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on April 8, 2010
I bought this keyboard (and the Logitech Performance MX Mouse) as part of my home office remodeling / update, as I wanted a wireless keyboard and mouse that used Logitech's Unifying receiver.

Installation was a breeze, I launched the Unifying setup program from within SetPoint, and added my keyboard with minimal fuss. Both the mouse and keyboard work flawlessly through the single receiver (about time, Logitech!)

This keyboard is basically a Unifying wireless version of the Logitech Internet 350 and Logitech Deluxe 250 budget keyboards (which I also use and love). The keyboard layout and dimensions are very similar.

- Simple setup
- Excellent key-feel. Uses the standard Logitech Budget keys and switches. Very familiar.
- Fantastic Unifying Wireless receiver (works with other Unifying devices). This receiver is TINY!
- Standard keyboard layout (a MUST. Who uses L shaped Enter keys, small backspace, or non-traditional insert delete rows?)
- A couple of nice multimedia keys. I like the volume keys (+, -, mute). I don't really use the rest.
- Includes number pad. Casual users may not use this, but as a professional programmer, I occasionally need one. Perfect for my needs.

- OK battery life. It turns itself off when not in use, but the 3 year claim has got to be wishful thinking from Logitech.
- Packaging. Amazon sent this keyboard in a truly gigantic box. I appreciate the concern, but surely 1 inch of packing material on all sides is enough. This thing was cradled in 1 foot of Amazon's brown packing paper on all sides.

Final Notes:
- The included SetPoint software was woefully out of date. Get the one from Logitech's website instead.
- The whole point of the Unifying receiver is for multiple devices to work on the same nano-receiver. I suggest getting a mouse to match your fancy new keyboard.
- The K340 and K350 are also Unifying Wireless Keyboards, but the K350 uses the wave shape ("ergonomic") and the K340 uses a non-standard key-layout. I'm a keyboard purist, so the K320 was the only option for me
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on March 14, 2011
I have been using the K320 in about a week everyday and am pleased with this model. First of all Amazon packaged the keyboard real well for shipping and I'm very suprised they used a big box to protect the keyboard, which came with good packaging itself. And Amazon shipped right away via free shipping with one other item that I ordered. The K320 came right on time. The keyboard types very well and I like the "noise" when I type because it sounds almost exactly like my 6-year-old HP wired keyboard for my desk top (I know many prefer a more silent keyboard). It is perfect for basic daily use with the long batt. life.

The set up was immediate and trouble free, and I so far do not have the need to go to some "Set Point" sofeware to use other features because my needs are basic.

I also bought the brand new "Solar" keyboard, Logitech K750, from BestBuy at more than 3 times the price. After repeated comparison and I did try very hard to keep the solar model because it is a "green" product, at the end I have kept the K320 from Amazon and returned the K750 -- price is not the deciding factor.

Besides the feel of the keys and the layout of a standard keyboard, I do love many of the "one-touch" buttons like the internet, volumn controls, my favorites, PC shut down, e-mail, not to mention the very handy calculator button at the top-right corner. The very nice solar K750 does not have these one-touch buttons. Instead it uses the "enhanced" F keys, meaning you need to use two keys to pop up the calubator, or to increase the volumn etc. So I keep the K320 and return the K750.

At first I forgot to turn off the keyboard at night. Logitech Tech Support said the K320 does not have an auto-shut-off feature for the keyboard but it would put it at "standby" to save batteries. Because I'm used to turn off the batt. on my wireless mouse, so I train myself to turn off the K320 at the same time to save the batt.

I have a 2-year-old Logitech mouse VX Nano which cannot use the unifying reciever of the K320 but I have enough USB ports on my laptop so it is not an issue that my wireless mouse and keyboard use their own separate USB receivers.

I wish the K320 is silver, or even white because the black color collects dust in the house big time. But all keyboards are black in the market it seems so it is fine with me. At least without any wire, I could bring it outside to use air duster can to blow away the dust every so often.

