Customer Reviews: Logitech G230 Stereo Gaming Headset, PC Headset with Mic
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on July 29, 2014
First, I want to address all the "build quality" complaints everyone in the 1-star section has. I don't see those issues. If you man-handle them, yeah, of course they're going to break at the point where they're the least reinforced. I've had the set for long enough that I would have broken them where the 'weak-spot' is, and they are just not going to break that easily. I call b.s. on those complaints. Just treat them gently in the first place and they're not going to snap like twigs.

Second, is the comfort. The comfort level, for me, is quite high with these. They really are for long-term wear if you want them to be. My only complaint is the foam band that goes around the top of your head. It is a little stiffer than you might suspect, even though it's foam. I have to wear these ever-so-slightly further forward on my head than I usually do with any other pair because the foam presses down on a vein or something, but it's not a deal-breaker. I saw someone say they're excruciating... Come on, man. I've found a comfortable way to wear them. I think anyone could. The thing I like most is that the ear-pads actually go, literally, around your whole ear. They don't press down on your ears at all, and you won't have the long-term throbbing ear pain that you would get with on-ear style pads. The fact that the pads are washable is also a huge bonus. One final remark on the comfort is in relation to size. Make no mistake, these aren't the sort of headphones you can just wear around your neck when you need a break. They're a little too big and bulky for that. The ear-pieces will press into your neck and rest against your jaw. This headset is either on your head, or on your desk. Pick one. Not a big complaint, necessarily, but it's an observation.

Thirdly, the sound quality. I found that, even though these are 'stereo', the sound quality from them is fantastic. I had a comparable pair of Skull Candy ear-buds that were very nearly as good as these, but I think these are slightly better in quality. I went back and played Crysis on a whim with these, and I was amazed at all the small details I missed out on with my speaker system. Unless you can really crank your speakers, you don't get to hear a lot of finer details sometimes. *sigh* The downsides of apartment life... respect for the neighbors... Anyway, the bass is full, the treble is good, the middles aren't drowned out by either, and the volume these headphones can achieve is staggering. You really don't need to have your PC volume up very high to hear things very clearly. The microphone is what I would call 'decent'. It's not going to give you a studio-quality sound over Teamspeak or Ventrilo or anything like that, even if the channel has high codec quality, but you will come across clearly more-so than a cheapo 13 dollar set from Walmart or something. Also, please make sure you tweak your volume control options to have mic-boost enabled. Without that, you might run into some issues that others were describing where you couldn't be heard. I'm also using an actual sound-card rather than built-in crap that comes with a standard motherboard.

I knocked down one of the stars only because the microphone wasn't as big of a leap in quality over my last pair as I was hoping it would be, but it was nowhere near a downgrade, and I'm otherwise very happy with them so far. Having read a lot of the 1-star comments before buying this set, I can say that you really shouldn't listen to them too much. A lot of the complaints aren't well-founded and I think they're gross exaggerations.
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VINE VOICEon June 27, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have played with these headphones for a couple of weeks now. I use them on vent and TeamSpeak while playing various games. They are pretty comfortable, goes over the whole ear on my head and the mic sits at a good angle. I like some of the features of this mic such as:

+ Looks cool with angular design
+ Mic folds up and stays away from your mouth when not engaged in voice chat.
+ Controls on the cord are intuitive and easy to use.
+ Good sound

- Wearing these for an extended time does get a bit uncomfortable. For short stints its fine.

Overall I recommend this headset for all gamers.

Thanks for reading my review.
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on July 13, 2014
I've been looking at these for months. I picked up a few pairs of Logitech UE 4000's a few months ago on clearance and was very pleased with both the sound and build quality. So I figured it to be ano brainer to give these a try.
I'm a coder and I spend 10-15 hours a day at my computers. 90% of this time I have my headphones on. Most of that time I not playing anything and when I do it's mainly news and Youtube videos so sound quality isn't on the top of my list for a general purpose headset such as the G230. Comfort is at the top of the list. I also make occasional Skype calls and every once in a while play online games. I'm also trying 'Dragon Naturally Speaking' as all the typing I do, and 20 years of playing guitar, is really starting to take it's toll on my wrists. So I was looking for a decent headset. Nothing fancy just something that was basic.
I was going to get the blue version of these(G430) but in my research I discovered that the only difference, other than color, is those come with a USB sound adapter. If you have a decent sound card then you really don't need that. I have ASUS XONAR DG sound card's in all my computers. They're not fancy(pretty cheap, actually) but they have headphone amps, which is a must for me AND DEFINITELY THESE LOGITECH G2030's -more on that later. So if you have a decent sound card skip the G430's and just buy these. Unless you have other Logitech "G" products and want the fancy picture of your headphones to show up in the "G" program.

