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on October 14, 2009
Previously, I owned a Universal Remote Control (URC)MX 700. URC makes a nice product but they went from direct to consumer to direct to installer in 2006 and pulled all the on line updates for the IRC codes for equipment and reserved them for approved dealers only. Bottom line is that URC screwed over prior and prospective customers. I was not about to pay $200+ for a URC remote and then an installer programming fee of $125 (base price)and then another $50+ every time I needed an update on the URC so I tried the Harmony One when I changed to FiOS TV.

The Harmony One is slick in terms of usability and programming which is good but also slick in that it's like a greased banana. It's so smooth and slippery that it's ten times easier to drop or mishandle than the URC remotes which are non-slip. Mishandling means sending all sorts of weird commands to equipment and dropping means potential damage to the remote. I had hoped the Zagg folks who make protective non-slip coverings for cell phones and related devices would make a full body covering for the Harmony One but they don't - only a screen protector.

On the plus side, the on line IRC codes for the Harmony One are extensive and accurate. It is fairly inutive to program and it has a ton of capability. The color touch screen is bright and adjustable and the onboard accelerometer that turns it on when moved is a nice touch. My local URC dealer basically lied to me when he told me that the Harmony wasn't as capable of complex macro sequences as are the URC remotes - it is, you just have to figure out how to make those work. The reason URC dealers don't like the Harmony One is that they can't bilk you for the programming fee. The Harmony is a lot more user friendly for people not familiar with your system and once you get the cable favorites progammed, the on board station artwork and logos are cool. The USB cable hook up is nice and works well. Many of the older and even some current URC remotes are still using antique serial cables not that it matters anymore because URC won't let anyone but dealers program the units on line.

On the negative side, programming the cable favorites on the Harmony One was a real chore but once it's done, the art work for the stations will make any tech junkie happy. The more complicated your system is, the more complex it is to program the Harmony One. Stuff like 12 volt triggers on interconnected audio equipment can give you fits until you figure out how to deal with these quirks. Other reviewers report that the screen is a fingerprint magnet and that is dead accurate. I will try the Zagg screen protector to eliminate this issue. [...] To reiterate, my bigggest complaint about the Harmony One is that it's like trying to hold a fresh trout with WD 40 on your fingers - it justs want to flop out of your hand.

In summary, the Harmony One is an impressive unit, it will run just about any equipment and the learning curve for programming is a function of how complex the system you are trying to control. There are a LOT of sub functions that require some skill and a potentially high learning curve so don't think you will be able to set this unit up for a 6 piece system in 30 minutes. It took me 3 to 4 hours to really get the programming accurate and I'm still tweaking it from time to time. The rechargeable cradle is nice and works well. The color touch screen is bright and all the keys light up which is really nice at night but it's easy to hit the wrong button when you fumble with the unit which is inevitable. $200 is a lot of dough for a remote but compared to the URC remotes which cost at least $200 plus the dealer programming fee of $125+, it's a bargain. If you are truly a tech junkie and have some computer ability, the Harmony One is a good choice.

Update - I've had this remote about one month and my opinion of this unit is not as favorable as it was initially. The commands work sporadically and I've reprogrammed it a few times to get it to behave. Simply stated, it's not the remote I reach for regularly because it's so slippery, it's very touchy and it's not as intuitive as the URC MX 700 I have had for a few years.
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on July 26, 2008
There are a few downsides to this remote, but overall, Logitech ALMOST gets this remote perfect!

First, a brief recap of how I got to this remote: I was an early adopter of the VERY FIRST Harmony Remote way back in the 1990's, back when Harmony was its own standalone company (before it was purchased by Logitech). The remote was pretty unintuitive to setup, its Mac support was weak, and the remote control didn't last very long (I had to replace it several times). Even after I painstakingly got it setup, I was the only person who could figure out how to use my own remote and I still had to have a few extra remotes laying around the coffee table.

I always wanted to dive back in again with another Harmony remote to give them another chance, but if you take a look at all the Harmony remotes that preceded this one, they were designed with absolutely no sense of intuitiveness or user-friendliness of where the buttons were placed. It would be impossible to figure out where the buttons are in the dark, without turning on the light and looking at the remote control.

