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on January 26, 2015
I've had two of these things now and both have broken in the same way every time, I'll attach a photo as well, however upon looking this up it appears it is a very common issue with these headsets, for whatever reason the headset part that connects to the ear piece is made of cheap plastic that tends to break very easily from just normal use. While this headset has some amazing quality when it comes to sound and some high definition voice quality, it is sad to say that just like almost every other Logitech headset, these break easy. I used this headset quite often however I was always extremely careful and delicate, so from just normal use on my end these things broke within just under 2 months of me receiving them. Now I know that some users have gotten YEARS without any problems with this headset, so really it's just your luck of the draw on which one you get, but I'm not chancing these again with another buy and will more than likely just opt for a desktop microphone instead. What a shame.
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on November 14, 2015
There is a lot to like about this headset. Unfortunately, there are significant flaws as well.

The overall design is very nice, with an easy-to-use volume control, 3 programmable keys, a fold-down boom microphone that auto-mutes in the "up" position, along with comfortable ear and head pads. Sound quality is very good, and the 7.1 surround effect (when it works, see below) is amazing. Based on sound quality, comfort, and overall design -- these would get 5 stars. But it doesn't end there.

The surround decoding relies upon the Logitech Gaming System (LGS) software. Unfortunately, Logitech changed the design of LGS in recent versions, such that the G35 is only seen as a two-channel stereo device by Windows. A few software applications will ignore this, and continue to send full surround information to the headset. But most software will query windows and be told the G35 is a stereo-only device, and only output stereo encoded signals. So if you want the surround feature to fully function, you must install an "old" version of LGS, 8.58 or older. If you install the more recent 8.72 or 8.75, you'll get stereo only in most applications and games. *** UPDATE: After many failed attempts, Logitech has finally fixed the surround issue in LGS 8.81, released in March-2016. ***

The cord is horrible. I repeat, HORRIBLE. This stuff is so stiff you could almost make coat hangers from it. The exterior braid is so abrasive you could almost cut firewood with it. The cable kinks easily, drags on your clothing, chair, and desk, and seems to have an inbred talent for constantly getting in your way. Lest you think the G930 (wireless version of the G35) is the answer, you'll find out it has horrible connectivity issues. What temporary insanity possessed the engineers at Logitech and made them choose this cheap, stiff, horrible cable?? At the risk of invalidating my warranty, I will likely replace the cable -- which is no easy feat, thanks to glued components and soldered connections.

Others have noted problems with the plastic joints between the ear cups and head band. I have only had these for a week, so it is too early to tell if mine will crack, but I can certainly attest that the plastic pieces involved are thin and simply don't "look" up to the task. I will be treating these like fine crystal glassware, in the hopes mine will stay together. But come on Logitech, a couple small pieces of metal here would solve this pervasive problem while adding very little to the cost.

If they stay in one piece and you can tolerate the stiff cord, these are great! They are comfortable (except for the cord), have excellent sound, the microphone is crystal clear, the controls are convenient and easy to use. Could easily be a 5-star product, if Logitech would simply beef up the ear cup junctions, fix the surround driver, and provide a flexible cord.
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on June 28, 2017
Sound quality is great when it works. That's why it got 2 stars.

My first set I had for years, the cheap leather on the pads was all gone from me using them so much. My problem became they would stop working from time to time and required me to unplug and plug them back into my computer. This was fine for awhile until the pads became unwearable. Having faith in logitech's products i ordered the same headset again and almost immediately the sound issues started again. The left side will completely cut out, until you reset the headset; the mic will stop working, until you reset the headset; it will stop producing sound altogether until you reset the headset. If my tower wasn't sitting next to me on it's own desk this would be a royal PITA to deal with.

