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on November 4, 2010
I chose the Gray Color Dot lunch bag; it's compact and measures about 7"L x 5.5"H x 4.25"D. The contents of the lunch bag are: one 380 mL. (~ 1.5 cup) and two 160 mL.(each ~ 2/3 cup) borosilicate rectangular-shaped glass containers, three matching lids with silicone sealing rings, and a pair of collapsible chopsticks with its own case. The containers may seem small for others; but it's great for portion control. Do not buy this set if you want a big meal. Come lunchtime, I remove my bag from the frigde, take out the containers, remove the lids, place a paper napkin/towel over the glass (to prevent splatters), and microwave the food that I want to heat up. Great for small separate dishes (bento box style). Regular-sized sandwiches will not fit. The sealing rings are thicker than those in the Snapware containers that I own. In researching this product, I have read some reviewers say that the ring is difficult to clean. So far, I have no complaints regarding this issue. I separate all the parts when I come home from work and wash them as soon as I can. I love this set!
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on March 3, 2012
I hope you read the reviews before purchasing because you need to know that this is a small lunch set. I posted some pictures with items to use as a reference. One small pre-filled applesauce bucket completely filled a side container. I use mine mostly for Asian cuisine, which works well with this design as most of the meal is rice with small side items. I think you could use this for non-Asian cuisine in the form of fingerfoods, sandwich pinwheels, or maybe a couple of really small sliders and sides, but it would still be a tiny portion. With rice, you get almost no negative space, and it's still just barely enough to keep me full.

Nicely constructed, the containers are made of a heavy Pyrex-like material and the lids plastic. The materials were my main reason for purchase as I've developed a sensitivity to plastics recently and can taste it on any foods stored or heated in plastic containers (except, for some reason, my Zojirushi bento set). The upside is that my food tastes like it should. Downside with this set is that it's heavier than any of my other lunchsets.

Please note that this is NOT leakproof, despite the fact that it looks like the plastic leakproof Lock and Lock containers. I found this out when I packed some berry flavored applesauce. With microwaveable glass opening up the possibility for sloshy foods and maybe a small serving of thick stew or soup, I really think they should have included better seals for these containers. So I deducted one star.

There are additional drawbacks to this set, but I couldn't take away any stars for the following because it really is designed the best as it could be. If the containers were larger, it would add more weight to an already "heavy" (by lunchbox standards) set. If the glass were thinner, it wouldn't be as durable and convenient for everyday use. If the bag were bigger to allow for extra snacks and such, the glass might jumble around and get damaged. The simple truth is that glass just doesn't make the best lunch sets, but this is as well thought-up as it gets...well, unless someone came out with a divided single tier.
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on February 1, 2011
At first look this set seems a bit small, but on closer inspection you see that it simply compact and conveniently sized. The containers are actually "just right" for a sensible meal. If you want a sandwich the sandwich will have to be cut and stacked, but will fit nicely. I like to bring leftovers to work. These dishes are oven safe (not the lids of course) so if I am baking something such as lasagna I bake a small portion directly in my dish along with the family meal. When it's cool I pop the lid on and put it in the fridge for my lunch the next day.
You can pack "wet" items such as fruit in juice and sauces , these will not leak. The rubber seal IS removable from the lids and I THINK the instructions say to remove it when washing, but I can only go by the diagram as the instructions are in Japanese. I personally would not place these seals in the dishwasher but the lids and dish go through just fine.
I have no use for the chopsticks but they add a nice touch. The little case they come in works great for other items such as salt and pepper packs, or even as a pill box if you take medication with meals. I put a rubber band on it if I use it for medication.
My only con to this set is that the straps/handle are too short. If they were just a tad longer I could carry this bag in the crook of my arm. As they are they hardly even fit over my wrist (and I have a small wrist) WORTH EVERY PENNY STILL!
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on February 25, 2014
I have to say, I LOVE this lunchbox. Yes, it is tiny. If you are the kind of person that prefers larger meals, this is not for you. I however, find it to be perfect. The large container fits my main meal and the two smaller containers fit my condiments/side dishes. I love that I can microwave these adorable little glass dishes (without the lids though, I read in other reviews that they can warp.), I have had no issue with cleaning the lids, I just remove the little rubber ring and presto!

