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on May 9, 2012
This is my second treadmill purchase. I bought it for a good friend because I own a more expensive Livestrong model and I was just as impressed with this one. The quality of construction is nice and hardy, not cheap and rickety like some $300 treadmills I've seen. It doesn't knock or vibrate, as long as it is placed properly on a nice sturdy flat surface. They have added USB functionality, which is great. I didn't have that on my previous one. Make sure to apply lube to the belt every so often and you may want to also purchase a mat to go underneath to protect your floor.

I have owned my treadmill for two years and it still runs as new as when I bought it, which is why I chose to buy another Livestrong treadmill (this one). I got free shipping with Amazon Prime and it arrived very quickly. I was contacted by a delivery company who carried it into my home for me. The purchase went very smoothly.
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on July 2, 2013
Well, I just got this treadmill today and so far I'm impressed.

It's a piece of cake to assemble. Put a few bolts and washers here and there, plug in a couple of wires and you're done.

It's very comfortable to walk/jog on. Haven't tried running on it (it's VERY hot over here right now and the treadmill is in the garage. yeah, I'm a wuss. haha)
>> UPDATE: I've also added running and boy is it comfortable! <<

Anyhow, here's the PROS:

Easy to Assemble
Simple to figure out the console and all the buttons, etc (clear features)
Sleek design
Works as Expected
It's quiet
Has lots but not overloaded with, nice simple workout programs
Fan that blows air in your face
hook up your favorite music instantly




The music speakers are good. Don't expect THX theater surround sound. I hooked up my little iPod shuffle and it sounded good to workout to.

You get what you paid for. This is a nice machine that fits my lifestyle of a daily exerciser. I'm not working out for the Olympics, I just want to not be fat. hehe. So, I think I got the right machine that will make cardio workouts fun, easy and help keep me motivated.

I think for the price, you're getting a top end machine. I'd recommend it.

>>>>>>>> EDITED JULY 6th: <<<<<<<<<<

I still LOVE IT

I use this treadmill every day and love it every time.

I put it on a 4x6 1" thick rubber mat to be sure it's on a level surface, too.

It's so comfortable to run, jog, walk!
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on April 8, 2013
I'm not going to give open ended opinions on this just the facts and ratings.

Belt adjustment... everyone is complaining the belt is off... this is normal. You take the T-Wrench provided with the box, and just turn thebolts on the end of the running track, "Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey" the track will move to the right or left depending on the tightness. Mine was off by about 2 cm and i adjusted it in about 2 min. Was not an issue at all.Make sure the track is going about 2-3 MPH for adjusting.

The price is hundreds less than the other treadmills in the same range of functionality.
The options are more open ended a they are not ipod specific and work with all devices that can use a 3.5mm jack.
The belt and product are delivered in a well made shipping container with a great shipping service who called before arrival and notified me of any delays, Hands down the best freight shipping I've ever used.
The built in speakers are very decent for their size and most importantly LOUD.
The tray size holds tablets and phone which is grat so i can have a monitor for my shows right there in front of me.


Shipping - 10 "Unit was delivered in great condition with a guy who helped me get it into my garage and called ahead to let me know he was almost there."

Quality of the Treadmill - 9 "The Unit could be a little bit more sturdy as it does vibrate a little and I am oonly 1/2 the allowable weight.

Running Noise - 9 "I've heard quieter but this is very quiet"

Options - 8 "The screens are the low point, they are simple 2 tone displays with good input and great info but in this day and age we should be expecting more in screens regardless of the device, for instance my refrigerator has more detail on its screen. With that said the input ports outputs for speaker cables and great user interface options were great for this price range, also i cant not mention the variable shock, i can't feel the difference but my GF who has hip problems was able to use it for 30 min with no issue so i guess its helping her a bit."

Engine power - 10 "I',m sure some 250LB guy is going to stress it a bit but the engine for a 180LB person such as myself, has never hit a hiccup. Its Strong continuous and Quiet with no issues now after 1 month of continuous use.

Belt Quality - 10 "for it being the stock belt and other belts I've seen on tread,mills they did a great job of giving it a good grip without making it too noisy."

Installation - 10 "I know im a handy guy i can fix almost anything, but regardless its 4 pieces! 2 main arms i treadmill base and 1 console, I can count the bolts using myfingers. needless to say it was very easy.I would say if their is one part which will give you any hassle it will be feeding the wiring bundle up the right arm, and all you have to do is lay it on its side and feed it up then tape it at the top as you angle it upwards again."

Ease of use - 8 "Only an 8 because i hate the fact you have to turn off the main power for the unit when it's not in use. It still retains all of its memory and such but i do not like the fact that i cant just tell it to go to sleep or something similar.and more to that point if you designed it to have to be turned off when not in use, why put the main power button all the way in the front bottom corner? I'm sure they could have wired it to the base leg in the back of the running track so as you lift the base up for storage you can just click it off."

