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on June 2, 2017
I bought it in October 2011. It's been connected to my computer, exclusively, since then. I use it, almost daily, in FPS gaming and photo editing. The cord is still intact with no signs of weakness anywhere. It is still as solid today as when I first bought it. The right button is my move-backward button in gaming, so it gets a lot of usage. Few weeks ago it stopped registering from the first click. A few blows of compressed air in and around the crevices fixed the problem. All the other buttons are still functioning perfectly. The mouse is comfortable in extended use. Its rather bulky body helps reduce stress on the hand. I bought a G500s as backup in case this one breaks down. But so far I have no reason to un-box the G500s. I intend to use the G500 till it dies. The best $59.99 I spent on a mouse.
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on March 5, 2012
I've been through plenty of mice in my life. Comes with the territory of being a nerd. We've had 2-3 computers in our house for as long as I can remember, all with different mice (until someone complained X was better than Y, so we'd buy 3 X's). This went on year after year. Plenty of CS-induced rage attacks, little kids and late night snacks killed many a mouse, so we've been through A LOT.

After almost a decade (literally) of "product testing", all of use agree, the G500 is without question the best mouse for your money. You're probably looking through these reviews trying to figure out why you shouldn't buy that flashy D34tH Add3r 1337 XTREME edition with 27 pulsing LEDs and 1,000,000 DPI. Maybe that interests you because you like to draw attention to yourself. In that case, buy it. If you want quality, however, and not only the best but time-tested quality, stick with Logitech. From there, as I've said.... buy a G500. The weights, the ergonomics, the scroll wheel, profiles, the plethora of buttons.. you can't go wrong. You'll thank me, the other reviewers, yourself and Logitech. And if you don't like it? It's Amazon, the best company in the world. Return and then get that XXXTR33M3 RATTLESNIZZLE KILLER PR0. At least you'll look "cool".
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on July 30, 2012
While this mouse was a pleasure to use - the weights gave it a nice heft and its unique infinite scroll was great for web browsing - its build quality leaves something to be desired. Like many other reviewers, I've had problems with the braided mouse cord. Because the braid is just threads woven around the actual mouse cord, without any sort of adhesive, it is prone to breaking whenever the cable gets kinked. Kinks cause the cord to break through the braid, and then it's impossible to unkink it without cutting a larger hole in the braid to give it some slack. That isn't what caused my mouse to malfunction, though. Apparently the microswitches - the components responsible for registering your mouse clicks - in this product are very poor, as well as in many other Logitech mice, according to a web search that brought up many similar complaints. After less than a year of use, the left mouse button started to stop sensing held down mouse clicks - it would act as if I had rapidly lifted my finger off the mouse button and then pressed it down again, even though I was holding it down. It quickly got worse, to the point where the mouse button would stop acting held down altogether after a few seconds, requiring a re-press before it would again sense the mouse button being held down. I would not recommend this mouse unless you are willing to replace it every several months.
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on March 19, 2015
Good gaming mouse and feels good in hand ergonomically. However, sometimes there is an issue and the mouse double clicks which is very annoying and a common issue. Also, the middle side button doesn't work without using logitech software. The rest of the buttons work with plug-n-play.


• Fits great in my hand
• Dual scroll mode with a button
• Braided cord that does not tangle
• Easy to use side buttons ergonomically placed for your thumb
• Has a weight cartridge that can be customized


• After some time of use the left mouse button has double click issue (common Logitech issue) can be fixed by searching for a solution on Google.
• The middle side button does not work without the logitech software

Bottom line:

Good gaming mouse and large enough for any hand size. The double click issue is annoying and can interfere with games (mainly with First-person shooters)
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on May 18, 2016
Excellent Quality mouse.the mouse fits perfectly in my hand and the grips on both sides are perfectly placed. I use this mouse at work for GIS mapping and it works so well. my favorite part is the scroll wheel actually, you can click the button just below the scroll wheel to make it go in free spin. This really helps when scrolling down a long webpage or pdf document. the scroll wheel itself is a great size, just large enough to use but small enought to not get in the way of clicking. I have never accidentally clicked the scroll wheel.The mouse could use some more buttons for gaming and programming but for my use they are just right.I really enjoy the adjustable DPI right from the mouse, you dont need to go into settings to do this. I leave all of the weights in because i really like a weighty mouse. Overall this is a very nice mouse and I would recommend it. Im sure the newer version will live up to its standards.
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on March 12, 2014
It's fast. Real fast. 5000 DPI is 100% unnecessary for most people. If your eyes can follow it at that speed, more power to ya. As for me 2500 is plenty.
Good for popping melons in any game.
Adjustable weight. I don't get much use out of it but it does make a difference.
Best scroll wheel ever. You can make it free float with the press of a button, letting you scroll stupid fast.
Programmable buttons-I really only use the speed adjust buttons. The center side button makes a great rapid fire button if you program it using the Logitech gaming software. The back and forwards buttons are useful for things like maps in some games or voice chat.
Durable-Mine has taken a beating on many occasions. It's been dropped, dragged, launched, etc. It's tough.

Cord gets in the way.
Pinkie finger/right side of hand can get uncomfortable after some time on this.