When i bought my original set there was talk of a weak point of construction at the ear pad to the headband but in both sets i own i never had an issue.
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on January 19, 2017
The audio and mic quality are great for the price. I would recommend these to someone on a budget with the following caveat:

I used my headset for about a month and a half when I noticed a buzzing/ringing noise every time my mic was enabled. I contacted customer support and after some troubleshooting, they approved an RMA and I had another headset within about a week. For whatever reason, they couldn't replace the G35, so they sent me a G633 instead. No problems with the replacement and I received a free upgrade. I know it's not a typical experience, but the speed and pleasantness of the customer service was enough to keep this at a 5 star rating.
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on August 16, 2016
I love this thing to death, none of the 'sweaty pads' and breaking issues that I have seen. The only concern is the cord is wound quite tight at first, and seems to keep that fold, my solution is to re-wind it over something larger and use a hair dryer for several minutes, gets rid of the kinks and stops it from 'self winding' when you are wearing it.

**UPDATE**: Changing my score from 5/5 to 2/5 only because the usb wire itself continues to rekink itself quite badly to the point where it tore through the nylon/rope-like covering, forcing me to snip part of the rope-cover so that the cable wasn't forced to fold over itself as it naturally pushes itself through the gap.(and potentially damage the wiring inside)
A few months ago i used a hair dry to even the braided cord out and stop it from kinking, but it appears I need to do so again.
I have had to do the hair dryer trick multiple times since purchasing.
Being that it only takes 3-5 minutes of this 'preventive maintenance' I will make this a monthly ritual.
Besides that, the product itself still works ok.
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on December 5, 2016
The headset itself is extremely poorly designed, as most Logitech products are becoming more and more problematic with poor design and costcutting manufacturing. There are two brackets that fail as they are made out of a plastic that degrades and even crumbles to the touch. This causes the earphone parts to dangle by the thin gauge wire which is very easy to destroy once the bracket inevitably fails, even with the utmost care. If you search Logitech G35 replacement parts, you'll find lots of options for 3d printed parts, both in plastic or metal. Additionally, if you contact Logitech support for any assistance, pretty much for anything, but also for these problems, you'll discover that they do not provide meaningful support to their customers, they do not honor warranty repairs, and, they do not provide replacement parts.

With that said, if you're still interested in buying this, or any other Logitech product, be aware that there was a partnership between Screaming Bee and Logitech that provided additional functionality, such as 3d surround sound, and voice morphing. Logitech did not pursue extending the partnership with Screaming Bee, and has thus removed the functionality of surround sound. This is a key feature of the G35, and is probably the biggest reason anyone would buy them, but buyer beware - Logitech has removed from its drivers the ability to enable surround, and voice morphing, however it still advertises that it contains these features, even years after the contract ended.

Unfortunately, Logitech has gone downhill, (likely) in an effort to increase profits, and reduce costs. Logitech did not used to operate this way, at one time they were, in my opinion, the best accessory manufacturer.
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on February 15, 2016
Fantastic headset, looks and feels awesome. Braid cable does not make any noise when rubbing against fabric. Does not hurt with glasses until about four hours of continuous wear, but generally not an issue. Fits my very large head, and the other side can hear me clearly. Would recommend, very good headset.

**UPDATE AS OF 5/14/17**

Headset served me well, but I'm sad to report that it broke two days ago. It did good for about two years but inevitably my large head and relatively careless treatment got the best of them. Over the course of my owning them, they stood up to a few drops onto carpeted floors and some tugging of the cable. The braided cable began to fray a few months in, and eventually about three feet from the headset separated from itself and I had to tape the ends of the braid to the rubber portion of the cable to prevent them from sliding up and down the cable and exposing the rubber within. I would still recommend the headset, as long as you don't man handle them like I did you'll be served fairly well as you own them. I have ordered a pair of Turtle Beach 450 Stealths to replace these, and it's nothing against logitech, but I'm just taking a break from their product for the time being.
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on January 23, 2017
I've had two of these headsets. Both of them broke in exactly the same place as everyone else already posted. But luckily for me I'm an engineer with a 3D printer so I was actually able to design and print a replacement part that was even stronger than the original part that always breaks. I thought I had successfully fixed what the original engineers had failed (likely on purpose, read on below) to design properly. As it turns out I was wrong again. Even if you fix the part that ALWAYS breaks on these headsets, they have a back up. The other side of the plastic that actually locks into the top piece that always breaks WILL BREAK TOO! (See attached picture.)

