Customer Reviews: Logitech H540 981-000510 USB Headset
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on May 3, 2013
Sadly, my previous logitech headset, the H530, stopped functioning. I really liked that headset. Unfortunately, this new version of the headset falls far, far short of the H530.

Whats wrong with the headset:
- Thick, stiff cable that rubs up against everything. Since the cable is attached to the side with the microphone, every little movement or vibration is transmitted to the microphone. You must be absolutely still when you talk or the other end will hear thump, thump, thump.
- Mute and volume controls transmit a loud thunk into the microphone when they are pressed. The previous model had the switches and cable attached to the opposite side of the microphone for good reason.
- The microphone does a poor job of filtering out background noises like computer fans.
- Voices are not dynamically equalized very well. The previous model had a switch for selecting voice mode. This one does not and any dynamic equalization that it might claim to do simply doesnt work well. Voice comm has way too much base for clarity and it can be hard to pick out the sound of voices when there is background interference on the other end. Its fatiguing after a while.
- The sideband feature( transmits a small portion of what say back into the speakers ) must have a delay or something because the sound of my own voice feels very disorientating. This is a good feature to have on a headset that snugly fits the ears because your brain expects to hear what you are saying. But if your voice is delayed too much or the tone is altered too much due to bad equalization the result sounds very wrong.

I normally love Logitech products. I have purchased many over the years because their product designers put *thought* into their designs. How they could have gone so far backwards from the H530 to the H540 is mind boggling and I hope its not the beginning of a new trend in how Logitech approaches products. This is a terrible voice communication headset and I would strongly advise anyone reading this to look elsewhere. I ended up purchasing a Plantronics blackwire headset and I am very happy I did so.
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on September 30, 2012
I have been using this headset for a few days now and would like to say that this is a pretty nice headset. I mainly use these for music, movies and games, with occasional Skype conversations. I never had an 'audiophile' quality speaker system, so I will compare it to my old headset Plantronics Audio 478 Stereo USB Headset (Audio 478). (This is my first review so I will just throw out some categories)

The build quality:
I have bought many Logitech products before, and this headset is not any different than what you would expect from them. The plastic construction feels very sturdy, and the cable is thick enough that feels like it can hold up to quite the tugs. The shiny plastic so far has not scratched as easily as other piano black plastics I had to experience. Also, the cable comes with a Velcro strap to easily wrap up the headset.

Sound quality:
I mainly use headsets to listen to music and play games without bothering my roommate, and rarely have Skype conversations (I prefer USB over 3.5mm since my sound card makes strange background hissing). Not an expert at this but, I would say the sound is very crisp. I can hear subtle sounds and noises in music and games that I could never have picked up in my previous sets. The midrange in music sound great, so do the highs, but the bass is a bit weak, and if it gets low enough it makes tearing sounds. Oh, and these leak sound, so you can hear music clearly 3 feet away.
I have only tried the mic for a few minutes, but sadly it is not noise canceling from what I can tell. My voice sounds more authentic than what I have heard on any other mic I have used. Though, background noises might be an issue.

Compared to my previous headset, this are leagues above them in comfort. The leather ear muffs are very soft and the tension is good, but feel a bit tight. Wearing it for a long time is no issue, they are quite light, just get a bit warm because of the leather.

Overall I would say that these are a great buy for the price and feel like they will last for quite a while.
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on December 30, 2012
I've spent the past year battling with a high end Bluetooth headset, Windows, and Skype in an effort to enjoy the freedom of wireless telephony in my office. Despite Herculean efforts, the solution proved unreliable and to have marginal outgoing sound quality.

I finally admitted defeat and switched to using a wired headset. I chose the Logitech H540 several weeks ago, and have been extremely satisfied with its performance.


+ Microphone quality: Predictably, my voice sounds better over a wired headset than a Bluetooth one. Still, the number of compliments I've received from callers on the other end of the line is staggering. I'm sure that some of this has to do with the relative difference between my old and new headsets. Even in absolute terms, though, some test recordings that I've made in Skype and Audacity demonstrate that the H540 sounds amazing.

+ Speaker quality: The quality of the sound that I hear through the earphones is as good as the sound that the microphone produces. Callers are clear and loud enough to be heard with ease. Even my Bluetooth headset sounded good, but the H540 surpasses its quality in every regard.

+ Hardware controls: The volume and mute buttons on the right-hand earphone are large and easy-to-reach. Button response is positive and immediate.

