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on May 13, 2009
This device is the one PS3 and Harmony remote users have been waiting for. It is very responsive and has all the functionality of the Sony brand PS3 remote (on my Harmony One at least...this may vary depending on which version of the Harmony you have and the number of buttons it has). A few caveats buyers may have about this unit are the price, and the chances are that by now, they already have some kind of solution to controlling the PS3.

$60 seems a bit high at first. The PlayStation 3 Blu Wave Remote and the Sony PlayStation 3 Blu-ray Disc Remote are both considerably less than this device. However, they both have some drawbacks as well. I have both of the above mentioned remotes. The Nyko is a decent solution for universal remote owners as it allows the PS3 to be controlled through any IR remote (it's especially easy with Harmony remotes, as Logitech has the Nyko device available for programming through the Harmony software). The issues with the Blu-Wave are that you can't turn on the PS3 through the remote, it uses up one of your PS3's USB ports, and it also can be a bit glitchy. Often it will stop responding altogether and I'll have to unplug and replug the USB receiver for it before it will work again. The Sony remote works well and the nice part about it is that you don't need a direct line of site between the remote and the PS3 because it connects through bluetooth. However for all of us who have universal remotes, you'll need to keep both your universal and the Sony remote on hand.

If you are like me and absolutely love your Harmony and are borderline OCD and must be able to turn your PS3 on and off through one unit because you can't stand to have multiple remotes out, then this is $60 well spent. The other options that I've seen that allow power control of the PS3 through Harmony remotes are the IR2BTci and the PS3IR-Pro. These devices are a better comparison to the Logitech Harmony Adapter because they add similar functionality. I have not tried either of these devices personally, so I can't comment on how well they work...however, I can say that they are considerably more expensive than $60, if you can even find them for purchase from a reputable vendor (at the time of this writing, the IR2BTci is $150 and the PS3IR-Pro is $100). Also, aesthetically, they don't hold a candle to Logitech's adapter. The Logitech unit has a small form-factor, and also matches the finish of the PS3 perfectly, while these other units seem to be a tad unsightly and slightly bulkier as well. And as for performance, while I can't say how the others perform, I also can't imagine them being able to perform much better than this Logitech Adapter (which seems to be virtually flawless in terms of performance).

If you're tired of the spotty performance of the Nyko Blu-Wave or having multiple remotes out (or are simply looking to get your first remote for the PS3 and already own or are planning on getting a Harmony remote), I really can't imagine that you'll have buyer's remorse from spending $60 on this, as it is a really great device.
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on October 11, 2016
I use this in combination with a Logitech Harmony remote, a Yamaha receiver, a Toshiba TV, and, of course, a Sony PS3 as my go-to video solution. I love the PS3's support for different streaming and stored media formats. In particular, I use the Plex and Netflix apps quite a bit, and this device makes the whole experience much more familiar for my wife, who is not a gamer and doesn't intuitively understand how to use the PS3 controller as a BD/video remote control.

This device connects to the PS3 via BlueTooth. To pair the device, follow these instructions:

1. Plug the adapter into a power source.
2. Turn on your TV and PS3. Ensure that a normal controller is connected to the PS3 already. You'll need it.
3. On the PS3's main menu, navigate to "Settings", then to "Accessory Settings", then to "Register BD Remote".
4. Press the "Connect" button on the bottom of the adapter.
5. After a short time, the LED on top of the adapter will stay solidly lit indicating a connection. The PS3 will also display a success message on the screen. The adapter is now connected (but of course your Harmony remote won't work with it until you add settings for the adapter to its configuration via your PC).

This adapter is capable of turning the PS3 on and off. The Harmony remote can learn its commands through the My Harmony application. Commands include support for PS3 controller buttons, like Circle, Square, Triangle, and X. The flexibility these features provide, alongside the Harmony interface, make it possible to configure your remote in a wide variety of ways.

This device definitely helped transition my entertainment setup away from a networked BD player and to the PS3 without forcing my family to learn a new "way to use the TV". I'm glad Logitech made these. I hope they continue to do so for new consoles that have solid media management capabilities.
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on March 27, 2014
This adapter is effectively a PS3 remote control that you control with a Harmony universal remote. It's designed to work with a PS3 only. I think the jury is still out on whether it works with PS4.

I got mine yesterday, plugged in the power adapter, paired it with my PS3 and in less than a minute I was controlling my PS3 with my Harmony 650 from my couch 20 feet away.

To pair this with your PS3 you got to PS3 Settings ==> Pair BD Remote. You get a screen saying something like "Press Enter and Start at the same on your BD remote". Ignore that message, turn the device over and just press the connect button. That's it! Kick back and control you PS3 with the same Harmony universal remote you control all of your other devices ...
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I had to but this twice as the first seller sent me a used copy in a plastic bag instead of an actual new, factory-sealed unit. Once that was straightened out the adapter works fine. This adapter takes the IR signal from a Harmony remote and converts it to Bluetooth to control your PS3. I can then turn the PS3 on-and-off and control DVD and streaming video from my Harmony universal remote without having to use the PS3 game controller.