FINALLY, SOMEONE AT LOGITECH GOT THE BUTTONS *ALMOST* RIGHT! This Harmony One remote is not only intuitive & user-friendly in your hands (you can feel your way around all the buttons in the dark), but also the new touchscreen is totally intuitive & a welcome relief as well. However, there's a few small problems: First, the touchscreen is WAY too sensitive, even after turning the sensitivity down all the way to the lowest setting. You may find yourself accidentally pressing the buttons on the touchscreen just when you're shifting the remote from one hand to another. We accidentally press the touchscreen all the time -- way too sensitive. Another more important issue is that the rewind/fast forward/replay/skip forward buttons are WAY TOO SMALL. These are arguably some of the most commonly-used buttons on any remote (outside of play/pause/volume), and they're just way too small and they feel EXACTLY the same in the dark. That's because they ARE exactly the same shape & size. It's nice that this remote caters to TiVo users with the rewind/fast forward/replay/skip forward buttons, but it would be great if they took a page out of TiVo's handbook and made the buttons BIGGER and easier to find in the dark. The TiVo remote is pretty intuitive & easy to feel around in the dark -- Logitech is sooo close to getting there, but they still need to do some refining.

Now onto the software for customizing your remote: The new Java-based configuration software has been completely revamped, it is totally Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard compatible, and the Logitech database even recognizes the brand new Roku Netflix Box which just came on the market a few months ago. (Although I did have to email tech support to figure out that one: You have to choose PVR->Roku, and then manually type in "Netflix" as the model number.) It took me less than 15 minutes to set this remote up, and it worked PERFECTLY right after the first configuration! Also, any extra buttons on your original remotes that don't fit on the Harmony remote will show up on the touchscreen for you to press! This is INGENIOUS, Logitech!

Now onto the major problem with this remote: I was thrilled to discover that this remote could control my brand new TiVo HD DVR as well, and that it had buttons on the remote (or touchscreen) to represent every single function on my TiVo remote! HOWEVER, there is a serious delay when using this remote to control the TiVo HD DVR. There is almost a ONE SECOND DELAY after pressing a button on your remote before the TiVo responds. The TiVo's original remote, on the other hand, is instantaneous. I spent over 3 hours on the phone with multiple technicians at Logitech's Level 2 Technical Support, making COUNTLESS CHANGES to the remote configuration, but we could do NOTHING to eliminate the delay. We actually got it down to about 1/2 second delay after fiddling with a number of different settings. We tried everything to completely eliminate the delay -- changing the inter-key delay, changing the repeat settings, setting it up with a different TiVo profile, learning the raw commands from the original remote, etc. etc. The list goes on & on. This experience was not for the faint of heart -- I literally spent over 3 hours on the phone with Logitech. Finally, they gave up and said that sometimes there's a delay when the Harmony One Remote controls certain devices, and that "there are no TiVos in Canada" so their engineering team in Canada can't test the TiVo up there. So if you're a TiVo HD DVR owner, be aware that it may be a frustrating experience for you to use this remote with a TiVo.

On the plus side, the technical support team was very friendly & helpful & knowledgeable, and they told me that they will try to fix this issue in an upcoming firmware update... IF they can get their hands on a TiVo.

Another upside to this remote: I LOVE the fact that there are no more batteries to deal with... you just set it in its beautiful cradle and it recharges for you. Logitech even went through the extra hassle of putting rubber feet on the bottom of the cradle so the cradle doesn't slide on your table when you place the remote in it.

I read through some of the other reviews on this remote, and some of them made me nervous that the infrared (IR) line-of-sight would not be good. I have found this complaint to NOT be true for MOST of my devices. Again, the lone problem is the TiVo. I can point the remote in the complete opposite direction of my TV, DVD Player, and Roku Netflix box, and the devices will STILL respond to me pressing the buttons on the Harmony One Remote. HOWEVER, the TiVo needs a direct line-of-sight from the remote and it needs to be pointed fairly accurately at the TiVo. Go figure. There seems to be something between the Harmony One Remote and the TiVo HD DVR where they just don't like playing along with each other too much.