The only reason I didn't give this 5 stars is due to a broken joint on the larger lid after only 2 months of use. So far, I've had no issues with any spills or leakage, but I also keep the lunch box & contents in an upright position. I can't say if it would leak or not if left on its side for a while.

I am not too concerned with this as these types of containers are common and I can always replace it.
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on July 9, 2011
My husband and I have two of these sets. We keep one empty set in each of our cars for when we go out to eat at restaurants. Instead of taking our leftovers in environmentally unfriendly styrofoam or plastic boxes, we bring in our little kit with the glass containers and box up our own leftovers. I did make one change, replacing the two small containers in each set with another rectangular container of the same size as came with the kit. The two rectangular containers have so far been large enough to pack up our leftovers from every meal, even though the whole kit and the containers look quite small.

The trick is to have a few extra empty rectangular glass containers, repack the kit and put it back in the car ASAP. The containers with food go from the fridge into our regular reusable lunch bags, and I'm happy to be microwaving my lunch in glass, not plastic.
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on April 7, 2016
This is very cute and small as other reviewers have stated. the containers, lids and bag look well made. I wanted glass containers for work - I work 12 hour shifts and like to bring 3 proteins and a couple of snacks and drinks. I compared the measurements to my current bag and it came close, however there is NO extra room in this bag. The three glass containers fit snugly in and they are very small. I currently use a small lunch bag and it can hold 2 cans of fizzy water, 2 round pyrex glass containers, a couple of snacks in baggies etc. I cannot zip my bag shut but it works. This bag is just too small for my needs and too pricey to keep as an extra bag.
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on June 4, 2014
Ok, that may be a bit harsh but it is true, America!!! All the reviews complaining about how tiny these containers are....People should be ashamed of their gluttonous lifestyles. I find these to be perfect for a lunch. Perhaps not for someone with a physically demanding job or power bodybuilders and the like, but great for the rest of us. The fact that someone said they are too small even for their children is ridiculous. That being said, pizza slices will not fit, nor will a full uncut sandwich. These are best for an entree and sides. (I would ditch the chintzy plastic-ware that comes with it and opt for reusable bamboo or stainless steel, though.)

The containers fit nicely inside the bag and there is room on top for a small freezer pack. The bag is not well insulated so it may be a good idea tuck this into a thermal bag, especially during summer heat.

Love lock+lock's leaks yet! Yippeeeee!
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on January 22, 2012
I am very happy with my order. While the containers are smaller than I expected they are great for portion control! Only downside IMO is the containers fit perfectly with no space for anything else. Ie no room for a drink. In my case that just makes sure I drink water instead of juice or soda so I guess I should be thankful. All in all a great lunchbox with awesome glass containers!
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on October 29, 2012
I purchased this set to help with portion control when I eat lunch at work; the set is quite sturdy, though small, but it's perfect for what I need! The wine color bag is cute, fun, and a bit feminine, and the containers fit snugly inside; the bag is lightly insulated, but I would keep it in the fridge if you have things that need to stay cold. You can fit a plastic fork or spoon in the bag after you pack it (I do this quite often as needed), and if you want a small dessert, you can put it in a sandwich bag and set it on top of the containers.

The set does come with a set of collapsible chopsticks, but I've only used them once or twice in my lunch. Overall I've found that this is a lunch set that works perfectly for me.
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on June 4, 2016
This product is ideal in many ways. It's largely glass instead of plastic, which is most important to me. The carrying bag is insulated, which is also nice. And I just love the collapsing chopsticks that came with it. Unfortunately, it's too small for anyone other than a child. If it were twice as big, I'd give it a full five stars.
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