Update June 28th 2017: The right click is going out pretty bad. When held down and aiming in games it will aim out randomly or not work at all.
Everything else is solid still.
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on October 9, 2013
I have been using this mouse for about 7 months now and I feel like I got stuck with a Dud. I used it while travelling on two trips and would always store the mouse neatly bundled up just as it was when I originally got it. About 4 months in I noticed the outer webbing was getting bunched up and the cord inside was starting to get pushed out of the webbing. It was so badly bound up I ended up having to cut the outer webbing to relieve the stress on the cable inside. The outer webbing acted like a Chinese finger trap holding tighter and tighter on the kink.

Additionally, the mouse has started going off and on periodically while working, freezing up for short periods of time. This could either be a software issue or a mechanical issued caused by the webbing pinching the wire. I downloaded all the latest drivers and it still does the same thing. Would like to return the mouse but I am not sure if I will be able to because I had to cut the webbing to prevent further damage...
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon November 24, 2012
I'm a software developer and have 5 (and sometimes 6) monitors attached to my computer.

This is my favorite wired mouse. I've been using it for years. I can quickly and easily mouse the mouse pointer where I want on my large amount of "screen real estate". It's quite accurate and responsive.

My favorite wireless mouse for notebooks, portability, or if you like smaller mice in general, is the Logitech Wireless Anywhere Mouse MX - Matte Black.

Logitech also has excellent customer service should, by some chance, you need to use it.

UPDATE 2013-01-12: My mouse has developed an issue where clicks sometimes register as double-clicks. This is very annoying. I have gotten a lot of use out of this mouse, however. I have contacted Logitech customer service about this and hope to receive a replacement mouse under warranty. I can't complain too much as long as Logitech honors their warranty without hassle and because I do use this mouse for many hours a day as a software developer.
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on May 10, 2013
I purchased this Logitech G500 mouse after my Logitech G400's left-click wore out. Suffice to say, I was disappointed, but there is some good about this mouse. For example, the shape is very similar to the G400's, but slightly improved. The buttons are longer and the grips on the sides are better. When I gripped the G400, my fingers would hang over the edges and my hand would begin to hurt after a while - not so with the G500. The new improvements made the mouse a lot more comfortable. Even though it comes off as a bit gimmicky, I did like the dual-mode scroll wheel for moving through long Skype conversations quickly. I also liked the braided cord, which feels a lot more durable than the G400's cable. One of the best things for me was Logitech's decision to move the DPI up/down buttons onto the side of the left mouse button instead of on either side of the scroll wheel, where I would accidentally hit them on occasion when scrolling through documents or changing weapons in games.

Which leads me to the cons of the mouse...

First of all, the sensor is inherently flawed. The Avago ADNS-9500 will act up in a bad way depending on what kind of mousepad you have. With a soft mat, you'll see 5% negative acceleration. On a hard pad like the Steelseries 4HD or Razer Scarab, you'll see small amounts of positive acceleration. It's especially noticeable at lower sensitivities. Prediction has never been much of an issue for me, but acceleration is intolerable. That was my biggest reason for returning the mouse. I also found the weight cartridge to be incredibly useless because of it's placement inside the mouse. The slot for the cartridge is at the back at the mouse, so when you place the cartridge inside, the weight becomes unevenly distributed, which bothered me a lot. I'm also not a big fan of the sensor's placement on the mouse. To make room for the weight cartridge, the sensor has been off-centered, which can result in subtle changes in how the sensor tracks. I found upwards motions to be quicker than downwards motions, which was extremely frustrating in-game.

All in all, if you can deal with the sensor flaws, enjoy the weight cartridge, and love the shape, this mouse is probably for you. But those who want a mouse with a cleaner sensor (such as the ADNS-3090) and don't need features like the weight cartridge, I'd say look elsewhere. The Razer Deathadder, Abyssus, Logitech G100s, and Logitech G400 are all excellent alternatives with prediction and acceleration-free sensors, along with solid customization options.
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on June 6, 2012
Let me preface this by saying that at home I've been using a Microsoft Trackball Explorer since 2001. I'm a huge fan of index-finger controlled trackballs, but nobody makes a good ergonomic trackball that has a scroll wheel and back/forward buttons.

I originally picked up a G500 for at work about a year ago. I'm a software developer, so I spend about 80% of my time at work on my computer, so I want a mouse that works well, is comfortable, and is capable of all the basic navigation options out there. The G500 fits the bill for all three very well. It's a nicely shaped mouse for a right-handed person, contouring my hand and thumb pretty well. It moves well, and although the weights are really gimmicky (I haven't noticed any significant difference between as heavy as possible and no weights), the G500 works perfectly for what I need. I even use both the high/low friction scroll all the time for switching between quickly navigating scroll 3000+ line classes and slowly moving within a page or two.

The major thing I don't like about the G500 is the awkward placement of the back/forward buttons in the thumb area. I have a fairly hard time hitting the back button of the three. The main picture is a little deceptive in making it look the back/forward buttons are up at the front of the mouse. They're not, actually, the back button is almost smack dab in the middle of mouse. For me, that means that I have to hit the back button with the inside of my knuckle, or pull the tip of my thumb all the way into a right angle to hit it. It's a lot of work, and fairly uncomfortable for what should be a slight muscle twitch away. The flip side of this that you can also use the tilt function on the scroll wheel as back/forward buttons, but I found it way too easy to accidentally move forward when I brushed the scroll wheel.

The bottom line is that the G500 is a solid mouse, I own two of them and I don't think much about them when I am using them. They work pretty well for what they are, and that's all I can really ask from a mouse.
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