In any case, for the most part, I am very happy with this remote, and I can deal with the TiVo incompatibilities for now. Overall, Logitech really spent their time on this remote and it shows. I am so thrilled to finally be back in the fray again with a Harmony Remote, because they did it almost perfectly this time.

If Logitech could fix the outstanding TiVo compatibility issues, and make some of the buttons on the remote a little bigger and more user-friendly, this would be the perfect remote.
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on February 22, 2015
I've used this remote for 5 years now. I have it synced to a Sony TV, scientific cable box, Apple TV, Sony Blu-Ray and Sony surround sound. 2 years ago it wasn't working properly and saw the battery had swollen up. I bought a replacement on amazon and it's worked fine for the next 2 years... until today. The FF button stopped working. The button that's probably used the most- fast forwarding through all the commercials. I tried to "reload" the remote to see if maybe that would fix it, but when I reloaded it- it messed up all the previous settings. Oh well. We're looking at the new Ultimate One.
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on July 11, 2008
Awesome remote. As others mentioned, set-up time is somewhat involving, but reasonably easy. It took me a few more hours than what most would have gone through, mainly because I wanted to make sure I knew the unit inside and out.

If there are any qualms I have, they are minor: the slip-n-slide of the glossy areas, once in a while one of my systems do not respond (the Help feature resolves it fast and easy as a contingency, however), and being accurate with selecting buttons on the touch screen which is not about the sensitivity level of the buttons, but rather just the nature of needing to look at the touch screen and the size of the buttons.

Aside from those, the remote does the job with style and efficiency. All of the features mentioned in ads and reviews are true. It certainly lived up to my expectations.

Others may view the $200-$250 range as a negative. For a top-of-the-line remote I think it is a pretty darn good deal.
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on October 26, 2008
I have owned a couple of previous "generations" of the Harmony with mixed reviews but FINALLY LOGITECH GOT THIS "ONE" RIGHT! It truly is "THE ONE" - forget all those other models - this is the one to buy!

Excellent, slick interface and easy software installation and navigation (BUT - you MUST "RTSS" (Read The Screen Stupid) if you expect things to go smoothly. Not reading the [PC] screen means you must fumble and stumble around - now admittedly, the screen does not give you ALL the tools you need if you have a unique or complex set up of multiple components but that is what Logitech support is there for - many reviewers dinged these folks severely but I had to call twice and both times, I got a sharp person, who fixed the concern quickly and waited patiently while I downloaded and retested the remote - even suggesting a couple of cool tricks to employ!

Others might not get past the few stumbling blocks (such as "timing intervals", which are tricky to get right) without help from TS - and perhaps if Logitech offered a better glossary of terms for individual manufacturers features/terminology, that would help but hey, that would be an awesome undertaking and probably too much to ask however there are some unique features that are often not very clearly labeled when establishing ACTIVITIES.

Why not 5 stars? Well, the one thing I thought was just downright unforgivable (listen up Logitech, and add to the "wish list") was the graphic icon (FAVORITES) feature offering only a handful of mostly FOX graphics and NOTHING ELSE... no NBC, CBS, ABC or any of the major cable networks either - no sir - you have to go and search the forums to find these - but they are out there: one in particular is chock full of excellent graphics for probably 98% of all the ones you would ever want (you can only have 24 so chose wisely!)


NICE ICONS! But why doesn't Logitech supply at least the major icons on their install disc? TS guy told me it's because they would have to pay each of the networks for using their logo (which is odd, since Philips supplies them with their cheaper universal remotes) which may or may not be true but even if it is, how much could it possibly be per unit? I'd have happily paid another few bucks not to have to go digging for these - FAVORITES is one of the best features and unique to the Harmony One! Very nice - I use it every day.

