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on January 10, 2017
Common problem can arise permanently fixable by voiding warranty and spending more money. There is a cog with holes inside of the unit, that gets noticed by infrared or some sort of light, which converts into the amount of wheel turn recognized by your gaming device. It can get a hairline crack as did mine, and have to be fixed, which you should replace with a brass encoder it is called, and not cheap. Original encoder is plastic and lasted a month or two, but the brass encoder has lasted a ton of use. Logitech refuses to comment in their own commend thread about this issue after years and years in the thread, so be aware on new models that this may be an ongoing issue perhaps. I still recommend it, and recommend using a velcro mod on the shifter so that it doesnt feel or sound like plastic when you hit the stick into a gear. Huge improvement to look into on youtube. Also replacing the springs in the pedals with the entire nixim pedal mod springs, is phenomenal for 60 USD. Must do mods.
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on February 23, 2015
Great piece of hardware. Definitely a 5-star in every category for the price. The next wheel up from this one is basically a $500 setup, so it's a big price gap where nothing really competes with the G27. The only thing I don't like about the hardware is the hard-to-grip vice twist things, whatever you want to call the clamping system. It's like they make it hard to grip so you can't twist it so hard you break the plastic that it's made of. However, it's barely possible to make it tight enough to stay in position, but it is possible so that's not a huge deal. I want to be able to quickly set it up and take it down, though, and it's cumbersome to say the least.

I take away 1 star for terrible, awful Logitech software. Two things: 1) Logitech Gaming Software stopped supporting the G27 back in version 5.1. It's on version 8.xx now. You will be running two version of LGS side by side if you use other Logitech hardware, like a gaming mouse that 90% of G27 owners probably have. 2) The download for the old version 5.10 LGS is broken for 64-bit users. If you choose to download the 64-bit version, you get the 32-bit version and it will not install on 64-bit Windows. Oh it acts like it installs and says it completes, but if you pay attention you will see it takes zero seconds to copy files during the install while it should take at least 5 seconds to copy files. After the install, you look for it on your Start Menu and nothing is there. Confusing. No where on the web page does it make mention of this problem. You might get lucky and find the correct 64-bit download posted in the Logitech forums without too much searching. I bet someone in the Amazon comments has a link to the download as well. Basically, it's typical Logitech: Great hardware, terrible software...just like their Harmony remotes and their mouse software until recently.

Other thoughts: The wheel-weight (how hard it is to turn the wheel when driving) is heavy. I don't have experience with force-feedback wheels except for an old Logitech Momo wheel, so maybe I'm just not used to it. However, I have driven several cars and trucks in my life and they are all pretty easy to turn with one hand. However, when using a G27 or the Momo, it's like driving a big-rig without power-steering. I'm pretty sure the STi I'm driving in-game has power steering, yet I'm getting a work-out with both arms trying to turn the wheel. Ya, I get it, I'm racing in the game so it should be hard, but it's just not realistic to me. Small little turns at 50mph in a car with power steering should be doable with like 1 finger. Some games have a wheel-weight setting (Assetto Corsa maybe? I forget because I've been trying lots of driving games), but I couldn't feel a difference between 0%, 10%, 90%, and 100%. I'll research this a bit and see if I can make it more realistic in the games I'm playing (Assetto Corsa, GRID, GRID2, DiRT2, Euro Truck Sim 2, F1 2012, etc.). Speaking of Assetto this game makes it feel like every car has butter all over its tires. Turning the wheel a little bit at 35mph and I'm just squealing the tires and plowing through corners. This is supposedly accurate though...I guess the true sims take a while to get used to after playing Codemaster games a lot.
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on July 26, 2015
If you are looking for a racing wheel to go along with your many racing games and driving simulators on your PC this wheel is for you. I am giving this 5 out of 5 stars on pure product usage, build quality and enjoyment from using it. The biggest disappointment from this product is that it is not compatible with the PS4 only the newer G29 is compatible. I know you can't blame logitech because it is software through the sony that won't allow it, but it is still a disappointment that it's not possible due to the fact companies want to make more money. I would recommend this to anyone that wants to play games on a PC with a wheel. The price range is reasonable for a wheel such as this one. The force feedback feature makes games so much more fun to play. This wheel is not like playing in an arcade as a kid where you throw the wheel back and forth swerving. Many games are compatible with the force feedback feature. The clutch on this is also what makes this wheel and pedal set so much better, this feature adds so much more realism to playing simulators and games. Overall I am very happy with my purchase.

