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VINE VOICEon October 11, 2011
In this 85 minute, widescreen, 2009 DVD, Lynn McTaggart and 7 other folks discuss the scientific theories behind alternative healing. The DVD is dialog, with explanations and examples. Since I am always looking for "proof" to share with others, I found it very useful. For those who do not know, Lynn McTaggart is the author of "The Field" and several other books. This DVD also explores the heart/mind/body healing connection that Western medicine is often still lacking. Interviews follow with biologists, biophysicists, biologists, medical doctors, nutritionists, researchers, and neurolinguistic programmers, exploring an intelligent energy field to heal the entire body.

The DVD begins in Thessaloniki, Greece where we meet 5-year old Dimitri. Born with cerebral palsy, his parents followed the standard medical treatment approach, but were informed that Dimitri would likely never achieve independence. Dimitri had problems in walking, and going up and down stairs. He also had problems with his right hand being curled into a fist. Then the parents met Dr. Eric Pearl. After attending a seminar to look for ways to help Dimitri, they decided to ask Dr Pearl for a healing session, which involved the use of his hands and energy healing. After just 4 minutes, Dimitri was up jumping and running! After the second session, Dimitri could open his right hand and even hold a glass! The parents also learned that "Reconnective Healing" can be learned by anyone. Several amazing stories of healing follow, not unlike many others that you have probably already heard.

The scientific focus is generally on matter and not on the energetic field of the mind and heart. Little is known or discussed in traditional Western medicine about the importance of your beliefs, and a change in your energetic frequency to align to your self-healing capacity. Current western medical treatment is generally based on physics and chemistry. Some of the subjects touched on in this DVD include: Out of Body Experience, the effect of intention on healing, the placebo effect, the importance of your beliefs, the changes in your body caused by emotions, the Zero Point Field and how we are all connected, how the nervous system works, distance healing, bio-photon emissions, epi-genetics and signals outside your cells, the morphogenic or energetic body field, the heart as the main rhythmic signal for the body, Thought-Field Therapy and the importance of your thoughts in healing, -- all of this in what is considered today's current medical revolution.

You will hear of other folks who have been cured of a brain tumor, kidney abnormality, and severe chronic fatigue syndrome. Be sure to watch the entire credits for additional bits of info by our guest speakers and their credentials.

Additional information can be found at [...] . This DVD is also a Visionary Awards Winner, Coalition of Visionary Resources [...] . It includes a "scene selection" feature, so you can return and review specific segments of the presentations without having to watch the entire video.

A film WELL worth owning and sharing, in my humble opinion.
Vaya con Dios (Go with God). Namaste'
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on April 19, 2013
This DVD will cause you to think that what you have been told by the medical field your whole life isn't correct. We are not machines as allopathic medicine is trained from Newtonian beliefs. We are not independent from others or our Father God who made each of us from Him. This DVD will reveal how we are connected to make up a body of a much larger whole. This is the new understanding that needs to be revealed for greater health and for someone to become the greater person that they really are but don't know it.
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on February 18, 2014
The world is made of energy: visible and invisible. All my life I have been very intuitive and believed in communicating through mind. As I mature, I began to see the connection between 'mind and body' therefore I believed in 'healthy mind/healthy body.' Gradually I learned to heal other people by words, touch or just sending energy but I could not explain why. This video has validated my practice. I don't charge anything and still many people are doubtful but that is okay with me. I feel great satisfaction when people around me or on the other side of the Earth are cured. .....Hiroko
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on September 14, 2009
This DVD is promoting the notion of healing that comes from a deeper reality. This explains all the "spontaneous" healings. It does this very well. The editing is excellent. No extraneous stuff. To the point. Articulate folks explaining/advocating a different definition of the nature of reality than our simple 3-D reality with "modern" medicine.

I'd recommend it to anyone . . . folks who already know this stuff -- it's a great reminder from a variety of perspectives -- and to anyone becoming interested in the "mystery."
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on March 4, 2013
I started a return to a simple, more loving,respectful and sustainable way of life nearly a year ago. I left the high income, 'desire for more' and stressful life I was living. In this process saw Tom Shadyac's movie, " I AM " and then within days found Thom Hartmann's book "Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight: revised". I read and re-read the book and watched the movie nearly once a week for eight months.
So last month as I am dealing with a health issue pertaining to my thyroid, I just happened to read a review on The Living Matrix. I ordered the DVD and took it to some friends. We watched together and have been focusing energy around healing my thyroid. I would like to say it is healed but that takes time to know definitively. My Dr. says the thyroid is within normal levels now for three weeks and the goiter went away without steroids. I am so encouraged!
I love this DVD and feel anyone who wants to learn more about our bodies and caring for them should definitely order and watch this film! I can not speak highly enough about it!
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This is a must have that goes hand-in-hand so nicely with Embrace, Release, Heal: An Empowering Guide to Talking about, Thinking about, and Treating Cancer. And mind you, you do not have to have cancer or any life threatening disease to garner some great lessons from both of these Leigh's book and this film which was recommended to me by Leigh.

This film is wonderful proof of the strong mind-body connection and how the mind and the energy we produce (through thoughts, etc) have a great effect on our bodies ... even on the cellular level. This is important when one thinks about cancers, tumors, growths -- stuff that doesn't belong in the body to begin with or is invoked there through environmental triggers, emotional and subconscious triggers and our life force. What are we putting out there to the world and how do our bodies react to that energy? This film delves into it in a very scientific way that will satisfy both the homeopath and the allopathic practitioner or believer. Harnessing the power of our life force and our minds and understanding the effects it has on our bodies at the cellular level is the crux of this film.

Fascinating and eye opening. A leap into Quantum Physics and Epigenetics. A real treat and eye-opener.
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on March 3, 2013
We are all energy emitting beings. This DVD explains the power of our mind and our ability to take control of our body’s health through thought and the energy being emitted from that thought. Each person can experience for himself or herself how they “feel” when thinking in a positive way, such as the feeling of love, gratitude, charity, etc. One’s body chemistry is regulated by those thoughts. Healing comes from the harmony of the body with the thoughts of the mind. This DVD explains the process and is an excellent source of understanding that we are all responsible for our health, and ultimately our lives, through our own thought processes.
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on March 1, 2014
It is commendable that the industry has begun to devote to esoteric quantum issues, "invisible" things, spiritualists and I hope they do continue investigating and producing good documentaries. This is great, a bit repetitive for anyone who has seen several DVDs about. For those who are beginner in this study, this movie is highly recommended because it is one of the most well made and technically worked. Scholars give their testimonials. It should be seen by the schools, teenagers, by opinion leaders, physicians, engineers, and especially by those who contribute to the destruction of forests, rivers, seas.
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on June 29, 2013
The Living Matrix is a fantastic movie that explores ideas about our health that involves quantum physics of the human body field, heart coherence , and informational health care.
Health care today is in crisis at a global level.
Crisis of meaning
Crisis of economics
Crisis of leadership
Crisis of our understanding what promotes healing.
We need to shift our model of health care from disease-centered orientation to
health-centered orientation.
We now have viable scientific theory on how the body stores and accesses healing information.
So…..we do have a medical revolution on our hands.
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on April 24, 2017
Amazing information! Thoroughly enjoyed it!!!
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