Truly, I'm extremely pleased with the K320 and I would give it and Amazon 6 Stars if I could. I wish I had bought this wonderful product a lot earlier and I will recommend the K320 to all. Go, Logitech!
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on February 28, 2013
The keys are high enough and comfortable enough for my fingers and the keyboard has several one-touch features. Also, the option to turn the keyboard off so that the battery can last longer is an awesome thing. However, I always forget to turn it off. That doesn't make much difference though, as I've had this keyboard for a few months and the batteries are still going strong.

The only negative of this keyboard is a glitch between the computer's sleep function and the keyboards 2.4GHz adapter. Me being a computer guru, it didn't take me long to find a work around. When plugging the adapter directly in the computer's USB port without the extension, the computer refuses to go to sleep. That said, the keyboard comes with a wireless adapter extension. Instead of plugging the wireless adapter directly in the computer, I plugged it into the adapter and then plugged the adapter into the computer's USB port; my computer now goes to sleep successfully. This is something I will bring to the attention of Logitech very soon. Perhaps they can come up with a fix, as many people would probably return this keyboard for this reason.
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on January 12, 2011
I ordered this keyboard at the same time I ordered my first wireless trackball, also by Logitech. I was a bit leery about giving up my old faithful Dell keyboard that had served me well for many years and through several computer upgrades. But the feel of the keys on the new keyboard was perfect, and the keyboard layout was about the same, so I had no trouble making the change. There are some new keys that I am getting used to that were not on my old keyboard. The sleep button is my favorite, but the page forward and back come in handy at times too. Since it is wireless I am concerned about battery life, but the on/off slide switch is conveniently located and prolongs the battery life. But of course, the best feature is, NO WIRES. The receiver that plugs into the USB port is absolutely tiny. If it were any smaller it would probably get lost. It sticks out from the USB port just enough so you can get a grip on it to remove it. Overall, the keyboard is slightly wider than my old Dell, but it fits nicely in the pullout tray under my desk. While I am using it with my desktop computer it would go well with a laptop. No worry about knocking off the USB receiver. Installation was a breeze too. I just plugged in the receiver, turned on the keyboard, and in a few minutes Windows 7 had recognized the new hardware and installed the driver automatically. This is the nicest keyboard I have ever owned. For the price it can't be beat. I am really glad I bought it and would recommend it to anyone looking for a wireless keyboard.
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on June 10, 2011
I'm not sure I have ever owned a keyboard or mouse other than Logitech, I consider it the best quality at the best price.
The new wireless K320 keyboard is no exception. I already had the new Logitech wireless Anywhere MX unifying mouse and was looking for a nice keyboard to go with it. I saw the K320 unifying keyboard on Amazon, compared prices, (chump change), checked out the details and got so excited I ordered it over night. For those that may not know what UNIFYING means, you are missing out. A unifying receiver with software lets you use multiple devices with just one receiver, such as your keyboard and mouse. The receiver is tiny and plugs right into an available USB port, you probably won't even need the supplied receiver extension cord. You can hardly see this thing.
The Logitech software is amazing and allows many functions to be assigned to different hot buttons, keys or mouse clicks, all with one piece of software.
At any rate this K320 keyboard does more than you would ever need, but oh so handy. Functions like volume control, search (you decide which one), computer shutdown, web page navigation, sound, email you name it. VERY easy to set up and program the hot buttons with the unifying software. I had mine up and running and the functions assigned all in under 5 minutes. By the way, battery life is incredible with just 2 AA batteries (supplied). One tiny negative. I have had quieter keyboards but we're not talking a big difference by any means and this one may get quieter with use; still the keyboard is so amazing I wouldn't let it slow you down for a second! You have got to have one of these, I love it!
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on July 18, 2016
The item I received was not a K320. I received a MK320, which has a K330 keyboard and mouse. The problem for me was that the keyboard does not have the context menu key as shown in the picture. I use that key a lot! I can hit Function and Print Screen key for the same effect, but disrupts my key input. The K320 keyboard is not made anymore I think.
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on August 27, 2011
Having recently purchased a Logitech mouse with one of their Unifying receivers, I decided it was time to replace my gigantic ergonomic Microsoft keyboard with one that would take advantage of the Unifying receiver. I must confess I was curious (and a bit anxious) about how hard or easy it would be to get the receiver to recognize the keyboard but I needn't have worried. All I did was open up the software that came with my mouse, click on the Unifying icon and follow the on-screen instructions. (In a nutshell, turn the keyboard off and then back on and, voila, Mr. Keyboard was in business.) NOTE: Since my mouse included a CD with the requisite Setpoint software and the keyboard did NOT include any software, I have no idea how the setup would have gone if I'd had to rely on the software download referenced in the description. As far as the keyboard itself goes, it's incredibly lightweight, it has the standard layout I was looking for, an on-off slider (a nice feature if I'd just remember to use it!), lots of small extra buttons that I'll probably never use, and, happily, two feet on the underside to give it the slant I like when it's on the keyboard shelf and not on my lap. All in all, this guy's a keeper!!
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on March 5, 2011
I purchased this keyboard to go along with my M305 wireless mouse (which is also awesome). What is great about the Logitech devices that work with the Unifying Receiver is you only need one receiver to run multiple devices. Since I already had the mouse hooked to my system, I just wanted to add the keyboard to my existing receiver. You have to go to the Logitech unifying software website [...], download the software for your operating system, double-click the downloaded file to install the software, accept the terms and conditions, and turn on the keyboard (duracell batteries were included:). The software recognizes that you are trying to add a keyboard, so it asks you to type a few letters. If the letters appear in the window on the installer you click on the OK button and you are all done. It took me longer to remove the plastic that protects the glossy surfaces of the keyboard, than it did to pair the device to my existing receiver. The keyboard is slightly wider than my wired keyboard that I replaced. Since I am using a keyboard drawer, I had to turn my mouse pad sideways so everything fit. For $19.99, I'll deal with it:)
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on October 6, 2011
I wanted a wireless keyboard for my home office. I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