+ Lighted mute indicator: An obvious, bright red mute indicator light is present inline with the USB cord. The light hangs at my chest level, and is easy to see while wearing the headset.

+ Comfortable: I spend around 6 hours each workday on the phone, with calls frequently lasting multiple hours at a time. At that duration, all of my headsets - including the H540, a one-ear over-the-head unit, my cell phone Bluetooth headset, and even my audiophile earbuds - all hurt to some degree. Overall, though, the H540 is exceedingly comfortable and is truly wearable all day. The headset is light, and provides just enough pressure to stay securely on my head. The earphones have generous, soft padding, as does the part that goes over my head.

+ Setup: Setup on Windows 7 was a breeze. Actually, I didn't do anything to set up the headset, other than just plug it into my USB port. Windows automatically detected the make/model, installed the appropriate driver, and Skype automatically added the H540 as my default communication device.


I only have two minor gripes, one of which may just be a limit of the technology, rather than the H540, itself:

- Thick cord: The USB cord is pretty thick, and sometimes tugs at the headset when I turn my head or lean back in my chair. The cord sticks straight down from the right earphone, too, which tends to snag on my collared sweaters (which I wear often in the winter, in an effort to keep the thermostat down in the office). Compared to the super-thin, pliable USB cable on my mouse, for example, the H540's cord seems unnecessarily hefty. Maybe it's girth is required for shielding or longevity?

- Short cord / plug directly to computer: The H540 user guide advises plugging the headset straight into the computer, and not into a USB hub. I use this headset primarily with my laptop, which is often docked in an OEM docking station. When I plug the H540 directly into an available USB port on the laptop, it works perfectly. When I use a USB port on the dock, it works, but both the incoming and outgoing sound is very quiet. The cord is relatively short, especially after having spent the last 1+ years wandering around my office with the Bluetooth headset. Having to plug it into an inconvenient port directly on my laptop forces me to sit up (which is probably good) and sit near to my computer. In an effort to mitigate this issue, I purchased 32 foot, powered, USB extension cable. Unfortunately, when connected through this cable, the headset audio is unintelligible. Effectively, the extension cable is a one-port USB hub and, as indicated in the H540 user manual, USB hubs are not supported. This may be a limit of USB 2.0 headset technology, in general; I don't know enough to say for sure. But, it is a shame to be on such a short leash.

Despite the two small complaints cited above - both of which are attributable to using probably any wired headset - I recommend the Logitech H540 headset without hesitation, both as a great product and a great value for the money.
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on January 24, 2013
I have a quiet home office. And this headset microphone picks up the smallest of noises-- air movement, the mild whirring of the PC or laptop fan. For general talking it's ok, but if you're trying to record anything, it's not useful. I'll be searching for a noise-cancelling headset instead. It is comfortable though, my ears don't get hot or feel much pressure.
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on August 17, 2013
I replaced a defunct Logitech headset from an earlier line when the microphone died on me. Honestly, I could live with most of the flaws in this "improved" model, ASIDE FROM THE *@!#* CORD. I don't mean the fact that I wanted a wireless headset; I actually prefer corded headsets over wireless models because I don't want to worry about battery life. I mean the fact that the particular cord these Logitech geniuses decided to inflict upon this particular headset is stiff, bulky, and gets in the way of every tiny motion you make--not to mention actually degrading the sound quality, since it's constantly rubbing against something (your shoulder, your arm, your chair, etc.) and makes noise into the microphone every time it does.

One more point that, although less irritating than the cord, still detracts from using the headset: it is HOT. Previous models rested comfortably on my ears for hours at a time; these pads, while nice and soft, make me feel like I'm having a hot flash if I wear them more than five minutes. If it's cold where you are, and you've been wishing for earmuffs to wear while you work, these are for you (aside, of course, from the *@!#* CORD).
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on March 10, 2016
I work from home and use the headset primarily on my laptop for business calls and for hosting and participating in webinars. I've had it on for a stretch as long as 10 hours and it remained very comfortable, even while wearing glasses. I have a small head, and extending the headband about 1/3 inch was a perfect fit. The maximum extension length of the headband is 3 inches (1 1/2" on each side). The sound is very clear on my end, and I've had no complaints from anyone about their ability to hear me clearly. My one complaint is that it picks up a little too much sound; my business partner uses the same headset, and I could clearly hear him scratching his beard lol.

