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on February 23, 2015
The thing that I did really like about this book as this book guy you to find your best life and it the same like your parents try to find your path and for me it's really drive other people to reach their goal.

To be honest it the first time for me to spend a lot of time to read this book as it really interested for people to live in their best life. Though, you are not in business owner, working or retirement, people still can can enjoy and like doing that they want to do a do it never late to do it. For me, I have never forgot to where I find this book and the first start it really a bit difficult for me as it English is my second language but still I could finished it, this because I liked it and it really motivate people to find the success in life, and the success not depend on how much money you have, knowledge and the title but what most important to you is live in your best life. Actually, I have been reading this book twice already and it fantastic.

I have learnt from this book a lot as this book has changed my mind to redefine what I love to do to live in my best life.

A gain, I am really thank you to Alissa for writhing to show the world and become visible.
I always dream to see the writer in Siem Reap Cambodia and happy to read more coming book.


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on November 1, 2014
I liked that it has put everything together in one place to stay focused and achieve your goals.
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on November 1, 2012
I came across this book serendipitously while reading some of the author's posts on the blog Positively Positive, and what a find! Alissa Finerman's key premise in this book is how to reach your top potential (Top 1%) in all areas of life, something I had been challenged with achieving. Her methodology and strategies for helping people reach their top potential are extremely helpful and easy for anyone to grasp and follow. And, she peppers wonderful sample stories throughout the book of people from all sorts of backgrounds and who overcame great obstacles to achieve their Top 1%, proof that it's not just a theory and that you can achieve your dreams. Also included in this book are extremely helpful tools at the end of each Ritual section to help you set meaningful goals and action plans to help you achieve them (I've used every one of them). I enjoyed the book so much that I also downloaded the audio version as well to listen to in my car and when traveling to help keep the ideas fresh in my mind and the inspiration flowing.

I've read many self improvement-type books, and this by far was the one that had the greatest positive impact in helping me take my actions to the next level. This book changed my life, and I am thrilled to say I'm now living in my Top 1% every day! I HIGHLY recommend it for anyone who wants to live in their top potential.
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on June 22, 2011
This book is practical, well written and best of all the author is honest and transparent herself. There are many practical exercises that force you to think about what you really want, how you really spend your time. I purchased it on Kindle and am buying a hard copy also because this is one book I'll definitely want to personalise, refer back to and use more like a manual than a "one off read." I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Thanks for writing it Alissa!

Cheers - Trav
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on April 20, 2011
Living in Your Top 1% by Alissa Finerman was an excellent referral. Do you find that there are so many things you want to accomplish but you never do them. Either you are stressed, too busy and having trouble prioritizing? Well this is the book for you! This book really makes you think about what your goals are and how to accomplish them. What is important to you and how badly do you want them. Alissa gives some great suggestions. The recommended survey of character strength is a great way to learn about your strengths. I found the short stories throughout the book inspirational especially the story about Scott Rigsby. A man who lost both legs because of a car accident and wound up finishing an Ironman distance triathalon with prosthetic legs. Hey, if he can do that, you can do anything. It is all about Choice, Commitment and Consistency. Read the book and you won't be disappointed! I am actually going to read it a second time.
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on April 18, 2012
Alissa Finerman wastes no time in this instructional self-improvement book. Upfront she dedicates it to "Every person who has overcome or will soon overcome the word impossible" - this concise but powerful intro sets the tone for what is to come: a series of 1st hand and 2nd hand stories of triumph over some of life's difficulties (especially the difficulties we erect for ourselves), combined with a near recipe like set of principles and instructions (presented as 9 'rituals') on how you can move from where you really are in life to where you really want to be.

Unlike many tomes from self-help Authors, Finerman's book does not take a long and winding road toward instruction. The book is organized as a set of true stories of transformation: Each person's story is concise, simple, and direct. Finerman's mixture of famous and ordinary people in these stories makes for engaging and interesting reading. A common thread of self-realization, mindset change and corrective action (or in Finerman's formula: Assess, Create, Implement) weaves each tale together to form a narrative of the book's theme: Successful self-change is possible for anyone willing to follow a proven plan.

A stirring, motivational quote from a bevy of famous achievers (from Aristotle to Anthony Robbins) establishes credibility for, then launches each new chapter while you as the reader begin to envision your own 'success story' unfolding vicariously through a combination of the tales of others' triumphs over doubt, debilitation or circumstance.

Finerman underscores her intent to help you drive toward results by integrating academic textbook like assignments, recaps and note-taking sections at the end of each chapter. This is what the book tangibly delivers: A real formula for self-transformation. For me, the textbook like instructions at the end of each chapter were a bit distracting--I prefer to read without interruption, digest the totality of a book, then review. But the point of this book is not to make you ponder or to merely be inspired-- the point of the book is to instruct and guide you through a thoughtfully developed regimen where the eventual outcome is the realization of your dreams. With that outcome in mind, Finerman's academic like instructional approach is tough to argue against.

Like any effective self-improvement process, Finerman's "9 rituals" aren't easy to complete-- nor is her process a quick one. But as any successful person can attest to, her 9 prescribed rituals absolutely do work. This book is written clearly and offers basic (yet powerful) evidence based instruction on how you can win in the game of life-- and be happy along your path to victory.

My favorite thing about LIVING IN YOUR TOP 1% is that for me it serves as a reliable 'pick me up' whenever I run into the inevitable obstacles along the path toward my realizing my own dreams and I need a healthy recharge of self-confidence. In this sense, the book is a wonderful motivator as it reliably restores my confidence and dutifully guides me back on the path toward achieving my ultimate life goals.
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on January 3, 2013
This book is a masterpiece of helpful tips to guide the reader to focus their dreams/desires. Alissa is a no nonsense coach who is straightforward rather than woo-woo. Her worksheets and rituals have helped me focus my visions for 2013 very clearly and within weeks of starting them I saw clarified, dramatic gains in the directions I wanted to go with my business. Her tips are helpful for professional as well as personal goals. She's absolutely fantastic without getting stuck in the murkiness that many self-guidance/coaching books often do. Her worksheets and rituals will help anyone focus and streamline their passions in 2013.
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on January 5, 2013
This book stands out from any other book placed on the same shelf. Why? It contains actionable, simple, and practical guides for amplifying your inner passions and ACTING on them. It contains direct, clear ideas for helping you get unstuck, and helps you make lists that are designed with built-in accountability as you move forward. This means you write goals that both feel good and are achievable. With a gentle but firm hand, Finerman lays out a map with macro steps and micro footholds that if followed, will move anyone forward on a path towards Living In Your Top 1%.

Thank you for writing this book. I won't buy another one of its kind, I will simply reread Living In Your Top 1% when I need guidance again.
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on September 20, 2015
I like the ideas, how to plan.
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on November 28, 2015
Make it happen book
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