1. Comfortable - these things are very comfortable for hours at a time. The main headphones I have been using for about a year are Soul SL150's. Those are hands down, far and away the best sounding headphones I've ever owned, at any price, but after a few hours they start to hurt my ears. They also make mt ears sweat. The G230's do neither of those. These completely surround my ears as opposed to the SL150's and UE's that sit on my ears. As far as comfort goes these thing are great.

2. Noise canceling - these clearly aren't noise canceling headphones but believe it or not they do an fair job at canceling both incoming and outgoing noise. But to be honest that's most likely do to the fact that these headphones just aren't very loud.

3. The mic - I read a lot of folks are having issues with the mic. The first thing I did when I got these was go into the mic properties and adjust the settings. I haven't had a single issue. Everyone I've talked to says I sound crystal clear.
I did however have issues with Dragon when I first installed it but that turned out to be a software conflict with either the XONAR DG or the Razer audio software I have installed. I just had to switch between devices in the setup until I got the one that worked.

4. The ear pads - they were a little annoying at first. I have long hair and the material on the pads meeting my hair created a scratching noise for the first few days. But it has since gone away. I didn't think I would like the pads at first but it turns out they are my favorite thing about this headset.

5. Light - I've read a few people say these were heavy and I have to ask compared to what? Ear buds? They weigh a shade over 10 ounces. That's 1 ounce less than the SL150 and they're almost twice the size plus they have a mic. So these things are heavy compared to what?

Okay, now for the cons. Be prepared because I'm about to burst some bubbles. But I'm just being honest.

1. The sound quality is just fine for sub $50 headphones. The problem I have is the drivers in these just don't push the sound like you'd expect. Like I said, I have headphone amps in my computers and I just can't use these things to listen to music. I just can't get them to produce a decent volume. The max volume on these is roughly half that of the SL150's and even the cheap UV's.
For gaming, calls, news and Youtube videos they're tolerable, mainly because it's a pain to switch headphones to watch a 2 minute news video. But for actually listing to music I don't use these. But to be fair I didn't buy them to listen to music. But some folks will and this is a legit con they need to know about.

2. Build quality - they're a little on the flimsy side. I find myself handling these with more care than any other headphones I own. I own a lot of Logitech products and this headset is the only thing I have ever bought with the Logitech name on it that I fully expect not to make it to the end of it's warranty. I was so impressed with the UE 4000 but when I opened these it was clear that Logitech designed these before they acquired UE, sadly.

3. Permanently mounted cable - I know it's not the "norm" on sub $50 headphones to have removal cables but it would've went a long way in helping me trust the build quality of these. I highly doubt the cable will last a year.

4. The rubber on the mic. I wish I could understood Logitech's reasoning for putting this cheap rubber that scratches and scuffs just by looking at it on almost everything they make.

In conclusion. I bought this headset for about $30. For that price it's good for what it is - a headset. But that is it. They are not good for music but that's not really what they are made for. You don't buy a hatchback to haul drywall, do you? So don't expect these to sound like an expensive pair of cans. That being said if you instal 'Razer Surround,' a freeware then you can get these to sound pretty good - it won't help the volume issue but they'll sound good. Plus it will give you the surround sound that USB audio adapter that comes with the G430's gives you and you'll save $32 and then you can buy yourself a decent audio card that will completely fail to make the Logitech G230 loud enough.
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on April 25, 2013
So I'm writing this review with about a week and a half of use, so this is more of a first impressions than anything. I've went through an alright number of headphones and decided to try a pair of these as it's the first time Logitech released a "gaming" headset at this price.

My regular setup is either an AKG K240 or Audio-Technica AD700 hooked up to a Creative X-Fi HD paired with a Blue Snowball, but the G230 isn't a bad purchase for someone looking for a less complicated setup, and can be driven by pretty much anything. Being a pair of stereo headsets, you're not going to get the surround sound functionality; if you still want it there's the G430 or the G35 from logitech as well as headsets from other manufacturers, or you'll be using some sort of sound card to do it for you (though simulated surround sound's effectively differ from person to person). The headset looks like a toned-down version of the G35 without the buttons on the side, opting to just go for regular in-line controls. Construction seems pretty average, with the headset giving off the feeling of almost snapping if you bend it too much (though that's the case with a lot of other stuff), and the hinges that the cups swivel on feels a bit cheap; overall, a relatively decent piece of kit that sits pretty light on your head. The headset sits pretty snug on my head (though it might be a little tight for some), and the pads are relatively cool (though my ears did get a little hot after a while, I live in Florida, after all) but stiff and slightly itchy after wearing them for long periods of time. On the plus side, you can take the padding out so you can clean them occasionally, as well as potentially replacing them with different pads altogether, which you may want to do if you find them uncomfortable.