I find the mute button easy to use and the indicator light easy to see. I've never accidentally hit the volume buttons when trying to mute. But I'm too used to using the volume keys on my laptop, so I can't advise on the the ease of use of the volume controls. One piece of advice - you might want to keep the swing arm for the mic down all the time. It's so unobtrusive that I don't know whether it's up or down - I can't even see it while wearing the headset. I've answered calls without realizing it was up, so I just keep it down all the time now.

Someone said that the headsets are refurbished. I can't know for sure, but I don't believe this is true. Mine was in mint condition when I got it, and it works perfectly. It does state that they come in "bulk packaging," which is a plain, clear plastic bag. This may be why some people believe that they are refurbished.

BONUS - I've also used the headset while watching movies on my laptop. While you can still hear outside noises, the padded ear-cups keep you from being easily distracted by them. I can finally understand EVERYTHING that British actors say. And wearing it while watching a very creepy movie made the experience almost too intense; I was totally pulled into the movie and pretty much forgot that anything else around me existed. Maybe this was just an excellent scary movie in a world full of ridiculous and idiotic movies that are supposed to be scary, but I think the ability to hear every word, noise, and the music so distinctly made a world of difference.
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on May 21, 2013
I've rarely been this disappointed in a product that wasn't completely broken. I will probably eventually replace it.

The problem is it picks up any sound in the room anywhere.
I've literally had it transmit people talking that were 20 feet away from me.

I spend all of my work meetings muting and unmuting myself so as to not inundate my co-workers with conversations taking place in the rest of the room.

Basically don't buy this if you're working in an environment with other people around.
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on December 26, 2012
The sound quality of this headset is average in my opinion. As stated in previous reviews the volume in the right speaker is definitely louder than that of the left. You can simply go into your sound settings and balance the sound more to the left to "fix" this. The microphone is also about average. I use the headset primarily with Rosetta Stone and it sometimes has trouble picking up my voice but that could be my volume settings. What i really do not like is that the ear muff sits on you ear vs. over your ear. What I mean is that your ears are not enclosed (which can be a pro because air gets to your ears and they are not as warm as an enclosed setup). I would have preferred this as it is what I am used to with other headphones that I generally use. The headset is average in comfort, not uncomfortable but then again I know they are on and after a while I do want to take them off. I would not suggest for all-day use for this reason, but, occasional or an hour or two a day is not bad. Build quality seems to be average as well, I don't feel like there are gonna break every time I use them but I do feel as if I should be careful with them. I do like the microphone build quality though. It has some flex and does not feel like it will break off so there is a plus. If I could I would give 3.5 stars but I do not feel they warrant 4 so I had to go with a rating of 3.
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on February 25, 2015
looking for BEST USB headset with microphone - the one that work IMMEDIATELY without any troubleshooting and feels comfortable for hours to wear - look no more - i wasted many hours doing research going to store trying headsets , dealing with noise conection problem and other little things on OTHER headphones i try before even ordered Klipsich and few other well known brands to find out that all of them has either connection problem or NO USB connection or microphone dont work when headphones work - (no kidding seriously man!!!) returned all and then bumped to this headset - in store 50$ on Amazon 25$ (that how much i payed) and it work better than 100$ options i bought before - guys seriously i am NOT reseller i was not payed or bribed to write this just i do believe that good product like this should be recognized to promote manufacture that make things right. I personally use it on my XP desctop and XP laptop for Rosetta stone (when using microphone) and listening music and movies - can NOT be better. Microphone is reliable and again - no problem from first time plug it in .... very very happy ...generally happy with Logitech - just dont go with expensive versions or cheap once - with Logitech it is NOT about price - you do have to research and try to find the best but reliability vice i have old mouse and keyboard that i got 5 years ago first wireless once - still works and hold the charge. Anyway buttom line - dont look no more if looking for microphone and comphy headphones with USB connection - no sound jack but USB connection.
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on August 6, 2013
I like these a lot. They are comfy but yes if you wear them for hours they do make you aware you have them on, but they don't hurt me. They are cushy and the sound quality is really great. I have called VOIP and people say it is great quality, no background noise and a good price. I like them so far.

Update 10/31/2013

I have been using these everyday for a work at home job where I do a lot of calling. I will admit after an 8 hour day they can make your head hurt a little, but I think any headset would do that. They themselves, the padding I mean, are super comfy and I like the way the cushions feels. I use them on my HP Windows 8 computer and I just plugged in and used, nothing to it. The sound has been really good and I haven't gotten any sound complaints. I like them still.
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