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on September 5, 2014
UPDATE: It would appear that my review was based on the device I tested it with, a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Other devices appear to auto-connect and auto-play, which would annoy the living snot out of me...

I'm changing my review to three stars to reflect it as such, please ignore the comments about Auto-connect & Auto-play. I'm leaving them in for historical sake & completeness of the original review.

TL;DR: Fantastic bluetooth adapter for non-bluetooth powered speakers or receivers.

I'm a very picky person when it comes to technology. (Some might call me a technology snob and I would not disagree with them...) This also means I'm very demanding of the electronics purchases I make. For me to give out a five star review for a piece of electronics, it mean's it's pretty darn good.

Setup - Dead simple. Plug in the power cord (about approximately 4 feet of wire on the adapter) and plug in the included cable (a RCA to 3.5mm cable).

Pairing - Pairing the phone is easy and intuitive. Press the button on the top of the adapter and you'll hear a beep over the speakers and the blue light on the bottom of the adapter will blink. On you device, use the bluetooth settings to find and pair to the adapter. It shows up as "Logitech BT Adapter" in your list. Once paired, you'll get a quick beep-beep to indicate successful pairing.

Sound - It's Bluetooth 3.0. You're probably streaming some 192kbps stream from one of the many available sources on the interwebs... It's not going to sound "amazing", but it's very clear and there is no tinny noise that can accompany poor bluetooth protocol implementations. Most people will consider the sound "amazing", but I'm definitely too much of an audio-snob to classify it as such. We'll call it "very good". ;o)

Bluetooth Range: I have this setup in the living room and kitchen area on my house. Line of sight is probably about 30-35 feet if I stand as far away as possible. With line of sight, you'll get perfect sound. Stick it in your pocket or let things get between you and the receiver once you go beyond 20 feet and you're asking for trouble. Now, be aware that this is usually due to the device you are TRANSMITTING from, and not the receiver. Modern phones do have strong bluetooth strength since they expect to be transmitting to close by devices (headset, car stereo, etc.) I tested this with a Note 3.

Features Not Mentioned: NO AUTO-CONNECT!!! Thank you Logitech! Now, this is personal preference, but I DO NOT want my phone to connect with the adapter every time I am in range. I like that I need to select it from the Bluetooth menu to get it to reconnect. It lets ME control the connection. Don't try to figure out what I want... let me decide.

NO AUTO PLAY: Now, this may be specific to my phone & the adapter, but I REALLY like that even once i connect to the adapter, it doesn't try to auto-play the last paused track or audiobook I was listening to. It allows me to start it when I'm ready. This is personal preference and I do not know how this works with iOS devices, as it may have different behavior. At least on Android, it meets my preferred implementation.

RCA outputs: Many of the bluetooth adapters you'll find on Amazon are only 3.5mm output to whatever device (speakers or receiver) you are connecting to. Logitech gives you a choice, either RCA or 3.5mm. This is a big detail and worth the extra cost in my opinion. For many it will not matter, but if you're connecting to a receiver, this is the preferred way to go. I make my own RCA cables, so I used that to connect it to an input on the Onkyo TX-NR616 receiver.
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on January 17, 2017
Why would Logitech produce a product with no off function other than to unplug which is very very inconvenient. . I bought this Bluetooth audio adapter along with the Logitech Z623 Speaker System. It came up as a plus item. I was going to buy a Bluetooth receiver anyway so why not this one. The inability to turn off is a show stopper for me. I was thing of sending it back but, will keep it for now. I have a MPOW Bluetooth 4.0 Receiver in the garage hooked to an old Kenwood A/V system. I'll just switch the two leaving the Logitech adapter in garage unplugged..

- It was very easy to setup
- Easily pair with my iphone, ipad, and Itouch with no problems.
- Worked very well with my new Logitech speaker system and my old Kenwood A/V system

