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on October 25, 2014
This review compares the "Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick" and the "Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick" specifically in the context of Star Citizen: Arena Commander

At this point in the development of Star Citizen I don't recommend buying any kind of stick or HOTAS (hands on throttle and stick). Currently keyboard and mouse are more fully optimized. You can pilot and dogfight more precisely with a mouse than with a stick. They are however working to make sticks and full HOTAS setups a better option. So if at some point in the future you're trying to decide between the Thrustmaster and the Logitech here's my thoughts.

Comparing just the sticks, I prefer the Logitech. First thing that stands out is the base is heavier and wider. I never tipped the Logitech off of any of its feet when I was pulling back hard or anything like that. But I did with the Thrustmaster. Also there are more buttons for your thumb on the Logitech and they are in better positions and they are more satisfyingly clickly. The stick itself is a little smaller in diameter. Which I like. The Thrustmaster fit my hand fine, it was just a different feel. The Logitech takes more force to move the stick which feels good to me right now. However I could see in the middle of a long gaming session I might wish for an easier push.

On to the throttle controls. Obviously the Thrustmaster wins hands-down here. However I found that as I was dogfighting I didn't need the level of control that the Thrustmaster throttle provided. There is a command in the game that will match your speed to your target. Basically like radar enhanced cruise control on new cars. I find that when I target someone it's easiest to trigger that and I can stick to them easily. Beyond that I really only need full throttle and full stop, which I can get with voice command or a quick double tap of W or S. There are a lot of buttons on the throttle which is nice, but there's a lot of buttons on my keyboard too.

Basically if you're not going to get something with toggle switches and double thruster control like the "Mad Catz Saitek Pro Flight X-55 Rhino H.O.T.A.S." or the "Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog Joystick" (and there may never be a reason to) then save $15 and go with the Logitech you'll be happy.
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on January 11, 2015
I recently received the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro in the mail, it came a day earlier than expected and was in great condition when it got here.

Now about the joystick itself:
There are indeed 6 large buttons on the left side of the joystick, and the stick itself has 4 buttons placed on the top for your thumb. The stick is very heavy and takes a slight effort to push, so if you are looking for a stick with precision flying, this is the one for you. However you can still push the stick around rather roughly, so for games like Battlefield (if that is what you are planning on playing) then you can still make your sharp turns and crazy barrel rolls, but if you find the need to precisely fly through buildings, you can still do that. So if you want a broken down explanation, here it is...

•Precise movements
•Can still be used for rough flying
•Many buttons that can be programmed
•Sticks to the table or platform you have it set on, so it does not pick up off the table when you start flying a little crazier.
•The trigger is indeed rapid fire, for those shooter games that need a few more "bullets-per-second"
•And many more

•The side left buttons are a little weird to press, one side goes down while the other doesnt, it may be a personal bother but it might effect other people, but not by much.
•The joystick is a little strange (many other joysticks have this problem too) because the exchange from turning into the rudder is a little fiddly, but I atleast got used to it pretty quick.

In conclusion, well worth the money, I wish I bought two.
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on June 14, 2016
This joystick, as my first and starter joystick, love it, but over use have noticed some design and build quality issues. To start off with, I know this is very cheap, and the price hasn't changed since I bought it, but I did get what I paid for. Simply said, I wanted to start off with joystick flight in my simulation games, and this did the job amazingly. My problem is though, it's not built to last. After a few months or so my throttle had worn out and lost nearly all simulated resistance that I very much enjoyed, leaving me with the throttle that if even the desk I have it on were to be bumped, it would move, making it so I had to almost constantly hold it still. The rudder control also began to start wearing out and seems to want to constantly shift left when left still, even after pulling it hard to the right, some of the buttons are sticking and some don't register in the games half the time, even though this is one of the most commonly supported joysticks in all games. It's a great stick to start with if you want to see you'll enjoy this kind of flight in your game, but, it's only a starter, and I don't believe it's built to last till your next upgrade.
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on June 3, 2016
I expected so little of this control stick due to the very low price (compare to Saitek and CH products). But I needed a stop-gap unit for X-Plane and the upcoming Descent remakes to tide me over until I could justify a more expensive solution. The reviews were good so I figured I'd roll the dice.
What a pleasant surprise! This thing is very solid. Very comfortable. It has 12 buttons, an 8 dir hat, and a twisting 3 axis stick PLUS a built-in throttle. It is fairly hefty and very stable on the desk. It has a tighter feel and shorter throw than the CH Flightstick, which I don't mind. It leaves me wanting for very little. Love it.

