Customer Reviews: Logic Express 9 Retail [Old Version]
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on October 3, 2009
I am a hobbyist, not a pro, so keep that in mind as you read this; however, I have over the years used the old Logic when it was made by eMagic, Cubase, and landed on MOTU Digital Performer for a few years. I took a wrong turn and ended up playing with Reason and Live for a while, and then quit altogether. After a few years, I recently picked up Native Instruments Komplete 6, and never having found an ideal DAW, decided to dip my toe in the water with the new version of Logic Express. Having used many packages, I can tell you this is a robust package that strikes a nice balance between ease of use for a musician and powerful features for a producer. The Express version is not defanged, and can happily handle tons of tracks, Audio Units plug-ins (no VSTs), and without reading the manual I could record MIDI tracks, use software instruments, and record audio the same day I installed it. There are some really nice features and if you need the pro version you simply pay the difference for the upgrade, making this pretty exceptional value. I'm still fine with Express, but knowing the upgrade is easily available at no penalty is a nice policy. This is an intuitive and thoughtfully designed piece of software that has definitely reduced barriers for me at least in terms of getting the ideas that are in my head down and playing with them until they sound great.
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on January 23, 2010
I used to use music software for PC from companies such as Cakewalk. Back then I found many software packages were just very hard to set up and use. I felt this difficulty took away from creativity as I just spent too much time tweaking and too little time recording.

When I switched to Mac, Garageband became my software of choice because, well, it was free. But it was also simple enough to get up and going without taking away from creativity, yet still be a powerful enough tool for what I wanted to create.

Now that I am getting more seriously into composition, I upgraded recently to Logic Express. I also considered Ableton Live (and have the lite version), but Logic speaks to me in many of the ways that Garageband did, yet adds much deeper levels of control. It definitely has just about anything one would need in a full music and audio editing package in terms of tools, effects, mixing, editing.

Logic Express 9 also includes some extremely powerful synthesis instruments. As I work predominantly in the electronic genre, I am very interested in these. But honestly, while extremely powerful, the interfaces for these instruments are very difficult to use and feel very un-Apple (Logic was purchased from another company after all). I'm hoping we'll see some modernization of these in the future.

I've also had some difficulties setting up my MIDI keyboard to have Logic consistently "learn" my keyboard knobs and tying them to instrument or effect parameters. However, when this does work it really lets you "play" the virtual instruments much more expressively than you ever could in Garageband.

There's definitely some Logic-specific interface idiosyncrasies (such as turning on/off or copying effects) that really did make me have to look at the manual. But once you learn some of these they are consistent within the world of Logic. These do feel a bit like unnecessary legacy though.

Overall, I am extremely impressed with how much you get in Logic Express. Once you get past some of the Logic-specific idiosyncrasies, it is a very powerful tool that still lets me create and edit much more deeply, but not get too bogged down in settings.
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on April 23, 2011
Here's my quick answer to the question above: when in doubt go with Logic Express. Logic Express is hands down the best music production software for the price, regardless of platform. I've been a Logic user for several years. I've looked at about a dozen digital recording programs for OS-X and Windows, and none under two hundred dollars are in the same ballpark as Logic Express. Logic's integration of live-audio, loops, and software instruments is the best I've seen. Logic Express, the entry-level package, has enough stuff to keep you busy, entertained, and maybe even productive, for thousands of hours.

To put things in perspective: Logic Express on a bottom of the line Mac has more features and processing power than a top of the line, quarter million dollar Synclavier or Fairlight system from the early 1990s.

Logic Express or Logic Studio? Since the upgrade price from Logic Express to Logic Studio is roughly the same as the price difference between the packages, I think most people are better off starting with Logic Express. If you think there is something you're missing, look at Logic Studio, but you might find instead that you'd rather spend your money on something else -- perhaps third party software like Reason or Komplete or maybe a new guitar, a midi controller or a microphone. It's nice having the choice.
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on October 27, 2009
Experience: Professional Musician for 40+ years, now retired
Studio owner for 20+ years with the last 10 years on the digital side of recording
Singer/Songwriter 20 + year.