- .No off function. The only way to turn off is to unplug the unit or to disconnect through your device Bluetooth setting. .
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on May 18, 2014
Bought for my father. He is an audiophile. He wanted to connect his phone and send music to his custom made speakers and custom made tube amplifiers. He was not expecting the quality to be amazing but he was shocked when he heard it for the first time. Amazing product.
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on June 1, 2016
I purchased this in hopes of connecting my home stereo to my Echo Dot using Bluetooth. Unfortunately, the Logitech receiver (and many other Bluetooth receivers as it turns out) doesn't work well with the Echo because they feature an auto-reconnect function that tries to re-establish a connection when it is "lost". Connecting it too the Echo was straight-forward and the sound quality was much better than a cheap receiver I tried before. However, when I told Alexa to disconnect and switch back to the hard-wired connection, she obeyed and her voice immediately switched to the hard-wired speakers. However, a few seconds later I hear a beep and the Logitech receiver reconnected to the Echo via Bluetooth and the Echo no longer used my hard-wired connection. No matter what I did I could not disable this auto-reconnect and the Echo always switched back to Bluetooth. The only solution I've found is to disconnect power to the Logitech receiver when not using it. So over all, it seems to be a nice Bluetooth receiver but didn't meet my needs and I don't recommend it for use with the Amazon Echo Dot and I would assume the original Echo too.
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on September 12, 2015
This unit has RCA holes...that means instead of hooking up a cd player or tape deck...you hook this up to the back of your receiver...then pair it to your phone's music player and Jam!...I had a thousand dollars worth of old gear in the garage and it wasn't being used...this works great...hope this helps some old school folks that don't know you can do this...sounds so much better than most of the crappy little wireless speakers the kids are buying..
review image
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on June 26, 2017
This is a bluetooth adapter and it does that just fine. Here's the problem, or at least a problem for me: It connects automatically. Actually, "automatically" isn't the right way to put it...it strong-arms all other Bluetooth connections and pushes them out of the way. It hijacks any other connection and overrides it. Ok, that's being dramatic- but here's what it does: Connected to any other Bluetooth device and then come within broadcast reach of this unit? This unit will connect and boot you from the other connection. Connect to my Bluetooth speaker, listening to music...then all of a sudden, my phone will connect to this Logitech instead. In my car listening to music over the bluetooth connection...pull into the drive way, and suddenly I'm no longer listening to music because my phone has paired with this Logitech in the house. The Logitech is always looking to connect. Even if you don't connect to anything else, your phone is automatically connecting to this Logictech, and so all of the sound on your phone stops working unless you turn Bluetooth off.

That's pretty annoying. As a result, when I'm done using this unit I have to "forget bluetooth device" on my phone, otherwise it will just keep trying to connect to this one. I suppose I could turn off this Logitech when I don't want to use it, except there's no on/off switch - so you'd have to unplug the Logitech, but that's a bit of a pain and I shouldn't have to. The idea when I bought this Logitech was to have it hooked up to my primary stereo in the living room - an old school stereo before Bluetooth was around. When I want to listen through my big stereo, I connect to this Logitech. When I don't want to listen to the big stereo, I disconnect and I connect to something else...or to nothing. But that's not an option - the Logitech always wants to automatically connect to any device that it's paired to. None of my other Bluetooth devices do this with exception of the car, but it makes sense to do that in the car because it's only on when the car is on, and you can safely assume that when the car is on you want your phone to connect with the car's Bluetooth.

Anyway..it's a pain, and it means you have to either unplug this Logitech, or unpair it (aka, forget the pairing) on your phone every time. If I had known that, I would have purchased a different model.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on September 15, 2014
Out of the box, it didn't work right. The signal level from the RCA jacks was about 30 db below normal line-in level. A few days later, the unit was totally dead.

All throughout this, I was attempting to get help from Logitech tech support. Every one of their e-mails ranged from worthless to insulting. About half were clearly computer-generated. The never offered me a warranty exchange or return.

Update on September 26: the single star I give this product is not because is arrived DOA. Such things happen with consumer electronics. The single star is because of the worthless technical support and the terrible customer service.

However, now that Logitech customer service has replied to my review, perhaps the situation can be improved. If this happens, I will update this review to indicate such.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on July 26, 2015
Worked ok for about a month, then started dropping connections constantly. Rebooted both devices, and tried with multiple devices, iPhone, iPad and Kindle Fire. All experienced the same issue. Would connect for a few minutes then being to constantly reconnect. Range did not matter
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on August 5, 2014
I got this product and I plug in my speakers to it (speakers I bought off of Amazon), and I try to pair this adapter with my Ipod Touch (5th Generation) Bluetooth, but no matter how many times I tried, I can't get a Bluetooth connection. I really think I shouldn't have to mess with this product for a period of a year to get it to work. Maybe it would work one day, after many trial and error, but so far I can't get it to work. I really thought Logitech made solid products, but this one is so egregiously bad. If it isn't compatible with Ipod Touch, it should say so in the product description. I really don't like this product.