Note: For X-Plane and other flight simulators, the throttle should be on the right. Pilots will typically control the aircraft with their left hand on the yoke or stick and right hand on the throttle(s). The HOTAS systems are backward in this regard. This right hand stick configuration is appropriate, however, for heli pilots and space sim fans.
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on May 20, 2015
Throttle lever a stiff on this one I rec'd, I loosened up the allen screw which helped a little, but it is still a to tight. Hope it gets better with use UPDATE! I've been using these for 10 years and this is the first one that I'd just toss in to the garbage. First is was just that the throttle was too tight, so I was using my old one most of the time. When I finally started trying to use the new one thinking the throttle control would loosen, then thumb side trigger began sticking on me. When you depress it to shoot 1 rocket it would stay depressed and unload everything. I took it apart and slightly smoothed the edges on the button, still sticking in the on position. I've never had any problems with these 3D Extreme joysticks ever before. I usually wear them out after a year or two. But this last one is a piece of junk. Not sure if I will buy another or not, I will start to look at other brands.
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on April 7, 2015
Great stick for just about any sim-ish flight game you encounter. I got it for my wife for Star Citizen as she did not like mouse flight.

After a little problem with the throttle not zeroing out, we discovered it wasn't the sticks fault and found the solution below:

In Arena Commander go to
1. Options->Keybinding->Joystick/HOTAS: Throttle has to be rebound to "slider1" (just double click to rebind, and move the throttle, it should detect it as slider 1)
2. Options->Controls->Joystick/HOTAS1: Master Sensitivity must not be lower than 0.50 (default seems to be 1.0)

I had one of these for years until I lent it out...and you know what happens then.
Another thing we looked at was hand rest height off the desk on sticks, from what we could tell, this was the most comfortable non-adjustable right handed stick with twist and throttle.
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on October 8, 2014
The Logitech is a heavy duty unit. Being an old aviator, I can attest that stick pressures and responses to various changes of speed, direction, flap and gear extension feel extremely realistic. Rudder control is built into the stick. Up, down, left, right axes are all programed into the unit when using the controls with my specific application, Google Earth flight simulator. When employed with another sim provider, that unit will of course instruct the user in methods for programming the bottom control buttons. With Google Earth, flaps, gear, and trim are all keyboard functions- search Google Earth/ Flight Simulator/ Keyboard Commands. The small throttle lever works when Google Flight Sim is downloaded, and is extremely responsive--the average Chinese ace can drop toward the landing point with power back and nose up, full flaps on the F-16, then ease the craft into a good Navy landing by coming up slightly on the power. There is also a swell gun toggle switch, but Google doesn't want us blowing anyone away....que lastima!
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on April 6, 2015
I was not happy with this stick out of the box as the hat switch was terribly sporadic. I thought it just needed breaking in. During the trial period I kept waiting for operation to improve.

It did not.

Three days after the return date, I decided to disassemble the unit and see what the problem was. The stick is easy to disassemble but be forewarned, it is a real multi-part puzzle to reassemble.

The hat switch consists of four sub-miniature switches in quadrature formation and the hat switch button is simply a loosely mounted post that contacts one or two of the switches at a time (two are required for oblique views). I infused some DEOXIT into each switch and then reassembled at least four or five times before I got it right.

If you ever disassemble this stick be careful of the rudder control. It has a very fragile pin that engages the side of the stick and could not only be easily broken off but has to be positioned exactly in the cast slot for the pin.

Fortunately, the entire switch assembly is on one PC board with two multi-pin connectors. Be sure to release the plug-in locks. I used shaved down toothpick sections to release them. The PC board is easily removed by three screws to facilitate repair. At this point there are many loose parts so take pains to keep them in their original position, especially the side button. If done properly, everything seems to fall into place during reassembly.

After final assembly, the contact cleaner seems to have done the trick and the stick works like a dream and now that I know how it is constructed, it is easier to understand how the hat switch operates. I am inclined to give it four or five stars, but because it needed repair, only three.

Good luck,
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on December 2, 2014
Understand that this is a "value" price point joystick, it has a little-bit of slop in the center but not a big deal. It works fine for flight-sim type games, has plenty of buttons and the POV hat is responsive, throttle built-in to base is a nice touch it saves table space. good choice if you aren't going to spend Hundreds on a HOTAS setup. The Logitech Profiler software (which you can get from their website) allows you to setup response-rates and customize buttons to perform lots of actions, a nice touch you can even map the joystick axis to mouse movement if you really wanted to drive a mouse, etc, so the Logitech software adds alot to the equation.
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on May 23, 2015
The joystick is great and does the job for the money, I would be more satisfied with it and would give it 5 stars, if ONLY i didn't receive 2 broken in a row.... both came with a broken left button, 1 of them had a non-working throttle control and both of them wobbled around like crazy, not stable at all and always made my aircraft / spacecraft fly off to the left instead of flying straight, so had to steer constantly. 2nd one I received had a semi busted spring which made clicking sounds when I tried to go up or down with the joystick... had to replace twice and finally 3rd came in working (finally thank god.... took them long enough to send me a proper one eventually) But overall great customer service and system at amazon allows for trouble-less replacement and I highly appreciate that!
Overall, for the price it is definitely best joystick you can get, if you want higher quality, you should order something over $80, but you really won't get much more precision with $80 joystick than you do with this, it is very precise and gives a great feeling over your aircraft / spacecraft or whatever else you might be piloting.
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