This is a remote that blows the complex and expensive Philips Pronto out of the water - and in fact I replaced my Pronto, which is way too complicated to program and fickle/overkill to boot, with this nice remote and I'm extremely pleased with the final result. Yes it took a couple of hours of hit and miss to get it all straightened out, but it was worth it. bye-bye Pronto... You're going on Ebay soon!
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on June 17, 2011
While my remote mostly works, I occasionally have some problems with it, and my wife refuses to use it. Initial setup was very easy and I got everything up and running quickly, but then I spent a lot of time tweaking settings to make it faster. The initial setup had longer delays than necessary for most of my peripherals which made it seem sluggish compared to the original remotes. After some tweaking the speed is much better, but the process should be faster (like tweaking timing settings on the remote instead of the desktop software). The overall layout of the control is nice, but the buttons are a little firmer than I would like and require more force to press than should be necessary.

My wife hates the remote. The remote is context sensitive so it matters what state the remote is in to determine what actions it can perform. If the remote misses a step (usually because she didn't point it at the devices long enough) she has trouble figuring out what to do next. Her biggest complaint for example is turning off all components. If she doesn't hold the remote pointed at all devices correctly for a long enough time then one or more will not get powered down, but then pressing the power button again doesn't do anything. On a normal remote if something doesn't turn off you just hit the power button again and it turns off.

It is nice to have a single remote that controls multiple devices, but for 90% of our everyday use (watching TV) our AT&T U-remote works perfectly.
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on September 21, 2011
I've owned a Logitech Harmony remote since about ten minutes after the product line was introduced. This purchase replaces a model 670 which died last week when it was dropped. That one replaced a previous model which died when it was dropped, which replaced it's predecessor when it was dropped. (notice a pattern?) As far as I'm concerned, these things are the only game in town, but it would be nice if Logitech put some effort into making them more rugged. The one sure thing that happens to remotes is to be dropped) I have a number of Logitech LX7 meese that are nearly ten years old, and which get dropped on a regular basis, and which have been thrown on a couple of occasions and they've never faltered.

The drop fault problems seem to be centered around the display. The 670 which this unit replaces still works fine - except that it's screen is now blank. Somewhat annoying with multiple pages of buttons. The unit before the 670 failed by turning the screen into an abstract pointillist painting. etc.

The ergonomics of the One is better than the previous versions. It feels more comfortable in the hand, once I learn the positions of the buttons (some have moved from the predecessors) it will be easier to use without having to look for the button I need - I think.

The touch screen display is nice, but you lose the ability to find a button without having to look down at the unit. It's very easy to send the wrong command, something you might want to bear in mind when you create the button layouts. (Don't put the self-destruct button next to the one that turns on the coffee maker) Having the touchscreen would allow for neat things like volume sliders and other creative arrangements, but so far they've chosen to duplicate almost exactly the same layout as earlier text-only screens with physical buttons. Maybe a future release?

I'm a retired programmer, so I won't go into the ease of programming, I had no problems, but your mileage may vary. One item worth noting: In all of my previous transitions from one model to the next, the entire program transferred seemlessly. Going from the 670 to the One, there was a note on the update screen "Your customized buttons will not transfer". They are correct. Button assignments for the screen, and for other buttons that I had set up disappeared, and the touchscreen buttons reverted to some default based on the devices selected. I won't second guess the Logitech programmers, but this seems an unnecessary inconvenience.

BTW: There are a couple of places on the back where it's possible to stick velcro strips without interfering with the charger cradle. That's important since around my house remotes, cell phones, kitchen utensils, the cat, etc get stored by sticking them to stationary pads. Helps with the drop prevention, and reduces the number of places to look when you can't find something. (I don't really velcro the cat!)
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on December 27, 2010
I guess a lot of people figure that Logitech should know exactly how their home entertainment system is set up and should pre-program their remote just for them right out of the box. Yes, this remote takes some programming, cleverness, and EVEN A LITTLE BIT OF READING(!!!) to fully harness, but once you understand the concepts and flow of it, you will have every single one of your IR devices under the command of one remote. Yes, you have to use a somewhat slow interface to program the remote, and yes it requires a user account to save your settings, but the ability to keep your settings saved in the cloud so that you can access them from different computers and not lose them when you replace your computer is pretty nice as well.