-Very nice build quality
-Force Feedback
-Clutch and Shifter
-Nice leather wheel
-Excess off buttons to bind
-Paddle Shifters

-Medium Price range not super affordable for day to day gamer.
-Sometimes hard to attach to certain desks
-Not compatible with every game

I would recommend this to anyone that has the money and has been wanting a wheel to use for a various number of video games. Be careful and do your research to make sure the games you want to play are compatible though. This product though is an investment as it is reasonable price range for the quality of product but is not a cheap purchase.
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on August 21, 2017
I love it! No complaints here! It's a whole new experience. I have raced cars on closed course circuits and it's very similar in Gran Turismo. Only places I would like to see Logitech improve on realism is the gear shifter feels very plastic-e. The metal against metal in the shifter would feel much more realistic. Also if there would be a way to give feedback through the clutch, brake and gas petals, it would make shifting feel a lot more realistic. Of course using the paddles just makes you lazy ;) Works well on the PS3 and the Computer, haven't tried it on many of the games though. I've spent endless hours with the torque on it's highest setting. I haven't felt it fade or get too hot. It's a very nice setup!

Keep in mind, it can only be truely appreciated if you can mount it to something securely, especially the pedals, so they're not moving around on you. I screwed the pedals into the hard plastic floor mat that covers the carpet in our office and this worked perfectly in my situation. I also have a flat overhang on the desk I mount the steering wheel to. I can't wait to upgrade to an actual racing seat setup :D
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on July 9, 2013
I just received this package yesterday and I must say after a month of playing F1 2012 and other racing sims with a wireless controller, it was a welcomed relief. I have only a few hours with it so far and all I can say at this point is YES YES YES, and WOW, what a difference. This wheel/pedal combo is smooth, precise, feels great as far as force feedback, and has worked flawlessly on every sim I have from NASCAR Racing Season 2003, Grid, DIRT, and F1 2012. The easiest plug-n-play experience I have had in a long time. Good thing too because there is no manual. However it is so user friendly the software is even a no-brainer. I set up the functions for each sim so it has customization capability for every simulation that I have, old and new. BONUS, it shipped with rFactor which I have yet to install. My favorite all time sim is NASCAR 2003 from Papyrus and I was a little skeptical it would go as smoothly as it did. It actually detected the the game right off the rip and all I had to do was assign the buttons to what I wanted them to do and it was a done deal. Yes sir ree I am one happy camper. Logitech G27 Racing Wheel As far as Amazon goes, ordered it and received it exactly as promised, as usual.
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on June 27, 2015
Today I received mine in perfect shape shipped from the Mainland to Hawaii, Everything works as advertised. This is a great product and I now know why there are so many people stating that this is the best on the market for the price.
The only reason I didn't give five stars is because of the setup it takes to actually start Simulating a real driving experience. This is day two and I'm still working on setting everything up. I do comprehend that this is because of the software developers and not Logitech.This wheel has strong force feedback and you can actually feel the bumps in the "road". The plastic clamps that hold this to a desk or table are sturdy, for my application I bolted it to the table and bolted the pedal assembly to a foot-board. I left the shifter just clamped with no bolt(so far but it's just day two for me)

The pedal board is larger than I had imagined it would be, the wheel is a little smaller than I imagined, although I have seen racing wheels in actual cars of this size.

I plan on printing out button labels to tape to the wheel and shifter assembly for ease of use. I may use Velcro or magnetic tape to attach these. If I do I'll place a link on my web page and have a link here as well.
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on December 22, 2014
I have been playing racing games for many years now... started on Need For Speed III. (I know, don't bash me too much for it.)

After many years on the keyboard playing arcade style games, I started trying out more simulation style games.

A few years ago, I bought an Xbox controller to give me two analog triggers for throttle and brakes. That worked for a while, but I wasn't able to get enough adjustment from the joystick for me to be content.

I was racing in NFS Shift and Shift 2 primarily at this point.

Last August, I purchased a cheap $50 racing wheel to see if the increased adjustment and realism would allow me to get faster. It worked beautifully and I left it connected to my computer, always ready to be used.

I started to try out the hard core simulation games and I just couldn't get a good feel for the grip on the front tires due to a lack of force feedback. I was able to hear the tires, but at that point it is too late to save the line and you are left with correcting motion to get back on line. I also wasn't happy with the lack of resistance in the throttle or brakes and I had no clutch peddle.

I just purchased the G27 in Dec. 2014 as an early gift to myself. Immediately, it was extremely hard to get the same times that I was getting with the cheaper wheel. Confusing as it seems, the increased sensory input was seriously throwing off my driving style. I went back to the basics and took a slow car around Nordschleife for a few hours working the H shifter harder than I needed to and letting my left hand get used to the feedback.

For the first time I actually enjoyed driving a Pagani Zonda R in Shift 2, setting a new personal record the first lap out on the Nordschleife. The G27 has given me a pleasurable amount of sensory input. My lines are much smoother, my times are faster, my laps are more consistent and the cars I can drive well have increased in speed.

Now, as far as simulations go, I know that NFS Shift and Shift 2 are not the best. They are just what I got used to due to the previously mentioned hardware.