The Pros:
- Unifying receiver. I already had a Logitech mouse with a Unifying receiver, so I decided to go with a Logitech keyboard. This way, I use up just one USB port for both devices, and don't have to unplug the keyboard every time I take my laptop somewhere.
- Standard keyboard layout. If you look at a lot of Logitech keyboards, they have some screwy key arrangement on the right side involving the page up/down, home, end, delete, and print page keys. Call me stubborn, but I wanted to have a keyboard with the old-school layout - two rows of three keys each. Thankfully, this keyboard delivers
- Extra buttons. There are a variety of extra buttons along the top and left side. I've reprogrammed a few, and they are great additions to the keyboard.
- Long battery life. The batteries the keyboard came with lasted 7 or 8 months, and I never turned the keyboard off.
- Doesn't take up too much desk space. This is a full sized keyboard, but it is very space efficient relative to some other keyboards on the market. Many keyboards have a couple inches of plastic before the keys start (Example, Logitech's K350). I assume this is meant as a hand rest, but it doesn't make the typing experience any better (I have my own hand rest anyway). However, this keyboard has none of that. I suppose for some, this might be a con, but for me its a feature.

The Cons:
- None that I can think of.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a wireless keyboard, especially if they already have a Logitech Unifying device.
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on January 4, 2011
This keyboard is not advertised as being MAC compatible however I have gotten it to work (about 85% of the keys). I use this keyboard and mouse on one USB dongle and transfer the dongle between 4 computers depending on my mood. The range and response time is awesome. I can't see the monitor when I do this test but the keyboard and mouse will work through walls in another room. If the keyboard signal was not incepted I would have sent it back because of it being a security risk.

The devices synchronies to the dongle not to the computer. I set up the keyboard and mouse on my PC than moved the dongle to the MAC. I would recommend if you have a MAC pay the extra for the actual MAC keyboard.

The keyboard is also durable. I would not use it as a hammer but it has been dropped, carried in a duffle bag, stepped on, and it works and looks like new.

My limited cash is the only thing that prevents me from buying a second one.
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