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TOP 500 REVIEWERon February 7, 2017
I've known about the Harmony line since Logitech released them over a decade ago. I never invested in them because at the time, I was told they were junk. Of course, this was coming from a friend of mine who is a professional home automation/AV guru. The remotes he used were those $300+ remotes by a company called URC (Universal Remote Control) that controls 200+ devices. Of course, I would never pay over $100 for a remote and I don't have 200+ devices... let alone more than in a single room. I do admit, those remotes are wicked cool (Best Buy Magnolia sells them) but they were overkill for the general consumer (me).

Fast forward to today, I've read that the Logitech Harmony remotes have come a LONG way from their beginnings. Not only are they slick, but they are powerful and very functional. Off and on, I've seen the Logitech Harmony 650 &Logitech 700  go on sale but I never pulled the trigger. I eventually found out that the setup I had required a universal remote to do BOTH IR (infrared) and RF (radio frequency) control. The lower end Logitech line is IR *ONLY*. I investigated the other lines and found that the minimum I could get was the Harmony Hub ($99.99 MSRP) but required an "app" on your smartphone or tablet (no remote was included). However, I'm a cheapskate and I wanted a physical remote but I refused to pay that much for a remote.

Then came the day where there was a sale on the Harmony Hub w/ Remote (which is the item I'm reviewing). Amazon had it listed for $69.99 for 1 day only (a discount of $60). I immediately pulled the trigger on it and I haven't looked back since. Now knowing what I know, I should have bought this a LONG TIME AGO.

Here's what I like about it:
1. Controls literally everything (it gets its info from the Logitech "Cloud". Therefore there are always devices added to it, thus the remote never goes "obsolete".
2. Has General Activities Out Of the Box, But Can Be Customized and Tweaked to your liking. For example, my sound system utilizes HDMI ARC, which turns on/off depending on if the TV turns on/off. The activities involving a TV had each device come on/off individually. I tweaked the macros to just ignore the soundbar functions and let the HDMI ARC do it's job. Another example is the delays of each macro step was too long for my liking. It would have me wait several seconds just to flip between activities. I modified each action and shaved off a couple seconds and I wasn't sitting there waiting.
3. Controls more than just entertainment systems, but anything that can be controlled with a remote: Thermostats, Lights, Alexa, Sonos, etc. With just 1 device, you can do anything in regards to home automation.
4. Easy to program. Took me just 30 minutes to set up my activities consisting of Smart TV, Cable, FireTV, and Radio functions.
5. Controls IR, RF, Bluetooth devices.
6. Comes with an IR BLASTER! Which separately with other high-end remotes is just another accessory to buy.
7. I ditched 4 remotes for just 1. THANK YOU LOGITECH

Watching/listening to different activities has been consolidated to just 1 remote. I can't believe how easy it was to setup and get working. As I mentioned in my likes points, I no longer have to fish/find multiple remotes depending on the activity I want to do. 1 remote does it all. Again, I got the remote/hub at a steal of a price but had I known what I know now, I would have bought it at retail price.

Do yourself a favor and buy one now.
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on December 12, 2014
Ultimately, I got there. I reached that promised land where 1 remote controls everything in my living room. The reason I gave the product 4 stars is that it was not easy getting there. Let's start with the good:

Easy to use remote
Controls everything I have from Bluetooth, to wireless, to IR.
remote is sleek, stylish, economical
The IR in the hub is strong as long as its placed well

The bad:
Setup was terrible when it came to Bluetooth
Documentation is thin - any help needed beyond the basic is from community forums
The phone-based remote is clunky and non-intuitive
The remote only has 3 activities, which have icons: Music, TV, and Movie
You can program 3 additional activities using "long press" on the same button, but this is not intuitive (my nanny isn't going to know to long-press the music button to start my smart TV).