But really, why so expensive? After paying a premium for the Harmony remote, this adapter to control a few PS3 functions ought to be more affordable. After all, I can get a Bluetooth headset for $20. Given the simple and limited nature of this device, it really should cost $25 or less.
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on May 12, 2009
I have a Logitech Harmony 1000 remote, and I run a Pioneer Elite receiver, a Toshiba HDDVD (ok - not smart), an XBox360, a wireless headset controller, a Pioneer Elite upscaling DVD player, two computers with Zalman IR controls, and a Playstation 3. I could control everything with my Harmony 1000 except the Playstation 3. I tried the Nyko Blu-Wave product, and while I've been extremely happy with most Nyko products, I had tons of problems with it. From not being able to power up/power down, commands executing twice, etc., there were just too many issues to make it worthwhile. Considering that Sony's bluetooth remote was so nice, it made sense to go to 2 remotes.

Well now I'm finally down to one without a sacrifice. This unit has it's own AC power, so it works whether the PS3 is off or on, which is a huge advantage.

The other huge advantage over every other solution is that it contains every single command that the bluetooth remote has (I believe it is 51 in all).

-Self-powered via AC adapter
-Works regardless of PS3 being on or off
-Contains all 51 commands, including the PS button
-Doesn't take up a valuable USB port on the PS3
-Commands work in PS2 emulator of original 60gb PS3
-Range via Harmony 1000 is excellent
-No problems with double-commands like Nyko product
-Design matches Playstation 3
-Logitech had all the commands and screens for all of the supported remotes on their website on launch day (nicely done Logitech!!)

-Price is a little high (it's 3 times the cost of the Sony bluetooth remote)
-For that money, I would like to have had the option of a rechargeable battery so that an AC adapter wouldn't be needed.
-Unit is small, but it seems like it could be smaller.
-It is still infrared from remote to receiver, so you have to aim it versus bluetooth which is omnidirectional.

Summary: If you want to get down to one remote, this is THE way to do it. If you want to save money, go with the omnidirectional Sony bluetooth remote (don't go third part on that).
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on October 12, 2011
This device will let you control your PlayStation 3 game console to watch Blu-Ray or any multimedia content available on it without having to use the regular gaming controller. It let's you connect your Logitech's Harmony universal remote.

The price of this device is about the same as the official Sony PS3 Blutooth remote, but it prevents me from having another remote for just one console. It will only work ith Logitech Harmony's remote, so don't think it's going to wor with any other stuff out there.

Setup was easy enough. I define myself as a computer geek. I usualy don't read user manual and I'm usualy ready to go in less than 5 minutes. But since this thing is Bluetooth, since the PS3 doesn't use IR, I actually had to read the manual for installation/configuration purpose. Every bluetooth peripherals requires a different setup. Following the setup guide, I was able to be up and running in about 5 minutes.

Oh yeah by the way, something very important, the remote won't turn off the console if you press the Off button on the Harmony remote, as you would think. This is because the PS3 requires that you hold the PS button for some time, than select Yest to confirm that you wish to shutdown the console.

There's an easy enough way to correct this problem, you can program a new function in the remote software made out of some key combination. Since I've got a Japanese PS3, I had to program the harmony remote this way. (in the harmony software, I had to assign a turn off button made from the combination of the following keys):


That's for my Japanese PS3, since in Japan the circle is the action button. In the US/Canada, you should program it this way:


Hope this helps!
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on January 9, 2017
An expensive little gadget that does exactly what is needed to make the PlayStation usable with the Logitech controller. I'm so happy to have my system up and running, but I do wish the price had been a little bit more reasonable. Oh well, so far so good and the little expensive gadget is working perfectly with our PS3 and our controller.
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on September 29, 2016
I bought this new in 2011 and it has worked perfectly up until yesterday when it just stopped. I have no idea what happened or why it stopped working. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. The light it still on (so its still powered) but its apparently not connecting to my PS3 now. Since the day I received it I've never had a problem with it not connecting. I subtracted one star because 5 years isn't a great lifespan for something as simple and expensive as this device. Kind of disappointing but there is an official Sony licensed bluetooth-IR adapter being released for the PS4 in about a month, so I guess I'll finally be replacing my PS3 with my PS4 as my home media center.
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on March 28, 2012
Before my AppleTV I used to use my PS3 to stream Netflix online. I then bought my AppleTV and although that thing works wonders, it is quite an inconvenience to have additional remotes around. I bought a Harmony 900 and it solved all the problems - it did take me a little while to tweak it but once the setup is complete it's just awesome. Then along comes the missing link 'cause the PS3 remote is bluetooth based. Consider the PS3 remote is like $25 and the Harmony PS3 adapter is twice as much, and then it cuts you down that one last remote that you need - it is indeed well worth the price. Is it overpriced for the physical product, you bet it is; but is it worth $50 to finally only use 1 remote in my living room to control everything? You bet!
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on July 20, 2009
I purchased the Harmony One remote a couple of weeks ago and bought this with it. Amazon does a fantastic job with their "Frequently Bought Together" feature as I had no idea this product existed until I was purchasing the Harmony.

I bought this item thinking that if I did not like it I could return it using Amazons 30 day return policy. Now that I've received it and have it installed I can't believe I ever thought to return it. It seems with my Sony licensed BD Remote I was having to re-pair with the system every time I wanted to use it and was having to change the batteries out seemingly every month. So far this has remained paired through several uses and is even more responsive than the Sony licensed remote.

I know it is a little pricey, but if you are someone spending $189+ for a Harmony One remote to be a true all-in-one remote, this item is essential if part of your entertainment involves a PS3.
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