored pages with beautiful photos.
In addition, Mimi educates the reader on why various parts of the body are in need of nutrient rich foods.
You'll find information on ingredients, spices, useful equipment, and learn why Mimi is such a special person.
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