After getting the G27, I am now trying out the GTR game series with its rain modes, the F1 series with its rain modes and the Live For Speed series. Every game is so much easier and enjoyable with the G27.

Now, to get force feedback on the brake peddle and to set up a more ergonomic racing environment where I am not scrunched to where my calves are getting sore from the peddles being too close.
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This wheel has genuinely exceeded my expectations. Awesome built quality, I can tell this thing will take a beating over the years and there zero play in the wheel itself when you try to wiggle it; rock solid. The smell of the leather on the wheel literally exudes with the aroma of quality, love it. My first run with this wheel was with F1 2013 and had no luck getting the force feedback to work as I could not get the software from Logitech web site to open. After some days of frustration I finally called Logitech customer support and he quickly emailed me an updated game controller and it worked! They had been having problems with the previous version of the software on 64 bit windows. So...just a heads up, you will need to call Logitech at the date of this review to get the new version of the game controller in order to get force feedback in your games.

UPDATE: 1 year later. The wheel has held up very well and remained solid, no play whatsoever in the steering mechanism after about 4 or 500 hours of use. BUT there is a serious flaw that has developed for me which I did some research on and discovered it to be a trend with the G27 in particular. The wheel is becoming off centered during use. I messed with re calibration settings again and again which worked temporarily yet the wheel would always inevitable stray from center during driving to the point I was holding the wheel 90 degrees to stay straight. Apparently the optical sensor on the force feedback motors becomes lose inside. There are you tube videos instructing a fix with epoxy but it involves taking the wheel almost completely apart.

Logitech is sending me a new wheel. I have dropped my rating from 5 to 4 stars (and not 3) because Logitech is standing behind their product. I will post back with an update in another year to see if the problem has been potentially addressed in new makes of the wheel.
If I were to start over I would look into another model for this reason however, as now I am without a wheel for at least a couple of weeks and I'm still waiting for my shipping label to arrive in my email from Logitech to send it back to them. Customer service is another review I'll have to update at a later time as I see how this unfolds.

Having gone through that the force feedback lives up to its fancy gear technology. On my old Logitech Wingman wheel it always felt a bit like it was going to break while in use as well as having that gear whine when you whipped it around, the G27 is the real deal and makes you realize the others are toys. If like me you are contemplating whether 200 bucks for a wheel is worth it I can say that it is if you are into being connected with your driving games.

One last tip I will mention is this: at first the wheel felt like it had a very small dead zone even when the game's settings where set to zero dead zone on the steering in put. I ended up going into the Controller Profile for the wheel's settings and set the SENSITIVITY from 50 to 100 percent which made a big difference and completely cleared up the wheel's dead spot. Playing F1 2013 with this wheel is truly an experience.
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on January 22, 2015
I bought this for Gran Turismo 6. Required no setup, just plugged it in and went. I did end up remapping a couple of the steering wheel buttons just for my personal preference. The pedals have a folding spike strip to help them grip the carpet. I don't know what it will do to the carpet in the long run. The wheel and shifter attached firmly to my table, even though the table has a lip underneath that I thought might make it a challenge. The wheel transmits the feel of the road very nicely. I can physically tell when the tires are about to lose traction, and feel them struggle for grip around corners. I never thought an electronic wheel could feel so realistic. As someone who drives a fast car in real life, I know how these sensations transmit themselves through the wheel, and this is quite good. The pedals are more closely spaced than I would like. They can be adjusted somewhat, but enough for me. Don't let that hold you back, though. I doubt there's a better wheel/pedal/shifter setup made by anyone right now. Also, the paddle shifters on the wheel are oversized, but not enough to get in the way. They work great. The only significant gripe I have is that the shifter does not always engage the gear if you're light on the clutch. This is something that would be easy to tell in a real car, but sometimes can be a challenge during quick shifting while racing.
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I am a big fan of driving simulators, but using the standard PS3 Dual Shock controller just isn't a really good way to do most of them. So I got this wheel set hoping to have a better experience and boy has it delivered! Gran Tourismo is wonderful with this setup, and I've also used it extensively with Need for Speed Shift, and love it. While I don't have the fancy stand getup that is also for sale, I found a pretty good compromise with a plastic folding table from Walmart that I mounted the wheel and shifter to, and have the pedals on the carpet. The height adjustment of the table makes it easy to find the right level to make it work.

The controls are fluid, and the force feedback is great. There's a little bit of a deadzone with the steering that can be tricky to work with at higher speeds, but that's about the only negative I can find. Precision driving is so much easier now and my lap times are down noticeably by using this wheel.

I'd say the only knock is that it took a while to figure out which buttons on the wheel and shifter assembly corresponded to which controls on the Dual Shock. Once I got that down (and made little marks on the shifter panel), it's been about as perfect as I can think.
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