On the topic of sound, the mic picks up my voice very clearly while talking at regular volume and posed no problems over Skype or Vent calls and all my friends heard my fine. The hearing end of the headset is pretty solid as well as vocals are easily distinguishable during calls. As for sound quality,the headset is pretty balanced and lends itself well to equalization. When listening to my music collection, I can't help but notice the bass has got a little bit of "oomph" compared to the rest of the frequencies and--though it doesn't overpower the mids nor highs--, it's definitely got a bit of an edge when listening to most tracks. Of course, that isn't say that the mids and highs are bad, far from it; instrumental music comes out very clearly with good instrument separation and (from what I can tell) pretty decent soundstage, and just generally very pleasant to listen to. In-game, I played some Battlefield 3 with the X-Fi HD processing simulated surround sound and it fares quite well. However, I must note that I occasionally hear popping during my listening sessions with this headset; whether I just got a defective unit, I don't know, but it's something to consider.

In summary, this is a very good sounding headset for the price, with the main thing I can fault it with is the popping issue and the hinges for the cups feeling slightly loose seeing as how easily they rotate. If that's not a deal-breaker for you, then this is a fine addition to your setup. I would rate it 3.5 stars if I could, as the popping is definitely not something I desire, but I suppose 4 is rather fine, too.

May 2013: Sent my headsets back and the second pair doesn't have any popping, so it was just a bad unit, I suppose.
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on July 13, 2014
Alright, so I have been using gaming headsets for all of my computers for quite a while now. I started out with several on ear (as opposed to over the ear) and decided I didn't like them. The reason why I didn't like them is I could hear all of the noise around me regardless of how loud the set was. Well, unfortunately this set had the same problem as those sets.

So, it doesn't cancel out any of the noise around you. So if you are in a noisy environment this set is about as useful as a cheap set of earbuds...

With that being said the adjustable band and rotating cup piece are metal and are very durable compared to many sets I have had. This set would probably even hold up to children...

The cord tangles super easily, the inline volume controller is very far away from the headset. The ear cups do not get rid of extra heat well at all, regardless of the cloth construction. Tends to get uncomfortable in ~1 to 1.5 hours. Does not have a very high max volume, which is really only a problem on quiet videos or games.

In the same price point the Soundblaster Tactic 3d Alpha headphones are much better sound quality wise. That set is much more comfortable however, they are also much more fragile and easy to break...
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on July 24, 2014
This headset is absolutely amazing. Best purchase I have ever made! Great for casual and beginner gamers as well as hardcore, serious gamers. I wear this headset for 6 hours+ everyday (yes I know, I don't have a life.) and it never gets uncomfortable! Besides that it has great mic quality! I've also had the headset for about 2 months and is still in perfect condition! If you've been reading through reviews and watching countless unboxing videos and are still questioning getting this headset, STOP! GET IT! Must have for every gamer. Also be sure to watch my video review to hear the quality and learn more about the headset.
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on June 25, 2014
This is the first time I have purchased a headset such as this one (over ear, gaming headset), and I'm pleased to say I am happy with my choice.


Head Band is Adjustable

Great Audio (Speakers)

Microphone is bendable to your liking

Built Sturdy


Mic Quality could be better (Although it does work perfectly)

The Audio Cable is EXTREMELY LONG (It's nice that it's long in the fact that you can move around the room essentially when using the headset, although it can get in the way)

The band across the top can give you headaches at first as your head gets used to the headset

If you're looking for a great headset for a budget price then I would highly recommend this product.
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on October 8, 2013
TLDR version
Closed-back Circumaural headset

- good clear mic, is unidirectional but the construct makes it work more like a semi-directional mic
- overall good sound quality (decent if you compare it to audiophile music cans)
- the band is plastic, but it has an internal metal band, making it clamp securely to your head
- comfortable for non-glass wearing users
- good built quality, given the price (cloth-mesh finish on the cups and cord)

- has swivelling cups (this is mostly a matter of personal taste)

- not particularly glasses friendly (glasses + swivelling cups + the force of the band made it so too much pressure was concentrated instead of evenly)
- you can hear clearly if something rubs against the back of the headset or even the cord

- I liked it, I bought it specifically for voice-chatting while gaming and fulfills the requirements

Long Version

I use this headset primarily for gaming and some voice chat. The mic may be unidirectional, but being encased in rubber/plastic with the opening facing the mouth, it does a pretty good job of mostly picking up sounds as if it were a directional microphone.