All of these design flaws are, in my professional opinion, absolutely on purpose. They know from their QC testing that there is some average lifespan of 8 months or whatever and designed it this way ON PURPOSE so when it breaks you will come crawling back to the market and have to buy another headset; possibly from them again. The part that I 3D printed has held up wonderfully and shows zero signs of wear after several months of continuous use. If I can design a half-assed 3D printed part in my garage that works and holds up perfectly but the engineers at Logitech cannot well... there's something wrong with that picture isn't there? So I'll leave you with a quote, as Marco "The Robot" Rubio would put it: "Let me dispel the notion that Logitech doesn't know what it's doing; Logitech knows exactly what it is doing."
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on August 6, 2015
Great while it lasted. Almost 2 years 4 months.

As a lot of people have mentioned you have to be gentle with this headset because the swivel joint between the ear and the headband is a very tiny piece of metal. But beyond that I loved this headset.


Sound quality was good. (I'm not sound person but it was the best I've had for a headset ever)
Microphone. As I was told this was crisp and clear. I could have a large fan near by and the people on the other end would know no difference.
Programmable keys. Just like any other G key for Logitech they are easy to use and fairly straight forward.
Light indicated for muted mic. I tend to mute my mic when ever I do not need to speak and the indicated light is something I've come to rely on. I've never had one before, but not with it I don't know how I'll ever be without it.
Mic swing arm. The swing are feels nice and sturdy and even after 2 years of constant use it still functions like the day I had it. On an added bonus when the microphone is stored away at the top it is muted as well.


Pivot point As stated previously the pivot point is the weak spot of this headphone. Please don't get me wrong I've dropped the headset a fair number of times and it has never broke, but I'm always expecting it to break when I drop it.
Volume control. The volume dial is a digital read meaning it spins freely. Over time these can get dirty and lose accuracy. After roughly a year and a half mine started skipping while adjusting it. Nothing to bad and nothing that would cause me alarm. Its just something to note.
Ear piece covers: What ever material that covered the ear piece and headband started to deteriorate about the two year mark leaving small black flakes everywhere. By the time of this writing of the review I'd guess roughly 70% of the material has been eroded away.


2 years 4 months 2 weeks is how long this headset lasted me. No physical external pieces of the headset broke. Windows stopped recognizing the headset as a G35 headset. It now only recognizes it as a USB headset. I can change the audio source to the headset still but no audio will come out. The microphone works, but nothing else. Logitech gaming software does not recognize it as well. This was verified on 3 different machines 2 Windows PC's and one Mac OSX.

I contacted Logitech support and they had me send in my headset. Once they verified the headset was broken and not due to my neglect. They sent out a brand new headset to me. I've adjusted my rating to 5 stars because of how quickly they responded and sent out a new headset to fix the internal failure of the headset.
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on September 3, 2015
I love this headset! I'm a big dude and finding ANY kind of comfortable headgear is kind of a pain in the ass. The Logitech G35 is everything i could ever ask for in a headset. It will adjust to fit comfortably on anyone and the sound quality is exceptional. I participate in a lot of online gaming so having a reliable microphone is a must and the G 35 has me covered there as well. With great Incoming and outgoing sound output i would recommend this headset to anyone. Hands down. The only issue i ever had with this headset was while i was operating on Windows 7, every so often on start up, windows would not recognize the headset. Almost like the G 35 wasn't plugged into any USB outlet. Simply remove and plug it back in and everything was fine! I know, weird. Also, a word of advice for anyone who is looking to buy this headset; when you go to adjust or put them on, never do so while holding the actual speakers! Hold and adjust them by holding onto the sides, the sides that hold onto the headset. The small black plastic like covers that have the 4 screws in them, that hold the speakers onto the headset apparatus, are known to crack if given enough stress or mishandling. So be very careful and the G 35 will last you years! My first one did, almost 4 years! I finally had to replace it when they were knocked off my desk due to cat aggro.
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