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on April 10, 2017
Living Things is perhaps my most favorite Linkin Park album tied with A Thousand Suns. This album, just as the latter, can be listened to front to back with no interruption. You start out this album with "Lost in the Echo" which is the hook for the whole album. You're brought in with Chester's emotional vocals, a hard riff of electronica and rock, and it to mention Mike's way with words. This song along is a perfect example of the versatility of Linkin Park. It covers so many platforms of sound, instrumentation, lyrics, vocals, genre, style, etc. I think I've said this a million times but Linkin Park are masters of every genre. While their older fans complain that their music is "not the old Linkin Park" similar to albums such as Meteora and Hybrid Theory, Linkin Park has been dabbling here and there to take over every single genre and they do it in a way that only they can. With songs on this album such as the first three tracks, "Lost in the Echo", "In My Remains", and "Burn It Down", I refer to as 'The Holy Trinity' leading you into this journey of sound, there is no going back. You will never tire listening to this album as a whole. Each song gives you feelings unlike the last. Perhaps my favorite part is when you reach "Tinfoil", a beautiful, simple yet complex instrumental that flows perfectly into "Powerless". It's an ethereal experience to listen to, please do yourselves a favor and avoid all bias towards Linkin Park's older albums, and pick up a copy of Living Things. True lovers of art and music will appreciate all it has to offer.
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on June 19, 2013
It seems as if Linkin Park's music changes with every album, and this is no exception. They've definitely kept up the top quality music they're known for. The album has 12 tracks, comes with a free one month trial of LP Underground (or at least mine did) and the front cover booklet includes lyrics for all the tracks. So many various new instruments are integrated and each song delivers something different to your ears. Chester still shouts, as always, and Mike returns with his top notch raps. Every song on this CD got my attention and the more I listen to it the more I fall in love with it. Every LP fan should appreciate Living Things. I've been a long time fan and they have yet to disappoint me.
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on July 28, 2012
The album is just meh.... I saw Linkin Park when they had their very first concert at the launch of Hybrid Theory. What I don't understand about bands is they have a working formula that works and they change it and lose a majority of their fan base. This is why their albums are 3 and 4 dollars at launch now. The songs are OK if you are into the person who likes to "sing in the shower" too much through the song. Yeah chester can belt some lyrics but ultimately the past couple albums dont shed light on hybrid theory or meteora. If your fans of that Linkin Park just save your money.
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on July 30, 2012
Being a fan of LP since their glorious "Hybrid Theory" days, their albums since have not lived up to the awesomeness of the first one in my opinion. "Meteora" and "ReAnimation" weren't bad but the other two I albums, "A Thousand Suns" and "Minutes to Midnight" really were disappointments.
Obviously I recognize that as humans, not just for artists like LP, we go through changes in opinions and lifestyle and that reflects on our work. Now I get to the part you want to hear, what is good in this album and why it is a step in the right direction I believe. While it lacks the frustration, energy, and screaming found in "Hybrid Theory", it has many songs that can bring about those same epic moments. "Lost in the Echo" and "Burn it Down" really tap into some of those same emotions found in "Crawling" and "Papercut". They remind me about standing up for yourself, being strong, and getting hurt from relationships both from our inner-demons and from those around us. Some songs do remain on the weak side, which I blame on LP for trying to be radio friendly.
I will end with giving the album an 8/10. The messages found in these songs are deep, much like their previous albums. If you are a true LP fan like me, it really doesn't matter what they put out because you have so many good memories listening to them. If you are new to listening to LP, you may not find this very special, as I believe that it is very toned down and chill. Like I said, this album is a good step in the right direction into getting back to their old form but I am afraid that they may never go back to those glory days. Then again, Chester was 24 when HT came out, and now he's 36, so it is understandable to see the change in his lyrics.
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on May 23, 2014
I heard a lot about this album taking the "Electronic Dance Music" route, and I admit that I'm not a huge fan of EDM. With that being said, I have to say that Linkin Park put in just enough of their own style into the mix to make this album palatable. I was surprised by the fact that I like every song on the album, which is a rare occasion. Even now as I'm typing this review out, I'm going through each song trying to find something that I don't like; and to no avail. Chester's singing/screaming is great; Mike's lyrics are fantastic; and the instrumentals by themselves are even worth a buy.

Overall, I was very impressed by the sounds and lyrics of "Living Things," and I definitely recommend this CD.
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on March 4, 2017
Have grown up with Linkin Park and really enjoyed their changing sound over the years. This is my favorite album.
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on November 15, 2012
Honestly, I have no idea where everyone's ill strife is coming from! Regarding change, it is in human nature to fight it, so I completely understand why people would suddenly be up in arms when a band that they love, for example, scream a little less. Anyway, after "A Thousand Suns," all of you should have been prepared for absolutely ANYTHING from this band; it's kind of like when The Beatles started doing drugs and completely changed their sound to reflect whatever the heck they wanted. I think that it is obnoxious to assume any reasons for what Linkin Park does with their sound. At this point, they are so huge that they have creative freedom and you simply have to appreciate that. Anyway the whole reason I started typing is counter the top reviewer's account of "Lies Greed Misery." That track was the first to really stand out to me. The first listen felt like Chester had managed to do what no one else has manage to do: blend screaming style vocals with hip-hop/rap style. It was exciting and inspiring.

Final note: This is art damnit!! Stop listening for what you think the music SHOULD BE and start listening to what it IS. I couldn't tell you the name of a single real artist that doesn't appreciate this album for what it is.
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on June 11, 2013
This isn't my favorite album of theirs (Meteora is still, I think)... but there are certain tracks for this group that show they've still got it, like Lost in the Echo, Burn it Down, Castle of Glass and Powerless, which are my favorite tracks. Chester Bennington still shows his raw emotion (and raw voice) on a couple tracks, giving the trademark scream, but really I think my favorite thing about this album are some of the rhythms and synthesizer effects, which are definitely heightened throughout the album. While some tracks are lacking the energy and excitement compared to previous tracks on other albums, this album definitely has some great Stand Out tracks that made the album worth purchasing. It's definitely a Hard Rock album and very different from their past album, A Thousand Suns.
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on December 10, 2012
After A Thousand Suns, which I think is brilliant, I was looking for something big from LP. However, I was a bit let down with Living Things. LP seems to have left the artistic, free, nonconformist musical height they reached with ATS, and drifted back down to the play-it-safe, slaves-to-radio "please the masses" musical level of corporate muzak and artistic mediocrity.

The album is not bad and has memorable moments, but it pales in comparison to its immediate predecessor. I understand the line "Once you've got a theory 'bout how the thing works, everyone expects the next thing to be just like the first;" however, I think the next thing, being Living Things, was much more of a return to "the first" as opposed to an evolution of the band.

I did see LP live in support of Living Things, and the guys put on an amazing show. I just hope the artistry that lay behind A Thousand Suns was not a one-time vein of inspiration that LP never again taps into.
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on March 6, 2013
Linkin Park returns to the tecniques that made them great with this album. The sound seemsmature and sophisticated, as is usual for this band. I do nto hear the same level of energy as in their eaelier albums, and it would be difficult for anything to top Meteora, but at the same time I do perceive a new level of comfort with their sound and their message. I was skeptical at first, thinking that this album's return to a more familiar sound style was just the band printing money, but they continue to create great music.

The LP is white, which is eye catching but has no impact on the sound. I was disappointed to find only a small amount of art - the same crumpled paper graphic you see on the website in 9x9 form. There was no digital download, so if you want the good sound for your home system and the digits for your car/iPod you'll have to pay twice.
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