I'm a singer/songwriter/guitar player and I need an easy, fast way to get my musical ideas down so I don't lose them. I have been using Logic Express 8 for the last year and a half, which has been a great DAW but I wanted some of the features I saw advertised in the new Logic Express 9.

Well, I just purchased Logic Express 9 about 3 weeks ago and I love it. Apple has upped the ante with Logic Express 9 by an order of magnitude with all the new things I can do with LE-9, that I couldn't do with LE 8. Just the new "Flex Time" and the Guitar Amp/Pedal Board features alone are worth the price of admission. I haven't had time yet to try out all the rest of the new features, but I can tell from what I have tried that it's gonna be a lot easier and faster to get my songs done and out of the studio as a finished piece of music or on a CD that I can sell.

Hurray for Apple, they've done it again !
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on May 17, 2010
I know this is a stripped down version of Logic Studio/Pro. However, it already does a lot of things. I saw people complaining about user interface being too difficult to use, comparing to GarageBand, but after I read pdf version of detailed user manual. It wasn't so hard to learn. GarageBand is more easy to learn only because it has a limited feature set. The only problem I faced is the interface is so dense. Whoever tries to buy this product needs to check whether the computer screen/resolution is large enough to clearly show the UI. (Seriously, letters are too small :( )
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on January 1, 2011
I sold my Logic Studio to purchase Logic Express and Reason 5. Logic Express has 90% of the things in Logic Pro. If you do not need surround capabilities and the extra instruments plus a couple of effects that are in Logic Pro, this is for you. Logic and OSX 10 are perfect together. Plus if you at a later date decide you want the extras that are in Logic Studio, the upgrade equals what you would've spent for Logic Studio along. Logic Express is a beast of a program for those on Mac OS
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on February 15, 2012
I have been a musician for over 30yrs, and am very computer savvy, but I have struggled with computer recording. I was told by a recording engineer that Logic was developed with the musician's head in mind, and that it will make sense to me better than other programs. I have tried a few other programs and they frustrate me, Logic frustrates me too. I don't understand why they need to make it so complicated. I would like to be able to hit record, play my instrument and then hit stop. Then hit record and play the first track and record another instrument that I am playing over it and so forth until I have a song with a full band of me. Sounds simple, I thought the hard part would be learning the instruments, but for some reason this program doesn't make anything simple, none seem to. I bought a DVD to help me learn to use Logic, haven't watched it yet, hopefully it helps. Logic has lots of bells and whistles, but doesn't seem to make simple recording simple.
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on April 5, 2011
I have been playing and recording music for years. At this price, with the software instruments that are included, if you are a musician you should definitely buy it. Pro Tools is supposedly the "industry standard", but I find Logic way easier to use, it comes bundled with instruments and effects right out of the box that would cost you a ton with another DAW, it's fairly easy to use, and it's great for songwriting, composing, and recording. With this program, a mac, a decent interface, a decent mic, and a midi keyboard, you can literally create anything you want. For $200 that's a pretty good deal.
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on December 12, 2010
If you're a guitarist, this program gives you way more than $200 worth of gear. The amps and effects are much more diverse and high quality than that of any multi-effects pedal, and you can play live, so this program can be your rig. And an excellent one at that. The potential for modulating your sound is absurd. You can literally play Slayer on a Strat or jazz on a B.C. Rich. Pitch shifting and multi-track layers make it possible to create harmonies or turn a guitar into a bass, layer separate takes on top of each other, you name it. No accessories required other than a little $1 rts converter so you can plug your guitar into the line in spot. However, you will need OSX 10.5.7 or later.
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on April 16, 2011
Not really what i expected but still a very good program.Its user friendly to a certain extent could but still complex enough to have to use a guide. all in all good product.
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