I have a Vizio smart TV, DVR, surround receiver, a dvd player, and an Amazon fire TV stick. the Harmony setup app on my android is confusing compared to the previous iteration with their IR only remotes. I added each device, setup which device controls what feature (surround controls the sound, DVR controls the channels, etc), and then setup the activities (watch a movie, watch TV, watch Media, etc). Fine tuning each activity is somewhat difficult and I found myself lost in the app trying to figure out where to switch volume control from 'TV' to 'sound system'. Ultimately I got there for everything except the Amazon fire stick, details on that are below. But when I went to program my 3 activities "Watch Media" "watch TV" and "play a DVD", I realized the remote only had 3 icons, and one was music. Not the worst thing ever, but having printed icons on the buttons seems like a miss. This remote is designed to work with TONS of different devices and activities, why limit your remote to pictures of things your consumer might not have?

Lastly - Amazon Fire TV Stick.
Logitech claims this is supported, but it simply did not work for me. I tried everything. You can certainly add the Fire Tv Stick as a device, and incorporate it into activities, but the remote simply would NOT control the stick, which defeats the purpose.

The Workaround:
Load the Amazon fire TV device (not the stick) into your devices.
Plug the hub in RIGHT NEXT to the stick, or move it manually (pairing only worked when they were within 2 feet of one another).
In the Fire TV Stick - go to settings, add a Bluetooth game controller.
In the Logitech app - when setting up your Fire TV (not a stick), it will ask you to pair, click "pair remote" to make it discoverable

This finally worked for me, and I got my Amazon fire TV stick working with my remote and phone remote. Long winded, I know, but if you stuck with me this far, you'll be happy to know you CAN have 1 remote that controls everything, and isn't that the modern American dream?
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on September 30, 2016
This is the best remote that I have ever owned! I have owned Logitech Harmony remotes for over 10 years and this one far surpasses all of the previous generations that I own. The radio frequency remote/IR HUB eliminates those countless times where you point the remote at the TV rapidly pushing the same button searching for the IR to hit the TV sensor. The remote is incredibly ergonomically designed. Another huge bonus is the downloadable Harmony App for the remote. In my opinion the app is useless for casually watching TV, but I can't begin to express how handy the Harmony App is if you are already settled down in another room and wish to turn off the entire TV system in the living room from the comfort of your own bed. Excellent remote and great value for what you get!
review image review image review image
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on November 6, 2016
If you want a physical remote - DO NOT BUY. The app works fine to control the TV, but the physical remove has been nothing but trouble since we got it. Sometimes it will randomly freeze up (imagine you're skipping commercials, but then the play button won't work). Sometimes it will only turn on part of the devices (imagine only TV coming on, but not cable box). It never seems to work flawlessly for very long. Today (less than 4 months after purchase) it has completely stopped working. Yes, it has a fresh battery, but no... it doesn't work at all. The phone app seems to be working fine, but is a little clunky with 4 screens to see all of the commands. So, if you're okay using multiple screens on a smart phone to control your device - you'll probably be fine. If you're looking for a good, physical remote that also offers smart phone capabilities... look elsewhere.
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on November 30, 2014
Inconsistent at best.

I tried the android app and it was a complete failure. It hung.

The small remote that comes with it was fine for my needs, when it worked.

The first time I programmed "activities" almost everything worked with the exception of the input on my TV on one activity and a couple buttons that I would like to customize for my Yamaha soundbar.

The second time I programmed it I lost functionality. The TV would power OFF instead of changing input.

The third time I programmed it I wanted to stop it from doing anything with my TV. I figured I can manually turn the TV on/off with my other remote. I configured the activities to do nothing with my TV input (I it on HDMI1). It still turns the TV off and on and you can't choose to have no display in an activity.

As of today, for no apparent reason, it fails to change settings on the soundbar but it only fails around 90% of the time. Occasionally I'll see the volume go up/down. It acts like an obstructed IR sensor but nothing has moved and the remote that came with the soundbar works from everywhere including the location of the hub.