I originally gave this product a 1 star because it refused to work with my ipod touch no matter how much I tried (like a thousand times). Now I'm giving it 4 stars. I could give it 5 stars though, just the frustration that I had when getting it to work and low ease of use makes me notch it down a star. This product does work with the ipod touch. What I had to do was when the ipod touch refused to connect to the Bluetooth (Bluetooth device is on network but refuses to make a connection, even if tried a million times, with pairing, and button holding.), you have to tell the ipod touch to "Forget device" -- that is forget the Bluetooth device, at which point the message "Not Paired" would appear. Upon the message "Not paired", you have to pair it again. If it doesn't work, you have to repeat the process. For example, if you put your ipod touch in airplane mode, and you have to then put the ipod touch back into Bluetooth mode, you have to pair it again. So you would have to "forget device" again, and then get the "not paired" message, then attempt to pair it again. I think it's not very good ease of use to have to unpair then pair. (That is, "forget the device", then re-pair). The fact that I had to figure this out on my own (the instruction manual does not tell me this), and that I have to un-pair and re-pair again means it's not very ameliorating to use easily. That is why I would give it 4 stars.


update: I like the sound, but there is one problem I wish could be addressed. I wish this product would improve on this one point. When connecting multiple devices (like your pc and ipod touch to this same Bluetooth adapter), I wish they would connect automatically without me going through 3-5 minutes of the pairing process. Basically, the adapter doesn't like multiple devices connecting to it. It would tend to bug out; that is, if a different device tried to connect to it, the adapter would ask that device to go through a quality control pairing process (and this happens every time you switch to a different device). On the other hand, if you stick with only one device, you never have to pair it again 95% of the time. But if you switch between computer and ipod touch, the unpair and pairing process has to be repeated. It's tedious, I wish there was a automatic process that makes this event convenient and easy. But sadly this is not the case. I know it seems like I've complained a lot about this product, but I quite like Logitech products and have taken a fancy to them. I think the sound quality is good (albeit I haven't compared it to different Bluetooth receivers, to me the sound quality is, to be sure, is more than satisfying). In fact, I'm ordering a second pair of Logitech Bluetooth adapter, so even though I sound a little negative in this review, I don't have complaints that cannot be lived with.


update: I ordered a second one. With this one, I connected my tv to it. There was severe distortion, so I really hate this adapter. I changed it from 1 star, with the next update this review got a 4 star, but on this update I give it a 3 star. If it doesn't work with TV, then why not? Make it work with TV, I'm sure you could figure that out. I wish I never ordered a second one. Not worth the money. Sadly, I can't return this product or I would. This product sucks.
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on April 5, 2017
This is, by far, the most awful thing I have ever paid money for in my life.

I won't even go into the major complaint about it hijacking bluetooth to make itself dedicated to your device. I knew this going in, and for my application, I actually wanted the persistent connection. My complaint is the utter disgrace of "audio quality" that this device regurgitates from its poorly designed bowel of electronics from within.

IMMEDIATELY upon plugging it in, I was beside myself hearing this ugly, overdriven, filth of audio that barely resembled a song. I turned the source down (my phone volume), and about halfway it cleaned up. After I could understand that I was actually hearing music, I was treated with a tinny shell of what the song actually was; yes, I felt like I was listening to a countertop radio from 1943 dropped into a metal trash can with the speaker facing away from me. The device literally carves out all frequencies below a typical midrange, and what is left is so modulated that it doesn't even sound natural.

I tested this on multiple audio outputs; same exact result. I can assure you that nothing on my audio setup, aside from this atrocity, is faulty. I also have a standard bluetooth all in one speaker that sounds great. I'm not digging on bluetooth audio quality; there is something severely wrong here.

a 1/5 doesn't even begin to convey how much I loathe this sad, depressing little gadget. I'm under the impression that it's not a lemon, as I've read other reviews knocking it for it's quality. I just didn't know something could actually come off of a production line that literally doesn't perform the one task it was designed (?) to do to any degree of quality whatsoever.

Logitech, if you're reading this; shame, shame shame. I would expect something like this of some no name internet brand, not from you. To anyone else looking for this kind of device; STAY AWAY. It doesn't matter how picky you are about your audio quality, you will hate this. Guaranteed. I've never felt compelled to write such a terrible review of anything until I experienced this garbage spewing disaster of an audio device.

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