The remote is extremely comfortable, slips easily into the charging dock, and has nice big buttons that click firmly and light up clearly. The more you understand your remote, the more you can tailor it to your individual wants and needs. For example, you can program in your own user macros for commonly used sets of commands and routines, as well as upload personal pictures for slideshows and channel icons. You dont *have* to do any of this, but spending the extra hour or two learning about your equipment will certainly save an hour or two down the line when you have to do something nonstandard. If you do it right, you can take the batteries out of your factory-issue remotes and pack them away downstairs, because this is the only thing you need on your coffee table.

Logitech is known for having fantastic customer service, and the remote is one sweet piece of equipment. My only complaint is that the IR doesn't seem to be as strong as that on some of my factory remote (or even compared to my 550), but all of that can be changed with the addition of an IR extender or by just being more deliberate with your aiming. A classy remote for classy people. If you can change the clock on your microwave oven, then you can program this remote. Don't let the reviews saying how difficult the remote is discourage you.
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on January 7, 2011
I purchased this item because I upgraded my TV and wanted to upgrade all of my other gadgets. My first encounter with a Logitech remote was at a friends house. I thought it was really neat to be able to touch a screen and everything was turned on and setup for you. That was my motivation to purchase this remote. I have a few issues with the remote but overall I like it.

1) I didn't realize that in order for this item to work with my PS3 I would have to purchase an additional adapter. Thankfully my TV remote will control my PS3 and I can use the remote without the adapter in Television mode. It does not turn your Wii off or on but it can at least set your devices to the correct settings.

2) I have an Onkyo HTS-5300B Home Theater system and the Harmony One will not learn some of the keys on my remote so I still need to keep the original remote close by. It will not learn the Zone 2 button & the Receiver button and I'm not sure if it is because those buttons are not emitting an IR signal or what.

3) One neat thing is I purchased a remote controlled oscillating fan and I am able to use the Harmony One to control it. I just learned all 4 of the buttons from the original remote and have it listed as a device. I love that feature!

4) The setup can be a little annoying since the updating process takes a few minutes every time you make a change and then sometimes has everything out of sync. I have to turn everything off and then re-sync to my devices. Setting up activities can sometimes be a little tricky but the Logitech website is very helpful.

Overall the device will control pretty much anything I have that has a remote control, including my Xbox 360 & Tivo, but I'm not quite ready to stuff all my remotes in the drawer and rely solely on the Harmony One.
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on October 26, 2011
I love the Logitech remotes. I had an 880 for several years, then it just quit sending any signals. I tried to use the manufacturer remotes for all my devices, but that was too cumbersome. For anything I wanted to do, I needed three remotes - TV, stereo, Blu-Ray player or Xbox. I finally broke down and bought this remote.

The grip of the remote is nice and can be used with just one hand. I'm an average size guy and only need to "stretch" a little with one finger to hit the upper activity while holding the remote with the same hand. The layout of the remote seems logical. I haven't memorized where all the buttons are yet, but who needs to? With the back-lighting and accelerometer, a quick flick and you can see all the buttons.

I do have a couple CONS to the remote however.

1) Only three activities per page. The Harmony 880 had 6 activities per page, where the Harmony One only has 3. Granted, I typically only use three, Watch TV, Watch Blu-Ray, and Play Xbox; but I do have others, like Watch TV Stereo, Watch TV Bed, and Watch Movie Bed, Listen Radio, Listen CD. When I want to perform one of the other activities, I now have to page over to get to them. Not really that big of a deal, but after having 6 per page, cutting that in half just makes me hit one extra button sometimes.

2) Battery life. The Harmony 880 battery life was really good. I would charge it once every couple of months. When it was brand new, I swear I didn't need to charge it for about 4 months. This new remote, the Harmony One, I have to charge about every other week or less. As the remote gets older, I'm worried that I'll probably have to leave it on the charger except for when I need to switch activities.
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