Every issue should have some sort of logical, reasonable fix but this thing is confounding.
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Enthusiast: Home Automationon October 2, 2016
The Logitech harmony remote and hub is a good system. I wish the Amazon rating system can do 1/2 stars, so I could give it 3 1/2 stars, but I'm going to give it the benefit of the doubt and give it 4 stars because it truly does work better than most other systems I've tried. Although there is not much documentation, I did find the system relatively easy to set up. For reference, I will say that I have this Net Gear router: Netgear R7500 Nighthawk X4 AC2350 Dual Band WiFi Router .I had no trouble connecting the Harmony hub to this router in my house. I also have the Lutron Homekit hub: Lutron L-BDG2-WH Caseta Wireless Smart Bridge, HomeKit-enabled and the system found all the lights connected to this hub as well. Any lights that are on can be seen in the IOS app on my phone and tablet.

For setup, the system asks you the manufacturer and model number of your device. Then it loads the codes needed for the device to work. If you input a model number that it does not know about, then you can use the existing remote for that device to program the hub. To do this, you just need to connect the hub to a laptop, with the supplied USB cable, and then follow the instruction on the screen. The instructions tell you point the remote to the hub and press and few buttons so that it could figure out what codes the remote uses for your device. I had one device that it did not recognize and I had to do this step. After I did it, then my device was connected to the system and worked properly. The hub also recognized that I had an Amazon Fire TV connected to my TV and guided me through setting that up to work with the hub as well. I also have a Chromecast Video and a Chromecast Audio in the house and the system found both of them. However, the hub got confused about which one was a Chromecast Video and a Chromecast Audio and I still haven't figure out how to tell it to distinguish one from the other.

Setting up an activity was also not too bad. Connecting my receiver, TV, and cable box together was not too bad. I can setup and activity that turns on the TV and power on the receiver, as that is the way my Av system currently works. I can even schedule the activity to come on at a certain time of the day. The scheduling feature also includes controlling devices at Sunrise and Sunset. However, what is missing is the X minutes before/after Sunrise/Sunset feature. The other note worthy thing I found that can be done is turn on an activity, or a device, when I'm not on my home Wi-Fi. This was a welcomed surprise as I have not seen this mentioned in a lot of reviews I have read.

The big issue I have is with the Amazon Echo IFTTT integration. Basically, it's hot or miss. Sometimes the trigger works and sometimes it does not. I can definitely control the all devices with the IOS app. But using Echo to trigger an activity just doesn't work reliably. I can hear the "ding" notification on my phone when the IFTTT trigger happens, but the activity sometimes does not happen. I wish there was native Alexa integration as the Echo integration was one of the primary reasons I bought this system. So, the faulty IFTTT and Echo integration is really a bummer for me.

Also, I find the user interface dated. It doesn't feel like something that was written for the year 2016. It feels clunky. It feels like something that was written in the 1990s.

Also, I wish it had Apple Homekit integration so that it could recognize all the other Homekit appliances I have. However, besides the faulty IFTTT/Echo integration and lack of Homekit support, I still recommend the system.

Update 11-02-2016:

After using this device for a while, I've lowered my rating for the following reasons: First, when the software finds a Chromecast or Fire Stick, it does not use the name that is associated with these devices. Further, when it finds multiple Chromecasts and multiple Fire Stick, it names them Chromecast 1, Chromecast 2, etc.... Fire Stick 1, Fire Stick 2, etc. So now, it's up to the user to figure out which device is which. If Logitech would do, what all other software does in this case, which is query the devices for the names, then this issue would not come up. Bu they don't, so it's up to the user to rename the devices back to what they originally was named. If the software finds Chromecast Audios and Chromcast Videos, then the system really gets confused. It simply doesn't know what to do with Chromecast Audios.