Sound Quality
Given the headset's primary function as a gaming headset, the sound quality is good. This is a closed-back over ear headset so noise cancelling/isolation is pretty good. I think it's comparable to a AKG K270 (I don't have a K270 handy at the moment) The bass is very punchy, but can get muddled if there's a lot of bass heavy sound effects happening at once. The mids are clear and sharp, I had no trouble hearing people over voice chat (mumble/vent). I did find the highs a little muted, but are still clear. For music or movies, I prefer AKG K240s over these. Although if you just want to hear heavy bass, the G230s will give be nicer for that.

Build Quality
The built quality is pretty good, but there are some very minor. Given the price-point of this headset, the materials are pretty good, especially the metal inside the band. The metal was a nice surprise and certainly added to the feel of quality, however, the plastic on the outside of the cup kind of offset that. The plastic feels durable, but do transmit sound easily. Rubbing the plastic, while you have the headset on, with your fingers is clearly audible. Shouldn't be much of an issue as nothing touches the headset during use. But that does lead to an actual issue. The cable is nicely finished with a cloth-mesh finish, but if something rubs against it (in my case the edge of my desk), you'll hear it in the right cup. Took me a few moments to realize the scratching/rubbing sound wasn't coming from in-game.

The swivelling cups are probably a matter of personal taste, but I personally prefer fixed cups like on something like an AKG 240. There's adequate padding on the pad. The cups have stiff padding and a cloth-mesh finish. This is a not so glasses-friendly headset. The swivelling nature of the cups, plus glasses, plus the fairly strong clamping headband applied pressure where I don't like (on the frames of my glasses) and thus feel slightly uncomfortable at first. I can tolerate the slight discomfort for about an hour before it really gets uncomfortable and I need to take it off for a bit to air out my ears. I tried wearing the G230s without glasses and it was definitely a lot more comfortable.

I liked it overall, somewhat uncomfortable after prolonged use but gets the job done. I wish there was a gaming version of the AKG 240s.
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on June 9, 2014
Go to control panel. go to hardware and sound. Right click on the the mic and headphones change quality to highest. Turn Microphone gain all the way up. Boom no more quiet mic. good headset for the money would recommend.
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on June 29, 2016
The Logitech G230 Gaming Headset isn't an Astro headset BUT it gets the job done.

Headset was used on OS: Windows 10

When I say it isn't an Astro, I mean it isn't top heavy where it feels weird and uncomfortable (maybe it depends how big your head is?). I bought this headset for $37.99 which the normal price was around $59.99. To be honest here, the ear-cups do grab onto your ears really tight. I don't know why Logitech made the headset like this but once you first use it, it will get very annoying.

The headset does have some flaws;
- 1) If you move the sound plug around once plugged into the phone (as a test I did) some audio will get cut off and it gets distorted, so you will have to move the plug around in order to get clear audio again. I haven't had issues with this problem when plugged it into the computer since the cable is long enough where you can tug on it and not worry about it.
- 2) The ear-cups are way too grippy on your head... I don't know how to example it.
- 3) I used the Windows 10 voice recorder (preloaded software) and Audacity to record my voice. In short, when you plug the headset in your computer straight out of the box there is static noise while talking into the microphone (I guess what you pay for?), when the computer volume gets above 50% you can hear it (your friends can also hear it). I changed a few settings and I did manage to remove the static noise (I did not use Audacity), you can search on YouTube for the video on how to get rid of it... its pretty simple. If this doesn't work, maybe get a external sound card?

The headset does have some bright features;
- 1) You don't need any software to worry about.
- 2) The microphone can fold away in a upward position.
- 3) I did some microphone testing within Audacity and Discord, the voice back from other users is clear.
- 4) I played Battlefield 3, Call of Duty 4, Cities: Skylines, Portal 2 and many other games with this headset. Gameplay audio is on par with other headsets.

Overall, Logitech should fix that static sound before shipping products and not have users fix the problem themselves... it should be a plug and play use item. Other than these small problems, it's a great budget Gaming headset.

Things to know:
- The box includes headset and a manual.

- You will need to go to the Logitech website and register the product so that you can have the warranty on it.
- When you get the headset out of the box and plug it in and update the driver. Go into your sound settings, click on the headset, click on "General" and then press "Properties." From that new pop up that comes up, update the driver. It seems a old driver comes preinstalled via the purchase.


7/16/16 edit: It seems like the headset will sometimes get a Microphone Boost of a + 10.0 dB (which causes that sound as mentioned above) upon restarting your computer/updating it. I still have to confirm this.

7/17/16 edit: It seems like turning off the computer and turning it back on doesn't reset the microphone boost. But when you update the computer, it does reset it.
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