That's it I guess.
I am very happy with it.
I run Myself My GF and my Husky on it and it just keeps on chugging along.
1 month in and have not had a single issue with it.

I seldom spend 500+ on myself and this was something i have not regretted at all.
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on April 24, 2013
I bought this treadmill because I am just starting to get into running.
This treadmill was middle of the road in price and the LiveStrong warranty was better than most others out there.
Started up with no problems, we haven't used it much just yet but I will update once we have logged a good amount of miles on it.

-The box was severly beat up when it arrived but luckily no parts were damaged because of padding.
-This was not hard to set up. It took my fiance and I about 1.5 hours to assemble and lets be honest, I just stood there and held up an item or two. This is a 2-person job! One person to hold up parts, the other to screw things in, etc.
-Instructions were easy to follow, had no issues with any of the process including lubing underneath the belt.
-VERY quiet!
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on October 11, 2013
The treadmill was not difficult to put together or operate. It was a bit frustrating to download the programs and install them on the treadmill. When I found an opportunity when time was aligned (East coast and West coast) I did receive assistance from Johnson Fit support rep. Delivery was a significant disappointment. I had a scheduled window for delivery, for which, I took off work (30 miles away) to meet. The delivery company left a "Sorry we missed you" note one hour ahead of time. I contacted the delivery company driver who said he would not return and I must make another appointment for delivery. I called the delivery office and was told "sorry, the driver said he would not come back." Really! I called the delivery company a second time and got a more customer-friendly response and the driver returned, although with a nasty (sorry-unprofessional) attitude. I requested install when I made the purchase (the treadmill weighs over 200 lbs) - the driver refused, dropped my purchased at my garage, and left. I am hoping Amazon will address this practice and lack of customer orientated service with the delivery company. The treadmill works well – although my wife has only used it once. I will see how she likes it now that the programs are installed.
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on September 3, 2013
The biggest difficulty in assembly was the huge size, and the kind of awkward folded size. It was very, very difficult to get into the room we have it in, and when we move, we'll have to probably take the arms off and have it passed through some of the windows - possibly.
But once it was assembled, which was much easier than expected, it has been very good.

It's incredibly quiet. The motor, and the sound of the tread running is quieter than the sound that your feet make on it. I was originally planning on watching Netflix on an old computer as I walked, but that computer unexpectedly died. So I pulled the iPad into action, and that easily sits on the controls. It doesn't block anything important, and it connects nicely into the speaker system, which sounds a bit better than I expected.
There's also a nice little fan built in. Not wildly powerful, but it's a nice little touch.
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on April 21, 2015
Complete piece of junk. Broke after a year and customer service is a waste of time. They send out parts, give you YouTube videos and then you're on your own. My husband must have changed out four parts already and the thing still doesn't work. Seriously-save your money and get something better. Total piece of garbage. I'll probably have to pay someone to come take it away.
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on November 26, 2013
One of my pulse reader handle things was a little dented when I got it, but still works. When putting it together, I couldn't screw one of the bolts in all the way from under the console (the hole didn't quite line up for the bolt), but still holds up fine. I don't use the usb thing. Other than that, I love it.

UPDATE: 3 years later. I'm changing this from 5 stars down to 3 stars because after 3 years of owning it, the motor broke down. It would turn on but the belt wouldn't move. I paid over $100 for a replacement motor, and after installing it, it still wouldn't work. I don't know what the problem is.
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on April 10, 2013
I shopped around in brick and morter stores, and everything in this price range was weak with poor build quality, this treadmill on the other hand is fairly solid with pretty good build quality. Nothing even came close to this. Putting it together was fairly simple, but the instructions could be a little bitter. Make sure you set it up where it's going to stay, especially if it's going to be on a carpet, this thing is HEAVY. It's more than a chore to move it on anything softer than concrete. It has small wheels on the back to help, but basically your using muscle and leverage to move it around.
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on January 5, 2013
I have only had this treadmill for a day. So far it seems great. I was worried about knowing when it is time to oil the belt to keep it in good condition. The manual says that it gives you a reminder every 150 miles so you are sure to keep it in good condition by following the maintenance prompts. When it arrived the truck driver, with my husbands help dropped it just inside our door unlike others who had delivery people who left it in their desired location. I only mention this because it weighs 216 pounds while packaged and it is recommended that you put it together at the location you intend to keep it. We had to move it to the second floor so we opened the box and removed all of the other parts, extra cardboard and plywood that keep it from being damaged during shipping. We then closed the box back up and ratchet strapped it closed and my husband and I barely got it up the stairs. I have used it in manual mode and run/walk mode. The heart rate monitor seemed accurate. All in all I would purchase this model again. Will update if anything changes.
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