Next, Logitech does not realize Chromecasts and Fire Sticks implement HDMI-CEC. This means, sending these devices a signal will make them turn on the TV and switch to the right input. You don't need to associated a TV input with them in this software. It's just not necessary. Logitech forces user to associate a TV with these devices, and does not give the option not to do so. When adding a TV, to an activity, you don't have a lot of flexibility as to what you can do with it. For instance, when I tell Alexa to turn off a Chromecast, or a Fire Stick, I'd like the option to switch the TV input back to cable, instead of turning the TV off. This option is not there. The whole system is very inflexible when it comes to controlling Chromecasts and Fire Sticks.

The new Alexa integration is good, but the user interface is flawed. Once you go to the Harmony Alexa Skill to set it up, you have to go back to the Alex app to disable, re-enable, and reconnect the account, just to make changes. It's not a great user experience.
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on July 6, 2017
First of all, hats off to Logitech for still supporting my dying and ancient 550 a full 15+ years after its initial release. But eventually the volume buttons stopped working so off to see what 15+ years of advancement has wrought? Instead of an IR remote, we now get a IR beaming hub and a RF physical remote as well as App and Alexa support.

This is actually my second one, and I still don't really understand the product differentiation between each edition as they all come with the same hub and this one fits what I need; control receiver, projector, tv tuner, blu ray player. I know it can do amazon fire tv as well but don't have one in this room.

Put the hub in opposite corner, configure in the app, add my devices and activities and I was up and running in minutes. The Logitech server is stocked with even the most obscure brands so manually copying/programming IR commands is most likely not needed.

The remote works in the room just fine, the short and long button holds for routines is actually pretty cool to make the most of available buttons. This edition doesn't have the lights buttons but I wonder if that is a limitation of the hub or just the remote itself? Again, the product line differentiation with Logitech is rather vague.

On the app side is where things get both interesting and limiting. Since I have two of these things, I have to switch hubs in the app if I want to use my phone to control things; just a little friction in an otherwise polished product. On the other hand, adding a hub was very easy.

I can only have one hub integrated with Alexa, 'tis a shame since the limitation is completely on the software side between Amazon and Logitech. Hope this one lasts as long as the old one.
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on May 10, 2017
I have used Logitech remotes for several years, and bought this Harmony Smart Control to replace an aging Harmony One remote. The Harmony software worked flawlessly, guiding me through the set up, and as a result, this remote is very easy to set up. It might be able to set things up using a computer, but the remote seems designed to connect to a smartphone using a Harmony app (I used the free iPhone app). I was concerned that the remote might not work because I already had a Harmony hub for another remote (a Harmony Elite). However, it had not trouble setting up the new hub as a second hub, even though both hubs are on the same Wi-Fi network. Nor (after the setup had been completed), were there any issues of interference or altered functionality with the first hub. Everything worked just as it was supposed to. Setup took 15-20 minutes. The remote does not have the many features of the Elite (a backlight, LCD screen, charging cradle, options to provide many screens of specialized commands and buttons, etc.), however it is great for applications in which one doesn't need such features. On the plus side, the remote has 3 dedicated activity buttons (music, TV and movies), which makes it particularly easy for children, older people and non-tech people to use. Worked perfectly with Roku4. Flawlessly handled switching devices and HDMI inputs for different activities. One big advantage of the "Hub" remotes is that you don't need to hold the remote pointed at the TV, STB, etc. Just press the remote button, and the hub does the work of contacting the relevant equipment. Get the Elite if you need more options and buttons, but this is a great alternative for home theater needs involving 1-3 activities.
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on January 9, 2016
This is the first universal remote of this kind I've owned - it required a little learning and getting used to, but in the end I'm very pleased.
Build quality is excellent, typical of Logitech products - and so is the industrial design; the components are beautiful and unobtrusive - although the interface design could see a little improvement.
In the package comes the "Hub" - heart of the system, an IR blaster (or repeater, to direct the IR signals to where the Hub can't reach), a small remote and cables for power.
The Hub is supposed to be positioned in a certain way depending on your home theater layout, and if that was a concern for me at first, it quickly went away: there's plenty of IR and RF power to reach everything near, far and out of direct sight with the hub alone (although I don't have anything inside closed cabinets). For reference, I control a TV, a cable box, a receiver, a PS3, a projector and a projection screen.
Take your time to set it up, especially if you have several devices to program. The step-by-step process is not hard, but I would also not call it easy or simple. Basically you use the Harmony app on your phone/tablet to create an account and run the setup process and later on to tweak the settings. What wasn't completely clear to me in the beginning was that setting-up and configuring the settings are separate procedures - you first make the remote work with the devices and finish the basic setup and then you can edit the different activities to change stuff around. Once set and customized, it works wonderfully well.
The app is intended as the main controller and can be used to control everything: activities, which combine the main controls of all devices in use, or individual devices alone. The control interface is good, the customization interface not so much.
The physical remote is secondary, it only controls activities and not necessarily individual devices alone and needs to be configured using the app, but is my preferred method because it's simpler and more convenient. It has two drawbacks, though, in my opinion: no backlighting, and small buttons, especially the numbers at the bottom. With time you learn the layout and the backlight becomes less of a problem, but the small buttons will make it hard for certain people to operate, I'm sure.

