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on June 1, 2013
Many of the things Karp brings up are what is covered by almost every budget article I've read and wish I would have taken the time to put them all together into one book and sell. So to give him credit the book is worthwhile for the price and is a good reminder of the basics. In times like this it never hurts to have reminders of how to budget and spend wisely.
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on July 12, 2012
Living Rich and Spending Smart is filled with dozens and dozens of money saving tips which I have been using for years and they work! This book covers the entire gamut; from using coupons to buying a car. The advice is practical and will save those who use it thousands of dollars over their lifetime. The book is well written and you can read it quickly. The underlying wisdom that can be had from this book, while not so obvious, is that it doesn't matter what you buy you won't find long lasting happiness in it. The point of saving money is so that you can go experience life and do things that will create lasting memories. I have read a lot of financial books and this is a good one!

Thanks for sharing Greg!
Craig Kelley
Author - How To Get Out Of Debt - A Biblical Approach To Living Debt-Free
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on April 16, 2013
Obviously, if you are careful with your money you will probably not reap anything new from this book, but my guess is that there are some suggestions in many areas that many have not considered. Yes, a lot of it is common sense, but when it comes to watching our money, common sense many times flies out the window. His 2 year/2 year suggestion for college expenses was something I hadn't heard before and makes tons of sense. I like the numerous websites he refers to for future reference, many of which I bookmarked. Keep in mind, that this is an older book,so some of the financial advice may be a bit dated. This was an easy, straightforward read, and well written especially considering that money matters can be a bit of a snore to read (for me at least).
I should also mention that I downloaded this book free on my Kindle Fire. It was well worth my time.
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on July 3, 2012
Some of the author's ideas are summaries of what you'll find from other experts (Dave Ramsey, Suze Orman), but many of the topics he chooses to address are unique - the time shares and funerals being particularly interesting to read about, I thought.

The best part of this book was the author's honest assessment of human behavior and its impact on spending choices. He doesn't just tell you what you should or shouldn't do. Rather he explains why we tend to behave the way we do and what we can do to change that impulse in ourselves so we can make better choices. Also a strong plus was the consistent reminder that the goal of saving money is so that you can have more to spend on the things that really matter to you. That idea kept the rest of the book in focus from start to finish.

I wouldn't make this the only money management book you read, but it will definitely be a good addition to the shelf of anyone looking to improve their spending habits or change their outlook on finances.
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on September 27, 2013
Unlike many of the novels that I review, Living Rich by Spending Smart, explains life lessons and things you can do to accomplish different feats in your life time. Now, I'm only 14 years old and I don't have a job, a don't own a home, and everything that I own, is bought for me either by my parents or the money that I can save up by doing odd jobs around the property. The pieces of information that I have been able to take from this are things that I would definitely be using later on in my working and retired life. Gregory Karl brings to light all the best money saving schemes in one novel, and unlike all the other "Saving Smart novels out there, it's not just ideas, it's things that would be logical to use in real life.
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on July 6, 2013
Living Rich by Spending Smart does have some pretty good tips. There's also a lot of common sense tips in here as well. Not really sure how old the book is, but a few of the tips are out of date at this point (get an unlimited text plan?).

The other downside to this book is the section on grocery shopping. One the tip is written for homeowners with a basement, or extra room, and a family of 4. It is noted for single persons or persons in apartments "these tips may not work". Really? I will say I've used the auto advice and we can all do better with our finances.

If you're a young person starting out, this is good. For the older ones like's a good reminder of what I should be doing, or have already done.
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on April 25, 2013
Practical "how to's" that anyone can apply in stages. I thought I was thrifty, but this book took me to another level. There are so many opportunities to pay less for more, there is no reason not to take advantage of those gifts. Some take some time, but others are "set it and forget it." Like joining local restaurant clubs for free just once, then getting free meals and treats throughout the years.
You can start using these ideas anytime. But the earlier you start, the more a habit they will become, and will not be a burden or embarrassment as time passes. People will already know that when they go out to dine with you, you'll probably have a coupon.
Highly recommended. Being thrifty is smart. This book will get you started.
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on June 28, 2012
This is an excellent book that can help you get the most out of your money. I am a very frugal person, so a lot of the suggestions were things I've already been doing. Even still, there were plenty of new ideas that I hadn't previously considered.

This book is a few years out of date though and could use a bit of updating. For example, in the section on communication VOIP wasn't mentioned at all. I bought an Ooma device years ago and use a regular expandable phone with it along with a regular phone number for free local and domestic phone service through my internet connection.

Overall though I thought this was a very useful book, and it is very well-written. I think it is especially useful for young people who are navigating money management for the first time. It will help them clarify what their priorities really are and help them spend wisely.
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on May 28, 2013
I am pretty smart with money. With that said, I knew about 90% of what this book discussed. If you are clueless about money or feel you have some holes to fill, this book would help. The book does give many suggestiongs on how to cut spending (reviewing your insurance options/increasing deductibles is a good example) but if you are already money savy then you probably do 80% of what this book says to do anyway. I do recommend this book to those out there that feel they need help and have no ideas. I think for those out there like me, the savy folks can skip this buy and look elsewhere for help.
(I did get this book free. Savy people check the free books on Kindle often to reduce spending. I don't think I would have paid for this book)
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on July 15, 2011
This book offers insight on many ways for an individual or family to save money, by looking at current poor financial habits and suggesting solutions to help build and accumulate more wealth. While I cannot really offer much advice on how helpful this book is since I lack much real-world experience and am rather reading this book to reinforce my financial spending before it occurs, I must agree I see sound advice from this book.

The author is able to take a stance that makes it comfortable to read, in such a tone that isn't too "pushy" in suggestions. Covering a variety of topics, the book could potentially save you thousands of dollars. However, I was a bit bored by this book in the beginning, because it went much more in-depth in the concepts it covered. However, the author then starts to speed up the topics dramatically, keeping my interest. This book served as a great refresher to keep myself in sync with saving money, since the most difficult part of any plan is sticking with it.
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