All in all, I'm very happy and would recommend.
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on August 7, 2015
I've had several Harmony remotes over the years. A 520, an 890, and a Harmony One. I had always felt they did a pretty good job, although the software was bonkers awful to use. The software was like a web-based wizard that ran in a java app so there were no keyboard shortcuts, no default values, Yes/No questions that required you to select yes or no AND click OK, and a whole lot of unnecessary questions. It was very cumbersome to work with, especially sitting on the couch with a laptop with a trackpad. Updating the remote took several minutes over a USB cable too so just to change a single button you were looking at a 10 miinute time investment at least, Still, it got the job done and was moderately customizable.

That's all changed with the new Smart Control line of Harmony remote. The remotes are RF so they don't require line of sight, and they use a couple of "blasters" to do the actual IR. The blasters work amazingly well omnidirectionally despite being sitting on the shelf next the the components they are controlling. The base hub also does bluetooth and wifi-based control of devices like the Roku that support that. The software is also all new, both on the desktop and tablets. The tablet version of the configuration software lets you control devices and activities through it as well as do configuration, and updating the "remote" actually is just updating the hub which takes about 10-15 seconds *wirelessly*. The touchscreen interface of the tablet makes the software very easy to use as well.

Something that would have been a deal breaker for me, my system needs a delay between turning on the TV and turning on the receiver. This couldn't be handled by the previous software which just had a configurable delay between turning a device on and sending it commands. Now they have a full interface for power on/off commands that allows you to send any button presses you want with any amount of delay between them.

As with other Harmony remotes, you get the full customization of "activities" and what each button does in that activity (which can include multiple devices). New though is the ability to long press buttons for a different function. This allows you to have seldom used functions as long presses without requiring dedicated buttons for them which means this remote actually has twice the number of buttons than you see.

Also new is a lack of interkey delay that drove me nuts in the previous versions. No matter how low I set the delay settings, I could always press a button a bunch of times and when I stopped, the remote would keep sending the button presses it had queued up with ~200ms of delay between them. Very difficult to navigate menus and you'd shoot right past what you wanted to stop on. Now the key presses are near instantaneous and when I stop pressing, it stops immediately because nothing is queued up.

You also get the ability to control your devices with a smartphone or tablet. That's great if I need a button that's not mapped to the remote, but using a touch screen LCD while trying to not look at it is just about the dumbest thing you can do, and people who have LCD touchscreen-only remotes should feel dumb for thinking they're a good idea. That's not a good application of technology.

In short, I can't say enough good things about this remote. Previous versions always left me frustrated with how the software seemed to hamstring the whole system. The old software is gone, and not only that they created some brilliant hardware to go along with it. All that for less than half what all the other harmony remotes cost. I tell everyone that the Harmony Smart Control is the best remote control that mankind has and will ever invent.
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